Wednesday 28th February 2018 – Week 5 Term 4

Hello Bloggers! 

Welcome to the last day of Summer and of February!

Sampann – Tomorrow will be March!
Libby – Today is the 28th of February


  • Jasmine – We done a relay
  • Lucas – We did the egg and spoon race
  • Kristina – We did target throwing
  • Jed – We did the relay


Dreamtime Story – The Rainbow Serpent

The Rainbow Serpent-1ptz7wi

Have you read a dreamtime story before?

  • Rehat – yes, how do the birds get their colours.
  • Ann – Something that was in the past
  • Sampann – This is a non-fiction book. It means it is real.

What happened in this story?

  • Mia – There was a rainbow snake that smashed all the houses.
  • Tcross – the snake was BIG and scary
  • Aidan. W – The snake was breaking everything, the people were scared
  • Deakyn – The snake destoryed everything
  • Daksh – The snake stayed under the ground, its still there now
  • Nevada – the snake headed to the West
  • Rehat – He went to the west lake
  • Akemjot – The old person know how to get rid of them!
  • Jasmine – When we get to see the river
  • Daniel – My favourite part was the rainbow snake
  • Bella – My favourite part was when the rainbow snake came out – it is so colourful
  • Jed – It was interesting when the houses got destroyed

Who were and are the Aboriginal People?

  • Libby – They were here first on land
  • Lucas – There are famous football players who are Aboriginal
  • Raf – Like Eddie Betts!


Our prayer was lead by Rehat today – she chose a prayer from our book about being honest.

In the name father, son and the holly spirit.

Joseph – you should not lie

Ann – thank you God for my family

Nevada – You should not lie, if you lie and then tell the truth they might not believe you.

We all shared a special prayer time, thank you Rehat for leading the prayer today.


Warm up : Number of the Day as a group! The number is… Alex : 500

Kurt: it is an even number

Rehat: in skip counting, count by 2s you know if its even

Jed: write it, five hundred

Dion: 5 in the hundreds, 0 in int tens and ones column (place value)

Ann: add on 10 is 510

Jed: take 10 away is 490

Sonnie: add 100 is 600

Daksh: 500 take away 100 is 400.

We were then all given a number of the day to work it out ourselves!!


  • Ann – I had to go on 3 planes to get to Vietnam. There was a motorbike and saw my friends and my uncle. I ate things like fish and candy and rice. Vietnam is different and Australia doesn’t have a fair every night. It is really hot in Vietnam. I went for 3 weeks.
  • Sampann – I am going to the Gold Coast for a week and even to Wet and Wild.
  • Jasmine – When I was on YouTube I discovered cha cha slide.


Today after lunch we had an extended mindfulness session. Students asked to listen to calm music and have the opportunity to draw how they are feeling.


When 2DT returned from Spanish we had our first Laptop Workshop. It is in this time that we will learn key lap top skills and shortcuts to support our learning. Today our focus was saving into the shared folder!

A job well done to all of us who showed a growth mindset to trying something new! 

Specks of Gold / When we used Collaboration:

  • Mary – I used collaboration when I worked on the laptops
  • Dion – When we played games
  • Joseph – Me and Bella used collaboration when we played Minecraft and we made a dragon portal and jumped into it
  • Ann – I used collaboration when Bella and me played Roblox. We met up together and played.

Come Read with ME tomorrow morning! All are welcome 🙂 

Tuesday 27th February 2018 – Week 5 Term 4

Hi all! 

We hope you enjoy this last day of heat before the rest of the week cools down and we enter Autumn!

Deakyn: Today is the 27 of February
Nevada: It is Tuesday
Natalie: It was cold this morning but will get hot later on!


Natalie: I enjoyed Spanish because we got to go on our laptops.

Jed: We had to do something about why it’s good to learn other languages.


Sampann: I enjoyed music, we did beats

Kiziah: I liked making beats

Ruby: We played instruments. I played egg shakers.

Cierra: I liked that we made beats and the we swapped the instruments so everyone could have a try at them.


