Thursday, week 4

School photos next Tuesday.  Correct school uniform needs to be worn!  Sports uniform is NOT to be worn.


This morning the students continued practising the correct letter formation of the vowel letters and checking their correct pencil grip.



Fitness/ Brain break



The Good Samaritan

The students discussed what it means to be a good neighbour and we shared some examples of how we can be good neighbours at school.

Nathan: ‘If someone gets hurt in soccer I help them up and take them to a teacher.’

The children reflected and recorded their understanding of the Good Samaritan.  Some children chose to retell the story in their own words and others reflected on how they have been or could be a good neighbour to someone at school.


Keeping Safe

Revisiting what we have learnt so far:-

Nathan: ‘We learnt about emotions, like happy and took a photo on Photo Booth.’

Seanna: ‘The opposite to positive emotions is negative.’

Places we feel safe:

Lolla: At home

Nikos: At school, all the time.

Ethan: At my grandparents place.

Michelle: Under my blanket.

Arrow: At the school hall.

Eva: At my cousins house.

Ayrton: Under the kitchen bench.

Djaran: The police station.

Kayla: In the class room.

Kai: At my friend’s house.

Places where we may not feel safe:

Mrs Jones: Walking on a wobbly bridge.

Rahan: When the fire bell rings at school.

Ethan: Outside my house.

Dev: Swimming in water that has dangerous animals.

Bella: In the forest.

Aarshia: In the dark.

Helen: Crossing the road by myself.

Sam: Riding my bike for the first time.

Lolla: When there is a storm or a black out.

Nicky Rose: When I’m at the beach and I can’t touch the bottom.

When I feel unsafe I might be feeling…

Abbey: Butterflies in my tummy.

Kayla:  Shaking

Amira: You can get cold hands.

Ruby: Worried.

Kai: Feel funny, a bit sick in the tummy area.

Draw a safe place where you feel safe…







Wednesday, week 4

Reminder: Please return MITIOG notes to the class teacher and bring in a planter/pot of some sort that can be used for our seeds and plants. We will be planting seeds next week !!  Thanks for your help everyone!

Guided Reading

Writer’s Workshop



Alphabet and letter sound activity.


Punctuation Hunt  – Lap top activity: Brown Bread and Honey

Look Say Cover Write Check

Shared Reading 

We shared Brown Bread and Honey and looked for how Pamela Allen chooses other words in place of ‘said’ when she writes.  The students were on the hunt whilst Seanna and Bella recorded the words on their lap tops. This is a list of words Pamela Allen used in her book:-

cried, grizzled, moaned, screeched, asked, exclaimed

The students then searched for words in other books that authors have used  instead of  ‘said’ which also indicates how we should read speech.


The students continued their investigation today by choosing an object to measure and choosing an arbitrary unit to measure it with.  First, estimate then measure.  They recorded their findings on the lap tops.


Tuesday, Week 4



Shared Reading – ‘Brown Bread and Honey’

We remembered the predictions that we made last Friday. What could the story be about?

We read the text to find out…

What is a pikelet? asked Seanna. Kayla also wondered.
‘A pikelet is what you put toppings on, like little pancakes,’ replied Ethan.

What does the word ‘cried’ mean in the story?
Shashant – It means that his voice is going loud because the curry is too hot and his tongue doesn’t like it.

‘The King screwed up his face’…

So…what WAS the story about??

The King loves to eat food but he ate so much that he got a stomach ache. – Nikos
The King got fat and his horse was squashed on the ground because he was too heavy. – Ayrton
The King didn’t want to see another pie, pudding or pavlova ever again – he was sick of food. – Cam

Maybe the brown bread and honey will be his medicine? – Helen

We read the end of the book but will analyse it in more depth over the next few days. Stay tuned!


Teamwork game – Pass the hoop

Maths Mini – 2DH

We played ‘Beat Your Teacher’ place value game today…but with a twist!
Partners sat back-to-back and aimed to be the person to make the highest 4-digit number. If they did, they kept in the game whilst the person with the smallest number was eliminated. Play continued until there was a remaining champ….Kayla!

We then utilised both Tvs and played boys against girls.


