Thursday May 31st – Week 5 term 2

Goodmorning everyone and welcome to Thursday week 5!!

We have a busy day ahead as we prepare for Mission Day tomorrow.

The children have been very busy organizing popcorn bags, advertisements and practicing the Mission Day Mass that we will lead!!

Whats happening today?


During this time the teachers did some 1:1 reading with students and completed some running records. We also had our buddies come over and help with reading.

Some strategies we were practicing today during come read with me were…..

Thanks to the parents and friends that came to read with us today!!




What is this week?

  • Rehat: We looked at the flags of the Aboriginal people
  • Ruby: It is reconciliation week
  • Mia: its about the Aboriginal people
  • Ann: We share with the Aboriginal people, they were the first ones in Australia

Why do we say sorry?

  • Nathaniel: White people were rude to the Aboriginal people
  • Jed: we pushed them off their land. They said get off this land
  • Mia: They said bad things to them like get off the land
  • Rehat: They tried to push them out of the land and take it from them
  • Cierra: We took their land
  • Daksh: They came on boats
  • Sampan: They took the Aboriginal peoples houses

We then listened to a story about sorry day…

Sorry Day
A long, long time ago, we lived with our families in this land Australia. We had our own bits of land, just like you and your family. It was our home, and we loved it, just like you and your family.
We danced and sang and played music on our land, and we looked after our babies on our land, just like you and your family. We hunted and dug for food on our land too, and we found water in the desert. We loved our big backyard, just like you and your family.
Our skin was very dark brown- so dark that we almost looked black. Our dark skin was like magic. It stopped us getting sunburnt by the hot Australian sun. We had no shops, so we couldn’t buy hats and sunscreen.
One day a ship came from far across the sea. On the ship were lots of people with pink skins. Their skins were so pale they almost looked white.
They looked at our dark brown skins and were scared, because we weren’t pink like them. They saw our spears that we used for hunting food and thought we were dangerous animals. They didn’t see that we had feelings, just like them. They wanted to chase us away so they could live on this land.
They didn’t want to see us dance or hear our music. They didn’t want to learn how to hunt and dig for food, and how to find water. They just wanted our land for themselves.
They didn’t want to share. They just grabbed our land and pushed us off.
We tried to fight them, but their spears went BANG and hurt us.
Then they caught us and made us do all their jobs for them.
They stole our paintings and sold them, and kept the money for themselves.
They stomped all over our special places and broke them.
But the worst thing was that they stole our babies from us.
We weren’t scary animals. We were people with feelings, just like you and your family.
A great cloud of sadness pushed us down onto the ground. Some of us got sick and died.
A great volcano of anger burned inside us. Some of us punched and kicked and threw things, and got put in jail.
A long, long time went by.
Some of the pink people looked at us lying down sick and sad, and felt bad inside. They said, “What can we do to make you feel better?”
We said, “You took our home away. We love our home. We’ve got nowhere to live now. And you never even said sorry.”
The pink people had lots of meetings. They talked for ages.
They tried to share. They gave us a little bit of our land back, and they tried to stop stomping all over our special places. But they never said sorry.
Then some of the stolen babies grew up, and told the pink people how sad and angry they were.
The pink people felt even worse inside. They said, “What can we do to make you feel better?”
The grown-up babies said, “You stole our mummies and daddies and now we can’t find them. And you never even said sorry.”
The pink people had lots of meetings. They talked for ages.
They stopped stealing our babies, and they tried to help the lost babies find their mummies and daddies. But they never said sorry.
The pink people still felt bad inside.
They tried giving us money and houses, but it didn’t make the cloud of sadness go away.
They made new rules, so nobody was allowed to treat dark brown people like scary animals, but it didn’t make the volcano of anger go away.
They let us go to school just like them,
and they listened to our music and clapped,
but it didn’t make the cloud of sadness go away.
They let us dance in their concerts,
and they paid us money for our paintings,
but it didn’t make the volcano of anger go away.
We kept saying, “You never even said sorry.”
Some of the pink people said to their leader, “They’re right. We never, ever said sorry.”
The pink people’s leader said, “But I didn’t do it! It wasn’t MY fault! I’m NOT going to say sorry.”
That made us feel terrible.
The sad cloud got bigger. It was full of tears.
The angry volcano got bigger. It was full of fire.
Then lots and lots of the pink people started to get sad and angry too. They said, “THAT’S NOT FAIR!”
They chose a new leader. The new leader called all the people together, the dark brown people and the pink people, and he said,
He said, “We’re sorry we took your land.”
He said, “We’re sorry we hurt your feelings.”
He said, “Most of all, we’re sorry we stole your babies.”
The sad cloud burst. All the tears fell down and came out of our eyes, but they were happy tears. At last, at last, the pink people said sorry.
It was the best day. We remember it every year, and we have a party. It’s better than a birthday.
There were so many tears that day. They rained down on the angry volcano so hard that they nearly put it out.
Now there’s just a little flicker of angry fire left in our hearts. We try to keep it inside us, except when we need it. We need it when a pink person forgets, and treats us like scary animals again.
Now that the pink people said sorry, we can climb up off the ground again and be proud of our dark brown skin that doesn’t need sunscreen.
We can be proud of our singing and dancing and painting again.
We can build strong families again, now that the baby thieves have gone forever.
Maybe one day we can teach the pink people how to hunt and dig and find water, and look after the special places.
Maybe one day all our babies can share our big backyard, all the pink babies and the brown babies playing together in our land Australia. 