In log park, 2TD used pieces of fabric and the natural materials to create their play. There were rafts, tents, cubby houses, beds, telescopes and many other imaginative things created. We loved it!

What learning power did you use during our log park play?

Rehat: Me and my friends used belonging by making a tent and we had lots of problems.

Ruby:  I used creativity by using the blankets and lying them on the log and making a tent.

Akemjot: I used my imagination. I got a log and imagined that it was a barrel. I used my creativity.

Holly: I used my creativity. I made a house with Tcross, Nhu and Aidan.

Nevada: I used my creativity because I made a tent with Ruby with material and blocks.


We read this book as the characters demonstrated the CLARA learning power of collaboration. Whilst Goat and Pig loved to do everything together, always; they also explored their own interests individually.


The Learning Power we investigated today was ‘Collaboration. Collaboration is learning with and from others and also being able to apply that learning when alone.

We viewed a clip from the movie ‘The Land Before Time’.

How did the characters show collaboration?

  • Joseph – The were building up a tall thing so a dinosaur could get some leaves down from the tall tree
  • Jasmine – They were playing when they were working together. They helped each other.
  • Mia – When they work together, it was a positive choice!
  • Sampann – They shared food

If you’ve got a strong collaboration power, you really understand when it is appropriate to work alone or whether you need help from others 🙂

We then created our own icon/image to explain our understanding of collaboration.


Who can remember the name of the special religious time we are currently in?

Jake: Lent.

Aidan: Jesus goes to the desert for 40 days.

Daksh: In Lent, we give something up for 40 days.

Cierra: Brushing my dog

Sampann: No toys for 40 days

Lucas: Give away my yummy food

Ann: No sugar for 40 days

Deakyn: No eating sweets

Joseph: I told my mum for Lent I would take my dog rabbit hunting.

Rhoda: Stop eating junk for 40 days.

Noah: I give up cookies.


Narrative stories contain a setting. 

What is a setting?

Daksh: It is where you make the story

Sonnie: Where is it happening

Reheat: When is the story happening

Joseph: It could be when the dinosaurs were around

Who is the setting for?

It is for our characters. The setting tells us where the character is.

When writing stories, we need to describe the setting using adjectives.

We then had a go at describing a picture of a tree with a swing near the ocean.

Jasmine: Round and juicy berries

Ann: Big tree

Cierra: Green

Lucas: smell the sea air

Joseph: waves crashing

We chose our own setting and described it!


We continued with our learning through Prodigy Maths independently and collaboratively whilst Miss Battifuoco and Mrs Tropeano listened to children read and helped them with their reading strategies.


Deakyn – Playing Handball with my friend David

Sukhman – Playing with friends is fun like Daniel and Justin


Monday 26th February 2018 – Week 5 Term 4

Hi Bloggers!

Noah: It is week 5!
Lucas: On Thursday it will be March.

Come Read with Me 


We had…. some football super starts, some budding gymnasts, some silly skippers and we even got to have a look in the Fish Farm to see what has been happening. We will visit the Fish Farm again on Friday since we are all so interested 🙂


Mini Maths – Number Patterns

Today we continued talking about patterns. Patterns with numbers was our focus! Our mini maths lesson looked at creating rules for different patterns. We looked at patterns containing 5’s.

Reheat: If we are at 32 and add 5 we will be on 37
Dion: If we are at 37 and add 5 we will be on 42!

2, 5, 8, 11, 14, 17, 20

Maths Investigations – Number Patterns

We then created our own number patterns using skip counting. Some of us used a 1-100 number chart to assist us with this. We created number patterns by counting in 2’s, 3’s, 5’s and 10’s.


Thank you to Neisha, Aiden, Aidan and Magot for setting up our prayer space today. Mrs Tropeano led us in a guided Christian meditation of gratitude.

Nouns and Adjectives

Sampan: A person or a thing.

A noun is a person, place or thing.

Can you name a thing?

Raphael: Like food, chicken

Akemjot: a tv

Jasmine: music

Alex: lego

Dion: paper

Kurt: laptops

Sonnie: Grass

Daniel: plant

Sukhmann: toys

Can you name a place?