Warm Up:
Using their laptop and with a friend, students discussed each arbitrary unit and determined whether using it to measure with would give an accurate or inaccurate answer. They sorted these items and we then discussed their ideas as a group.

Here are our findings:

We then looked at some examples of objects that could be measured in our classroom at discussed what units would give us both an accurate answers, as well as help us to find the actual length efficiently.

Prayer hosted by Sama, James, Kai and Sreyleab.


Following our reading of the Good Samaritan, the children retold the story to a buddy. We reflected on the story and related it to how we treat our ‘neighbours’ at school.  Our plan is to further investigate this story told by Jesus in a follow up lesson.

Guided Reading

We began a new rotation today, where new texts and learning tasks were introduced.

Laptop/Shared Reading Task:

Guided Reading with the teacher:

Writer’s Workshop:

Word Study – Look, say, cover, write, check:

Alphabet study:
The students enjoyed using the ink pads to stamp upper and lowercase letter pairs. They then used picture dictionaries to find examples of words that begin with the letter’s name and ones where its sound is heard instead.

Monday, Week 4

‘Come Read with Me’


Before commencing, students completed some planning, in order to clarify their intentions for the session.

Investigation Provocations:

Colour wheel/mixing

Playdough making

Turning cream into butter

Mixing colours


Making flour

Investigations Reflection

Afterwards, students spent time recounting their experiences and writing about what they had learnt. Many were able to confirm or deny their predictions, as well as discuss other learning and new information they had learnt along the way.



Friday, Week 3

Buddies with 2DH and 3/4BH

Today we had a chat about the meaning of the acronym S.T.E.a.M and made a list of as many jobs we could think of that are related to these areas. We looked to the future and realised that many of the careers students will have will rely on them being proficient in these areas, as well as creative problem solvers.

With their buddy, students then began to think about what they would like to include in our Week 7 Assembly, as well as what they might like to be when they grow up.

Buddies 2MP & 3/4CM

We got to know our buddies a little bit more today by drawing their portraits.

Shared Reading – Story Prediction

Warm up:

We studied and predicted the front and back cover of our new shared reader called Brown Bread and Honey by Pamela Allen.

Amira: The food might be for the King.

Seanna:  The boy is a stable boy.


The children used the illustrations, title and blurb the front and back covers of the book to make their own predictions about the story and the reasons for them.



Thursday, week 3

Spring Fair 2017 Newsletter-223hvn1 It’s Casual Day tomorrow so please bring a book, toys or games. 

Maths mini – Come Run With Me

The students reflected on their running from last Tuesday and compared their performance to the week before.  Some students are aiming to run further next week!

Handwriting – today we focused on the vowels.  Each student was able to highlight the vowels in their name.

Library 2MP


Prayer and mindfulness

Today we celebrated the feast of Mary McKillop, Australia’s first saint.

Shashant: Mary McKillop is Australia’s first saint.

Kai:  She died 100 years ago.

Sama: She lived a long time.

Ethan: She was good person for helping people, she helped poor people.

Christian: She made school for free.

Nicky-Rose:  She became a Saint after she died

Michelle:  She was born in Melbourne and she moved to Adelaide.

Ayrton: She helped kids to learn.

Kayla: She was a teacher and a nun.

Seanna: All the schools she helped start were named Saint Joseph’s.

Go Noodle


Keeping Safe

This afternoon we talked about safe and unsafe behaviours. These are some of the things we do at school that are safe.

Walking in the classroom, holding scissors safely, walking around the school buildings, walking when using the playground, taking turns when using the playground, staying with the class when we hear an alarm bell, locking the doors when someone is being unsafe outside.


Crossing the road with an adult and using the school crossing at the front of the school.



Wednesday, week 3

Come Read With Me

Investigations – provocations.

Before starting Investigations today, the students were asked to develop a question or a wondering that they wanted to explore and then make a prediction about what they thought might happen.

Cam – I wonder which is heavier, the pinecone or the sand timer?
I predict that the pinecone will be heavier.

Tyron – I wonder how tall I am?
I think I will be 12 blocks long.

Sama – I wonder what new colours can be made by mixing the secondary colours?

