Monday December 10 – Week 9 Term 4

Hi Bloggers! Welcome to Week 9 – Term 4!

Can you believe this is our very last week together in 2IB and 2TD for 2018?! Time really does fly by when you are having fun and busy learning!

This Thursday is our last day of school with a normal 3:00pm finish time. We are having a shared lunch to celebrate our time together. We ask that boys bring a small plate of savoury foodand girls bring a small plate of sweet food.



Here in Year 2IB and 2TD we have many different cultures who celebrate Christmas differently! This morning we explored this…

How do you celebrate Christmas?

  • Nevada – My family and I celebrate Christmas by waking up really early then we open presents. After that me and my family have a big breakfast then at night time we have a big family dinner.
  • Kristina – I do lots of Christmas shopping with my cousins.
  • Ash – I go see fireworks on the beach!
  • Lucas told us about how he celebrates Christmas early with his family. He got presents yesterday! Then on Christmas he gets to sleep in!
  • Rehat – In India we always put up Christmas lights on our house and we got a walk to see them. We always make our special foods for friends and the special foods are very delicious. We get a big large cake. In Australia I get in my cat with my family and we go to Lobethal Lights. There’s one house that takes up to 9 weeks to do!
  • Nathaniel – On Christmas our family, we open our presents and then after that we set up our table that we did last year. We get all the food read y and I help my mum and my dad get the food ready and we cook stuff on the BBQ and open the roller door so our cousins and stuff can come in and play with us. We have Christmas ham.
  • TCross. – In my country there’s not really a specific rule that we follow to do on Christmas Day. We wake up around 6 or 7 to get things prepared for Christmas Day. After I wake up I look at the Christmas tree and I really feel like I want to open the presents. I wait for my whole family to come. I like to see their expressions on their face when they open them. I have a sweet breakfast of pudding.Sometimes the whole family doesn’t eat altogether. After that I usually watch a Christmas movie while I am waiting then we open some of the Christmas presents. Since it is on a Tuesday this year, all my family members will come over to celebrate. We eat a Christmas dinner!


  • AnnWe can count how many ays until Jesus is born 
  • Deakyn – God chose Noah because he helped
  • Akemjot – God chose Noah because Noah listens to him
  • Libby – God made the world and the creation so everything in it is God’s creation
  • Mia – Noah did it to save them!


  • Nathaniel – In investigations I painted my decoration.  I used creativity learning power.
  • Ruby – I used creativity because I made a little animal and home for it
  • Lucas – In investigations I made the house with Alex, Kurt, Raf and Noah.
  • Kristina – In investigations I was painting my Christmas decoration. I used creativity
  • Sonnie – I made a house with Alex, Noah, Raf and Kurt. I used creativity
  • Bella – In investigations I made a Christmas dog with Ann, Jasmin and Chelsea and it had candy cane ears and a Santa hat!
  • Kurt – In investigations me and my friends were making a big house with bedrooms and a toilet I used team work.


After lunch the early tears met in the Hall to share their Carol performances with one another 🙂

Shared Lunch Thursday December 13!

Hi Families,

As we approach the end of our school year together, we would like to celebrate all of the learning, growth and friendships that have taken place in 2IB and 2TD.

  • 2IB and 2TD shared lunch
  • Thursday 13thDecember 2018(last day of school)
  • In our classroom at 12 noon

We warmly invite parents and caregivers to join us for lunch on this day.

We ask that boys bring a small plate of savoury foodand girls bring a small plate of sweet food. Please note that we are unable to heat any food. If you would like to bring warm food to the lunch, you will need to drop it off to the classroom already heated at 12noon.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a wonderful and blessed Christmas and a happy new year. Thank you for all of your support this year. We have enjoyed this year so much and we feel very honoured to have shared in your child’s life in 2018.

FRIYAY December 7 – Week 8 Term 4

Hi Bloggers!

Welcome to the last Friday for 2018! Next week we finish school on Thursday and Friday is a Pupil Free Day! We have celebrated so many special things on a Friday this year like; Book Week, Mothers Day, Saint Patrick’s Day, Catholic Ed Day, Sports Day, Outdoor Education Day, Mission Day, Shared Lunches!
Thank you for your constant support.


Nhu shared her news about her baby brother being born on Tuesday…his name is Jaiden! very cute.

Jake shared some pictures about making some paper chains he is making in preparation for Christmas. It showed a video about how to make them and how long the chain got. Very creative Jake, lots of determination and hard work!


We read some of the scripture in the Bible – ‘the birth of Jesus Christ’ (Luke 2.1-7).

We also looked at a youtube clip and compared similarities and differences between the two stories.

Children then reflected on the Christmas story in their own way.

