Catholic Identity Day

Today we celebrated Catholic Identity Day! We began our day with a lovely welcome from Father Shaboo.

We spent our morning exploring various different provocations surrounding our own Religious and Catholic Identities including;

  • Exploring who God/Jesus is through play dough
  • Can you build the ULTIMATE church? (Block play)
  • Using clay to recreate our own Images of God
  • Friendship Bracelets
  • Gratitude Writing/Drawing
  • Stain-glass window making

It was incredible and beyond heart-warming to see students from the different classes drawing on their Learning Powers such as Creativity and Collaboration to together explore such an important idea together. Teachers observed students helping one another to plait the wool to create the bracelets, working together to create the stain-glass windows, scribing  for one another to complete Gratitude letters and so much more. Take a look at our wonderful morning of learning before we shared lunch together.


  • Krish – I made a colourful window. We see them in churches
  • Jasmine – I played with my friends in the window area from church
  • Josh  -I did a friendship bracelet with Dion
  • Ann – I made a friendship bracelet with Bella and then with Joseph. For Bella I made it pink and purple and for Joseph I made it blue
  • Henry – I tried to figure out and made God using clay. His body was purple and his back was purple
  • Ashvarn – I made a church with blocks with Sampann, Jaiden and Ekam and Nathaniel and Jed.
  • Cierra – I liked having a little buddy with me
  • Holly – I loved the shared lunch today
  • Sukhman – When me and Dion got to work together to make things I really liked that
  • Jasmine – I have a new BFF from the other class
  • Nevada – I really liked making a new buddy
  • Ashvarn – I liked working with the other class and helping them

Here is a prayer video Maddox created with the help of some year 1 buddies – Angus and Talyn.

Movie on 29-6-18 at 10.13 am-1shfueb

Thank you for a truly beautiful day spent exploring Catholic Identity. Happy weekend all! 

Catholic Identity Day – 2TD and 1MR

“I am precious in the eyes of God”Father Shibu

We started the day off with a whole school assembly with Father Shibu, we prayed and sung – it was a lovely start to the day!

2TD then went and spent the day with 1MR…

We started by reading the book:

“Can I pray with my eyes open?”

Reflections on this book:

  • Mia: I like to pray by myself
  • Rhoda: I like praying with my sister and brothers in my room
  • Kayden: I like to pray in the middle of games
  • Deakyn: I like to pray before I ride my bike.
  • Tcross: I like to pray when I am sad or worried
  • Jake: I like to pray alone
  • Holly; I like to pray in my bed
  • Cierra: I like to pray with my mum

The children then engaged in a range of provocations with a focus of ‘Catholic Identity’.

  • Aiden, Jayden, Sukhman and Andy enjoyed making Jesus’s cross using craft materials.


  • Tcross, Nhu, Keren, Kiziah, Rhoda and Rehat spent most of the morning in the home corner where they were acting out ‘the last supper’


  • Ruby, Nevada and Cierra were using the playdough to make a statue of Mary


  • Alex, Dion, Akemjot, Sonnie, Daksh, Aidan , Kayden, Yson, Ezekiel and Deakyn were busy creating Jesus’s village and a Church using Lego


  • Ebony, Holly, Eva and Anna were using here artistic skills to draw her image of God


  • Sanorita, Ahn, Crista were using their writing skills to make books about Jesus, God and Mary


What did you like about this mornings provocations?

  • Sonnie: I really liked my Church building, it was so big, we all worked together to build a large church
  • Alex: I liked the lego
  • Dion: I liked being able to use the lego to build a Church it was fun to build
  • Aidan: I liked building a house that Jesus lived in
  • Anna: I liked drawing the best, I drew a house with a cross at the top
  • Holly: I liked drawing too, I liked drawing the Church
  • Rehat: I liked having time to be Jesus, I was dressing up, it was fun
  • Rhoda: I really liked being Mary, it was fun to get dressed up



  • Cierra: Dear God, Thank you for Jesus and what he sacraficed for us, Amen
  • Rehat: Dear God I am sad that Jesus died, Amen
  • Daksh: Dear God thank you for my family Amen
  • Jayden: Dear God thank you for my friends and family Amen
  • Ahn: Dear God Thank you for the world Amen
  • Nhu: Dear God thank you for Jesus and helping the people who are blind and sick Amen
  • Kiziah: Dear God thank you for my friends and family


Thank you for all the AMAZING an DELICIOUS food you all brought in to share today. It was very special to spend this time together, sharing food!