Lucas: Australia

Kristina: New York City

Can you name a person?

Nate: Jed

Rehat: Rhoda

Noah: Jacob

Deakyn: Teachers

What is an Adjective?

An adjective describes a noun.

How could we describe a chicken?

Hot, cold, yummy, big, delicious, noisy,

Mr Coad then explained that we can use our senses to think of adjectives for nouns.

We then played a game: Is it a noun or adjective?

Akemjot: a soccer ball is a noun

Jake: soft is an adjective. A pillow is soft.

Jasmine: cold is an adjective. A blanket is cold.

Holly: Donut is a thing.

Nevada: Thick is a describing word.

Mia: Necklace is a noun.

Kiziah: Blue is an adjective

Dion: Old is an adjective. The old man.

Deakyn: Round is an adjective.

Keren: A tree is a thing.

We then wrote our own sentences. Our challenge was to include at least one noun and one adjective in our sentences.

Inquiry Investigations 

Our inquiry investigations give children the opportunity to develop understandings and concepts in the learning areas of history, geography and social sciences. Our inquiry this term is around growth and community.  Provocations included:

  • Where do you like to go in your community?
  • Where is your family from?
  • How has our school changed over time?
  • Self portraits using an art tutorial – how have you changed?
  • What different jobs exist in our community? What do you want to do when you grow up?
  • Exploring life cycles and how different animals grow and change.

Inquiry Investigations Reflection

Kristina: I played shops with Jasmine
Nevada: Me and Cierra made an iMovie about where we came from
Ann: Me and Bella were doing the lifecycle with our laptop – all about caterpillars
Rhoda: I made a nail shop.
Nhu: Me, Natalie and TCross and Ruby and Holly all played like hair dressers.
Sampann: In the book Jake and me saw the Indian Ocean.


Specks of Gold

Mary: Playing with Mia
Sukhman: Playing chase with my friends
Eva: Getting my nails painted
Natalie: My speck of gold was playing gymnastics with my friends
Aidan: My speck of gold was playing with my brother Aaron
Jaiden: My speck of gold is learning with the lap tops. We were searching for animals
Daksh: My speck of gold was playing with my friends at the oval
Raf: My speck of gold was playing with my friends at chasey
Sampann: My speck of gold was playing at Log Park

Friday 23rd of February Week 4 Term 1

Happy Friday everyone!! 🙂 🙂



Hows the weather today?

Kurt – the temp is high

Nhu – Its really hot

Nevada – its 34 today

Deakyn -I feel hot today


Thoughts about today’s assembly;

Daksh – I liked the dance at the start

Mia – I liked when it was funny and they went to the fish shop, they had no fish so they just got potatoes

Deakyn – I saw my cousin dancing

Mary – I liked it when they did fishing

Aidan – I liked the part with the dance

Akemjot – I liked the part where there was no gummies and the boy cried

Nevada – It was funny when they did fishing and caught the toilet seat

Rehat – It was funny when they caught undies.





Together we read the book ‘The Feather.’ 

We used our prediction skills to guess what the book might be about! We used the title and front cover for clues…

  • Llana: It might be about a grandma who lost a feather

After reading the sotyr we discussed why the feather changed colours;

  • Libby: Because there is no sunlight it might have died
  • Jasmine: With no sunlight it was sad an then when it was morning it was white again.
  • Kristina: They were stepping on it!
  • Neisha: It was sad that it didn’t want to go to the museum

We then borrowed our books for the week! It is super important we are reading at home each night!


Maddox chose our number of the day – 13!

Sampann: We know it is odd because you count by twos and it doesn’t come up
Libby: It is one ten and three ones


Akemjot: How much Jesus loved children!
Cierra: He told his people to love the children
Sonnie: Jesus was alive and talking us
Jasmine: It was about how Jesus cared about kids because they are cute and funny

POLICE VISIT – Jobs in our community

Today we were visited by two very special Policeman! Their names were Anthony and Officer Wood. They told us all about their jobs, their car and how they keep us safe.

