Monday 30th April 2018 – Week 1 Term 2

Welcome back everyone! We hope you all enjoyed a wonderful and happy break. We are very much looking forward to a fun and rewarding term of learning.


We began our day with independent and partner reading. The children each have a day that they will be reading with their teacher. Please remember that children need to bring their black reading bag and books to school each day.


This term for shared reading, we will be reading books by the Australian author Aaron Blabey. This week our shared reading text is ‘Pig the Pug’. Today we read and enjoyed the book – a funny story about sharing.


This term our learning in maths and numeracy will begin with a focus on shape. To help with our future learning, we began by sharing what we already know about shape. We took photos of objects in our classroom and outside and described them by their shape and properties.

Mia shared her learning with everyone. She shared her photos of the world globe and placemats, pebbles and a pot plant. She explained the names of the different shapes and some of their properties e.g. the sphere has no points.

Dion also shared his and Alex’s learning. They took photos of the world globe, a block, wooden log and laptop bag. They named the different 2D and 3D shapes e.g. cylinder, sphere, rectangle and circle.


Libby and Holly shared prayer today. It was about looking for the joy in all things, each and every day.


We worked in our focused learning groups to learn more about letter and spelling patterns that feature in our shared reading text ‘Pig the Pug’ 

Group One: In group one, we looked at the initial sounds p, i, g and u. We thought about words which start with these sounds and then used these sounds to form 3 letter words such as pig and pug.

Group Two and Three: These groups looked at the digraphs ‘or’ as in Trevor and the long ‘oo’ sound as in scoot and loot and the short ‘oo’ sound as in book and look.


We were all very excited to share what we did during the holidays. Using story plans and templates, we began to plan a recount about our favourite activity/event/moment from our holidays. It was lovely to read all of the special moments children had during their holidays such as bowling, playing with cousins and cooking Anzac biscuits.

Another purpose of this  learning experience was for children to continue to learn that our writing is structured in different ways depending upon its purpose. For example, when writing a recount, we begin with an introduction which includes who, what, when, where and why. The is followed by writing detail about the events that happened in chronological order (e.g. first, second, next, lastly) and concluding with an ending which includes a descriptions of how we felt.


This afternoon we continued to prepare for our assembly next week. This includes creating films, writing a script, etc. Below is some of the content we were creating today to share with our school community!

We look forward to seeing you all tomorrow!


Hi mums!

could you please send me a photo of yourself with your children??.…. It is for a special mothers day prayer that will be shared at Assembly.

please email

Thanks in advance 🙂

FRIYAY April 13 – Term 1 Week 11

Hi all! Last day of Term 1 – WOW time flies when you’re having fun! We wish you all a happy and safe holiday break. Thank you so much again to our parent volunteers who helped yesterday’s Sports Day be such a success!


We discussed the crucial elements of recounting an event including the who, what, when, where and why! We also discussed which events we participated in and how we felt.






Predicting using the images and knowing that the author created wrote ‘Pig the Pug.’

  • Kristina – It might be about a hedgehog who wants to have a hug
  • Jasmine – He is a hedgehog and when he says he needs as hug but people will get spiked
  • Noah – Somebody needs a hug
  • Ann – The hedgehog needs a hug otherwise he will go savage

  • Nate – He closed his prickles
  • Jed – A snake skin is super strong!

Students borrowed new books for the holidays! Please try and do some form of reading each day in the holidays 🙂


We viewed the story ‘The Gruffalo’ and discussed the characters, setting, beginning, problem, resolution and ending.


Together we reflected on all the fun and exciting things term 1 brought!

  • Jed – My favourite part was sports day
  • Nathaniel – I liked getting the lap tops
  • Ann – I liked battling my friends in prodigy


We hope you all have a wonderful and restful holiday! We can’t wait to see you all next term! 




Here are some highlights from today’s sports day.

Thank you to all the parent helpers, the children had a great day.

Winner’s are…


Wednesday April 11 – Week 11 Term 1

Hi all!

Tomorrow is SPORTS DAYStudents are to meet us in the classroom at 12:00pm before we walk to Creaser Park together. Students need to please eat their lunch before they arrive at school. We have posted a full schedule for the day on a separate post 🙂


  • Jaiden – We have to do the relays and we had to touch the cone and go back and sit down
  • Neisha – We did the egg race
  • Raf – We did running relays

  • Jed – Be nice to one another
  • Sampann – Don’t be rude to others
  • Ann – Even if someone looks different from you, you still play with them
  • Libby – You don’t just have to play video games you can play with pets


  • Libby – I am writing a narrative book about unicorns, my slime book is an information book
  • Rhoda – information book about turtles
  • Sampan – A narrative about friends
  • Mia – My book is called who likes Jelly
  • Akemjot – I am writing a narrative about robox, i am describing the characters
  • Jed – I am making a book called Super Noah


Today we consolidated our learning about subtraction through various investigations. Students had the option to choose which activity they would explore further.

  • Nevada: It was about taking away
  • Mia: They were getting things taken away



In preparation for Sports Day tomorrow we had a class discussion about Sportsmanship!