  • Jed, Sonnie and Dion used the blocks to re-create the nativity sceen
  • Jake drew and wrote about the Christmas story
  • Rhoda made a fantastic 3D picture of Jesus in the manger
  • Rehat, Keren, Kiziah and Mary acted out the Christmas story
  • Cierra and Nevada made an imovie about it.


We went over to the hall for our final big practice on the stage with the music teachers – getting excited now!!



The children had time to continue their investigations.


A time to be calm, cool off, relax and focus on our breathing. We were all feeling pretty hot and bothered today, so this was perfect 🙂


we look forward to seeing you all tonight at the Christmas Carols.

Sausage sizzle starts from 5.45pm

entertainment begins at 6.30pm

Meet teachers at 7pm outside the OSHC room (near the tinsel) parents to collect children straight after we are on stage.

Christmas raffle draw and Father Christmas visit 7.15pm

8.00pm the evening concludes.

See you there 🙂

Thursday December 6 – Week 8 Term 4

Hi all, welcome to Thursday December 6! We hope you are keeping cool!


We started our day with some time fitness morning! It is going to be super hot so we thought this morning was our best short at getting some safe vitamin D and moving our bodies!


  • Jaiden – Water
  • Nevada – Water especially on a day like today
  • Sonnie – Vegetables and fruit
  • Lucas – Trees give oxygen to breathe
  • Daniel – Healthy food to survive
  • Ash – Air!
  • Deakyn – Lolly
  • Raf – Candy
  • Jas – Robux
  • Aidan – BeyBlade Stadium
  • Cierra – A toy


Today for prayer we watched a video with the pictures from our excursion. The theme of our prayer was Gratitude.

Jesus Cleanses Ten Lepers
And as he entered a village, he was met by ten lepers, who stood at a distance and lifted up their voices, saying, “Jesus, Master, have mercy on us.” When he saw them he said to them, “Go and show yourselves to the priests.” And as they went they were cleansed. Then one of them, when he saw that he was healed, turned back, praising God with a loud voice; and he fell on his face at Jesus’ feet, giving him thanks. Now he was a Samaritan. Then Jesus answered, “Were not ten cleansed? Where are the nine? Was no one found to return and give praise to God except this foreigner?” And he said to him, “Rise and go your way; your faith has made you well.” Luke 17:12-19 ESV

  • Mary – I am grateful for the school so we can learn. Amen.
  • Jas – I am grateful that I can sleep on the bus when people were talking.
  • Ruby – Dear God, thank you for the sea. Amen.
  • Mia – I am grateful for when we went to the beach and had fun and going n an excursion together. Amen.
  • Ash – I am grateful for the beach so we can have fun and play with families. Amen.
  • Libby – I am grateful for the beach with water and if we didn’t have water we wouldn’t survive. Amen.
  • Nhu – Dear God, thank yo0u for the school because some schools don’t have excursions. Amen.
  • TCross – Dear God, thank you for our wonderful teachers for planning our excursion so we can ave lots of fun. Amen.
  • Neisha – Dear God, thank you for our teachers so we can get smart. Amen.


  • Aidan –  I was making a house out of paper with Kurt, Alex and Jaiden
  • Chelsea – I had an idea of making presents with Magot
  • Neisha – With Ruby I made a shop. It was  Target and Kmart
  • Nate – I done sphere’s and after when I done that I did a shop with my cousin Shyla
  • Mia – Me and Mary done a science shop and it was about Advent. We made all the Advent Christmas colours and all the sun and Jupiter planets
  • Raf – I did Pokemon cards and battled Noah and Dion and Ashvarn
  • Alex – I made a house with Aiden

SANTA SLEIGH 2.0!!!!!!!

Look what we found! Santa flying in the air in New York City! 

Provocation:  Design/draw a sleigh that you think would work better/quicker than the one Santa has now!

  • Raf’s sleigh had jet boosters and was led by Charizard
  • Jed’s sleigh has one billion jet packs
  • Maddox’s sleigh has Santa and he gives presents
  • Nevada’s sleigh has unicorns on it!
  • Ebony is adding Cheetah’s!!
  • Eva is putting the Powepuff girls on board!
  • Bella is making a rocket ship that shoots the presents out!
  • “The cat follows the birds and makes it go quicker at the front” – Neisha
  • “Mine has boosters on the side and it will have all different things to make it go quick” – Nate
  • Libby’s sleigh has unicorns leading it! “Unicorns can just teleport if they are just fat away to each country”
  • Noah’s slay was run by a dragon!

Thank you for a great day! See you tomorrow for Carols Practice and Carols in the evening! 

Wednesday December 5th – Week 8 term 4

Welcome to Wednesday!



Recount of our excursion.

What happened?