  • Llana: The car lights up red
  • Sampann: I learned they have a camera and if someone is fighting they can solve the problem
  • Mia: If there is someone bad you call 000
  • Jaiden: I learn that they catch bad guys with tasers
  • Mary: I learned that they keep a gun
  • Noah: They catch criminals. They have cameras
  • Deakyn: I learned not to be naughty because someone might call the police
  • Lucas: I learned how they find out how they find out how people speed
  • Ebony: They have a taser gun
  • Akemjot: They keep people safe
  • Eva: They have a computer in their car
  • Maddox: Pushed the buttons for the sirens
  • Aiden: They use guns but just sometimes and they train for it



We reflected on our Police Learning! 

Specks of Gold

Bella: Playing with Maddox on Minecraft
Noah: Being on my laptop with my friend called Denzel
Keren: Playing with Llana, Libby and Kristina
Jaiden: Seeing the police!
Mai-Anh: Playing with Andy
Rehat: I liked the Mindfulness Colouring
Sonnie: I learned that the police can use their weapons only because they’ve done training

Happy and cool weekend to all! 

Thursday 22nd February – Term 1 Week 4

Morning all!

Why are we having fitness?

Deakin: It’s good to exercise in the morning.
TCross: To get some energy for learning!
Jed: In case it is too hot later on


Warm up – The number of the day is 22

Jake – its an even number

Rehat – you write it like twenty

Deakyn – there 2 tens and two ones in 22

Raf – 23 comes after 22 or if your counting by 2s 24 comes next

Lana – 21 comes before 22

Ruby – you do four lines then when you get to 5 you put a line through (when making a tally)

Holly – 2 bundles of 10 and then just two ones  (make it place value)

The students then continued with place value – they had challenge numbers including 1000 to make!

Akemjot: I looked at the pictures for the clues
Mia: I put a 6 in the tens when I can see there are 6 tens
Nevada: I did the thousands my own way and it was easier so I figured out my own way
Cierra: I asked a friend to help draw the thousands


Thank you Magot, Cierra and Kurt for helping set up our prayer space. Mrs. Diotaellvi shared a prayer about pets.

Neisha: I pray for my cat, turtles and dog. Thank you God.
Aiden: I feel a little sad that my pets passed away.
Mary: I had a dog called Mr Bastum.
Holly: I pray for my dog.
Jasmine: I have a new pet kitty called Alex. He is so fluffy and cute. When I go outside he follows me around.
Joseph: I am happy because my dog is a good hunting dog.
Rehat: My dog went for a walk and came back this morning.

Preparing for our POLICE VISIT! 

Tomorrow we are getting a special visit from a real life.. POLICE OFFICER! We are super excited to see the car and listen to them speak to us about his job.

Together we read through some special books about jobs. A Police Officer, An Ambulance Man and a Sea Rescuer. 

What do you want to do when you grow up?

Jasmine: I want to be a YouTuber
Holly: I want to be a Police Officer
Keren: I want to be a teacher!
Sonnie: I am going to be a YouTuber too
Sampann: I am going to be the boss of everything! Like the Prime Minister. Aidan: Like Donald Trump!
Noah: I want to be a cookie maker
Kurt: I want to be an artist
Lucas: I might be a doctor
Mary: I am going to sing at the weddings
Daniel: I want to be a builder
Mai-Anh:  I want to be a chef
Nhu:  I want to be a hairdresser
Aiden: I want to be a farmer
Daksh:I want to be a fire fighter
Akemjot: want to be a Doctor
Kiziah: I want to be a shop keeper
Libby: I want to be a singer and teacher
Nevada: I want to be a cake maker
Magot: I want to be a teacher and a soccer player

We thought about and recorded what we might ask the Policeman…

Jasmine: How do you know cars are going fast?
Noah: How do you know when to arrest someone?
Lucas: How old do you have to be to be a policeman?

Nathaniel and Akemjot made Police Vehicles!

