Monday October 22 – Week 2 Term 4

Hi Bloggers!
Welcome to Week 2 Term 4!

We hope you had a lovely weekend. We saw many of you yesterday with big smiles at the Spring Fair. What a fantastic day!


What do we need to include in a sentence?

  • Needs to be a full sentence with full complete ideas
  • Full stop
  • Capital Letters

Together we corrected a reallllly long sentence that was so tricky to read because we couldn’t have a breath! We decided that we needed a full stop every time we needed to take a breath.


What is it?

  • Holly –  If someone loves to learn
  • Alex.- Love of playing games
  • Jasmine – Somebody loves learning
  • Ash – You love learning and when you are grown up you might want to be scientist
  • Ann – To listen you can learn and concentrate

We watched a clip from the movie Matilda which showcased her Love of Learning.

What do you want to learn about this Term?


Thank you Ann and Holly for sharing a special prayer about pets.

  • Jasmine – Dear God, thank you for my pets
  • Mary – Dear God, thank you for my uncles puppy what he’s getting really
  • Alex – I have a dog called Chewy and he’s really cute and fun to play with
  • Aidan – Thank you for my pets and I feel and that some passed away – Tammy and Goldy.
  • Kristina – Dear God, thank you for my pet rabbit because he is cute and I always feed him. Amen.
  • Nate – Thank you for my birds then I can play with him and my two birds ran our of its cage. Amen.
  • Ash – I am sorry for when my dads dog died in India. Amen.
  • Joseph – Dear God, thank you for my pet turtle because I like to play with him.
  • Cierra – Dear God, thank you for my puppy Milly and she is always there for me when I am sad. Amen.
  • Nevada – Dear God, thank you for my pet dog because she is fun to play with.
  • Ruby – Dear God, thank you for my dog it is very playful and cheers me up when I am sad. Amen.


In today’s investigations we continued on with our theme of Place. Lots of us are working on re-creating our favourite places! We also discussed Spring Fair and used this as inspiration for learning!


Our mindfulness session today was a ‘Peace Out’ meditation. We were guided by the meditation teacher to our happy place.

Mary: My happy place was a hotel and I got my room and I saw the balcony and I could see everywhere around the hotel.

Jasmine: My happy place was EB Games.

Ann: My happy place was Candyland.

Akemjot: My happy place was school.

Llana: My happy place was a park and when I looked up in the air I saw a red balloon.

Holly: My happy place was Plaster Fun House.

Nhu: My happy place is the beach because you can smell the sea water and the noises of the sea.

Ebony: My happy place is going to Eva’s house.

Rehat: My happy was a Caribbean Cruise.

Kristina: My happy place was school.

Ashvarn: My happy place is my backyard so I can play.

Tcross: My place was also school and I got to see all my friends and teachers and it made me feel really happy and when I opened my eyes I felt really positive and calm.

Sampann: My happy place is the playground so I can have fun.

Ruby: My happy place is my home.

Aiden N: My happy place is ‘Tonnes of Fun’.


During our ‘love of learning’ reflection, many children wrote that they would like to learn more about times tables. This afternoon we investigated multiplication further through skip counting by 2’s, 5’s and 10’s and the language of ‘groups of’. For example, 2 groups of 2 is 4 altogether. We explored these concepts through ‘study ladder’ investigations on our laptops. We also looked at the symbols we use in mathematics when multiplying i.e. x and =.


Holly: My speck of gold was learning more about animals in investigations.


Thursday 18th October – Week 1 Term 4

Good morning!!

Whats happening today?



Whats a recount?

What did you do in the holidays?

How might you start your recount today?

What are some things to remember in our writing?

Children then recorded a recount about their holidays.


Once the recount was completed students could then read with a teacher, their friend or continue with their writers workshop books.

Teachers spent some 1:1 time with students reading their readers and conferencing individual goals.


Today we read the story ‘The Gum Family.’ 

  • Kristina – They looked for somewhere to stay and made changes to their tree
  • Sampann – They wanted somewhere safe
  • Jed – They had to have food to survive


Sukhman and Jake read a prayer about thank God for the marvolous world that we live in…creation.

Our reflections on this prayer:

  • Holly: Dear God, Thank you for the plants and se animals. Amen
  • Rehat: I like that God created glasses. Amen
  • Kiziah: Dear God thank you for the trees so we can breath Amen


What Character Strengths can we see in our friends? 

