Thursday, week 5





Library 2MP




The students shared some of their ‘bodies of water’ research from Tuesday. Many children found reservoirs and pondered the question ‘How does it become drinking water?’

Provocation: How does water get to our taps?



Wednesday, week 5


The students worked on their stories today by drawing the characters and setting and then labelling them using adjectives.


Warm Up:

We looked at our clock patterns we made yesterday and compared some to the clocks we drew on Monday.  What is different? What would you change?

Kayla noticed that opposite the 12 she drew an 8. After our pattern work yesterday, she said “I now know that the 6 is at the bottom and the 9 is on the left. The 3 would go on the right.”

Sama: “There are groups of 5 minutes going around the clock. That means there are 4 lines between each number.”

Phillip: “I drew lots of lines in between but now I know that there are 4 and that the 5th mark is where the number is.”





Tuesday, week 5

Aarshia asked “What time will we have brain food this morning?”

Mrs Higgs replied “At 10 o’clock.”

Luka and Kiara showed what 10 o’clock looked like on the clock faces.

Literacy – story planning and making a cover for our special writing book.

The students continued to plan their stories this morning.  Once finished, each student was ‘conferenced’ by the teacher, where they talked through their planner from the beginning, the middle and the end.  Whilst some students waited for their turn with Mrs Higgs or Mrs Papillo, they were invited to use their 100 languages to make a cover for their special writing book.  They could include any ideas, such as characters, settings, ideas etc.

Maths mini



Circular Pattern Task: Design a term that contains 5 elements.


Seanna: That every fifth element means one hour.

Melody: My hoop was wobbly but we still made a circle.

Djaran: Every 5 times the number grows by fives.

Rahan: The markers in the middle show halves and quarters.

Nikos:  The number 1 means 5 and 2 means 10 and 3 means 15…number 9 means 45 … and 12 means 60.

Kiara: The numbers mean the groups of 5.


As part of our water inquiry, we investigated bodies of water today using Google Maps on our computers.  As a start, Mrs Papillo found St Kilda Playground and the St Kilda Mangrove Trail.  We discussed the map image and the satellite images and found that the map images are clearer to view.  The students then explored South Australia by searching for bodies of water  – lakes, reservoirs, rivers, oceans etc.  Here’s a look at what we came up with:






Monday, week 5

REMINDER: Please return the St Kilda Mangroves excursion consent form ASAP.
So far we have Kavitha (Sama’s mum) and Nina (Sam’s mum) volunteering to attend with 2DH and
Dina (Bella’s mum) for 2MP. If you can come with us next Tuesday, please let us know.

Come Read With Me

Mrs Higgs and Mrs Papillo are so proud of the great reading we are hearing at the moment. The students have spent the year practising and taking on board advice from their teachers in order to build their reading strategies.

Shared Reading  – The Three Little Pigs, read by Mrs Higgs.

The students are preparing to write their story planner today.  The story will be based on one of three traditional fairy tales – The Three Little Pigs, Little Red Riding Hood or The Three Billy Goats Gruff.  Each story will be shared again, throughout the day to help the students prepare for their planning.

Numeracy – Clocks and Time (Prior Knowledge Task)

Carols Practice – Year 2 Crew

We headed over to the Hall straight after recess to learn some dance moves and actions to our song ‘Must Be Santa’.

It was hot and sweaty work but the students demonstrated great persistence to keep concentrating and trying hard to remember what came next. (See the link on our blog home page to view video for at-home practice)

Literacy – shared reading, ‘Little Red Riding Hood’.

It was mRs Papillo’s turn next to read the second fairytale that we have studied.

Literacy – Narrative Study

After re-reading the ‘Three Billy Goats Gruff’, the students finally got to begin planning their own narrative. They chose which of the three traditional stories they wanted to base their own on and began plotting their ideas onto a story organiser.

The finished plans so far…




Friday, week 4

2MP and 2DH Excursion to St Kilda Mangrove Trail and Adventure Playground. 

The children have been given a note with information and a permission slip to attend our excursion on the 21st November (week 6).  We seek 6 parent helpers to accompany us on the day.  Your help is integral in making this day possible, so if you can (Police Clearance required), please come along and enjoy the day with us.


Carols Practice – Year 2 Crew

We learnt the actions today to ‘Jesus, Joy of the Highest Heaven’. Thank you to Mrs Sharman for her creativity in coming up with the actions! (See link at the top of our blog called ‘Christmas Carols 2017 for videos of the actions and the songs for you to practice at home).