The Ugly Otter and CLARA Learning Power

Sampann: You could see him doing different things
Holly: He felt happy when he was playing with
Nevada: He felt proud of himself
Mia: He felt included

When have you felt like you belong?

Alex: When we play football
Sampann: If you help someone to play
Mia: Someone when they are with their family

We then designed our own symbol for Belonging using our 100 languages! 




Libby: This is my cat Kiki. Her name is Crystal. She is about 11 or 12. She sleeps on my mums bed and eats cat food and water.
Magot: This is brother, older sister and in our backyard. My brother is older than me.
Mary: This is my video about how to make something. Mary’s video was amazing! It showed us how to draw, colour and cut a unicorn. She used PhotoBooth.
Rehat: This is my sister Reet. She is younger than me and likes to play.

Tomorrow is our Library day please remember to bring your black bag with books to swap! 🙂 

What do our parents do?

In response to  the childrens interests about growing up and jobs they might do we thought it would be a good idea to ask – “what do our parents do?”

If you could respond on the blog about what you do so we can share this would be great…

for example;

name, whos parent are you, what is your job, what do you do, what equipment might you use?

Thank you

Wednesday 21st February – Term 1 Week 4

Good Morning everyone!

Morning routine – whats the Date?

Ruby – It is Wednesday the 24th of Feb

Jake – 2018

Hows the weather looking and feeling today?

Holly – it might rain

Kurt – its abit hot

How are you?

Sonnie – I am tried i couldn’t sleep because i was uncomfortable

Alex – Yeah me too it was hot last night

Why do we need sleep?

Alex – so your not sleepy

Nevada – to get energy

Akemjot – it helps us grow

Deakyn – Sleep helps your brain go strong

Cierra – it helps your brain smart

2IB were off to sport first thing this morning, 2TD went soon after.

Sport Reflection

Jed: We did a obstacle course and relays and egg and spoon race
Joseph: We had to jump over the sticks and then we had to go through a tunnel and we had to step on stones and go around our colour cone.

Shared reading The very hungry caterpillar by Eric Carl

We read the shared reading text focusing on our fluency and expression. Mrs Diotallevi read some, pretending there were no full stops – what makes a difference?

Cierra – a full stop gives you a little break.

Akemjot – this looks like a question mark but not curve

Nevada – its an exclamation mark.

Focus – punctuation/sentence structure.Full stops, capital letters and finger spaces.

The children the went on a hunt and found more punctuation in their books!

Jaiden: Sentences need capital letters
Lucas: You need to have a full stop at the end.


CLARA Creativity Learning Power

Yesterday we were introduced to the Creativity Learning Power but didn’t get a chance to design our symbols for it. This morning we used our 100 languages to express ourselves!

What is creativity?

Holly – thinking of new things


PRAYER- “Thankful for this world”


Dear Lord,

Thank you for this world, thank you for the fresh water, the animals, the green grass, the stars in the sky.

Cierra- Thank you for the food that God made for us

Mary – Thank you for making my sisters and brothers

Jasmine – Dear God, I like when God made brothers and sisters

Sonnie – I am thankful for all the water God made for us.

Silent reflection and prayer time….

In the name of the Father the son and the Holy Spirit.


Place Value

We began our Numeracy learning today with a fun and exciting game! It was called… BEAT THE TEACHER! We were all super keen to try and beat the teacher using Place Value. The aim of the game is to make the highest number. Together we rolled the dice and then decided which column we should place it into. We made sure we put our numbers in and didn’t cheat after we saw what number the teacher used.

Jed: If we roll a 6 we should put it in the hundreds because it is the highest.

Can you believe it? The teachers lost two times! The students are becoming Place Value geniuses! We had a chance to play with a partner 🙂

Ayvah: If you use the bigger number in the hundreds you win
Sukhman: I am trying to win by putting small numbers in ones

Mindful Afternoon

As we returned from lunch and participated in some mindful meditation, many students commented that they felt ‘hot’ and a little ‘escalated.’ We talked about what it means to be calm.