We reflected about Reconciliation Week in our own way….the children were all so engaged during this time. Many of them choosing to work in groups and make some fantastic i-movies that we then shared. Whilst others drew pictures and did journal entries etc.

Movie on 31-5-18 at 2.27 pm #2-1zggg48



The shared book we read today was…

What did you like about the book?

  • Keren: The noises the baby made
  • Deakyn: When they were trying to find all the animals
  • Holly: when we all got to say the animal sounds

We then got new books to take home!


We went into the center to practice our Mass for Mission day…


The teachers set up challenges on prodigy with a focus on graphing and tallying!!




  • Aidan. W – This is my toy slinky I got it from Melbourne. When you put it on the stairs in moves down by itself. I got it from Smiggle.


  • Cierra: Playing with Nevada, Ebony and Eva at lunch and recess
  • Andy: Drawing




Remember to bring in money for the tokens if you would like your child to participate in Mission Day activities (games, movies, food stalls etc…all money going to Charity)

Only bring in $1-$5 (Max) for the tokens!


Thanks for a FANTASTIC day! We hope you all have a great night and we look forward to a fun filled mission day tomorrow 🙂 🙂

Wednesday May 30 – Week 5 Term 2

Hi bloggers!
Welcome to Wednesday 🙂 


  • Mission Day is being held this Friday 1 June. Children can wear casual clothes on this day and we ask they bring a gold coin donation. This is always a great day where we raise money for local, community and global charities. This year we are supporting St Vincent De Paul, Catherine House and Loreto Sisters Vietnam Australia Project. Students are invited to bring a long some spending money for the day to be exchanged for tokens to use around the school. ($5 maximum). 
  • Our classes will be running a Whole School Mass at 11am in Saint John Paul 11 Hall with parents welcome to attend.
  • Canteen is closed on the day! 


Today in our small groups, our focus was expression! We have listened to three different people read our shared reading story ‘Thelma the Unicorn’ and we wanted to have a practice on our own! 🙂


  • Neisha – We had to throw things into the hoop
  • Ashvarn – We had to keep the balloon off the floor


Once both classes returned from PE we ran through the Mission Day Mass. We practiced our reading parts and also response we will give. As we are leading the Mass on Friday we discussed how important it is for us to be joining in with responses.


Lead by Cierra and Nevada

A prayer about enjoying the holidays and being with our friends and family.

Does anyone have a prayer to share?