  • Akemjot: we first went to the aged care home, then we walked to the beach.
  • Dion: At the aged care home we made biscuits that we decorated and sang Christmas Carols
  • Mary: We sung our carols
  • Rhoda: Rehat and I made cookies and paper fans
  • Deakyn: Me and Daniel and Raf and Justin we made a hole at the beach and when we dug deeper water came into the hole
  • Alex: I liked collecting sea shells and we saw jelly fish
  • Keren: We built a sandcastle and put shells on it.


  • Samurai – We did handball and dribbling and used the net things
  • Kim – I did handball


  • Eva – Dear God thank you fro my friends and family because they are always by my side. Amen.
  • Cierra – Dear God, thank you for the old people and the happy moments we had with. Amen.
  • Holly – DeaR God thank you for our excursion and our friends who we had fun with. Amen.
  • Ash – Thank you for the Aged Care so we can meet all the people. Amen.
  • Mia – Me, Mary, Keren and Kiziah played at the beach. Amen.
  • Lucas – Dear God, thank you for water so we can stay hydrated. Amen.
  • Ann – Dear God, thank you for the beach so people can have fun. Amen.
  • TCross – Der God, thank you for the people who work at the Aged Care who look after all the people if they are very sick they can look after him. Amen.
  • Chelsea – Dear God, thank you for excursions so we can go places outside school. Amen.


  • Nathaniel – ‘These are my Poppy’s buses and buggies. I got them from my Poppy which passed away.The bus is a van. These are breakable and one broke off the van. They can’t open the doors or the wheels can move but they aren’t for playing with. I play with them and my mum says I can play with them if I am careful.”


Using your knowledge of tallying and graphing, choose your own Christmas topic and survey the class! Graph your results.

We practiced first as a class…

  • Aidan and Raf asked what peoples favourite Christmas foods are
  • Cierra and Dion surveyed students about favourite foods including, turkey and cherries
  • Rehat and TCross brainstormed some favourite carols before asking the class their favourite
  • Neisha asked about favourite wrapping papers!
  • Mai-Anh surveyed about Favourite Christmas Characters



WRITERS WORKSHOP – Advent Activity – Write a thank you note to someone you love.

  • Ruby – A Christmas countown
  • Dion – Number of days until Christmas
  • Mia – The birth of Jesus

CAROLS PRACTICE to end our day! Carols are this Friday night. BBQ will be cooking from 5:45pm but we don’t need to meet until 7:00pm in the hall 🙂

We hope you all had a fantastic day! See you tomorrow 🙂 

Tuesday December 4 – EXCURSION!

Today we visited Uniting Care Aged Care Facility and Grange Beach. Together we sung our Christmas Carols, made biscuits and even showcased our amazing origami skills to the residents. It such a beautiful, heart-warming morning where our Character Strengths shone. At the beach we had the opportunity to engage in all different activities including; sandcastle building, cricket, footy, shell hunting, sketching and even a small beach comb.


  • Kurt – My speck of gold was making a paper plane with paper and a chatter box.
  • Ashvarn – My speck of gold was giving some things to the girl and Akemjot. We made a lot of things like planets, Sukhman and me made a plane for her and Akemjot made a plane and a chatter box.
  • Nhu – My speck of gold was showing the older ladies how to make things and think back to their childhood.
  • Jaiden – We made a paper plane a cookie
  • Sukhman – My speck of gold was playing cricket and Akemjot and Jed at the beach
  • Jed – My speck of gold was playing cricket
  • Kim – My speck of gold was making a fish and a Christmas tree and giving it out
  • TCross – My speck of gold was being with my friends and sharing my creations with the older people and finding creatures in the sea
  • Jasmine – My favourite part was when I found a funny creature and fell asleep on the bus
  • Daniel – My speck of gold was when we built a big hole
  • Dion – I loved kicking the football
  • Deakyn – I liked when we found water and kept on digging
  • Maddox – Me and Andy helped dig the water out

What Character Strengths did you use today?

  • Ash – Mine was kindness because I give her a lot of things
  • Mia – Mine was sense making because me and Mary were getting sand and making like a mermaid tail
  • Sonnie – Mine was love. Because I was giving a lot of people airplanes and things and chatterboxes
  • Neisha – I think leadership because when I was doing the sand castles with Chelsea
  • Akemjot – Creativity and kindness because I created something and gave it to someone else
  • Rehat – Mine was kindness because I made a biscuit for all the ladies with Rhoda
  • Nate – Mine was creativity because I was making people airplanes and stuff
  • Aidan – Mine is zest because I was excited to do the Rudolph cookies!
  • TCross and Nhu – Teamwork because we found the pipi’s or cockles



Monday 3rd December 2018 – Week 8 Term 4

Welcome to Week 8!

Only 23 sleeps until Christmas!


We explored the structure of a Christmas card including the front cover and the structure of the text inside the card. We brainstormed some ideas for our cards and then wrote a draft and good copy of our cards. Children chose someone special in their life to write to.


