Friday July 6 – Week 10 Term 2

Welcome to the last day of Term 2!!!!


We had a short Assembly today where we looked at the videos and dances from Catholic Identity day last week!!

What are your thoughts?

  • Rehat – I thought the dance was good because they were challenging themselves because the=y were nervousÂ
  • Jasmine – I liked when my friend was dancing
  • Ashvarn –  I liked the video because it was good because they were like doing painting and tried their best
  • Ann – I liked the video because I saw Bella and me in it and my class and Mrs D class


  • Sampann – My buddy wasn’t here today so I joined someone else and we played handball and if you bounce it in the cup you get 5 lollies!
  • Magot – I liked when my buddy set up a activity for me
  • Nevada – Me Cierra and my buddy we were doing gymnastics and yoga!Â
  • Holly – Me my buddy, Jasmine, Ruby and Nhu we were playing a game and Nhu came first
  • Sonnie – My buddy set up a soccer thing its like the ones with the sticks and he made it and he is going to make Aiden and me one. You get a ball in the middle and try hit the person

Reflection of our time with our buddies…


Today’s library session was an extra special one! We read our last story on the shortlist for Picture Book of the Year – I’m Australian Too. 

  • Sampann – I was born in India
  • Mile – I was born in Australia in Adelaide
  • Daniel – I was born in Vietnam
  • Ashvarn – I was born in Port Adelaide 
  • Libby – I once lived in Broome and my mum kept going on and off the plane 
  • Raf – My parents were born in the Filipinos 
  • Mai-Anh – My mum and dad were born in Vietnam
  • Liana – My mum and dad and grandparents were born in the Phillipines
  • Joseph  My dad was born in Italy
  • Ann – My mum was born in Vietnam and she came to Australia when she was 39. 

As a class we discussed the books we have read over the term before we ranked our favourites! These votes are super important as next term when the winning picture book is announced, there will be a prize for the class who guesses the correct order.

We borrowed our books for the holidays and discussed why it is so important to be reading over the next two weeks.


We went into our guided reading teams and took turns at reading and helping each other. We then had some question to discuss in our groups.

What happened in the book?

  • Akemjot – The book was about a girl called Mei Ling and she liked ducks as pets but Annabella liked dogs better. But then at the end Annabella liked both.
  • Nhu – Mei Ling liked ducks, when they went to the pond they said that the ducks can do tricks, Annabella said only dogs can do tricks but then the duck swam so mei ling said he was doing a trick.
  • Aidan – Mei Ling liked ducks best, Annabella liked dogs. Annabella said dogs can have a bath but ducks cant.
  • Cierra – Mei Ling was trying to make dogs sound better than ducks but actually the duck is just as good as the dog for a pet.
  • Nevada: The girl was using the learning power of creativity because she was putting a rope and tied it to the roof to make a swing
  • Rhoda: She made a swing, the roof fell again and she fixed it.
  • Deakyn: She told a story to her dad about why the swing broke and the ceiling.

SHARING – SAMPANN: Yesterday my dads friend came over and brought me watch it is branded Titan by Zoom. They got it for me because there are soccer games happening.

  • Nathaniel – I Like it because it is a soccer ball watch and has patterns
  • Neisha – Which brand is it?
  • Ashvarn – If it doesn’t work you will have to take it somewhere special
  • Magot – I like the clock inside because it will tell us when the bell will go
  • Jasmine – What is a titan?
  • Sampann – It is a little expensive brand


Reflecting upon Term 2, “We are grateful for”…

  • Sampann – My teachers
  • Ashvarn – Mission Day so we can spend money for the poor people
  • Libby – Miss B so she can help us learn
  • Natalie – My friends so they can support me when I am sad
  • Neisha – For my family and friends
  • Magot – For the school so I can learn work
  • Jaiden – For learning
  • Llana – Catholic Identity Day
  • Kristina – My friends
  • Mai-Anh – For my friends and family
  • Joseph – Maths
  • Bella – Shared lunches
  • Jasmine – The music assembly and we were in it and tried our best
  • Ann – Excursions so we can learn new things
  • Mile – Friends can play soccer
  • Maddox – Friends
  • Justin – Thank you for Catholic Identity Day so people can share food
  • Daniel – Catholic Identity Day
  • Raf – For my friends
  • Lucas – Assembly we did with the whole class which is belonging
  • Jed – Thank you for our excursion


To celebrate the end of the term we put on the Lion King movie – which linked to our assembly from earlier in the term 🙂

They all LOVED singing along!!