  • Mia: Thank you for making people, and for making people beautiful.
  • Rehat: I am sorry for all the people that have passed away
  • Rhoda: Thank you for my friends and family. I hope you have a wonderful day.
  • Daksh; Thank you for all the people in the world
  • Jake: Thank you for my family and entire life
  • Daniel: Thanks for the world


Today we began the graphing stage of our own survey’s and tallies. We were given the option of working in our books or laptops and whether we wanted to create a picture graph or a column graph using our data.


  • Libby: This is my LOL doll, her clothes did not come like this, i dressed her up myself. I swapped her clothes because I didn’t like the clothes. I have been wanting one for a very very long time, it is my favorite. It can change colours. I bought it from Target. She has glasses, it goes in my room in the giant Barbie house.


During Mindfulness we had some free drawing time. We really enjoy this as a time to centre ourselves before our afternoon learning. We also had an opportunity to refine our survey/tallying and graphing skills specifically through Prodigy.


What happened in Spanish today?

  • Rehat: we drew numbers and said what they were in Spanish
  • Daksh: we coloured the numbers in too


This afternoon we kept busily preparing for our Movies and Popcorn Mission Day Stall. We had some of us working to finish the Pop Corn bags whilst others created advertisements to email to classes 🙂 As a class we used our newly learnt surveying and tallying skills to vote on which movie we would screen…. Can you guess the winner?

We worked on our advertisements to show the school!


  • Mai ann – Playing with Kim
  • Libby: Playing with Mai Ann and Kim at the sandpit
  • Nevada: Playing at rcess and lunch with cierra
  • Kurt: My speck of Gold playing with my friends
  • Keren: Playing with Kiziah and Nhu

Thanks for a great day, we hope you all have a lovely night 🙂

See you tomorrow!!

Tuesday May 29 – Week 5 Term 2

Morning all! Happy Tuesday 🙂


  • Mission week will be held in Week 5 (this week)  with our Mission Day being held on Friday 1 June. Children can wear casual clothes on this day and we ask they bring a gold coin donation. This is always a great day where we raise money for local, community and global charities. This year we are supporting St Vincent De Paul, Catherine House and Loreto Sisters Vietnam Australia Project.
  • Friday 1 June: Our classes will be running Mass at 11am in Saint John Paul 11 Hall with parents welcome to attend.
  • The canteen will be closed on Friday 1 June as we have organised a special lunch of vegetarian pasta (which needed to be ordered last week.)
  • Please come and see us with any questions you may have.


  • Nathaniel – We had to write the numbers from 1-10
  • Jed – They had to be in Spanish


  • Jake: We sang prayers and we also said the words of a prayer and played a song.
  • Ebony: We had to pick a song and then we sang it.
  • Tcross: In music Nhu and me were partners and we enjoyed singing the song and we used rhythm sticks to play the beat and sing it. We sang the ‘Our Father’.
  • Daksh: Me and Andy were partners and we had to sing to Mr Do and then we clapped the rhythm sticks and rang the bells.


Whilst 2IB were at music, 2TD did guided reading. They worked in groups to read their text of the week. They then worked together and independently to respond to a number of provocations about their text. These provocations are designed to improve children’s comprehension skills and understandings.

Mrs Tropeano worked with Sonnie, Sukhman, Akemjot and Keren. We read the text ‘Ice and Snow’. We practiced reading with expression and how our voice goes up and down when we do this. We also discussed where in the world ice and snow is found and the different names for ice formations such as icicles and icebergs.



We continued on with our own free choice survey and graph. With the help of Mr. Graph, we discussed what the critical elements of a graph are…

  • Daksh – Labels
  • Nathaniel – Numbers


As a class we prayed the Our Father together. We then shared a few special prayers;

  • Mary – I hope my dog is okay in heaven
  • Neisha – Thank you for love
  • Mia – O Lord, I am thankful for the whole world


Today we listened to Aaron Blabey read our shared reading text for the week. He is a wonderful example of reading with magnificent expression.

What did we notice about the way Aaron read the story? 

