Tuesday 30th January 2018 – Week 1 Term 1

Welcome to the very first day of year two! We are very excited to be welcome you to the 2IB, 2DT learning community. We are so eager to begin exploring new and exciting learning with your children!

This morning the students did a wonderful job of finding their assigned locker and putting their welcome pebble into the basket. Miss Tropeano and Miss Battifuoco were so pleased to see so many smiling, happy faces! We quickly welcomed one another before it was time for Spanish and Music.

When we returned we spent some time sharing some holiday specks of gold;

  • Alex: I kept on playing ‘Phantom Horses’ on Roblox
  • Mary: I went to my aunty’s pool
  • Cierra: I went with my grandma and Pa for a holiday
  • Aidan: I watched Coco and kept playing with my brothers on his PS3
  • Nhu: My little brother’s friend take us to the movies. We watched Jumanji.
  • Aiden: I went to Inflatable World
  • Ebony: I went to the beach. I like to make sand castles.
  • Kiziah: I like going in the swimming pool.
  • Mia: On the holiday I went with my family on a holiday to Victor Harbor with all my country friends
  • Ruby: I went camping.
  • Sampann: I went to the trains and had a chocolate donut

We aim for the children to have a strong sense of belonging within our classroom community and because of this many of our lessons for the next fortnight will be centred around this. We will spend time revisiting and delving deeper into various familiar concepts including Bucket Filling, Specks of Gold, Gratitude, Prayer, Growth Mindsets, Character Strengths and CLARA Learning Powers.

Together we discussed positive choices and what this might look like in our learning community.

  • Mia: Helping people
  • Mary: Being kind
  • Joseph: Making a positive choice is listening to the teacher

We agreed that we need to be in charge of making our own positive choices but teachers will always be here to support us and guide us. The book ‘Will you fill my bucket?’ helped us think about how our positive choices can make other people feel great!

After recess we share our first Class Prayer. We spoke about the different symbols that we might include. For the next couple of weeks the teachers model different ways to run prayer before we let the students take ownership of the prayer sessions! Building upon our conversation from before recess about bucket filling and making people happy, each of us recorded something we are grateful for! Some of us chose to share these aloud whilst others just popped them straight into our gratitude jar.

Our Positive Choices conversation flowed into sharing about Class Shared Expectations and how we will be bucket fillers. We traced our hands and recorded 5 ways we will make these positive choices in the class. Thank you Magot for taking photos for us! Stay tuned to see our display 🙂

This afternoon our Investigations were based around getting to know each other interests and strengths. Teachers had time to talk to children about how they best investigate which will help us plan and negotiate  future provocations. We had all sorts of things happening – Mechanics, Boat Makers, Zoo Keepers, Magic Sand Makers, Artists and Incredible Patterns Makers!

We have sent home 5 notes with the children today which need to please be read and returned;

  • Making Learning Visible – Permission for student photos to be on the blog
  • Laptop Consent
  • Student Information
  • Parent Information Evening – Next Wednesday Feb 7
  • Welcome Letter

We had a lovely first day together and can’t wait to see you tomorrow! Enjoy the bubbles! 🙂

Welcome to our Class Blog!

Hello 2IB and 2DT Community!

We look forward to welcoming our students and their families for the start of the new academic year on Tuesday 30 January. 

A reminder that 2IB and 2DT are in Rooms 48 and 49 (first two classrooms in the courtyard).

  • Our PE Lessons with Miss Roberts are on Wednesdays. Students will need to please be in full sports uniform on this day.
  • Our Spanish lesson with Mrs Maria-Theresa Opazo and Music lesson with Mrs Crisp are on Tuesdays.
  • Our Library lessons are each Friday. We ask that students come to school ready with their library bags and books to return.

We are super excited to meet you all and begin our 2018 learning journey.

See you on Tuesday! 🙂

India Battifuoco, Sinead Diotallevi and Nicole Tropeano.