We hope you all have a very well deserved break – have fun and relax!

PS. try sleep in haha!!

Thursday July 5 – Week 10 Term 2

Hi Bloggers!

Welcome to Terrific Thursday July 5!


A big congratulations to Libby and Jasmine who performed at the school music assembly this morning. Their courage and growth mindset to performing in front of the whole school was inspiring!

  • Libby – I loved my singing!
  • Cierra – I loved how Libby was singing and Jasmine was playing piano
  • Jasmine – I loved when Libby was singing and I was playing piano
  • Akemjot – I liked the drums and the tune they were making
  • Ashvarn – I liked Jasmine on the piano
  • Holly – I liked Jasmine on the piano and Libby singing!


What was even more amazing to see and hear was students in our class filling both Libby and Jasmine’s buckets after the performance with positive praise 🙂


Mia and Keren shared a special prayer about summer with us.

  • Mary – Thank you for my friends an family in the world
  • Nevada – Dear Lord, thank you for my friends because they play with  me
  • Jasmine – Dear God, thank you for making the sandpit and everywhere
  • Daksh – Dear God, thank you for my friends, when I am sad the cheer me up
  • Joseph – Thank you for my friends. Amen.
  • Cierra – Thank you for my family to cheer me up and for my dog
  • Aiden – Dear God, thank you for making the donuts for Miss B to ear them
  • Holly – Dear God thank you for the water
  • Kurt – Thank you for spaghetti
  • Daniel – Thank you for making our dogs and cats
  • Ashvarn – Thank you for food so we can eat


This term has been a super busy and productive one! Today we took the time to stop and reflect on all of our specks of gold including the Learning Powers we have learned and shown.

We were so pleased to see that children included many social specks of gold including making new friends and trying new things!



This afternoon Mary requested to sing a song to the class. She was totally inspired by Libby singing in front of the whole school. Well done girls!!!


Tomorrow is casual day !

A casual day for cans/bottles and other 10c recyclables.

Great prizes to be won for the MOST recyclables, an Aquaponics tank and Popcorn and a Movie for the classes that collect the most.


Can you help out? A BIG BIG interest in the class is restaurants and cooking...

If you are free we would love your help to come in and cook, share a family recipe or anything about FOOD!!! Food glorious food!!


“The Environment is the third teacher” Loris Malaguzzi,

Also we are in the process of moving the classroom around to suit the needs of the children…

We have noticed they are loving quiet corners, technology areas, art materials that are out and available, a class ‘cafe’, small world/block area etc etc. It is all a work in process and we are observing how the children use the same and will adapt to suit their learning and interests!!

Thanks for a great day and will see you all tomorrow morning!!

Wednesday 4th July – Term 2 week 10

Good-morning all!!

Welcome to Wednesday.


As a class we watched a clip from one of our favourite movies ‘Finding Nemo.’ We discussed what Learning Powers and Character Strengths we saw. This week we have touched on Kindness and Perseverance.


  • Noah – There was like these ice cream cones and you had to catch a plastic ball in them
  • Natalie – We played Splat!
  • Sampann – We played tennis. I played with Samurai.
  • Ann – In sports we were playing Splat and we had to challenge our friend. Natalie and me challenged each other. We had to hit the ball really fast.


Nevada and Cierra asked to Led prayer today – It was a prayer about Helping others!

  • Mia: Dear God thank you for animals, my favourite animal the tiger Amen
  • Mary: Dear God thank you for my friends and family so I am not alone Amen
  • Libby: Dear God Thank you for my parents Amen
  • Jasmine: Thank you for the firefighters that put out scary fires Amen
  • Ashvarn: Dear God thank you for sports Amen



“Good afternoon everyone, this is my toy Thomas minis they can go and stop. I collected them because I like to open them and get a surprise. I got it in reception”



Libby had a practice of her solo singing ready for Friday!!