  • Ann – It went (his voice) up and down over and over again
  • Nhu – When the truck was coming Aaron Blabey used a surprise voice to make it sound more realistic
  • Mary – When the unicorn he was sad he used a sad voice and when it was happy he used a happy voice
  • Mia – When Otis was happy for her to come back and he made a happy face

We then split into pairs and worked through a couple of inquiry questions surrounding the story. We enjoy working in groups/pairs as it gives us the opportunity to share ideas and use one another’s strengths.

SHARING our findings:

  • Noah and Maddox – “Hope and Optimism because she hoped that her fans stopped chasing.”
  • TCross, Kurt and Sonnie –  Thelma’s strongest learning power is creativity because she used a carrot for a horn.
  • Kim and Kristina  – This is the Unicorn and me and Kim decorated it with hearts, stars a Unicorn and rainbows and butterflies. Thelma’s strongest learning powers is hope and optimism because she wants to be a unicorn.
  • Kiziah and Rehat – I though she used collaboration because  she worked well with Otis. Thelma’s strongest learning power is cretiveiyy because she found a carro on the ground and tied it on her nose to make a unicorn horn.


Together we took a few rainbow breaths!


  • Akemjot – This is my toy car. I call it skeleton faces because it has skeleton faces on there. It goes fast! Sometimes it bumps on something and then I have to take it down. It works with remote control.
  • Where did you get it from? I don’t know where I got it from because it was a present from someone.
  • Can you drive it on the ground? Yes.
  • Can you take the hood off? A little bit not really.


We spent the afternoon preparing for our Movies and Popcorn Mission Day stall. We were busily creating advertisements and decorating pop corn bags for our loyal customers! Please see a seperate post on our blog for the finer details of the day (this Friday) 🙂

See you tomorrow Year 2! Don’t forget to wear your PE uniform.

Monday 28th May 2018 – Week 5 Term 2


After collecting data and graphing information collected for our mission day stall last week, the children are ready to collect their own data of a topic of interest. We brainstormed some possible survey topics:

Ann: Roblox characters

Lucas: What WWE character do you like.

Ruby:  Pets

Rehat: Favourite colours

We then created our own survey table with a title and list of survey options.

Keren and Kiziah: Favourite colour

Rehat: Favourite food

Rhoda: Favourite pets

Tcross: I am choosing between animal and food. I might do animals.

Natalie: Food

Nhu: What dessert do you want

Alex: Favourite Fortnite players

Dion: Favourite Fortnite character

Rafael: Minecraft monsters

Aidan: Minecraft people tally

Jake: food, fast food maybe

Subhuman: Minecraft people.

Sampann: What chocolate do you like

Jasmine: What sticker you like


We joined the school in the hall to sing songs for our Mission Day mass this Friday at 11:00am in the hall. It is our class mass so we would love for you to attend and celebrate with us!


Mia and Mary read a sorry prayer from our ‘children’s prayers’ book.

We then shared our own sorry prayers.

Rehat: Sorry for making mistakes about being rude to other people.

Daksh: Sorry for the older people that we love.

Ashvarn: I’m sorry for my brother fight with me.


Group 1: Initital sounds

Today we learnt about the name and sounds m, o and l. We brainstormed some names and words that contain these sounds.

We then used the initial letters we have learnt about this term to make 3 and 4 letter words.

Group 2&3: Contractions

In today’s session we learned about Contractions!

Did you know that an apostrophe actually takes the place of a letter to make it simpler? We discussed various examples before having a go at filling in some blanks for ourselves 🙂


Miss B read our shared reading text, ‘Thelma the Unicorn’ by Aaron Blabey.

We then discussed why Aaron Blabey wrote this book. What was this story trying to teach us? We discussed this with a partner and then shared our thoughts with the whole group.

Deakyn: That she was trying to be a unicorn.

Sukhman: The crowd was chasing her.

Daksh: Aaron Blabey wanted us to be happy with ourself.

Rehat: Being famous is very frustrating because crowds keep wanting you.

Nhu: It was teaching us to be how you want to be.

Mary: He was trying to teach us to be ourself because it’s better because being yourself is better than not being yourself. If you want to change your hair, you can just leave it because it doesn’t matter.

Jasmine: You have to be yourself. You might be more popular.