We finished off the day with some calming mindfulness and reflection.

With calming and relaxing music softly playing in the background, the children engaged in mindfulness colouring, yoga, drawing and reflecting...


We headed off to the hall to have an assembly with the whole school. At this time we reflected on the day, we watched an i-movie of the whole day. It was fantastic to see what all the classes did across the school.

Thank you everyone for a lovely Catholic identity day – what a day to remember!

Thursday 28th June – Term 2 Week 9

Hi Bloggers!

Welcome to the coldest morning of 2018! It was only 3 degrees when we woke up!


This morning we began our day with some literacy/reading provocations. We are finding that the children are super engaged with these and it gives the teachers time to listen to various children read throughout the week! We had the opportunity to engage in;

  • Matching contractions to their extended version
  • Creating sight words-using playdough
  • Deciding appropriate punctuation endingsto sentences
  • Using whiteboardsto practice our words and letters
  • Aaron Blabeyfocus table with our favourite books to read and review
  • Reading with a teacher
  • Teach my Monster to Read


This morning we read through Stanley Paste, our shared reading story for the week. We are starting to really understand the themes apparent in the book including that of bullying.

What was happening in the clip?

  • Nhu – They were bullying and not really being a good friend
  • Neisha – It was about bullying
  • Kim – It was about standing up for yourself
  • Rehat – It was about anti-bullying and you should just stop or walk away from them

How do you think Stanley felt?

  • Jasmine – He feels sad
  • Ann – He feels lonely because he was the only kid who was little in his class
  • Aidan – He might be feeling frustrated

What can we do to stop bulling?

  • Raf – So you can speak up to the bully and get them to stop
  • Jasmine – Say stop I don’t like it
  • Ashvarn – You can just look at the bully and tell them to stop it
  • Ann – If they don’t stop you can just tell the teacher
  • Mary – I would tell them to be nice to others

After listening to McGruff’s thoughts on bullying and discussing our own in the class, we used our 100 languages to show our anti-bullying campaign! We had children paining, creating videos, drawing, using blocks and more!

  • Lucas, Raf, Deakyn, Daksh and Noah shared a video they created showing what to do when being bullied.
  • Holly and Jasmine also shared a video about what bullying is


As it is Catholic Identity Day tomorrow, we visited the library today and borrowed our readers for the week. Together we read another one of the shortlisted books for 2018;

We predicted what the story might be about;

  • Kim – Could be about penguins
  • Nhu – It is about the sky and now there is a second sky
  • Sonnie – I have seen this book before and I think it is about a sky


  • Deakyn – I liked that the was in the ocean
  • Sonnie – I liked the grass and trees in water like when he saw it
  • Nhu – I liked how he kept trying and trying until he got there
  • Rehat – I think he used his creativity learning power
  • Jed  – He was using Hope and Optimism
  • Kim – I think he used Creativity


We then came together to share our learning..

Ashvarn – I Shared the chocolate with 15 people and they got only 2 pieces each.

Rhoda – I shared 30 with 5 people, they got 6 pieces each.

Daksh –  I have 30 pieces of chocolate and i chose to share with 6 people and they got 5 pieces of chocolate each.



Our provocation to the children before investigations to lead us into Catholic Identity day tomorrow – Who is Jesus?

Who is Jesus to you?