Well done Libby 🙂 🙂 How brave! What awesome singing!




We had a discussion about what we learnt this semester during numeracy…

then the children planned how they would show their learning of numeracy through play:

  • Holly: Focusing on Cafe and money
  • Jasmine: Fractions with paper
  • Akemjot: Dice wars with Justin
  • Sonnie: Drawing 2D and 3D shapes
  • Nevada: Making patterns with shells and gems
  • Kurt: Dice wars with Daksh
  • Libby: Creating a concert with money
  • Jed: Dice wars with dion
  • Tcross: Focus on cafe money


After play we discussed what we did…

  • Daksh: Me and Kurt played dice wars, I got the highest numbers
  • Llana: Me, keren, Kiziah and Kristina were making a maths shop, you got a shape prize if you got the problem right
  • Ashvarn: Jake, Sukhman and I were playing dice wars I got the highest number
  • Nevada: Me, Cierra, Rhoda, Libby, Jasmine and Holly we were making a concert and Libby was the singer, it cost $10 to buy a ticket



  • Ann – Me and Bella were searching up cute stuff and tracing them and moving pictures
  • Kim – I did a card for my mum
  • Mai-Anh – I played with Joseph
  • Libby – I drew some little creatures
  • Llana – In mindfulness me and Kristina did some drawing

Tuesday 3rd July 2018 – Week 10 Term 2

Hello Everyone! Welcome to our last Tuesday for Term 2!


Today we watched the movie ‘Sing’ – a celebration of singing and music and its power to make us feel happy and uplifted. It is also a wonderful movie about the learning powers of hope and optimism and the character strength of perseverance.


Magot and Nhu led us in a prayer about friendship.

Libby: Thank you God for creating singing. Amen

Cierra: Thank you for the world so we can live. Amen.

Holly: Thank you for my little baby brother. Amen

Mia: Thank you for houses. Amen.

Rhoda: Thank you for my friends and my family. Amen.

Daniel: Thank you for making our family and friends. Amen.

Nathaniel: Thank you for my Poppy because he makes me laugh. Amen.

Ashvarn: Thank you for the rain so we can stay inside. Amen.

Tcross: Thank you for my friends who help me when I am sad.


We reflected on the Aaron Blabey books we have read this term. We wrote a review about our favourite Aaron Blabey book, giving reasons for why and giving it a rating out of 5 stars.


Perseverance is about continuing to strive for our goals, in the face of difficulty. When we experience challenges with our learning, we are in the ‘learning pit’. We talked about the famous basketballer Michael Jordan who says he succeeded because of the many times that he failed. We discussed times we have been in ‘the pit’ and the ways we can get out of ‘the pit’.

Rehat: Sometimes when I’m doing words in my book, I find it hard to write the words and I think about how to sound it out. And sometimes I ask a friend.

Jake: When I was in the learning dip I try to do it again and again and again and finally I did.

Akemjot: I was stuck in the dip when I was doing Prodigy because they were asking me hard questions and I didn’t know the answer. I got out of the dip because I wasn’t reading the questions and then I read it.

Ann: You can get out of the learning dip by thinking more about it and by keep trying.

Mary: You can get out of the learning dip by keep on trying and never give up.

Ashvarn: You can keep trying in the dip and if you couldn’t do it then you can ask a friend or another person.

Mia: You can get out of the dip by maybe you keep trying and you keep trying lots of times it will work.

Using our 100 languages, we demonstrated our understanding of the learning pit.


Holly: Good afternoon everyone. This is my new baby brother. His name is Lucas. He was born yesterday. Are there any questions?

Mia: Hi name is Lucas and he is a boy?

Rehat: Has your baby brother said a word?

Cierra: Did you hold it?

Nhu: My mum is having a baby.

Mary: Do you sometimes hold it on your arm?

Neisha: I have a baby cousin called Lucas.

A very big congratulations to Holly and her family on the birth of Lucas. We wish you all so much happiness as you grow together as a family of five.

Libby: Good afternoon everyone. I am going to be singing this song at the music assembly.

Libby sang ‘Fight Song’ for us all. Well done Libby – so courageous!


This afternoon we continued to work on the learning we have planned for ourselves this week.

