Today we celebrated Mrs Papillo’s birthday! We shared a piece of chocolate cake at the end of the day and sang ‘Happy Birthday’. Thank you to everyone who made cards – they were very sweet.




Come Read With Me

This morning the children looked for the ‘er’ sound as they read their books to their buddies.  Mrs Finos was so amazed at the children and how they displayed their leadership by getting on with their learning.  Well done year 2’s!!  Mrs Higgs and Mrs Papillo already knew you were amazing.


During our mini lesson, students represented 2-digit numbers using concrete materials. They rolled two 10-sided dice to get their number and then showed the number in its tens and units form.




The children were busy finishing off things they had started last week or working on their timeline or life cycle using i-Movie, Keynote or a Flip chart.

Assembly Preparation – Script reading

We read through the script from start to finish today and watched the Keynote presentation to know how the story works and fits together. The students need to make sure that they not only practice their part everyday, but do so using expression. The more familiar they become with the ‘tricky’ words, the easier it will be to add the acting aspect to their part.

Shhhh, it’s a secret…

Hi everyone,

Hope you’re having lovely long weekend and are enjoying the sunshine.

It’s Mrs Papillo’s birthday tomorrow and it would be really lovely if she was able to receive some hand-made birthday cards from the students.

If anyone has time and a few craft materials lying around, please feel free to make something special for her.

Thanks everyone and please, don’t write back to this post as she will get notified to approve it via email.

See you tomorrow,

Mrs Higgs 🙂


Friday, Week 6




Tens and Units.



The children continued their investigations about living things today.  Some children are making origami animals and making the parts of an animal’s life cycle.

Come Read With Me and Maths mini

Assembly practise 

This afternoon we practised our dance in the hall.  The children are doing a great job and are remembering the routine.

Thursday, week 6


The book we shared today was Nannie Loves by Kylie Dunstan.

Calendar Inquiry

Here are some learning samples the children have been working on from their inquiry about calendars.

Shashant: There is a pattern in the seasons, it goes 3,3,3,3.  That’s 12 months altogether.

Luka: It is like skip counting.


Mindfulness – Yoga


We remembered our collage we made about God’s Creation story and discussed all the wonderful things in our world.  We talked about being thankful for God’s creation and then wrote prayers of thanks.  We will be sharing these at our upcoming assembly.


Wednesday, week 6

Come Read With Me

Chick Diary

This morning was the last time the children spent writing their diary about our beloved chicks.  The task was to finish off and polish up their books ready for publishing and sharing.


Today we allocated the reading parts to every member of our class.  Tonight your child will bring home their part to practice.  Please help them out to use their ‘loud and proud’ voices!


Please click on the link to this week’s newsletter:


Tuesday, week 6

Come Read With Me

Maths Mini – Add it Up By…

This morning we added up by 10 and started at 0.  The children recorded their number sentences on a Flipchart.  Tomorrow there will be a different number to start at and it will be a bit more challenging.  It was great to see the children in flow; on task and enjoying their learning.


We continued our inquiry learning today based on our chickens.  Some children are making movies, adding music, voice overs, captions and special effects.  Others are persisting with origami – chickens, whales, cats, dogs.  A small  group of children painted props for our assembly and Abbey helped Mrs Papillo with sorting  the chicken names into boy and girl options.

 Numeracy – Skip counting using patterns

We continued with our patterns focus today by identifying the terms, labelling  and counting the number of terms. This has helped the students to understand the concept of skip counting and ‘groups of’, as well as developing their multiplicative thinking skills.

Fitness – Dancing

Every practice we are getting better and better! Positions have been given and we made some changes to the chorus moves today, to make the steps look more spectacular.


Monday, week 6


Come Read With Me

Assembly Preparation – TOP SECRET!!!

Come and join us in Week 8 to see our Assembly and hard work come together.


Living Things Investigations
Today we gave the students lots of provocations and ideas for learning that they could pursue in the areas of Science, The Arts, English, Mathematics and Health, related to the theme of ‘Living Things’.

Assembly Dance Practise



Friday, week 5. Mission Day at HFCS!

Come Read With Me and Maths mini.



Chick Diary – day 10

 The children worked on day 10 of their diary today after finishing their ‘Do you know’ page from yesterday’s entry.

Our chickens will be proud of their human school mates learning!!


Mission Day Mass was attended by the HFCS community and our year 2 children made us proud for their processing, reading and singing. 

Mission Day


Mission day recount

Thursday, Week 5


Unfortunately our Mission Mass got cancelled today and will be rescheduled for tomorrow at 11:00 am.

This was due to a mix up of days and the Priest will be here to celebrate with us tomorrow instead. We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience that this may have caused and we hope to see you tomorrow instead. If not, please keep Friday, Week 8 free for our 2DH and MP Assembly.

Library 2MP

Library 2DH 

I gave ‘Gary’ an 8/10 because it was more interesting than ‘All I want for Christmas is Rain’. I was a bit interested in today’s book because my nana lives in the country but she doesn’t have a farm. – Seanna

I liked the story because Santa made the little girl Jane’s wish for rain come true. -Tyron

I learnt that rain is important for people on farms. – Rahan

I noticed an emu, horses and people came to the farm and they maybe wanted to buy some food now that the land was better and green. -Kayla

Maths Mini 2DH 

‘Add it up by 5’, starting at number 3.

“The pattern of the units goes 3, 8, 3, 8, 3, 8, 3, 8!!!” shouted many of the kids, as they came across this repeating sequence.

Chick fitness

Today was the first time that our little babies got to enjoy the sunshine and feel the grass under their feet. They loved flitting around and have become very confident and used to being handled.

Shared Reading – Chicken and Egg non-fiction text

The students listened to facts during the reading today and went back to record some of their own facts into their Chick Diary. Tomorrow we say goodbye to our feathered friends and we will record our last entry.


  • Wear casual clothes and bring a gold coin donation.
  • Bring no more than $5 to purchase ‘tokens‘. Students will swap their money for tokens so that they can buy items from the various stalls that will be set up.
  • If ordered, students will receive soup and a bread roll for lunch.
  • Canteen will be closed and recess and lunch food will need to be brought from home if soup has not been ordered.
  • 2DH and MP Mass – 11:00 am in the Hall.

We are looking forward to a great day!


Wednesday, Week 5

Numeracy – Pattern and Algebra

Students began exploring other skip counting patterns today and used a number line, rather than a 100 chart to plot the numbers. Some numbers were easier to see a repeating patterns in the units or tens column than others.

Dance practise – Who’s That Chick!

Don’t forget – whole school Mass tomorrow at 11:30 am in the Hall!