For the next two weeks of school we are going to be reading from the book – Jesse Tree. On the weekend we began Advent in the Church.

  • Aidan – They lit a purple candle

Today we read the first part of the story to find out what the Jesse Tree actually is.

What is a Jesse Tree?

  • Ann – It is kind of like a family tree
  • Neisha – It tells us about Jesus
  • Rehat – It started a long time ago

Each day a different symbol is put onto the tree to symbolise different things that happened on the lead up until Jesus’ birth. During investigations some students helped create our own class Jesse Tree.


This afternoon we popped on some Christmas Carols and created our very own special salt-dough decorations. We chose our own designs and used different tools to form them. On Wednesday we get to bake and paint them!

Don’t forget! Tomorrow is our excursion  to Grange Beach and Westminster Aged Care Facility. We are getting picked up from school at 9:30am and will return approximately 2:00pm. In a small carry bag please remember to bring recess, fruit, lunch and water.  With a sunny forecast of 26 degrees, you MUST have a hat and drink bottle!  Get a big rest tonight, tomorrow looks to be an amazing fun filled day!

Excursion Tomorrow!

Hi bloggers!

Tomorrow is our excursion to Grange Beach and Westminster Aged Care Facility. We are getting picked up from school at 9:30am and will return at 2:00pm.

Please remember to bring recess, fruit and lunch.  With a sunny forecast of 26 degrees, you MUST have a hat and drink bottle!  Get a big rest tonight, tomorrow looks to be an amazing fun filled day!

Friday November 30 – Week 7 Term 4

Hi Bloggers!
Welcome to Friday November 30. This is our second to last Friday for the Term!

Next Tuesday is our excursion to the Aged Care Facility and Grange Beach. Thank you to those who have returned their permission forms and to those ever so helpful parents who have volunteered to help us. Please return the form Monday if you haven’t! 🙂


  • Daniel – My favourite part was when Noah’s brother jumped out the box
  • Andy – I liked the assembly the Christmas part
  • Nathaniel – I liked the Santa song
  • Jake – In the assembly I liked when we did the songs like the Santa guess
  • Kristina – My favourite bit was when they were dancing
  • Aidan – My favourite part was the dances with the reindeers
  • Mai-Anh – My favourite part of assembly was the song


We sang the song ‘Silent Night’.

What is the song ‘Silent Night’ about?

Jake: The song is about Jesus being born and God being our creator.

Mia: It was about his birth when he born.

Rehat: It was about when he was born and it was a Holy night.

Why was the night Jesus born Holy?

Mia: It means kind of like a family.

We looked up the definition of ‘holy’.

Nhu: Something special

Rehat: it’s like peace.

Tcross: A peace that God is always in our heart.

Special prayers:

Mia: Dear God, thank you for my family and brother. Amen.

Kiziah: Thank you for my family and friends.

Holly: Dear God, thank you for Christmas so we can celebrate Christmas with our family and celebrate when Jesus was born and we can have a fun day. Amen.

Mary: Dear God, thank you for my dad and mum because they take care of me. Amen.

Akemjot: Dear God, thank you for my baby brother because we both have fun together.

Tcross: Dear God, thank you for Christmas as it’s a miracle time that we spend with our family and friends as we celebrate the birth of Jesus and it is a time to receive and give. Amen.

Ruby: Dear God, thank you for my family. Amen.


  • Lucas – I liked when the crushed the red
  • Raf – My favourite was when the hippo crushed the tree
  • Ash – When he made the tree better
  • Kristina – I loved the book because he was making a Christmas tree with donuts and carrots

What are some ways that you get ready for Christmas in your family?

Holly: I make Christmas cookies and Christmas cupcakes and I put up my tree and decorate my house sometimes.

Cierra: We decorate our Christmas tree and my dad puts Christmas carols on.

Nevada: On Christmas we have breakfast and dinner with my family and sometimes on Christmas Eve we have dinner and if we are up late enough we see Santa’s sleigh.

Kiziah: We sing Christmas carols.

Jake: My mum puts on the Christmas lights on the Christmas tree and we put up stockings.

Ruby: I get an Advent calendar and I make a gingerbread house with my family.

Nhu: Last year my dad put some streamers and we made it into a star shape and we put candy canes on the tree and we have a feast with my family friends.

Mary: Before we open our presents my mum plays the piano and the rest of my family sing the Christmas song and then we open the presents after.

Mia: On Christmas we go to my Grandma’s house and have lunch together and we open presents together.

Rhoda: I celebrate Christmas with my family and have lunch with them.

Today was our last library borrowing session for the year! If you have any books at home please bring them to be returned next week 🙂


Today, we each designed our own symbol, something that represented who we are, to paint on the school ‘river’ pathway. A group of us then painted our symbols. We will continue to do this over the next week. You will find our symbols on the river, near the gate, at the entrance of our wonderful school!