This learning is an opportunity for children to work independently and collaboratively. To manage and take responsibility for their learning. To ‘go deeper’ with their learning interests. To learn in the areas of science, history and social sciences, literacy, numeracy and the Arts. To develop their capabilities in numeracy, literacy, critical and creative thinking and personal and social capability. To strengthen their learning powers. To utilise and develop their characters strengths. To have a growth mindset. It is a rich learning experience where they learn the skills, qualities and dispositions to be lifelong learners.

  • Creating a hair salon
  • Building a zoo
  • Creating artworks
  • Building a car


We reflected on our learning during investigations, focusing on the learning powers we used and our character strength of perseverance.

Alex: “I used collaboration because I worked with Aiden N and my friends”

Daniel: “I used collaboration with Sonnie”.

Joseph: “I used creativity because I built a Rubix cube with Ann and Bella and Noah”.

Eva: “I used my perseverance because I was trying to make a button and it was hard. I was able to do it because Ebony helped me”.

Sonnie: “Me and Daniel were at the Lego but then we changed. When we were at the Lego we were going to build a big city. I used collaboration with Daniel”.

Nathaniel: “I was building a ship and I used collaboration because I was working with Jake”.

Mai-Anh: “I used creativity because I was sharing and making things together with Kim and Libby”.

Monday July 2 – Week 10 Term 2

Hi Bloggers!

Welcome to our last week of Term 2! Wow, time flies when you are having fun and learning so many new and exciting things!


We began our morning with some reading based activities. Children have the option to participate in the following before moving onto exploring ‘Teach my Monster to Read’ online. 

  • Matching contractions to their extended version
  • Creating sight wordsusing playdough
  • Deciding appropriate punctuation endingsto sentences
  • Using whiteboardsto practice our words and letters
  • Aaron Blabeyfocus table with our favourite books to read and review
  • Reading with a teacher


This morning we enjoyed some rare winter sunshine as we stepped outside for some fitness. We skipped, played handball, practiced our cricket skills and even had a big game of chasey happening!


During our last week of the term this week, we will be reviewing the different numeracy concepts explored throughout the entire term. Today we focussed on shapes! We discussed the differences between a 2D and 3D shape and provided some examples before we were posed with a special challenge;

  • Maddox  – I am drawing a laptop square
  • Samurai – I will draw my drink bottle its like a circle
  • Aiden – My laptop is is a rectangle I am drawing that
  • Daksh  – I drew a 2D star
  • Sampann – I am drawing a basketball it is a sphere
  • Magot – I drew a square, love heart, rectangle. The 3D ones are a pyramid and a square cube
  • Jed – So I drew a triangular prism it sits on top of the building an there are also cylinders on top
  • Nathaniel – The squishy is a cylinder!


Joseph and Ann shared a prayer about animals. This was a special prayer about gratitude towards animals.

  • Rhoda – Dear God, thank you for my family and friends. Amen.
  • Jasmine – Dear God, thank your making animals and nature. Amen.
  • Holly – Dear God, thank you for animals. Amen.
  • Jake – Thank you for the trees so we can breathe oxygen from there. Amen.
  • Daniel – Thank you for making us happy God. Amen.
  • Cierra – Dear God, thank you for my family and friends. Amen.
  • Mary – Dear God, thank you for my uncle and aunties cat. Amen.
  • Daksh – Dear God, thank you for my family and friends to play. Amen.
  • Ashvarn – Thank you for making technology so we can watch movies.
  • Sampann – Thank you for maths so we know one plus one. Amen.


What are they?

  • Daksh – There are 24 character Strengths
  • Alex – Kindness means team work
  • Rehat – Things that you do to show love
  • Mary – It is kind of like what you are feeling
  • Mia – Your thoughts
  • Asvharn – Being strong

Character is who you are and what you are strong at! Today we had a closer look at Perseverance! This is when you keep trying to reach your goals even when things get tough or difficult.



With your plans in mind and Perseverence a focus this afternoon we investigated….