Kayla – How do you make play dough?
I know you need to use measuring.

Mathew – I wonder what else you need to make play dough, apart from flour?

Arrow – I wonder what new colour blue and yellow makes?
I think it will make green.

Seanna – What happens when all of the primary colours are mixed together?
I think it will make black.

The students then set about exploring their ideas and answering their questions…

Butter making

Colour Wheel

Making Playdough

Colour mixing

Grinding Wheat

Writer’s Workshop


Tuesday, week 3

Dear Families,

Our annual Spring Fair is held in October and we have a few ideas we would like to share with you.

Our Ecology challenge theme is  ‘Grow Together’ we are asking every student or class to make an ‘upcycled’ planter that they can grow a plant in. These could be made from plastic bottles, or you could get more creative, please don’t buy anything new for these as we are encouraging recycling or ‘upcycling’ of materials.

The most creative classes / planters will win a prize.


‘Come Run With Me’

This morning the children attempted to run further than last week.  We collected pop sticks for every lap we ran (1 lap = 100 meters).  To begin with, we did some warm up exercises/stretches in the classroom and at the end Mrs Higgs spent time stretching with the class for a warm down.

Warm down…

2DH Maths Mini

Some sample reflections from our run today…

Guided Reading- Rotation #4

Social Learning  – games need rules!!

The children chose Handball, Skipping or Helicopter to brainstorm rules for when we go out and participate in fitness.

2MP Liturgy

This afternoon the children participated in a lovely liturgy centred around he theme of Jesus Our Teacher and Friend.

Monday, Week 3

Please remember that all students are to wear their Sports Uniform tomorrow, and every Tuesday. We will be doing ‘Come Run with Me’ first thing in the morning on the Oval, so please try to be on time.

‘Come Read with Me’

Guided Reading – Rotation #3

Maths Mini – Beat Your Partner

The students paired up to see who could make the largest 4-digit number. They rolled a 10-sided die and then strategically placed the number in one of the four columns. The value of the digits then determined the winner of each round. Lots of students were confident to read the number aloud too. Well done!

Numeracy – Linear Measurement

Reflection on 2 sets of data
Students set about comparing their measuring results from last Wednesday and Friday. Once they had completed the table below, they then reflected on some questions

Some of our reflections/findings…

Free choice measuring 

Shared Reading

We read Belinda for the last time today. The students joined in and read all of the speaking in the story, which was determined by the speech marks present.

Mrs Higgs was the narrator and used an ordinary reading voice. The students supported her to add expression when they saw big and bold writing, exclamation marks and words written in italics. They are getting very good at being punctuation detectives!!

Literacy – Story Structure

Here is Helen’s completed work, that outlines the main parts of our shared text.

Friday, Week 2


Updated Prayer Roster

Fitness – Go Noddle

Buddy Time with 3/4CM and 3/4BH.

Numeracy – Measurement


Lots of the children who measured their feet with dice measured them at 13 dice long – is this the case for most 8 year olds?

Those who measured in dominoes Luka and Ayrton measured theirs and they were both 4 dominoes long.

Are their feet smaller?  No!

The domino is bigger so when we measure with them the number will be less.

Goodbye Circle

What went well this week…

Dev: Playing with my friends on the playground.

Kayla: Nikka gave me a get better card today.

Harsimrat:  I enjoyed playing with my friends to make a base with the chairs.

Melody: I laughed so much because when  I was playing handball with my friends.

Shashant: In investigations I learnt new things and I thought other people about mixing paints and adding more water to the paint to make it lighter.

Helen: When my friends said happy birthday to me.

Cam:  Making butter in investigations was good.

Aarshia: On Monday it was fun making play dough.

Christian: Playing with my friends when we played chasey in the hall.

Sreyleab:  Playing with my friend Kayla.

Rahan: Doing measuring when we were successful at the end because we had to try a lot.

Nikka:  Making butter by putting cream in a jar and shaking it.

Nikos:  Come Run With Me because you can get lots of exercise.

Sama: Investigations went well because it was good exploring the wheat.  Wheat makes flour.

Helen’s Birthday today!