Tuesday March 13 – Week 7!

Hi all!

We trust you had a wonderful weekend filled with many Specks of Gold!

Daksh: It is week 7!
Kurt: Today is the 13th of March 2018


The children used their learning powers of creativity and collaboration in log park today. Using the logs and lengths of fabric they created play scenes such as a baby nursery, campfire as well as a seesaw! 


What do you already know about turtles?

Rehat: Turtles change like in a life cycle from hatching the egg to coming into a grown up.

Kiziah: Turtles hatch in the night

Deakin: When turtles grow up they lay eggs.

Eva: They can swim.

We then used our curiosity to wonder and think about turtles and to pose questions about them.

What do I wonder…?

  • Ruby: I wonder if their shells change colour
  • Nevada: I wonder how old they can live up to
  • Ebony: I wonder how big turtles can get
  • Mia: I wonder if turtles can live to 100 years
  • Akemjot: I wonder how fast turtles can swim.
  • Jake: I wonder how old they can get
  • Nhu: I wonder how they make their own houses
  • Rehat: I wonder how their body works inside the skin
  • Mary: I wonder what they eat.
  • Cierra: I wonder how much eggs a turtle can hatch.
  • Daksh: I wonder how the turtles get their skin and their shells.


What does worth mean?

Jed: How much money it is.

Using 100, 10 and one’s blocks, Miss B made her name.

For example, to create the M, she used 2 lots of 10 blocks and 7 one blocks. The value of the letter M in her name is therefore worth 27.

We had a go at our own names!


PRAYER lead by Jaiden, Jed, Nathaniel and Dion

A video made by the boys was shown about Gratitude. They told us all the different things they are grateful for.

  • Joseph – Thankful for my family
  • Sonnie –  Thankful for my family
  • Neisha – Thank you for my kittens
  • Holly – Thankful for my friends
  • Magot – Thank you for my friends next door
  • Nhu – I am thankful for plants and food
  • Ashvarn – Thankful for the school
  • Nevada – Thankful to be alive
  • Kurt – Thank you for m friends


LITERACY – Story Time!

Over the past few weeks we have been looking at all the different parts to a story and how we plan for a successful story. Today it was time to began the writing!

At the end of our writing session we had some of our authors share their work;

  • Eva – “One day a white fluffy kitten loved going to the park. She loved going to the park because they had lots of toys there.”
  • Ann – “The Minecraft Person – Steve and his friends saw  a zombie. The parents went home and the zombie came back.” 

CLARA – Orientation to Learning 

Today we learnt more about the CLARA learning power of ‘Orientation to Learning’.

*Being open to new ideas and challenges

* Embracing learning and change rather than giving up or getting mad.

* Knowing that deep down, I can go on with learning when things get tough.

* Learning isn’t always easy but I’m ready for new ideas and new learning.

We watched a clip from the film ‘Cloudy with a  Chance of Meatballs’. In the clip, we see Flint upset because his friends laughed at his invention of spray on shoes. His mum encourages him to never give up and to embrace his originality. We then see Flint inventing many things from a flying car to rat birds and a monkey translator. All are brilliant failures but Flint never gives up his dream of inventing something amazing.

Flint after talking to mum;

  • Joseph – He tried to make something new
  • Jed – Ratbirds
  • Akemjot – He tried to make a flying car

Flint didn’t give up when he was trying! He had a strong orientation to learning because he knew learning is tough but this didn’t stop him from learning.

Our task was to create a poster with a Motto – A saying that inspires us for when our learning gets tough!

  • Mia – Try again
  • Jasmine – You can do it!
  • Sonnie – Never give up
  • Mai-Anh – Just do it!
  • Akemjot – I will never give up
  • Mary – I have to keep on trying
  • Lucas – I believe in myself
  • Daksh – Keep trying!
  • Nevada – I will always try and try again
  • Ann – You can do it
  • Jed – I can do it!


Sampann shared his holiday to Queensland. “We went to sea world and saw some animals underwater. This is a picture of a village but its a big wall. My mum and dad and me had a photo near a big coke. We went to the tallest building in the Gold Coast!

See you tomorrow 🙂

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