Thursday, week 4

School photos next Tuesday.  Correct school uniform needs to be worn!  Sports uniform is NOT to be worn.


This morning the students continued practising the correct letter formation of the vowel letters and checking their correct pencil grip.



Fitness/ Brain break



The Good Samaritan

The students discussed what it means to be a good neighbour and we shared some examples of how we can be good neighbours at school.

Nathan: ‘If someone gets hurt in soccer I help them up and take them to a teacher.’

The children reflected and recorded their understanding of the Good Samaritan.  Some children chose to retell the story in their own words and others reflected on how they have been or could be a good neighbour to someone at school.


Keeping Safe

Revisiting what we have learnt so far:-

Nathan: ‘We learnt about emotions, like happy and took a photo on Photo Booth.’

Seanna: ‘The opposite to positive emotions is negative.’

Places we feel safe:

Lolla: At home

Nikos: At school, all the time.

Ethan: At my grandparents place.

Michelle: Under my blanket.

Arrow: At the school hall.

Eva: At my cousins house.

Ayrton: Under the kitchen bench.

Djaran: The police station.

Kayla: In the class room.

Kai: At my friend’s house.

Places where we may not feel safe:

Mrs Jones: Walking on a wobbly bridge.

Rahan: When the fire bell rings at school.

Ethan: Outside my house.

Dev: Swimming in water that has dangerous animals.

Bella: In the forest.

Aarshia: In the dark.

Helen: Crossing the road by myself.

Sam: Riding my bike for the first time.

Lolla: When there is a storm or a black out.

Nicky Rose: When I’m at the beach and I can’t touch the bottom.

When I feel unsafe I might be feeling…

Abbey: Butterflies in my tummy.

Kayla:  Shaking

Amira: You can get cold hands.

Ruby: Worried.

Kai: Feel funny, a bit sick in the tummy area.

Draw a safe place where you feel safe…







Wednesday, week 4

Reminder: Please return MITIOG notes to the class teacher and bring in a planter/pot of some sort that can be used for our seeds and plants. We will be planting seeds next week !!  Thanks for your help everyone!

Guided Reading

Writer’s Workshop



Alphabet and letter sound activity.


Punctuation Hunt  – Lap top activity: Brown Bread and Honey

Look Say Cover Write Check

Shared Reading 

We shared Brown Bread and Honey and looked for how Pamela Allen chooses other words in place of ‘said’ when she writes.  The students were on the hunt whilst Seanna and Bella recorded the words on their lap tops. This is a list of words Pamela Allen used in her book:-

cried, grizzled, moaned, screeched, asked, exclaimed

The students then searched for words in other books that authors have used  instead of  ‘said’ which also indicates how we should read speech.


The students continued their investigation today by choosing an object to measure and choosing an arbitrary unit to measure it with.  First, estimate then measure.  They recorded their findings on the lap tops.


Thursday, week 3

Spring Fair 2017 Newsletter-223hvn1 It’s Casual Day tomorrow so please bring a book, toys or games. 

Maths mini – Come Run With Me

The students reflected on their running from last Tuesday and compared their performance to the week before.  Some students are aiming to run further next week!

Handwriting – today we focused on the vowels.  Each student was able to highlight the vowels in their name.

Library 2MP


Prayer and mindfulness

Today we celebrated the feast of Mary McKillop, Australia’s first saint.

Shashant: Mary McKillop is Australia’s first saint.

Kai:  She died 100 years ago.

Sama: She lived a long time.

Ethan: She was good person for helping people, she helped poor people.

Christian: She made school for free.

Nicky-Rose:  She became a Saint after she died

Michelle:  She was born in Melbourne and she moved to Adelaide.

Ayrton: She helped kids to learn.

Kayla: She was a teacher and a nun.

Seanna: All the schools she helped start were named Saint Joseph’s.

Go Noodle


Keeping Safe

This afternoon we talked about safe and unsafe behaviours. These are some of the things we do at school that are safe.

Walking in the classroom, holding scissors safely, walking around the school buildings, walking when using the playground, taking turns when using the playground, staying with the class when we hear an alarm bell, locking the doors when someone is being unsafe outside.


Crossing the road with an adult and using the school crossing at the front of the school.



Wednesday, week 3

Come Read With Me

Investigations – provocations.

Before starting Investigations today, the students were asked to develop a question or a wondering that they wanted to explore and then make a prediction about what they thought might happen.

Cam – I wonder which is heavier, the pinecone or the sand timer?
I predict that the pinecone will be heavier.

Tyron – I wonder how tall I am?
I think I will be 12 blocks long.

Sama – I wonder what new colours can be made by mixing the secondary colours?

Kayla – How do you make play dough?
I know you need to use measuring.

Mathew – I wonder what else you need to make play dough, apart from flour?

Arrow – I wonder what new colour blue and yellow makes?
I think it will make green.

Seanna – What happens when all of the primary colours are mixed together?
I think it will make black.

