Wednesday 14th February 2018 – Week 3 Term 1

Morning all!

Lucas: Today is Wednesday but it is also Valentines Day, Ash Wednesday and my cousins birthday!

This morning we trialled our new emotion welcome. We have assigned a certain colour pebble to different emotions. This morning we placed that colour pebble on our name to represent how we were feeling. This gives both teachers and students a chance to check-in with one another.

What do I know about numbers?

Ruby – numbers are on measuring tapes

Nevada – Numbers never end

Alex – one trillion is not the last nunber

Nhu – numbers can plus, when you add them together the number gets bigger

MAry – Your age is a number, each birthday the number gets more bigger

Rehat- You can even subtract, the numbers take away, the number gets smaller

Akemjot – There number lines, some get smaller some get bigger

Sonnie – Sometimes it is hard to count, you can get toy balls to help count.

Magot – 1 + 1 is 2

Libby – I know what 12 x 12 is it’s 144.

Jaiden – 20 + 20 = 40

Sampann – I can write any numbers in letters

Jasmine – 1 times 1 = 1

Mai-Anh – 4 + 4 equals 8

Daniel – You might see a number on a TV

Justin – You could see a number at the shops. The price of things

Neisha – Numbers come in words

The students then drew/wrote all the things they knew about numbers!!


Jaiden – 7 + 7 = 14

Natalie – I see numbers on the mail box

Daniel – 8 x 8 is 18.

Kristina – 100 + 100 is 200.

Raf – I see numbers on the clock

Llana – I find numbers at a party on the cake!

Lucas – There is numbers on money.

Noah – There are numbers on a calculator

Magot – 2 + 2 = 4.

Libby – I did the full 1 times tables.

Jasmine – I find numbers on a laptop

Mai-Anh – I find numbers on a clock

PE Reflection

Jed: We had 2IB Olympics. The yellow team won!

Joseph: We did an egg race!

Libby: We did a relay!

Magot: We played running

Samurai: We played an egg race!

Together we read The Very Hungry CaterpillarThis story extends on our classroom learning surrounding the days of the week and simple counting on. We then reflected on the story.

After recess we met as a whole school to celebrate Mass for Ash Wednesday.  

Sampann – The mass was telling us about fasting, praying and sharing.
Nevada – All the teachers got ashes for Ash Wednesday.
Daniel – We sang some special Ash Wednesday songs.

After lunch 2IB requested some extra meditation time because they were feeling a little escalated from lunch time. We participated in a Smiling Mind guided meditation before listening to some calming music and given the opportunity to mindfully colour/draw. We then practiced our Maths Prodigy online.

When 2DT returned from Spanish we reflected upon Ash Wednesday as a whole group.  

TCross – We get the ashes
Cierra – It is about saying sorry
Nhu – It is a time to pray
Dion – Fast
Daksh – Sharing
Alex – You are sorry for what you have done

What is Lent?

Rehat – Jesus went into the desert for 40 days
Joseph – It is waiting for Easter

We also thought about what we could do during Lent.

Each of us received the ashes from our teachers. 


Specks of Gold

Noah – Playing on my laptop at recess and lunch
Ayvah – Playing with my friends
Neisha – Playing with my sister
Daksh – I liked the mass
Jed – Getting the ashes on my head

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