Sampann: It means to take some breaths and make your body a little bit relaxed
Noah: Your body is relaxed
Jasmine: When you hear some calming music it makes you relaxed
Joseph: It means that you can come to the mat without any noise
Lucas: I go on my laptop and listen to music
Magot: You feel calm when you’re sleeping

Mini Maths

Counting by 5s and 10s

Students then continued on the laptops playing ‘Maths prodigy’…

What did you do in maths prodigy?

Deakyn – I helped Daniel count the numbers

Libby – i was adding numbers

Lucas – i was doing ones, tens and hundreds

Akemjot – I was having some trouble with ones and tens, so Andy and Sukhman helped me

Sampan – I helped Jaiden, with bigger and smaller numbers

joseph – Me and Bella, we were adding numbers

Specks of Gold

Holly – I loved seeing my brother

Sonnie – Sports

Sukhman – using my laptop

Have a good night everyone!! 🙂


Tuesday 20th February – Week 4 Term 1

Hi bloggers! Welcome to Tuesday!

Today we introduced our new daily schedule. The teachers have noticed that students are often asking what is happening next in our day. This timetable provides an answer to this as well as giving us the opportunity to discuss date, UV and weather together.

Our Tuesday mornings are always quite busy and productive. 2IB head off to Spanish and Music whilst 2TD had one Spanish lesson.

Spanish Reflection

Jed: For Chinese New Year we had to go on Google and get the right answers for Chinese New Year Year
Sampann: We searched in Google like the 12 animals for the answers in Spanish

Music Reflection 

Keren: We learned about the instruments
Jasmine: In music we have to make different sounds
Kiziah: We were making body part sounds

CLARA Learning Power – Creativity 

We discussed the qualities, skills and dispositions of a learner who possesses the ‘creativity’ learning power. We then watched a clip from the film ‘Vege-Tales’ where the characters are faced with a problem…… a large sea dragon. We discussed how the characters were feeling and how they used their creativity.

Jasmine: Scared
Sampann: He was thinking what was I doing to save my friends
Daksh: He took a risk
Akemjot: I think he might have known it was a robot
Aidan: He risked his life

The character used this hope and optimism. He used different ideas to solve a problem! He thought outside the box and thought of new ideas to face it. We think of the learning power of creativity as our ideas.

We then read the book ‘Imagine’ by Alison Lester. In the book the characters use their creativity to think of other possibilities for their play. For example, their fish bowl could be an underwater adventure!

Prayer – Honesty

Jed and Jaiden set up our prayer space today. Thank you.

Miss Battifuoco read a prayer ‘Being Honest’.

Joseph: If you don’t tell the truth, you could get a big nose.

Sampan: If you don’t tell the truth, you can’t solve the problem. Lying is not good. It does nothing. Tell the truth and it will be solved.

Libby: If you tell a lie it will just get bigger

Jed: If you lie and they find out it was you, you will get in more trouble for not telling the truth.

Literacy – Narrative

Today we re-capped our learning surrounding the structure of a Narrative.

  • TCross reminded us that setting is another word for where.
  • What is the cat doing? Deakyn told us that this reminds us of the what.

Together, we completed a Character Profile on Little Red Riding Hood before making our own character profiles for our Writer’s Workshop.



This afternoon we introduced Class Dojo. We believe Class Dojo gives teachers, parents, and students the power to create incredible classrooms. We believe that when you give good people simple ways to do the right things, amazing things will happen. ClassDojo is a communication app for the classroom. Teachers and students can encourage students for any skill or value — whether it’s working hard, being kind, helping others or something else!

We then used our 100 languages to express our understanding of a positive choice.


Positive Choices in 2IB and 2DT

Magot: A painted a man and a woman. I used blue and red.
Jasmine: I was making love heart notes for people.
Libby: I made a FlipChart for Dojo.
Joseph: I made a school with Lucas and Jaiden and Nathaniel. We build it and the people and teachers were going to listen.
Noah: Being together and helping each other
Neisha: Making a vet where they listen and help animals
Bella: Listening to the teacher and not talking to yout friends
Mai-Anh: Playing with someone
Libby: Cleaning up lots of pieces

Jed – People listening in class

Specks of Gold

Tcross: My speck of gold is doing the painting with my friends

Mai-Anh: My speck of gold is playing outside.

