Thursday 8th March – Term 1 Week 6

Good morning all!

Whats happening today?

  • Mia  – Today is Thursday
  • Kurt – It is the 8th of March


Thank you to the parents who give their time to listen to us read. It is so important that we are reading each and every day, especially at home! Tomorrow we borrow new books in the library – don’t forget your black bags!


  • Christina – I did skipping
  • Lucas – i played footy with Daniel
  • Ann – Me and Bella were playing soccer with the goals
  • Deakyn – I was doing gymnastics
  • Nevada – I did walking
  • Dion – I was playing cricket
  • Cierra – I did running with Mrs Diotallevi


What is a number line?

  • Ann -its a number line
  • Daksh – it has numbers on it – some are big and some are small
  • Jasmine – how big and how small
  • Rehat – you can COUNT ON with a number line

What does it help us do?

  • Mia – it helps us to count
  • Rehat – to count


*Students were then given their own worded problem and a number line. They were asked to solve the problem using the number line and record it!



Aidan and Deakyn led us in a prayer about our pets today; we then reflected:

  • Daniel: Please look after my pets
  • Daksh: please keep my fish safe
  • Kurt: Dear God, please look after my pets, my bird, Amen
  • Ann: a prayer for my Goldfish

We all had a silent minute for the pets around the world.


What is research?

  • Joseph – When you want to find something out
  • Rehat – Go on the internet to find things
  • Jed – You could ask somebody
  • Nevada – Books
  • Ann – Information books

What is a life cycle?

  • Daksh – Little things going to bigger thigns
  • Nhu – It keeps happening
  • Mia – It keeps going around

What did we research?

  • Aidan – life cycle of a turtle, first it starts as a egg and then a baby, then an adult and then the adult lays an egg
  • Akemjot – jellyfish
  • Kurt – Kurt
  • Raf – turtle
  • Nevada and Cierra – Caterpillar to a butterfly
  • Dion – turtle
  • Ebony – egg to a turtle
  • Eva – caterpillar to a butterfly
  • Aiden – tadpole to a frog
  • Nhu – Egg to turtle
  • Tcross.- turtle
  • Natalie – Turtle
  • Holly – turtle
  • Jed – Jellyfish
  • Sukhman – tadpole to a frog
  • Sonnie – jellyfish
  • Daksh – turtle
  • Jasmine – Caterpillar to butterfly
  • Libby – jellyfish
  • tadpole to frog
  • Ann – jellyfish
  • Bella – turtle
  • Joseph – shark
  • Lucas – turtle
  • Ruby – egg to turtle
  • Neisha – turtle
  • Alex and Jaiden – Jellyfish
  • Jake – frog
  • Rhoda – Seed to sunflower
  • Rehat – Jellyfish
  • Kiziah – Jellyfish
  • Kristina – Jellyfish
  • Llana – Turtle
  • Keren – turtle

After looking at what the children were interested in, we noticed egg-turtle was very popular and children were wanting to know more!!

We will look deeper at the life cycle of a turtle and visit the fish farm turtles to find out even more!!

Today we did a guided meditation “the bubble journey”

How did I feel after?

Holly – I was calm

Keren – i felt calm and happy

Lana – I felt relaxed

Kristina – I felt relaxed and calm


Focus on fluency, expression and comprehension


  • Nevada  – I played teachers with Cierra and made a maths problem

  • Daniel – I was on my laptop with Kurt and drawing cartoons

  • Ashvarn – We made a house out of lego
  • Neisha – I did a hair salon with Ruby and Holly
  • Ann – Me and Bella were doing a tutorial on how to draw stuff



  • Nhu – Making in investigations
  • Cierra – Playing teachers with Nevada
  • Keren – When we were making
  • Kiziah – Making bracelets with Llana
  • Akemjot – My speck of gold is that I made a station
  • Llana – My speck of gold was making a straw bracelet
  • Mai-Anh – My speck of gold was playing with Andy
  • Holly –  My speck of gold was playing at recess and lunch

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