The students then set about exploring their ideas and answering their questions…

Butter making

Colour Wheel

Making Playdough

Colour mixing

Grinding Wheat

Writer’s Workshop


Tuesday, week 3

Dear Families,

Our annual Spring Fair is held in October and we have a few ideas we would like to share with you.

Our Ecology challenge theme is  ‘Grow Together’ we are asking every student or class to make an ‘upcycled’ planter that they can grow a plant in. These could be made from plastic bottles, or you could get more creative, please don’t buy anything new for these as we are encouraging recycling or ‘upcycling’ of materials.

The most creative classes / planters will win a prize.


‘Come Run With Me’

This morning the children attempted to run further than last week.  We collected pop sticks for every lap we ran (1 lap = 100 meters).  To begin with, we did some warm up exercises/stretches in the classroom and at the end Mrs Higgs spent time stretching with the class for a warm down.

Warm down…

2DH Maths Mini

Some sample reflections from our run today…

Guided Reading- Rotation #4

Social Learning  – games need rules!!

The children chose Handball, Skipping or Helicopter to brainstorm rules for when we go out and participate in fitness.

2MP Liturgy

This afternoon the children participated in a lovely liturgy centred around he theme of Jesus Our Teacher and Friend.

Thursday, week 2


Come Run With Me / Maths mini

We reflected on our running from last Tuesday and recorded how far we ran.  The pop sticks were counted, each one representing 100 metres.  All the children predicted they could run even more next week!


This morning we read a beautiful story about the Australian bush.  We learnt how to call ‘Coooo- eeee.”


George’s Marvellous Medicine.

We continued our narrative study today and brainstormed as many adjectives (describing words) as possible.  These words describe Grandma.

Here are some ingredients that George put in his saucepan for Grandma’s medicine…


Prayer hosted by Then-An, Ethan, Nicky-Rose and Sam.

Keeping Safe

Exploring more feelings and sorting them into ‘good’ and ‘sad’.  We also talked about how some ‘sad’ feelings can cause us to feel very upset or unsafe.  In these instances we can:

Lolla: We can walk away from the problem.

Bella: You can take some deep breaths.

Shashant:  You might need to leave the room and go outside for some fresh air.

Ethan: Talking it out with a teacher can help.

Wednesday, week 2

Dear Families,

This term the children are helping out with prayer on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.  There is a roster below to help your child remind them of their rostered day and to perhaps prepare something or bring something from home that could be used for our class prayer.


Friday is Buddy Time with 3/4CM & 3/4BH

We invite all children to bring their favourite book or story to school on Friday to share with their buddy on Friday morning.

Shared Reading

Belinda by Pamela Allen

Our focus today is on the narrative structure of Belinda – the beginning, middle and end.

1. The beginning is like the bread.

2. The middle of the story is the ‘meat’, like the middle of a sandwich.

3. The end of the story solves the problem or the puzzle, the second piece of bread finishes the story.


  1. Beginning – we are introduced to Bessie, Old Tom and Belinda.  We learn about the characters and there ‘is nothing wrong.’ (Cam)
  2. Middle – Belinda needs to be milked but she kicks Old Tom, and runs away. He cannot milk Bessie, if he cannot milk Belinda  there will be no milk. ‘Belinda is used to Bessie milking her.’  (Nikos)
  3. End – the problem is solved!  Tom comes up with an idea! Everyone is happy and Belinda gets milked.

Guided Reading


Numeracy: Hand and Foot Investigation

The children made predictions about the length of their foot and hand this morning.

Nikos: I think my foot will be the longest.

Nicky-Rose: I predict my foot will be longer.

Arrow: I think my foot is longer than my hand.

Ayrton: I think my hand is smaller than my foot.

Eva: I predict my hand is smaller than my foot.

We traced our hands and feet and set off to work by choosing a measuring unit.  Some of the children predicted the length of their foot and hand with that unit in mind and then measured it by keeping our ‘measuring rules’ in mind.

Warm up –some rules that we need to remember when we are measuring:

Rahan: Make sure there are no gaps

Kai: If there are gaps, the numbers are not going to be the same.

Aarshia: Make sure what you are using to measure with are straight, keep the units in a straight line.

Christian: The blue pebbles are bigger units to count with but the gems are smaller so when you count them there are more.  This is not accurate.

Amira: When the counters are on top of each other they are not measuring properly. When measuring, don’t put the units on top of each other, they can’t overlap.

Tuesday, Week 2

We looked at the calendar month of August and plotted all of the upcoming events and birthdays.

‘Come Run With Me’

Before embarking on our first jogging session we did lots of stretches in order to get our muscles ready for the run.  Well done everyone for an amazing first try  – we are only going to improve as time goes on!

As the Oval was quite a boggy mess today, we shifted our track to the paved area. The only problem was that we only had a 50 metre stretch to run in! To solve the problem we readjusted our thinking to realise that we would need to do 2 laps of 50 m to equal 100. The students adapted brilliantly and showed lots of stamina during their first session.

Reflecting on our running:
The students in 2DH took photos of their pop sticks to show how many laps they had run.

1 popstick = 100 metres.