  • Joseph – Bella’s top strength is kindness because she is nice
  • Bella – Joseph’s top strength is bravery because sometimes he is not scared
  • Magot – Natalie’s top strength is kindness because she is kind to her friends
  • Natalie – Nathaniel’s top strength is kindness because he is kind to me
  • Nate – I like Neisha because she is funny
  • Neisha – Nate because he is funny
  • Ashvarn – Jasmine’s top strength is creativity because she is creative with her friends
  • Jasmine – Maddox’s top strength is hope because he is hopeful
  • Maddox – Justin is kind
  • Noah – Jasmine’s top character strength is humour because she makes people laugh
  • Llana – Ashvarn’s top strength is teamwork because he works with his friends
  • Raf – Libby makes me laugh!
  • Libby – I think Magot because he is kind when I need to go to the toilet he always says yes!
  • Lucas – Ann because she is kind to he friends
  • Ann – Noah because he is kind to people
  • Daniel – Jasmine is kind to me
  • Kristina – I think Jaiden because he makes me laugh
  • Jed – Miss B’s top strength is hope because she hopes everything will end up good
  • Kim – Joseph is kind
  • Kurt – Holly’s top strength would be love of learning
  • Jake – Joseph’s top character strength is humour because he makes me laugh all the time


Warm Up Game

  • Whole Class Activity – Last One Standing – Students choose their own number and need to try and be the last one standing. Students need to dodge each value the teacher calls out!

Continued on from this week….place value activities.


We continued on with our inquiry around Gods creation. Alot of the children were showing previous interests and links to the fish farm, animals and the ocean.


Sampan: my speck of gold was playing with friends

Holly: My speck of gold was learning more about maths

Libby: My speck of Gold was making posters

Tomorrow is a pupil free day in preparation for Spring Fair. We really hope to see you all at Spring Fair on Sunday!!

Have a great night everyone 🙂

Wednesday 17th October – Term 4 week 1

Goodmorning everyone!!

What is happening today?



Jake: My goal is to work better with my friends and be kind.

Rehat: My goal is to listen and make good choices

Eva: My goal is to get better at drawing.

Holly: My goal is to get better at making, like houses with boxes.

Sonnie: My goal is to trying to get better at drawing pictures.

Nevada: My goal is to get better at reading so i can move onto novels.


Led my Nhu and Tcross – a prayer about Holidays.

  • Ann: Dear God thank you for our friends Amen
  • Holly: Dear God thank you for the holidays so i could spend time with my family. Amen
  • Sampan: Dear God thank you for holidays so we can go to new places Amen
  • Rehat: Dear God thank you for planes so we can fly to different places all over the world and do not have to stay in one place Amen
  • Jake: Dear God Thank you for the holidays so we can have time off with our families. Amen


Students were inspired by the below quote for their investigations today….

Tcross and Nhu: “we were making a beetroot information area. we have a facts books about beetroot, the healthy things about them, how to eat it and stuff like that. We have moved the natural and beetroot things over here near the sun, the sun will help it grow”

Sampan and Justin: “we went over to the fish farm, God created all the fishes. We got some more information about fish…like the catfish. We are making a kaahoot about fish. she we need to find out facts about fish”

Akemjot and Sukhman: “we are researching about dinosaurs on the internet. Dinosaurs have sharp teeth and like to eat meat. some of the dinosaurs eat plants”

Keren and Kiziah: painted beautiful illustrations of the beach.

Llana and Kristina: “we are making an aquarium, i think God made all the fishes and we look after the fishes. In our aquarium we are painting it first with blue for the water, then we will add the fish and jellyfish…some food aswell”

Lucas and Joesph: “We are making a beach…the beach is were the fish live. I like to visit the beach, sometimes when its hot you can go swimming there”

The boys used boxed construction, paper and pencils to create their beach.

Mai-Anh:I am drawing earth..i like that on earth it is so big you could go somewhere new everyday”

Sonnie and Alex: they were working together to make an aquarium using craft materials and boxed construction to do so.

Jed, Magot and Raf: “We are making things for the aquarium too. This is the moss and coral, I made a shark, a jellyfish”

Magot:i made scuba divers, they go into the water, they sometimes go into the water to look after the animals and give them food and see if they are ok”

Eva and Holly: “we are making a squishy shop…like squish animals you can buy”

Nevada and Cierra: “we decided to do a pet shop…we love pets and pets are from God. We have a bunny and a dog for someone to buy and look after”

Ruby and Neisha: “We are making a museum about God..all the things that God made like trees, grass, plants, animals and even people. There is music in the background to make it nice” The girls used a range of materials such as crafts and blocks to create their exciting museum.

Nate and Jake: using paints and water to create ‘the ocean’

Kurt, Sukhamn, Akemjot, Ashvarn: played the Kahoot game about fish that Sampan made.