  • Maddox: Is God
  • Magot: My father
  • Raf: A nice person
  • Llana: My heavenly father
  • Lucas: He is a kind and loving God
  • Rehat: Jesus is a person that made the world and he healed people
  • Holly: A kind person
  • Aidan W: He is joyful an helpful
  • Cierra: He is a kind and loving person
  • Keren: Jesus is a God that helps us
  • Tcross: I think he is a saviour to all people who made our world.

Our reflections of Jesus through play…

  • Ashvarn, Akemjot and sonnie used the lego to make “the village where Jesus lived”
  • Rhoda, Nhu, Tcross and Rehat made food to feed the poor
  • Cierra and Nevada were teaching about Jesus
  • Alex, Dion and Jaiden were using the blocks to build a Church
  • Nate and Sampan were building the home that Jesus lived in
  • Llana, Keren and Kiziah used the screens to play teachers, they taught about how to be kind like Jesus was.
  • Maddox and Jed created an i-movie about their image of Jesus
  • Jasmine and Holly chose to draw pictures/images of Jesus


  • Daniel  – MY speck of Gold was playing with Aiden at recess
  • Kurt – My speck of gold was playing with my friends in chaset
  • Kim –  My speck of gold was reading
  • Daksh – My speck of gold was doing who is Jesus
  • Ruby – My speck of gold was playing at Log Park with Neisha
  • Kiziah –  My speck of gold was playing with Keren and Llana
  • Akemjot – My speck of gold was playing handball chasey

Thanks for a wonderful day Year 2! Remember, tomorrow is Catholic Identity Day! 

Wednesday 27th June – Term 2 Week 9

Welcome and Good morning to Wednesday!!

What is happening today?


We went into our guided reading teams and worked together to solve the problems below!

One thing that happened in the book?

Holly: There were 9 planets in space

Keren: It was teaching us all about planets, Mars is the hottest planet

Aiden: All of the planets were around the sun, there are lots of planets, one is Mars.

Sonnie: The sun is actually a star and it is really hot, people cant live there, there is lava

Deakyn: The book taught about planets, the moves goes around the earth really really slow

Akemjot: Saturn has a lot of stars around it.

Sukhman: The moon moves around the earth

Group 3 – Recalling Water Facts;

  • Sampann – The waves flow on water and the hills go really deep and steep for the water
  • Justin – Water flows in mountains
  • Lucas – Ice is water but it is cold well frozen water
  • Raf – Water can also be ice


How did you use the Character Strength of Kindness in PE today?

  • Jasmine – I was kind to Miss Roberts because it was her birthday
  • Llana – I showed kindness by getting the ball for Neisha
  • Magot – I was kind because I was sitting and not talking when Miss Roberts was
  • Jaiden – I helped Ashvarn


Together we read through our shared reading text for the week – Stanley Paste. We discussed how being small would make Stanley feel.

  • Jake: I might feel bullied
  • Ann: I might feel sad that people may stomp on me
  • Kiziah: I would be sad because i cant see things
  • Mia: If i was really small because people may bully me or I cant reach a door to open
  • Lucas: I would be the best at limbo
  • Alex: I feel like ant man and could do things like ant-man
  • Tcross: I could hide in small places if we were playing hide and seek

We then did the below activity….


Nevada and Cierra led a class prayer about their families.

  • Daksh: Thank you for my family and for the food they give me.
  • Mary: Thank you for my family, i love them and feel lucky to have a family
  • Rhoda: Thank you for my family and supporting me, Amen.
  • Daniel: thank you for my family they are so nice Amen


What do you already know about division?

  • Sampan: its dividing
  • Nhu: Sharing

What can it help us do?

  • Sonnie: it is like sharing, like cutting things in half, you need to know how to share
  • Rehat: Division is something that you share in equal parts..

I have a problem….can you solve it?

Our responses…


  • Ashvarn – This is my nerf gun. It is a mega nerf gun. I play with it with my brother. Sometimes we have a nerf war. I try to aim for dots. It says Mega on it so to know it is mega. So it can shoot really high! You pull the black part up and down and then the orange thing shoots from there.


