Thursday, week 9


Outdoor Classroom Day

Bella: I liked Outdoor classroom day when I made Spring Art with Mrs Handforth because I used my creativity. I used a butterfly and a stick to make my art.

Isaiah: I liked the sandpit activity today because I got to play with the trucks and toys.

Ethan: I liked the sandpit activity because I got to do some digging as well as making.



Tuesday, week 9

Come Run With Me

Djaran: I was feeling sick today but I really did try.

Isaiah: I am really proud of myself today because I bet my goal by 1 lap today.

Kayla: I did much better today because  I ran 10 laps which is 1000 metres or 1 km.

Ruby: I was proud of myself today because I ran 8 laps today, last time I ran 5 laps.


Literacy in 2DH – Editing and punctuation

Today we looked at some work samples from when the students retold the story of the ‘Three Little Pigs’. Together we listened for the ‘said’ word and then highlighted it, as well as the characters voice. Speech marks were then edited in. Students enjoyed hearing each others’ stories.


Numeracy – Geometry and Measurement

Using property loops to sort shapes. Choose 1 criteria to sort by.

Researching shape families and finding examples of each, using the internet.

Area Investigation – using arrays and multiplicative thinking to determine how much surface area a shape takes up.

Science – uses of water

We shared the book ‘Water’ this afternoon and discovered we knew lots of facts about water.


2DH Prayer – God’s Creation 

Monday, week 9

Tomorrow, 2DH will be hosting prayer at the end of the day (2:50 pm). Please join us in the classroom if you are coming in to pick up your child.

Come Do Worded Problems With Me

This morning’s activity was a combination of literacy and numeracy.  The children were asked to remember their addition and counting strategies to assist them as they worked through the steps of each problem.  Worded problems require the individual to read and understand the problem and apply their numeracy sense to help them solve it!  Reading comprehension plays a big part in getting started on these problems.  It was good to see all the children using their growth mindset and perseverance.

Numeracy – finishing off our Zoo Enclosure investigation.

The students continued to work on their addition strategies when working out the perimeter of their Zoo enclosures.

Brain Break

Moon Lantern making

We loved the way the students were helping one another this afternoon.  Some students had finished their lanterns but then assisted others.   Great teamwork and student relationships.


Friday, week 8

2MP Buddy  Assembly

Well done year 2s!

Guided Reading

Using words from a personal word list and making them with plasticine.

Guided Reading groups

Re reading and Writer’s Workshop

ICT – Speech marks and words other than said.

ICT – magic ‘e’

Numeracy – Measurement and Geometry

Buddies in 2DH – Design and Technology

Today we met with our favourite buddies again, but this time we used teamwork to make lanterns for the Moon Lantern festival. In week 10, Mr White will judge the lanterns made in each class and will choose winners from R-2,  Years 3-5 and from 6-7.

Students displayed creativity, persistence, teamwork and flexibility and worked hard to bring their 2D sketches to life. Here is their progress so far…

Thursday, week 8

Maths mini

This morning we reflected on Tuesday’s Come Run With Me.  The children used their 100 languages  to record their data.

2MP Library

2MP & 3/4 CM Assembly rehearsal

Class Prayer

Prayer hosted by: Seanna, Amelia, Helen and Cam.

Feeling Safe


Last week we drew our hands and wrote the names of 5 people we trust -Kai

Trusted people are people we know, they are not strangers – Shashant

The people on our network are people we know really well – Lolla



Today we recalled the 3 parables we have shared over the past few weeks – The Good Samaritan, The Sower and The Lost Sheep.  Each story holds a message that Jesus wants us to learn and use as we live our lives.  Mrs Papillo introduced a new parable today called The Prodigal Son or the Lost Son.  A message from this story is to forgive others even when you find it very hard because of feelings of anger or frustration.  We plan to be forgivers and reflect on how we have gone in next week’s lesson.





Wednesday, week 8

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

You are invited to our class and buddy assembly this Friday, 15th September.  It will start at 9am and we hope you are able to attend.


Numeracy – 2D shapes and similarities and differences.

This morning we continued to investigate 2D shapes and exploring them by using a Venn diagram to compare their differences and similarities.

Monday, week 8


Numeracy – Perimeter
For the last time, students worked on using their addition strategies to help them solve perimeter problems. Facts of 10, doubles, friendly numbers and counting on were methods of support and helped to make the adding of 3-4 numbers a much easier task.

Literacy in 2DH
We read the ‘Three Little Pigs’, which all students were familiar with.