Nathaniel: My speck of gold is my laptop got fixed. I was surprised.

Akemjot: My speck of gold is playing with Noah at the lego because it was fun building with him.

Andy: My speck of gold is painting.

Monday 19 February – Week 4 Term 1

Hi all and welcome to Week 4! Can you believe how fast time flies!?

Mrs Tropeano is away today but we welcome Mr. Do into our learning community 🙂

Sonnie: Today is Monday the 19th
Rhoda: It begins week 4
Daksh: The UV says how hot the sun will be

This morning we began our week with some reading. Our Come Read with Me sessions are a time where parents, friends and teachers get the chance to read individually with different children. Some of us also use this time to read aloud with a friend and practice our expression! Thanks so much to all those who come along. Our next session is Thursday morning 🙂

Seeing as we hadn’t seen each other for two days we greeted one another in a Welcome Circle. In this Welcome Circle we gave one another a hello (in Vietnamese), a smile and a hi-5! And also shared some of our weekend specks of gold;

Libby: I went to boost!
Nevada: Playing netball on Saturday
Deakyn: Going to my friends and hiding in the bath tub!
Neisha: It was my mums weekend and my cats birthday
Dion: Going to Nandos!
Alex: I met Jake on Roblox
Noah: I went to a birthday and my friend were there

We went outside on the playground to begin our day with some fresh air and vitamin D!

In our numeracy learning we extended our Place Value work from last week. As we remained in a circle from our greeting, we practiced counting together wiht one person speaking at a time. First we counted in ones, then fives and even tens!

We were then set the challenge or recording and partitioning numbers using hundreds tens and ones! 


Jaiden: There are 4 hundreds in 459.
Magot: There is 3 tens in 439.
Natalie: In 456 there are 6 ones.
Cierra: Using the blocks helps to make more sense!

Prayer today revolved around Gratitude and things we were grateful for over the weekend.

LibbyI am grateful for having a boost.
: I am grateful for my kittens birthday.
Mia: I am grateful for when I went to my grandma’s house and had fun with her.
Sampann: I am grateful for bowling
Nevada: I am grateful for playing netball

After recess Mr. Coad joined us for our literacy learning. The teachers have noticed some incredible stories being produced in Writer’s Workshop and today we discussed the structure of a successful narrative.

We viewed a new and exciting version of Little Red Riding Hood and broke it down ourselves!

Neisha: The story told us the characters.
Raf: The wolf came to trick her. She was telling him the wrong way.
Libby: The girl was clever and tricked the wolf

Nevada: She went down the wrong path

Dion: The wolf went into the wrong house and Little Red Riding hood went in the right one.

Using this new learning we created a Story Map for our own stories using our new discoveries of structure. 



Nathaniel: My book is called Monster Trucks. It is set at the dirt track.
Mary: My story is set in the jungle where they will catch met.
Ruby: The boy who cried wolf is my story. The characters are the wolf, the boy the mum the dad and the sister. The boy keeps lying that there is a wolf but then the wolf comes in the end.

After lunch we had some time to become present and grounded through some peaceful music. We focussed on our breathing and making sure we are away from any possible distractions.

Our Inquiry Play this reflects student interests and the direction our learning is heading. 

  • Calendar and Time Investigation (Activities and Books)
    Rehat: I know that we are still in summer because it is February.
  • Police and Emergency Services – Jobs in the Community (Police Visit this Friday)
    Nhu: I wish to be a chef
    I want to be a cake maker like my mum
    We are making a shop and selling food like a job
    Ebonie and Cierra: We are making a house like a builder
    Kristina: I want to make a house and design
  • What do we know about Life Cycles? (Laptop)
    Kurt: Look the caterpillar is so small and becomes a butterfly!
    Aiden: I am looking at the life cycle of a frog. It starts off so small and slimy.
    Deakyn: I know the life cycle of a crab in the ocean. It comes out its shell.
  • Where do we like to go in our community? (Block / Lego Play)
    Nathaniel: I am making a police car and helicopter so it can go anywhere.
    Holly: We are building a police station out of the blocks.
    Magot: I made a fast police car to catch people.
    Jasmine: The Police station has special entrances
    Keren: We are making a hotel. We want to visit a hotel.
    Samurai and Jake: We are making a big policer ship.