Numeracy Investigations – Final Rotation #5

Halving, quartering and symmetry investigation

Fractions investigation


3D shapes and their properties investigation

Shape transformation investigation

Fractions Game – ‘The Last Piece’

Fractions Reflection
To finish off our unit on fractions, we asked the students to reflect on their learning.

Literacy – Story Planner

After lunch we chatted about the story we will write next week.  We have postponed writing our plan until Monday.  Nicky-Rose, Shashant and Nikos gave us an insight of what they intend to write by giving us an over view of their story plan.


Numeracy Games

The games the children interacted with this afternoon are for the purpose of reinforcing some concepts covered in our numeracy investigations.

This afternoon we used Rainforest Maths to focus on division and sharing as an ‘end’ to our investigations about Fractions. Afterwards, the children worked on their Prodigy class assignments on 2D shapes and number skip counting patterns.

Thursday, week 4




Come Read With Me and Library in 2MP

Provocation: Explore Google Earth


Friday, week 3


Numeracy – Fractions and Transformation Investigations #2

Halving, quartering and symmetry investigation

Fractions investigation

3D shapes and their properties investigation

Shape transformation investigation

Fractions Game – ‘The Last Piece’

Literacy – Character Descriptions

The students looked back on their labelling of the Billy Goats Gruff characters to write their own sentences today. First, we modelled how this would look, using the students’ help to construct sentences from our labelling, and then the students had a go on their own.


Various students used their ‘Bravery’ character strength to read their descriptions aloud to the class.

Maths Mini – ‘Prodigy’ Online Learning Platform
This afternoon the class was very excited to learn about ‘Prodigy’.

Prodigy has content from all major topics and will work in seamlessly with our mathematics/numeracy program. Students have each got a unique user name and password and should be able to access the game from home, as well as when they are at school.

Everything our students work on in Prodigy is reported back to us in real time. We will be able to quickly see which skills they have mastered, and where they may need some additional support. Who would have thought that learning could be so fun?!

If you get the opportunity to check the game out with your child at home please do, and if you have any questions, please come and see us.

Thursday, week 3

Maths mini  –  Using Come Run With Me data and PMI.

Year 2 Mass

Our class spent a delightful time with Father Francis this morning as we celebrated All Saints Day.

Fitness with Mr McCarthy

Mr McCarthy used his fishing rod and fish to reel in the kids as they chased the fish into shore!  We had heaps of fun!

SA Water Incursion

Some reflections…

Seanna:  Dirty water needs certain types of things to get it clean.

Shashant: Filters help dirty water get clean.

Lolla: There are positive and negative chemicals in the water and they stick together.

Phillip: I didn’t know that water can stick on a glass or cup.

Nikos:  When you have  balloon and put fire on the bottom the water at the bottom of the balloon stops it from popping.

Isaiah: Water takes the heat away from the flame.

Tyron: The water was cold and took the heat away, but when he put the flame at the top where the air was, the balloon popped.

Amelia: Water can stick and stick to a rope and little bugs live in the water that you can’t see.

Ethan: There is so much dirty water we make and we need to clean it.




Tuesday, week 3

Come Run With Me

The children participated in their last Come Run With Me today.  The children have lots to celebrate.  We have noticed how encouraging the children have been towards one another and how they have all achieved the goal of developing  fitness and stamina.

Maths Mini – 2DH
After completing our last run, students in 2DH finished their reflection on the whole experience. They really thought about the positive, minus and interesting points and many children are keen to give ‘Cross Country’ running a go next year, as Year 3s.

Mass Practise
Our All Saints Day Mass in on Thursday at 11:30am.  We practised with the 2RS and 2JH this morning in the Mass centre.


Transformations: FLIP, SLIDE and TURN.
Students practiced each transformation using a given shape. Tomorrow they will use these concepts to create repeating patterns using all sorts of materials.


Saints and All Saints Day

We remembered  St Mary MacKillop when talking about Saints this afternoon.  We asked the question”What is a Saint?’  The children investigated some facts about Mary and recorded them on their flip chart.

Some other saints we know…


Monday, week 3

Reminder: School Disco this Friday night in the Hall.  Parents welcome to stay and have a coffee in the Cafe.

Come Read With Me



Today we investigated fractions and played the Fraction Flag game.



Come Run With Me Reflection