  • Kim and Mai-Anh – “Me and Kim made an earth together. We like to go to different places. My favourite place is Hong Kong.”
  • Jed, Magot and Raf – “In investigations we made an aquarium using paper straws, cellophane and blocks. Inside there is some straws, and a sting ray.” “We have a shark in there.” “We always have a rainbow fish.”


We read our shared reading text – You and me: our place.

Students then continued on with their writers workshop books, teachers conferencing small groups.



Dont forget casual day tomorrow 🙂

Tuesday October 16 – Week 1 Term 4

Hi Bloggers!

We hope you are keeping warm and dry on this rainy Tuesday. 

  • Just a reminder that this Thursday is a Casual Day. Students are asked to please bring in a plant or potting mix for the Plant Stall at Spring Fair.


Together we said the Lord’s prayers and then shared our own special prayers.

Ann: Dear God. thank you for my friends. Amen.

Holly: Thank you God for my friends who make me happy and can cheer me up and make me laugh. Amen.

Mary: Dear God, thank you for my friends and family. Amen.

Llana: Dear God, thank you for my family, friends and this school. Amen.

Daniel: Dear God, thank you for making the world and my family. Amen.

Joseph: Dear God, thank for my mum and dad. Amen.

Keren: Dear God, thank you for my family and friends who can keep me company. Amen.

Kiziah: Dear God, thank you for my friends that can play with me. Amen.

Ashvarn: Dear God, thank you for my brother because if I did not have a brother I couldn’t play with no-one. Amen.


Alex: Good morning everyone. This is my trophy from Taekwondo and I got it in 2015 for championships. I had to do fighting, defending myself.


Our shared reading text this week is ‘You and Me: Our Place’ my Leonie Norrington and Dee Huxley.

What was the story about? What were they describing?

Jake: How it feels in the sand and Uncle Tobias started telling them stories about the old days.

Joseph: They were fishing and when it started to rain they went under the bridge and when it was too hot they went in the shade.

What was the setting in this story?

Cierra: At the beach.

The beach is a place, what is another place you know?

Lucas: Woolworths

Sampann: Coles

Mary: a hotel

Kurt: the city

Holly: the playground

Nathaniel: Downtown

Nhu: Harbortown

Jaiden: Pacific Rim

Aidan: Zing

Aiden: Bubble Tea

Natalie: school

Noah: St Kilda

Aidan: Parafield Gardens

Sonnie: Cha Time

Using our 100 languages we explored the question:

What is a place?

Monday October 15 – Week 1 Term 4

HI BLOGGERS! – Welcome to Term 4! 

We hope you all had a very relaxing, productive but most of all, HAPPY holiday break!


First thing this morning we introduced our new Character Strength for the week…. HUMOUR!

  • Sampann – Humour can be silly
  • Libby – Humour makes you laugh

What is something or someone that makes you laugh/smile?

  • Jasmine – When Holly gave me a cat book with glasses
  • Akemjot – Sampann gives us funny jokes and Ashvarn as well
  • Nate – My brother makes me laugh because he makes a funny face
  • Ann – When Bella makes funny faces
  • Jake – Try not to laugh memes
  • Ashvarn – When I go in a movie and its PG it makes me laugh a little bit because they do funny things like in Johnny English
  • Alex – John Cena makes me laugh because there is a meme about it
  • Mary – My sister Madeline makes me laugh because she makes funny noises!
  • Holly – When Jasmine makes funny faces


Over the year we have used Monday and Thursday mornings as a time for students to read independently and collaboratively. This term we are introducing the option for writing in this time. Students are invited to work on their writer’s workshop or other free forms of writing like for example a holiday recount today!


  • Sonnie -Walking to McDonalds with my sister and going to the beach
  • Keren – My speck of gold was going to my cousins house. We looked at her fish
  • Raf – My speck of gold was going to my family friends party at their house
  • Akemjot – My speck of gold was going to my best friends party. It was at a restaurant pretty far from my home. We went there and came back home. We had cake and candy.
  • Llana – My speck of gold was moving to my new house
  • Aidan – My speck of gold was watching Teen Titans at Hoyts!
  • Joseph – My speck of gold was going on a holiday with my family. I didn’t go out of Australia I stayed in Australia. I went fishing and I hold a big lizard.


We listened to the song ‘I am a Bucket Filler’ and responded with our own prayers about bucket filling.

Keren: Dear God, thank you for making me a bucket filler. Amen.

Holly: Dear God, thank you for Natalie because when I was on my own she helped me. Amen.

Kristina: Dear God, thank you for my friend Llana to support me when I am sad. Amen.

Llana: Dear God, thank you for making me a bucket filler so I can always make Kristina happy. Amen.

