Friday 9th March – Week 6

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We hope you are keeping cool in this little patch of Autumn heat! Just a reminder there is no school on Monday for the Adelaide Cup. We will see you all Tuesday morning ready to begin Week 7!

Thank you to those who have returned their Sports Day Permission Forms. We are also in need of some parent volunteers for the day – we assure you it is great fun! 🙂

  • Jasmine: Today is Friday and we are having assembly


  • Akemjot: The whole assembly!
  • Raf: When that game was going and the illuminati came up
  • Natalie: The dance!
  • Jasmine: I liked the music at the end
  • Noah: I liked the part when the illuminati came
  • Ashvvarn: I liked The Chase
  • Kristina: I liked the bit when they had to draw and guess the teachers


Today in log park we saw SO MUCH creativity and collaboration!! The children worked so well together in groups, using their imagination and social skills. We saw children negotating with each other, being curios, questioning each other and lots of critical thinking aswell!

Cubbies, sea-saws, camps, homes and hospitals were seen!



Lead by Holly – Theme “at home”

“dear Lord thank you for my warm home and nice family. I know lots of people dont have a home so thankful”

Nhu – My home is nice and big i wish all people could have a home like mine.

Daksh – Thank you for my home so I can enjoy being with my family

Mia – Dear God Thank you for my nice home and my mum and dad.

Akemjot – Thank you for my family and friends.


Today we read the story ‘Welcome To Country.’

What might this story be about? Let’s look at the title and pictures for clues…

  • Llana: Different countries they go to
  • Libby: I think when they found the Aboriginals well when they found Australia
  • Kristina: It might be African people that they found a place where they can live
  • Jasmine: Different worlds
  • Ann: Maybe they’re travelling to different places to learn about them
  • Daksh: it might be about another country
  • Kurt: about nature
  • Tcross: visiting other places

What was the story teaching us?

  • Joseph: Making sure we know about the Kauna people
  • Ann: Telling us about not messing about with nature
  • Jed: I know someone who is Aboriginal in this school. We do the Kauna Acknowledgment for assembly.



On Tuesday we began speaking about Growth Mindsets.

  • Raf: We help each other
  • Natalie: Trying your best at doing something
  • Justin: Trying to help some
  • Noah: YES! I can do it
  • Llana: Yes I will never give up
  • Deakyn: I sometimes have some troubles and make mistakes but keep trying

We watched a Dojo Video about how mistakes make you smarter. 


It is such a hot day today…so we took a little extra time enjoying mindfulness today. Relaxing music was played as we coloured and drew…


Challenges were set by the teacher – in particular a focus on ADDITION!!! We were all up for the challenge!!


  • Andy: Playing laptop
  • Llana: My speck of gold is playing with Kiziah
  • Magot: My favourite thing is playing Prodigy
  • Daniel: My speck of gold was playing on my laptop
  • Lucas: My speck of gold is playing on Roblox


  • Deakyn: I am going camping! I will go in the pool because it is heated up. I will go with my cousin and brother
  • Libby: We have a family birthday!

Public Holiday Monday, school will resume as normal on Tuesday March 13 🙂

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