Nevada set up a donut shop! Miss Battifuoco’s favourite!!! 4 for $10 – what a bargain! 🙂

Specks of Gold

Justin: Playing with Daksh and Daniel
Keren: Playing and making the hotel
Jaiden: Building with my friend with the lego
Jasmine: Playing with Holly and Anna

Thank you for a wonderful and productive start to the week and for Mr. Do for helping in our room! See you tomorrow! 🙂 

Friday 16th February – Week 3 Term 1

Hi all!

Today, as as school we celebrate Chinese New Year! Assembly this morning will be focussed around the celebration, we have various provocations about the occasion and also a shared lunch! 

Akemjot: Friday the 16th of February
Alex: We are in 2018.
Nevada: It is Chinese New Year
Holly: We might see a dragon at assembly
Lucas: Red is the colour or China

We all look super festive and are feeling excited in our RED colours! Ready to celebrate Chinese New Year! 

5DP and 5H Assembly


Nhu: I liked when the people were dancing
Daniel: I loved the Dragon Dance
Akemjot: The dragon and the other two dancers
Jasmine: The dancing was cool.
Joseph: I like the whole assembly!

What do we remember about Place Value?

Sampann: You add, you minus. The tens, ones and hundreds and thousands.
Jaiden: There is 10 in one 10.
Deakyn: 8 tens in 80.
Libby: There are no 10 ins 6.
Nevada: There are 3 tens in 30.
Noah: There are 7 tens in 70.

Today we extended our Place Value learning from yesterday and showed number using tens and ones. Some of us even used our curiosity and challenged ourselves with hundreds!


Can you have a guess about what our book might be about?!
Joseph: Year of the dog – Chinese New Year!!!!
Jed: I think the dog is at the pound waiting for a friend.
Llana: It taught us to be patient to wait for people to care.

At the back of the book it had the different animals from the different years.
: I know I am the rabbit because I have a little statue from China from my nanna!

We borrowed our readers and began reading them! 


Thank you Jed, Ayvah, Natalie, Kristina, Jaiden and Jasmine who helped set up our prayer space today.

Ayvah: I loved school this week.
Joseph: I am looking forward to my birthday on the weekend.
Nathaniel: I am looking forward to going to Wallaroo. My dad might be getting those things in the water where you get to slide and sit in it.
Bella:  I am looking forward to getting a new puppy.
Lucas: I might be going to the Aquatic Centre.
Jed: I might be going to Latitude.

Thank you so much for contributing to our shared lunch today. We loved eating outside with our friends, were super full AND even showed a growth mindset to trying new foods!


We participated in Guided Meditation after lunch using Smiling Mind.

Akemjot: I feel relaxed
Alex: I feel calm
Magot: I feel sleep
Cierra: I feel sleepy

Investigations: Chinese New Year Theme!

Our investigations this afternoon revolved around Chinese New Year! We used our 100 languages to show our learning 🙂

  • Dash – I am learning the Dragon Dance
  • Ayvah – I will try make a lantern
  • Jed – Minecraft
  • Joseph – I am copying one off my laptop
  • Lucas Deakyn and Bella – Designed an incredible Minecraft dragon on Minecraft


Investigation Share

Akemjot: I was making a hotel on my laptop in China
Mary: I made a video on my laptop showing people how to make a lantern
Sampann: We made a dragon. The body was red and the face looks like it was a bear. We used brown wool and red wool on Minecraft.
Nathaniel: “These are my shoes for Rugby. I use them for lessons. The studs get in the grass and you can run properly.”