Jake: Dear God, thank you for making my family because they fill my bucket every single day. Amen.

Tcross: Dear God, thank you for my teachers, friends and family for filling my bucket each and every day. Amen.


Ashvarn: This is a book I made in the holidays and it is about dinosaurs. It is called Ash’s Jurassic Book. It is about dinosaurs and how they save themselves from dangerous enemies. These are all the dinosaurs that I discovered. These are flying one, these are land one and this is a water one. It is a facts book. I describe the things. I love dinosaurs. It’s 20 pages. I did it all of the holidays. I also put an index at the end of the book so then you can see where all the things is. Like leaves is on page 5 and 6.

“Dinosaurs tooth is very sharp. It can rip anything like a lion has sharp teeth but a dinosaur tooth is very sharp more than a lion”.

Nathaniel: Yesterday I got a trophy and I won this for doing all of the stuff. This is the one I got. It’s from rugby and people can play rugby if they are good at it and or they can train and they can play the actual rugby.


Firstly, we visited the fish farm and MUDLA. We were very excited to see all of the different animals and their environments. Some of us fed the trout too!

Some of us were inspired by what we saw at the fish farm and used this curiosity in our own investigations.


Our numeracy focus for this week is number and place value. Number is at the heart of all numeracy thinking so we thought we would refresh this through various investigations.

  • Number Match – 1:1 correspodnee with pictures
  • Snap with cards
  • Tower building using dice
  • Cover up 3 using dice
  • Number Lines


  • Holly – My speck of gold was when Natalie made me laugh
  • Mary – Me, Kiziah and Keren were making the barbies and stuffing them it made me happy
  • Llana – My humour speck of gold was when Kristina made me laugh at recess
  • Akemjot – My speck of gold was watching Mr Bean
  • Ann – Bella made me happy at lunch time and she made me laugh
  • Joseph – My speck of gold was in investigations when I was on the red table with the monster matching the numbers


Welcome to the last day of term 3!! we hope you all have a fantastic last day 🙂


“Dance off” themed assembly lots of fun!! we loved being the audience.

Well done to Rehat and Sampan on your awards for spelling and literacy – awesome work!


GoNoodle in the hall with JP team!!


The best thing this term was…


  • Nathaniel – A kid and his dinosaur
  • Libby – I think its about 3 kids and 1 dinosaur and they’re having a picnic and going places
  • Neisha – I think it is about having a pet dino and they are taking it for a walk
  • Jasmine – I think it is about kids and a dinosaur and they are going to the library to find out more about dinosaurs
  • Sampann – It could be storybook or it could be an information book about dinosaurs
  • Jed – The kids might be taking the dinosaur to the museum


Games and learning our maths concepts!! Games we had out were

  • making 3D shapes
  • shopping trolley board game
  • pocket money
  • luck numbers
  • dice wars
  • tessellation blocks
  • patterning
  • clocks
  • maths books


We cleaned up the school and our classroom ready for school holidays.


  • Holly – I will have a birthday party
  • Joseph – I will go to the zoo
  • Dion – I am going to Bali
  • Rhoda – I will see Rehat in the holidays
  • Magot – I am going to the shops
  • Llana – I am gong to move house
  • Aidan – I will have a birthday party on October 30!
  • Ash – In October it is my brothers birthday
  • Deakyn – I am going to Sydney

wishing everyone a safe and very enjoyable holidays, see you in term 4!!

Thursday 27th September – Week 10 term 3

Goodmorning and welcome to Thursday 🙂


Father Sam came to visit and put a special blessing on our pets. Some of us brought in our pets.

ST FRANCIS – Prayer for animals

  • Nevada – We need to look after out pets
  • Nhu – We have to try not to be angry with our pets

Create a special prayer for animals.

  • Joseph – Dear God, thank you for my pet budgie because I really love him. Amen.
  • Libby – Thank you God for pets because if we didn’t have pets we wouldn’t have anyone to play with. Pets are nice to play with sometimes when they aren’t mad but are happy!
  • Mary – Dear God thank you for the pets so we aren’t alone ever
  • Jasmine – Dear God, thank you for the pets so we can play with them so we can hear and see them. Amen.
  • Jake – Dear God, thank you for making pugs because they look really cute. Amen.
  • Holly – Dear God, thank you for our pets so we won’t be alone. Amen.
  • TCross – We need to make sure the animals feel loved and taken care of. Amen.

Reflection/revision of this term!




Out on the oval/log park.

children were playing footy, cricket and soccer.

Also had children having running races and building creations at log park!!




We continued with ‘made in the image of God’ program.

Hope you all had a great day – see you tomorrow!!