Friday, week 8

 Our wonderful assembly…

Well done 2DH and 2MP, you were awesome today!! Thank you so much to all of the families and friends who came to support the students and for all of the lovely feedback. It has certainly been a highlight of our year so far and so too was having the chicks with us. We are glad that we could share the experience with the school community in a fun and informative way.

Ethan: I think our assembly was good for the school.  It was a good hit.

Sandy: I couldn’t believe they were year 2s on the stage, they were so good. (Djaran’s Mum)

Mrs Ciccarello:  Gave us the two thumbs up!

Michelle:  That was my favourite assembly, it was funny an a great story. (Luka’s Mum)

Bec: It was fabulous! ( Tyron’s Mum)

Darren: The best assembly ever and melody was a great reader. (Melody’s Dad)

Selina: The best assembly ever! (Kai’s Mum)

Mr Urdanoff:  I loved the hatching video, it was great footage of the chicks hatching.

Isaiah: My dad said he was proud of me.

Ruby: My Dad said he liked the Techno chicken part.

Nathan:  My Dad said that I did a good job and the whole class did.



Literacy and Personal and Social Development
The students spent time reflecting on their performance this morning and considered the character strengths that they used to experience success.






Thursday, week 8

Tomorrow is our assembly, please be at school on time!

Maths Mini 2DH

(Photos taken by Seanna)


2DH Library

Today in 2DH we read the book called Chip.

Maths Mini in 2MP

2MP Library

(Photos taken by Abbey)

Lolla and Abbey enjoyed this part of the book because ‘It made us laugh with the noodles that were on Chip’s head.”

Assembly Preparation

Shared Reading

We shared the text All Through the Year again today to prelude our afternoon Writer’s Workshop lesson.  The children then continued to write their Seasons books and we enjoyed a lovely afternoon.

Wednesday, week 8

Come Read With Me

Our big buddies visited this morning to listen and assist with reading.  The children also worked on their focus sound ‘er’ by looking for this sound in their readers.

Winter Solstice conversation…

Sama: Today is the shortest day of the year.

Ethan: The earth is tilted.


We played the Banker’s Game today with a partner.

Assembly Practice

Only one more practice to go after today!  The students worked so hard and showed great leadership during our assembly preparation.

Tuesday, week 8


Maths mini

The students continued with their place value flip chart today.  Some children then moved onto their ‘add it up’ flip chart.


The students practiced writing their christian name and surname today.  We talked about how our names always start with a capital letter.

Assembly Reflection

The children watched our assembly film today and critiqued how well it is going.  Here are some examples of the notes the children took.  We briefly discussed what note taking is and here is their first try.

 Assembly Practice

The children are improving as they work on their reading parts and dance steps.  Well done everyone!

Assembly Reflection – non stop writing for ten minutes.

The children used their notes from earlier today to help them write a reflection this afternoon.

Friday, week 7

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Numeracy and Maths mini


Assembly preparation

The students have been preparing for the assembly today, they have worked hard to read their parts and remember their dance steps.  Some children may be very tired!!

Happy 8th birthday Isaiah!

Thursday, week 7

Cafe Open Flyer june-24zb5hb



Maths Mini

Add it up.



Calendar Inquiry – the seasons.

During our calendar inquiry, some children have included the seasons on their calendars and matched them to the months of the year.

We listened to a song about seasons then talked about the four seasons of the year.

Djaran: ‘The song has the word ‘fall’ in it, we don’t use that word, we use autumn instead.’

Summer, autumn. winter, spring.

Spring, summer, autumn, winter.

Abbey:  “There is a pattern, it repeats.”

Seanna: “There is always 3 months in one season.”

Sama: “The pattern has  a term of 4.”

The children found their season group and then discussed what their season looks like, sounds like and feels like.

Summer: Hot. Sun shines bright.  The sun is made of fire.  Beach.  Pool.

Autumn: Leaves change colour and fall down.  You can hear the leaves on the ground.  Rustle.  Crunch.

Winter: Rains a lot.  Very cold.  It sometimes snows in other countries.  You can hear the hail hitting the roof.  Thunder.  Wet.

Spring: Lots of insects, flowers grow, grass gets greener, farmers feed their plants.

The students started writing a book about the seasons.

Assembly Practice

This afternoon we spent time rehearsing our assembly.  The children are improving with their reading parts and they are becoming very excited about performing next Friday in front of the school community.


Attention Parents

Please check your child’s jumpers and jackets and ensure their name is clearly written on it.  If you have someone else’s item of clothing please return it to school and we will return it to its rightful owner.

Thank you and enjoy your evening.

P.S. Our class assembly is next Friday – don’t forget !




Today we celebrated Mrs Papillo’s birthday! We shared a piece of chocolate cake at the end of the day and sang ‘Happy Birthday’. Thank you to everyone who made cards – they were very sweet.




Come Read With Me

This morning the children looked for the ‘er’ sound as they read their books to their buddies.  Mrs Finos was so amazed at the children and how they displayed their leadership by getting on with their learning.  Well done year 2’s!!  Mrs Higgs and Mrs Papillo already knew you were amazing.


During our mini lesson, students represented 2-digit numbers using concrete materials. They rolled two 10-sided dice to get their number and then showed the number in its tens and units form.




The children were busy finishing off things they had started last week or working on their timeline or life cycle using i-Movie, Keynote or a Flip chart.

Assembly Preparation – Script reading

We read through the script from start to finish today and watched the Keynote presentation to know how the story works and fits together. The students need to make sure that they not only practice their part everyday, but do so using expression. The more familiar they become with the ‘tricky’ words, the easier it will be to add the acting aspect to their part.

Friday, Week 6




Tens and Units.



The children continued their investigations about living things today.  Some children are making origami animals and making the parts of an animal’s life cycle.

Come Read With Me and Maths mini

Assembly practise 

This afternoon we practised our dance in the hall.  The children are doing a great job and are remembering the routine.

Thursday, week 6


The book we shared today was Nannie Loves by Kylie Dunstan.

Calendar Inquiry

Here are some learning samples the children have been working on from their inquiry about calendars.

Shashant: There is a pattern in the seasons, it goes 3,3,3,3.  That’s 12 months altogether.

Luka: It is like skip counting.


Mindfulness – Yoga


We remembered our collage we made about God’s Creation story and discussed all the wonderful things in our world.  We talked about being thankful for God’s creation and then wrote prayers of thanks.  We will be sharing these at our upcoming assembly.


Wednesday, week 6

Come Read With Me

Chick Diary

This morning was the last time the children spent writing their diary about our beloved chicks.  The task was to finish off and polish up their books ready for publishing and sharing.


Today we allocated the reading parts to every member of our class.  Tonight your child will bring home their part to practice.  Please help them out to use their ‘loud and proud’ voices!


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