They put their counting by 100 skills to good use and labeled each pop stick and then used their 100 Languages to reflect on the experience in any other way they liked. Some students reflected using Photo Booth to video record, dropping the video into their flipchart, whilst others preferred to type sentences.

Investigation Reflection



Leadership and bravery was shown today by our prayer leaders, as they set up and ran our session.

Literacy – Comma hunt
As a brain break, the students searched through books to find examples of comma use. Here are some examples:

Friday, week 1

Spring Fair 

As one of our initiatives for Spring Fair 2017, we are asking families to share a favourite recipe to include in a Holy Family Recipe Book.  We know there are some great cooks out there who have very tasty and perhaps traditional recipes that could be used for the recipe book.  Please email or send in a copy of your recipe.


Here we are performing the Wombat Wobble at our NAIDOC week assembly.


How can we work out how far 100 metres is?

Our Sports teachers Mrs Cooymans and Miss Roberts want the year 2s to be able to run 2 kilometres by the end of 2017!

Walking, running and being active is part of being healthy.

Cam: Healthy for our mind is reading and relaxing.

Shashant: Mindful colouring is good for our mind.

Mrs Higgs showed us how a trundle wheel works.    Shashant wondered if we can use a trundle wheel to measure a person!

Helen: We didn’t hear a second click because he is not 2 metres, he was just over 1 meter.

Seanna measured Mrs Higgs at 171.

How shall we measure 100 metres when we jog on the oval?

Cam: We could take all the rulers outside.

We went outside to estimate how far 100 metres is.

Thien-An and Sreyleab made the closest estimate  – good job girls!

Cam: The spin thing, (trundle wheel) when it clicks it makes 1 metre.

Kai: The trundle wheel is not really designed to measure people but it is good for measuring 100 metres.

Abbey: If we measured 100 metres with a ruler it would take a very long time.

Matthew: I have learnt that the oval is longer than 100 meters.

Sama: I learnt that 100 centimetres is the same as 1 metre.

Seanna: I learnt that a centimetre is small and a metre is 100 centimetres.

Mini maths

Adding up by 100



Shared Reading 

‘Belinda’ by Pamela Allen
Focus: Capitals and full stops.

When do we use capital letters?
– For names of people
– After using a full stop
– When we want people to shout or use expression (Seanna)

Aarshia: The word “WAS” is written in capitals because we are meant to read it louder.

What other types of punctuation can you see?

James noticed that there were commas and Cam spied ellipsis and a question mark.

In Buddy Come Read with Me, students completed their hunt for full stops and capital letters and then enjoyed playing some online games related to the concept.

Nicky-Rose went to see Little Mix.

Nicky-Rose went to the Entertainment Centre with her Mum and Nan. “I couldn’t see them because everyone was standing up but I danced and my Nan danced too!”


Thursday, week 1

Maths Mini

Handwriting and Word Study

2MP focused on the letters b and d today, then we brainstormed some words with ‘ed’ and ‘id’ and came up with a list that we kept adding to.  Once we got started, we couldn’t stop until it was time to head off to library.

Library 2MP


George’s Marvellous Medicine

Chapter One : Grandma

The children recalled some of the things we read from the first chapter of George’s Marvellous Medicine.

Luka: George is the grandson.

Sama: George is 8 years old.

Nathan: The grandma is bossy.

Seanna: She is selfish.

Amelia: She is ugly.

Isaiah: She is jealous.

Arrow: She is little.

Mrs Jones and some of the children were not at school on Tuesday so the children wanted to draw Grandma to show them what she looks like.  Here are some photos of Grandma’s image in progress!

These pictures show Grandma’s appearance – what she looks like…


Today Abbey, Nikos, Kiara and Sama hosted prayer.  We sang Welcome To God’s House and shared some prayers.

Our hosts did a marvellous job, they were brave and made good choices.

Amelia:  Dear God, Thank you for the bees because they give us honey. And dear God, thank you for my family because they love us and we love them too.  And dear God thank you for the plants because they are pretty.  Amen.

Abbey:  Dear God, I am grateful for food and watering trees because they give us oxygen.  I am grateful for my mum and dad because they give me anything.  Lord Hear Us.

Keeping Safe

We explored feelings and emotions.

Shashant: I feel bored when I have to watch a movie I don’t like with mum and dad.

Ruby:I feel happy when Lilah let me use her laptop because mine is being repaired.

Ayrton I feel bored whenI am waiting for a game to load.

Cam:  I feel pain when I had my first needle.

Shashant:I felt sad when I am not allowed to do what I want.

Jamie: I feel hot when the sun comes up.

Arrow:  I feel sick when I go home.

Djaran: I feel love when my mum kisses me at bed time.

Kiara:  I feel worried when lightening flashed and all the lights turn off.

Eva:  I feel happy when I am playing with my cousins.

Amelia: I feel sleepy when I have to go back home form my friends house at night time.

Sam: I feel furious when My mum does not let me have my laptop.

Tyron:  I feel furious when my baby brother keeps me awake at night.

Here are some expressions of some emotions …