  • Rehat, Rhoda and Libby setup their own simulated school. “We even have our own Dojo Points!”
  • Nhu, Natalie and TCross were playing ‘sissys.’ “We are all sisters and have our own house and have food as well.”
  • Jed and Justin are using Minecraft to create ‘a village where Jesus lives.’
  • Samurai and Maddox are using blocks to create ‘a factory.’ and then it levelled up into a zoo!
  • Llana and Keren created their own build-a-bears!
  • Jaiden and Nathaniel worked hard to make a city of different vehicles!

We finished our day with a reflection of our play. What Learning Power did we use? Did we stick to our plan? What did we learn?

See you tomorrow Year 2! 


Catholic Identity Day

Today we celebrated Catholic Identity Day! We began our day with a lovely welcome from Father Shaboo.

We spent our morning exploring various different provocations surrounding our own Religious and Catholic Identities including;

  • Exploring who God/Jesus is through play dough
  • Can you build the ULTIMATE church? (Block play)
  • Using clay to recreate our own Images of God
  • Friendship Bracelets
  • Gratitude Writing/Drawing
  • Stain-glass window making

It was incredible and beyond heart-warming to see students from the different classes drawing on their Learning Powers such as Creativity and Collaboration to together explore such an important idea together. Teachers observed students helping one another to plait the wool to create the bracelets, working together to create the stain-glass windows, scribing  for one another to complete Gratitude letters and so much more. Take a look at our wonderful morning of learning before we shared lunch together.


  • Krish – I made a colourful window. We see them in churches
  • Jasmine – I played with my friends in the window area from church
  • Josh  -I did a friendship bracelet with Dion
  • Ann – I made a friendship bracelet with Bella and then with Joseph. For Bella I made it pink and purple and for Joseph I made it blue
  • Henry – I tried to figure out and made God using clay. His body was purple and his back was purple
  • Ashvarn – I made a church with blocks with Sampann, Jaiden and Ekam and Nathaniel and Jed.
  • Cierra – I liked having a little buddy with me
  • Holly – I loved the shared lunch today
  • Sukhman – When me and Dion got to work together to make things I really liked that
  • Jasmine – I have a new BFF from the other class
  • Nevada – I really liked making a new buddy
  • Ashvarn – I liked working with the other class and helping them

Here is a prayer video Maddox created with the help of some year 1 buddies – Angus and Talyn.

Movie on 29-6-18 at 10.13 am-1shfueb

Thank you for a truly beautiful day spent exploring Catholic Identity. Happy weekend all! 

Catholic Identity Day – 2TD and 1MR

“I am precious in the eyes of God”Father Shibu

We started the day off with a whole school assembly with Father Shibu, we prayed and sung – it was a lovely start to the day!

2TD then went and spent the day with 1MR…

We started by reading the book:

“Can I pray with my eyes open?”

Reflections on this book:

  • Mia: I like to pray by myself
  • Rhoda: I like praying with my sister and brothers in my room
  • Kayden: I like to pray in the middle of games
  • Deakyn: I like to pray before I ride my bike.
  • Tcross: I like to pray when I am sad or worried
  • Jake: I like to pray alone
  • Holly; I like to pray in my bed
  • Cierra: I like to pray with my mum

The children then engaged in a range of provocations with a focus of ‘Catholic Identity’.

  • Aiden, Jayden, Sukhman and Andy enjoyed making Jesus’s cross using craft materials.


  • Tcross, Nhu, Keren, Kiziah, Rhoda and Rehat spent most of the morning in the home corner where they were acting out ‘the last supper’


  • Ruby, Nevada and Cierra were using the playdough to make a statue of Mary


  • Alex, Dion, Akemjot, Sonnie, Daksh, Aidan , Kayden, Yson, Ezekiel and Deakyn were busy creating Jesus’s village and a Church using Lego


  • Ebony, Holly, Eva and Anna were using here artistic skills to draw her image of God


  • Sanorita, Ahn, Crista were using their writing skills to make books about Jesus, God and Mary


What did you like about this mornings provocations?