Next we chose one of the following questions and wrote a response. We worked independently during this time. However, Miss B and Mrs Tropeano both worked with groups of children who felt they needed support with this learning.

Why do you think Thelma felt unhappy with herself at the beginning of the story?

How could Thelma feel better about herself?

What was the moral of this story? What did this story teach us?



Good afternoon. This is my favourite truck because you get to take the trailer off and you get to make it stand. Any questions?

Sampann: What are those buttons at the side?

Nathaniel: The lights go up.

Ann: How do you make it stand?

Jake: Where did you get it from?

Nathaniel: I got it from Target. Thanks for listening.


Goodafrernoon everyone. This is my toy. I don’t know what it is called but I got it in ‘Tonnes of Fun’. You can do things with it. I can make a rectangle. Any questions?

Kurt: When did you bought it?

Aiden: Ah in the holidays.

Jasmine: One of my friend from last year has it.

Daniel: My sister had one but she broke it.

Daksh: How much shapes can you make?

Aiden: One, not two.

Mia: Why is it special to you?

Aiden: Because….. I don’t know. Thank you for listening.


Ashvarn: Good afternoon everyone. This is my toy from GTA 5. I play it on my PS4 and I got it from EB games. It is my favourite because it can do backflips and in PS4 you can take some people to the doctors. Any questions?

Sukhman: Where did you buy it from?

Ashvarn: EB Games.

Akemjot: Does it come with another set of doctors?

Ashvarn: No, it comes with another person but I forgot it.

Ann: Does it come in a play set?

Ashvarn: No, it comes with another person.


This afternoon we worked in our guided reading groups to read our new text. Our focus today was to practice our fluency, expression and comprehension. 

Miss B and Mrs Tropeano worked with a group. During this time, they focused on strategies to help decode words such as chunking, understanding the text and reading fluently.


We continued to work on our mini business for our mission day stall.

Some of us created bags for our popcorn. We made sure that the name of the flavour was written on the bag and we decorated them, thinking about enticing colours and pictures.

Others of us created advertisements on our laptops using various applications such as iMovie and Inspire. We included the following information:

  • Popcorn flavours
  • Cost (number of tokens)
  • Location of selling

Friday 25th May – Week 4 Term 2

Happy Friday bloggers!!!


What did you enjoy at the assembly today?

  • Nathaniel: the start
  • Mia: I liked the Aboriginal video
  • Libby: All of it
  • Rehat: I liked when they were painting the hands on the flag
  • Daksh: I liked the flag
  • Sonnie: I liked the rainbow colour song
  • Jake: the rainbow song



The children were shown the below graph and questions to analyse!! This built on all our data work during the week and got us to critically analyse data. 

We analysed the graph and recorded….



As a group we discussed all the different reading strategies we can use when we come across a tricky word!

We then had the opportunity to read a story in small groups. We focussed on these strategies as well as reading with expression. We helped one another with tricky words and used our new ‘chunking’ strategy.This is something that could be used at home when reading with your child. Within chunking, we look for a little word within a big word.



Today in library we read through the story ‘Hickory Dickory Dash.’

Predicting what might happen…

  • Ashvarn – It might be about a mouse and a cat going up a clock
  • Kristina – I might be about a mouse jumping over a mon
  • Jasmine – I think it might be cheese on top and the mouse tries to get it

We then borrowed our new readers for Week 5 and read outside in the sunshine! We must remember to bring our black bags to school each and every day.


Eva – This is my new generation doll, her name is Ashlee. I really like her hair and clothes. I got her from kmart or target, i like to play with her.




We practiced our Mass songs and went through the powerpoint for the Mission Day Mass.

2IB and 2TD are very lucky to be leading the Mission day Mass which is on Friday at 11am. We hope to see you all there!!


  • Ashvarn: My speck of Gold was playing with my friends
  • Mia: Was playing games with Mia
  • Sukhman: My speck of Gold was doing prodigy on the laptops

We hope you all have a fantastic weekend – see you next week!!

Thursday May 24 – Week 4 Term 2

Hi Bloggers! A big happy Thursday to you all! 