After reading, the students wrote their own retell of the story and were free to adapt and change elements to suit themselves. The aim of the writing session was for the students to write freely and about a topic/story that they were already familiar with. Without having to think of their own stories, students were able to focus on adding aspects of punctuation such as speech/exclamation marks and big and bold text, as well as using words other than ‘said’.

All students impressed with their best work and should be very proud of how their writing conventions, spelling and stamina is improving.


Mindful line drawing.

Guided Reading 

Reading with teacher support.

Re reading and Writer’s Workshop

ICT – magic ‘e’ and other literacy games

ICT – Speech and words other than said.

Learning how to spell words from a personal word list using plasticine.

Friday, week 7


Well done to all students in 2DH and 3/4BH on a wonderful performance today! Your teamwork skills did not go un noticed and it was very inspiring to watch you all in action. Thank you to all parents and family members that came along to show support – it is always very much appreciated.

Guided Reading – Rotation #2

Numeracy – Geometry Line Study

We investigated the type of lines that could be found in our school environment today. The students took out their pencils and sketched examples of where they could see wavy, curved, horizontal, vertical, diagonal, perpendicular, zig zag and parallel lines, and the teachers used the iPad to capture images.

These were then shared at the end of the session ,where students discussed what they could see. We realised that most examples had a combination of 2 or more types of lines and that these often ended up making 2D shapes such as squares (lockers), rectangles (bricks) etc.

We had fun finding lines on our casual clothes too!

Buddy Time

In the afternoon, 2DH spent time with our Buddies completing an Assembly reflection. Some of the questions that the students responded to were:

  1. What tasks did you have in our Assembly?
  2. What character strengths did you use and how/when? (Love of learning, teamwork, bravery, judgement, perseverance, leadership, creativity)
  1. What part of your performance were you most proud of?
  2. What did you enjoy the most about our Assembly?
  3. What did you find challenging?
  4. What do you think you got better at, over time?

We then shared ice blocks and some outdoor playtime to celebrate all of our hard work.

2MP worked on creating moon lanterns with 3/4CM.
We forgot to take photos so we apologise for this!!!!

Thursday, week 7


2DH Please remember to wear your sports uniform to School tomorrow and bring along your casual clothes to change in to later.


Maths mini  –  add it up by…

This morning we revisited our adding up by 10, 2, 3. etc.

Library 2MP

We shared a new Pamela Allen book this morning.  It really got us thinking about our rubbish and how plastic bags are dangerous when they are not put in rubbish bins.

Bella:  The message is not to use plastic bags because if they are not put in the bin some animals think they are food and then they die.

Nathan:  The message is don’t throw rubbish on the floor and it is good to keep stuff clean.

Amira:  The message is not to leave plastic bags around on the floor, put them in the bin.

Lilah: Pamela Allen’s message is not to throw plastic bags on the ground because they can blow away and animals like birds and fishes can get caught in them.

Djaran:  You should never make plastic bags because they kill animals.  We could use a trolley to take food to the cars from the shop and use fabric bags. I can just use my lunch box to bring my sandwich to school.

Keeping Safe

We used a teddy bear to show the warning signs that Mr Bean was feeling when he was on the diving board.

Some feelings we might get – Early warning Signs.

Butterflies in tummy, pins and needles, dizzy, shaking hands, quick breathing…

Mrs Jones put the children in a scenario and asked them the feelings they were experiencing and the things they could do if they were in a shopping centre and got lost.

Nikka: I would fell really, really scared.

Christian:  The child who is lost would be crying.

Kayla: I saw a boy at the shop who was lost and we helped him find his big brother and he was ok after that.

The students each made a network of people they can trust and contact if they need to.




We made yummy cheese and salad rolls for lunch today.  Some children tried beetroot for the very first time and said it was nice.

Finishing off afternoon…

Wednesday, week 7

Come Read With Me

We put on our detective hats this morning to continue our investigation on speech marks and words other than said.  We are developing our skills as punctuation users and becoming more like the author Pamela Allen everyday!!

Guided Reading

Making our words with play dough and LSCWC.

Guided Reading

Reading and Writer’s Workshop

ICT – literacy games and magic e.

ICT – speech marks and words other than said and voice recording sentences with appropriate expression.

Designing Moon Lanterns in 2MP

We inquired about the moon lantern festival and discovered a few interesting facts, then the students explored moon lanterns and had a go at designing their own.  The students will make a lantern with their buddy on Friday.