See you tomorrow at 12:00pm in our classroom for Sports Day!  Remember to wear your House Colour T-shirt and eat lunch before hand 🙂




12:00 – School Begins (students to eat their lunch before they arrive at school)

12:10 – Classes walk to Creaser Park and assemble in class groups for the opening ceremony.
JP classes sit in RELAY positions/ Year 3-5 RELAY RUNNERS sit in designated positions & remaining Year 3-5 students sit in coloured TENTS. Year 3- 7 Teachers go to their team tents to monitor and support.

12:30 – Opening Ceremony.

YEAR R – 2

12:40 – JP Baton Relays Commence

1:15 – Support UP Relays.

YEAR 3 – 7

12: 45 – UP students remain in team tents – EXCEPT Year 3 -5 relay runners who report to the marshaling area

1:15 – UP Relays Yr 3 – 5.

1:40 – Snack break in class groups

2:00 – Tabloid Rotations begin

3:30 – JP Return Equipment– then students sit with their teacher on the left side of the 100M track.

3:20 – UP Return Equipment– then Year 6/7 RELAY runners go to their designated places- remaining Year 3-7 students go to their team tents to watch and support the RELAYs.

3:40 – Year 6/7 Relays.

3:45 – Teacher vs Student Relays

3:50 – Closing Ceremony and Presentation

4.00 – Students find their teacher and are then able to be dismissed (When all students are picked up/released from class teacher. OHSC students are then to walk back to school with teacher.)

Monday 9th April – Term 1 week 11

Good morning everyone and welcome to week 11…the last week of Term 1 already!!


Mia – It is week 11, Monday 9th April

Whats happening today?



Thanks to the parents who came in to read today!

The teachers were busy reading 1:1 with children. Big focus on fluency, expression and reading the puncuation.

Dont forget to chunk, sound out unknown words.



Its going to be a really hot day today so we got out early for a quick run and play in the sunshine before the heat hits!



Beat the teacher – make the BIGGEST number Place value

Justin– two tens in 622

Noah – 6 hundreds in 622

Alex – ill put 6 in the hundreds to make it the biggest. if you get a 6 definitely put it in the hundreds.

Dion – I won against the teacher i got 531, there is 5 hundreds and 3 tens

Subtraction strategies using place value.

The children were given a worded problem to solve:

“On sports day Daniel ran for 20 meters. Kurt ran for 14 meters. How much further did Daniel run compared to Kurt?”


Mary: Dear God, thank you for my family and friends and for this beautiful place

Mia: Dear God, thank you for our own lives and the world

Daksh: Dear God, Thank you for our world

Neisha: Dear God thanks for my friends and family

Tcross: I am grateful for my friends


Book – Anzac day ted by Belinda Landsberry


Ann: It was about the Ted being in a war, a war is very very dangerous

Alex: people had to survive in it for 4 years

Mary: wars are when you fight

Dion: its called remembrance day or Anzac day

Nevada: there are poppies to remember

Mia: a day where we remember what happened

Neisha: the fighting was called the Army

Jake: They had the Anzac biscuits in the war


During investigations groups of children were getting some things ready for our assembly…

Bella, Llana, Noah, Raf, Aidan, Alex, and Kurt are busy creating a i-movie for the ‘language of the week’ ‘Tagalog’

Nevada, Cierra, neisha and Ruby are making a prayer for the assembly “why my mum is a hero”


Holly: Playing prodigy

Nhu: Practicing our sport songs

Tcross: Doing the describing of the Fish farm

Cierra: At the playground when i made a tent

Nevada: Getting people to say why their mum is a hero


Please remember to bring back sports day forms!!!

Friday 6th April – Week 10 term 1

Happy Friday everyone 🙂 🙂

What’s happening today?


What did you like at Assembly today?

Jasmine: that you can change colour wherever you go

Nevada-I liked the water art

Kurt – I liked the song

Sonnie- I liked the rainbow song

Kim– I liked the colours

Ann – i liked the rainbow song

Rhoda – I liked animal masks


Kuyangani Fish Farm Sign Competition
Opens Today
Closes end of Term
Prize $50 Target Voucher
The Task
Children are invited to design on an A4 or A3
Piece of white paper a sign with an indigenous theme and the words Kuyangani Fish Farm . The successful entry will be converted by our professional sign writer friend into  a 3m x 2m permanent sign to be placed on the side of the Fish Farm…
Children had some time to do their design and show their CREATIVITY.


Read scripture – “Daniel and the Lions”

Mia – First the King travelled to another kingdom and took all the things from the Church and people

Daksh – they took Daniel

Kurt – Daniel knew about the kings dream, stopped the dream

Daksh – He learnt the Kings language

Mary – He went were the King lived, the King kept having bad dream, Daniel helped him because told him


Together we read the story –

What was the moral of the story?

  • Ashvarn – Don’t make jokes about other people
  • Jed – Not being mean to other people 
  • Ann – They are trying to tell us don’t put other jokes on people beaseu they might not like it. What if they did it to you?



Rhoda – i liked doing the mascot

Daksh – I liked doing the to do list

Jasmine – I liked Prodigy

Kim – I liked doing the signs for the fish farm

Mia – I like writing the narratives

Ebony – i liked maths

Ashvarn – I liked doing minus

Jake – when i went on weave silk

Dion – Playing prodigy

We hope you all have a lovely weekend – ENJOY!!