This morning we began our day with some reading. It was magnificent to see some of us using the strategies we have spoken about individually. Things like, sounding out, using our fingers to follow and expression were all observed by the teachers this morning. Thank you to our parents who also offered their time to listen to us. It is super important we are bringing our black bags to school each day so we can read our library books!


We shared the book – “Can I pray with my eyes open?”

What was this book about?

  • Mia – Praying any time you want
  • Ann – It doesn’t have to be in a spot

What kinds of prayers can we do?

  • Ann – Sorry prayers
  • Rehat – Grateful prayers
  • Mary – If you feel sad, scared or worried you can pray to God
  • Libby – When someone is sick in your family you could pray for them
  • Kristina – a kind prayer
  • Dion – If someone passes away in your family
  • Rehat – When you don’t know what to do you can pray to God

How could we start a prayer?

  • Jed – Dear God…
  • Joesph – Thank you God for…
  • Sampan – God please…
  • Cierra – O’Lord…
  • Kim – God can you help me to…
  • Rehat – Im grateful God…

The children then drafted our very own prayers. We discussed how important it is to have a go at spelling tricky words and write with as much detail as possible. Once we had drafted our own prayer we sat with our teacher to have a conference about editing our prayers before making the good copy tomorrow! 


Led by Jasmine and Holly

“A prayer about being loving and helping other. Help me Lord when loving can be hard”

“Anyone have a prayer to share?”

  • Mia: Dear Lord thank you for our bodies so we can walk.
  • Libby: Dear God thank you for everything
  • Mary: Thank you for the world Amen
  • Rhoda: Dear God help me to heal and not feel sick Amen


On Tuesday afternoon we collected data and created picture graphs about popcorn flavours for Mission Day. Today we used the data that we collected to make a column graph! We discussed the key ingredients for a column graph.

What do we need?

Vertical lines, horizontal lines, a title, the options down the bottom, on the vertical line we put the numbers!

Check out our graphs..

We then came together as a class to collate our results in preparation for Mission Day…

Caramel – 9

Rainbow – 14

Butter-  10

Salt – None

The most popular was rainbow with 14 votes.


Today after lunch many of us asked to do some mindful drawing. We quietly had the opportunity to draw and colour our own creations. In this time, the teachers had the opportunity to read with different students.


Building on our learning from our excursion to the Museum we viewed an educational video about Aboriginal People making canoes.

What was the video about?

  • Kurt – Making canoes
  • Rehat – They made the canoes with bark the Aboriginal people. They cut the bark from the tree and they didn’t cut the whole tree so they wanted it to survive
  • Ann – The aboriginal used trees but not all of it
  • Joseph – It was telling us about how the Aboriginal people made the canoes

What did we see on our guided tour in the museum?

  • Jed – Boomerangs and shields
  • Mary – There were coconuts
  • Cierra –  A trucky trucky
  • Jake – The spears
  • Libby – A dollhouse
  • Daniel – Shields
  • Joseph – All different types of shield
  • Rehat – That boomerang it was long and looked like a 7. They cut out a kangaroo to make clean water
  • Mary – There were baskets for the babies to go in
  • Aiden – They used boomerangs
  • Akemjot – The boomerang shaped like a 7
  • Jed – A toy boat


  • Jasmine – The big teddy that I am holding is named Emily. My house has a lot of teddy bears and Emily is my favourite teddy. I got it at the Adelaide Show. She is white and pink and I got her in 2017.

  • Raf – This my favourite toy car. And I drive it around all the time. I got it on my birthday. I don’t need to use my hands. It has power from batteries. I got it from Daksh. It goes very fast.


We had a super busy but productive day today! Tomorrow we visit the library to return and borrow books for the upcoming week. Please don’t forget your black bags!

Tuesday 21st May 2018 – Week 4 Term 2

Hi all! 



Kurt: Good morning everyone. This is my car and I bought it when I was four years old and I got it from Myer. It moves around with a control. It’s a Ferrari.  Any questions?

Rehat: Do the doors open?