  • Sonnie: I really liked my Church building, it was so big, we all worked together to build a large church
  • Alex: I liked the lego
  • Dion: I liked being able to use the lego to build a Church it was fun to build
  • Aidan: I liked building a house that Jesus lived in
  • Anna: I liked drawing the best, I drew a house with a cross at the top
  • Holly: I liked drawing too, I liked drawing the Church
  • Rehat: I liked having time to be Jesus, I was dressing up, it was fun
  • Rhoda: I really liked being Mary, it was fun to get dressed up



  • Cierra: Dear God, Thank you for Jesus and what he sacraficed for us, Amen
  • Rehat: Dear God I am sad that Jesus died, Amen
  • Daksh: Dear God thank you for my family Amen
  • Jayden: Dear God thank you for my friends and family Amen
  • Ahn: Dear God Thank you for the world Amen
  • Nhu: Dear God thank you for Jesus and helping the people who are blind and sick Amen
  • Kiziah: Dear God thank you for my friends and family


Thank you for all the AMAZING an DELICIOUS food you all brought in to share today. It was very special to spend this time together, sharing food!


We finished off the day with some calming mindfulness and reflection.

With calming and relaxing music softly playing in the background, the children engaged in mindfulness colouring, yoga, drawing and reflecting...


We headed off to the hall to have an assembly with the whole school. At this time we reflected on the day, we watched an i-movie of the whole day. It was fantastic to see what all the classes did across the school.

Thank you everyone for a lovely Catholic identity day – what a day to remember!

Thursday 28th June – Term 2 Week 9

Hi Bloggers!

Welcome to the coldest morning of 2018! It was only 3 degrees when we woke up!


This morning we began our day with some literacy/reading provocations. We are finding that the children are super engaged with these and it gives the teachers time to listen to various children read throughout the week! We had the opportunity to engage in;

  • Matching contractions to their extended version
  • Creating sight words-using playdough
  • Deciding appropriate punctuation endingsto sentences
  • Using whiteboardsto practice our words and letters
  • Aaron Blabeyfocus table with our favourite books to read and review
  • Reading with a teacher
  • Teach my Monster to Read


This morning we read through Stanley Paste, our shared reading story for the week. We are starting to really understand the themes apparent in the book including that of bullying.

What was happening in the clip?

  • Nhu – They were bullying and not really being a good friend
  • Neisha – It was about bullying
  • Kim – It was about standing up for yourself
  • Rehat – It was about anti-bullying and you should just stop or walk away from them

How do you think Stanley felt?

  • Jasmine – He feels sad
  • Ann – He feels lonely because he was the only kid who was little in his class
  • Aidan – He might be feeling frustrated

What can we do to stop bulling?

  • Raf – So you can speak up to the bully and get them to stop
  • Jasmine – Say stop I don’t like it
  • Ashvarn – You can just look at the bully and tell them to stop it
  • Ann – If they don’t stop you can just tell the teacher
  • Mary – I would tell them to be nice to others

After listening to McGruff’s thoughts on bullying and discussing our own in the class, we used our 100 languages to show our anti-bullying campaign! We had children paining, creating videos, drawing, using blocks and more!

  • Lucas, Raf, Deakyn, Daksh and Noah shared a video they created showing what to do when being bullied.
  • Holly and Jasmine also shared a video about what bullying is


As it is Catholic Identity Day tomorrow, we visited the library today and borrowed our readers for the week. Together we read another one of the shortlisted books for 2018;

We predicted what the story might be about;

  • Kim – Could be about penguins
  • Nhu – It is about the sky and now there is a second sky
  • Sonnie – I have seen this book before and I think it is about a sky


  • Deakyn – I liked that the was in the ocean
  • Sonnie – I liked the grass and trees in water like when he saw it
  • Nhu – I liked how he kept trying and trying until he got there
  • Rehat – I think he used his creativity learning power
  • Jed  – He was using Hope and Optimism
  • Kim – I think he used Creativity


We then came together to share our learning..

Ashvarn – I Shared the chocolate with 15 people and they got only 2 pieces each.

Rhoda – I shared 30 with 5 people, they got 6 pieces each.

Daksh –  I have 30 pieces of chocolate and i chose to share with 6 people and they got 5 pieces of chocolate each.



Our provocation to the children before investigations to lead us into Catholic Identity day tomorrow – Who is Jesus?

Who is Jesus to you?