Kurt: No.

Sonnie: Are there people inside?

Kurt: No.

Rehat: Do the lights turn on?

Kurt: No.

Aiden: Do you dance with it?

Kurt: (laughing) No!

Kurt: Thank you for listening.


Tcross: Good morning. This is my favourite toy called Purple Prickles. I got her for my 6th birthday as an early present from my parents. It’s my favourite colour and it’s really fluffy. Any questions?

Rehat: Why do you like purple?

Tcross: It’s just a nice colour.

Mia: Do you sleep with it?

Tcross: Sometimes

Sonnie: Does it talk?

Tcross: No.

Deakyn: Do you dance with it?

Tcross: If I’m really happy.


Whilst 2IB were at music, 2TD participated in guided reading. During this time, children work in groups reading the same text. They take it in turns to read a page of the book and listen and follow along when others are reading. Mrs Tropeano worked with one group during this time with the purpose of developing their fluency, expression and comprehension.


We were very excited to continue our learning from yesterday and survey other classes in the school about what movie they would like us to screen and what flavour of popcorn they would like to buy at our mission day stall. We got prepared with our survey chart and practiced what we would say. Then off we went with our learning partner! There were lots of interesting results and we excitedly chatted with each other about what we had learned and showed each other our tallies.

After lunch we continued our learning by learning how to represent the information we collected with a picture graph. A picture graph is a visual representation of the survey tallies and helps us to see more easily, the results.


Neisha and Holly led our prayer today.

Special prayers

Rehat: I am grateful for the whole world because it’s nice and the environment that God gave us.

Mia: Dear God, I love the school.

Deakyn: Thank you for my friends.

Nevada: Thank you for my home so I can live in it.


Today we began to learn more about information reports such as their purpose and structure.

We learnt that information reports give us information about a person, place, object or animal. We then read an example of an information report – a book called ‘Bee’. We focused on the title and use of headings. Headings tell us what the information is going to be about.

Then, in groups, we organised different facts we had written about Piranhas last week under their appropriate headings. We each had a different role in the group including reader, organiser, recorder and sharer. For example the fact ‘Piranhas live in rivers and streams’ went under the heading of ‘habitat’ and the fact ‘Piranhas lay eggs’ went under the heading of ‘reproduction’.

Finally, each group shared a few facts and their headings with us.


After lunch some children read with Mrs Tropeano or Miss Battifuoco whilst others developed their addition skills through Prodigy Maths. During this reading time, we are reading books that are of instructional level and developing strategies such as chunking, self correcting and reading on as well as comprehension skills such as literal and inferential comprehension.

Thanks for a wonderful day of learning! Let’s do it again tomorrow 🙂 


Monday May 21 – Week 4 Term 2

Hello and Welcome to Week 4!

This morning we began our day with some reading. Some of us chose to read independently, in pairs, with a lovely parent volunteer or with a teacher. It is so very important that we are reading each and every day. This means we must bring our black bags home and return to school every day.


We gave our brains a little break with a run around on the play ground 🙂 We returned back to class ready to listen and learn.


Next week is Mission Week here at HFCS. Each class in the school are busily preparing something to sell to the school next Friday and all the money gets donated to various different charities. Here in 2IB and 2DT, we are going to sell popcorn and show a movie! Today we discussed what movie we could show to the school;

  • Jake – Lion King 1.5
  • Rhoda – Peter Rabbit
  • Sukhman – Greatest Showman
  • Magot – Power Rangers
  • Rehat –  Captain Underpants

Each of us in the class had a vote on which movie we would like to watch so we could see the tally process modelled to us. We also repeated the process for the type of popcorn we will sell. It is important that we tally and poll these options so that we can make sure students in our school will be eager to attend our Mission Day Activity.


  • Eva and Ebonie – We had rainbow with the most with 13 people
  • Alex and Dion – We asked flavour popcorn. rainbow was 28, salt was 3 and butter salt was 12. The least popular was salt.


Thank you to Nevada and Cierra who lead us in prayer today. They shared a special prayer about gratitude and schools.

  • Mary – Thank you for everyone in the world so wherever you go you won’t be lonely
  • Mia – Thank you for friends so we aren’t alone
  • Kim – Thank you God for the teachers


Group 1’s focus today was initial sounds including e, i, o, an u. Together they brainstormed different words beginning with these sounds. Group 2 and 3 focussed on three different sounds. They were ‘ch’ ‘th’ (long sound) and ‘th’ (short sound).


  • Mary – We had to guess the sounds by looking at the letters like P and after we did some words. R for Rosie because it is capital it is a name.
  • Mia – We did some writing sounds like ch, th and th.


We split into small groups to discuss and investigate specific choices Aaron Blabey made.

Why do you think the author chose the animal to be Piranhas? 

  • Nevada – Because he might like fish
  • Jake – Because it rhymes with banana – like piranha banana
  • Mia – He chose piranhas so we can learn more about piranhas
  • Ashvarn – They have sharp teeth
  • Jed – They are kind of like sharks
  • Joseph – Because they are greedy and selfish
  • Raf – Because the author likes Piranha’s
  • Justin – They can eat meat
  • Maddox – Because he lived in South America
  • Sukhman – Because they are dangerous


  • Daksh – Playing with Kurt, Raf and Aidan
  • Mary – My speck of gold was when I had fun with Mia
  • Deakyn – Playing on the play ground
  • Llana – My speck of gold was playing with Winnie
  • Akemjot – My speck of gold is playing with Sukhman and Ashvarn
  • Sonnie – My speck of gold was playing with Daniel, Jasmine and Justin playing chase


What did we see in the Aboriginal Culture part of the museum?

  • Aiden – We saw a boat and it was a canoe
  • Ann – We saw a boomerang that caught animals
  • Daksh – We saw a toy called trucky trucky

Inquiry Investigation: Describe how some sort of technology has changed over time? E.g. Consoles, Telephone, TV’s OR Describe the different types of Aboriginal Technologies we observed on our trip to the museum.

  • Bella and Ann made a video about Aboriginal technologies including a boomerang to catch animals
  • Joseph and Lucas created a film about how technologies have changed over time
  • Holly showed us a picture of an olden day Television that had buttons on there!

Thank you for a wonderful, productive day Year 2! See you all tomorrow 🙂 

Friday 18th May – Week 3 Term 2

Happy Friday All!!


“The Greatest Showman assembly” Thank you 1JM and 1MR!!

What we liked…

  • Deakyn: i liked the songs
  • Ashvarn: The i-stop motion movies
  • Libby: All the songs
  • Rhoda: The whole assembly
  • Joseph: The floss dance
  • Rehat: The decoration and how they used creativity
  • Ann: i liked the dab
  • Sonnie: The song made me laugh
  • Jasmine: I liked the i-stop motion


Before we returned our readers for the week we paired up and read aloud to one another. We focused on our fluency and expression.


What shapes can we use to create an object?

  • Nathaniel – A square
  • Daksh – Rhombus
  • Daksh – Lots of circles
  • Rehat – Triangles
  • Sampann – Cone
  • Jasmine – A star!
  • Rehat – There’s even a trapezium!

Can you make a shape Robot?


Can I Pray with my eyes open?

Reflection, where or when do I pray….

  • Mary: I like to pray at hoe on my own, when its quiet, in my room
  • Eva: I like to pray before bed
  • Keren: I like to pray at Church
  • Aiden: I like to pray when I am at Kumon
  • Rehat: I like to talk to God when I feel mad at something
  • Cierra: I like to pray when I am and at my sister, maybe God will help me
  • Tcross: I like to pray when I am sad
  • Mia: I like to pray in a quiet place with no one around
  • Akemjot: I like to pray when I am going to bed


Today when we visited the library we read the story ‘The Day the Crayons Quit.’ We returned our books and re-borrowed ready to read over the weekend and next week!


  • Ann: Good morning, this is my toy lollypop…
  • Mary: This is my santa toy that i painted really carefully..
  • Kristina: This is my best bunny, my mum bought it for me. He is very cute…