  • Maddox: Is God
  • Magot: My father
  • Raf: A nice person
  • Llana: My heavenly father
  • Lucas: He is a kind and loving God
  • Rehat: Jesus is a person that made the world and he healed people
  • Holly: A kind person
  • Aidan W: He is joyful an helpful
  • Cierra: He is a kind and loving person
  • Keren: Jesus is a God that helps us
  • Tcross: I think he is a saviour to all people who made our world.

Our reflections of Jesus through play…

  • Ashvarn, Akemjot and sonnie used the lego to make “the village where Jesus lived”
  • Rhoda, Nhu, Tcross and Rehat made food to feed the poor
  • Cierra and Nevada were teaching about Jesus
  • Alex, Dion and Jaiden were using the blocks to build a Church
  • Nate and Sampan were building the home that Jesus lived in
  • Llana, Keren and Kiziah used the screens to play teachers, they taught about how to be kind like Jesus was.
  • Maddox and Jed created an i-movie about their image of Jesus
  • Jasmine and Holly chose to draw pictures/images of Jesus


  • Daniel  – MY speck of Gold was playing with Aiden at recess
  • Kurt – My speck of gold was playing with my friends in chaset
  • Kim –  My speck of gold was reading
  • Daksh – My speck of gold was doing who is Jesus
  • Ruby – My speck of gold was playing at Log Park with Neisha
  • Kiziah –  My speck of gold was playing with Keren and Llana
  • Akemjot – My speck of gold was playing handball chasey

Thanks for a wonderful day Year 2! Remember, tomorrow is Catholic Identity Day! 

Wednesday 27th June – Term 2 Week 9

Welcome and Good morning to Wednesday!!

What is happening today?


We went into our guided reading teams and worked together to solve the problems below!

One thing that happened in the book?

Holly: There were 9 planets in space

Keren: It was teaching us all about planets, Mars is the hottest planet

Aiden: All of the planets were around the sun, there are lots of planets, one is Mars.

Sonnie: The sun is actually a star and it is really hot, people cant live there, there is lava

Deakyn: The book taught about planets, the moves goes around the earth really really slow

Akemjot: Saturn has a lot of stars around it.

Sukhman: The moon moves around the earth

Group 3 – Recalling Water Facts;

  • Sampann – The waves flow on water and the hills go really deep and steep for the water
  • Justin – Water flows in mountains
  • Lucas – Ice is water but it is cold well frozen water
  • Raf – Water can also be ice


How did you use the Character Strength of Kindness in PE today?

  • Jasmine – I was kind to Miss Roberts because it was her birthday
  • Llana – I showed kindness by getting the ball for Neisha
  • Magot – I was kind because I was sitting and not talking when Miss Roberts was
  • Jaiden – I helped Ashvarn


Together we read through our shared reading text for the week – Stanley Paste. We discussed how being small would make Stanley feel.

  • Jake: I might feel bullied
  • Ann: I might feel sad that people may stomp on me
  • Kiziah: I would be sad because i cant see things
  • Mia: If i was really small because people may bully me or I cant reach a door to open
  • Lucas: I would be the best at limbo
  • Alex: I feel like ant man and could do things like ant-man
  • Tcross: I could hide in small places if we were playing hide and seek

We then did the below activity….


Nevada and Cierra led a class prayer about their families.

  • Daksh: Thank you for my family and for the food they give me.
  • Mary: Thank you for my family, i love them and feel lucky to have a family
  • Rhoda: Thank you for my family and supporting me, Amen.
  • Daniel: thank you for my family they are so nice Amen


What do you already know about division?

  • Sampan: its dividing
  • Nhu: Sharing

What can it help us do?

  • Sonnie: it is like sharing, like cutting things in half, you need to know how to share
  • Rehat: Division is something that you share in equal parts..

I have a problem….can you solve it?

Our responses…


  • Ashvarn – This is my nerf gun. It is a mega nerf gun. I play with it with my brother. Sometimes we have a nerf war. I try to aim for dots. It says Mega on it so to know it is mega. So it can shoot really high! You pull the black part up and down and then the orange thing shoots from there.


  • Nate – I liked playing with my brother at the oval and I liked doing the math!
  • Cierra – My speck of gold is playing with Nevada at Log Park

Have a great night everyone 🙂