  • Nate – I liked playing with my brother at the oval and I liked doing the math!
  • Cierra – My speck of gold is playing with Nevada at Log Park

Have a great night everyone 🙂

Monday 25th June 2018 – Week 9 Term 2

Welcome to Week 9!


We began our morning with a range of literacy provocations, including:

  • Matching contractions to their extended version
  • Creating sight words using playdough
  • Deciding appropriate punctuation endings to sentences
  • Dictionaries and creating our own
  • Using whiteboards to practice our words and letters
  • Aaron Blabey focus table with our favourite books to read and review
  • Reading with a teacher
  • Teach my Monster to Read


Today we played handball on the courts and some of us completed a playground obstacle course.


We viewed the following story and then had a discussion.

Nhu: The mum was making cookies and the doorbell rang.

How many cookies did they start with?

Lucas: 12

How many people came to the door first?

Alex: 2

Lots of people kept coming and they were running out of cookies.

Jed: They need to divide them up.

Maths Challenge

Show us how you would share the 12 cookies between 3 people fairly.

Children recorded their thinking and learning in their numeracy journals. They used different materials and strategies to solve the problem, including:

  • blocks, counters, division circles
  • Adding, counting on, multiplication


Mia: Dear God, you gave us our life. Amen

Jasmin: Thank you for. making our Father. Amen

Neisha: Thank you for our house where we can live. Amen.

Nhu: Thank you for the food so we can survive. Amen.

Jake: Thank you for my mum because she’s adorbs. Amen.

Libby: Dear God, I’m sorry for upsetting my mum and my dad. Amen.

Mary: Thank you God for making us with your heart. Amen.


Libby: “This is my giant Pick Me Pop. I got it yesterday and it came with two of theses charms. One was a pink bunny and one was a blue bunny. I got it from Target, Hollywood Plaza and I sleep with it. I don’t have a name for it yet though.”

Jasmine: “I saw it at Target too”.

Ann: Does it smell like blueberry?

Nevada: I’ve got Pick me Pops at home.

Joseph: How much did it cost?


We had a look at the front cover. What do we think our new shared reading story will be about? 

  • Rehat – He looks small and he can’t reach really high
  • Nevada – He looks sad because he is not tall
  • Nhu – He looks worried and a bit upset because he can’t reach the chair
  • Cierra – His eyes look sad because he has to look up at the sky

After reading the story we split into pairs for a special task. We had to record our thoughts on one of the following statements;

Eva and Ebony: “We agree that people need to be accepting and kind because they won’t get bullied. If someone said ‘no you can’t play with me’ you might cry. Everyone is different in their own way”.

Aiden and Daniel: “I agree because he’s a little guy

Mia and Mary: “We think that he can get taller by eating fruit and sleeping because then each year you can get taller”.

Jake and Andy: “We agree that people need to be accepting and kind because I like being kind. We agree that the bullies get told off and that they realise that bullying is bad and they don’t bully people again”.

Holly and Jasmine: “We agree that people need to be more accepting and kind because we think they should be more kind and nice”.

Nevada and Cierra: “We disagree that boys and girls shouldn’t be friends because it doesn’t matter if you are different”.

Rehat and Libby: “We disagree that boys and girls shouldn’t be friends because even if you are a boy or a girl you can still be friends”.


After lunch, we continued with our investigations. This is a wonderful time of learning which allows children’s interests and creativity to lead their own learning experience. Strong learning interests at the moment include shops and restaurants.

  • Nathaniel –  I am making a plane, it is a push (force)
  • Mile – I will open a pizza shop and sell pizza to the class for free. It is Pizza Hut
  • Sonnie – Me and Justin and Kurt made a simulator on paper. It is like the laptop but we drew it
  • Ruby – We are making a pet shop. We sell pets like dogs and cats.
  • Nevada and Cierra – We have a food shop and we have a menu to show you too.


Aidan: My speck of gold was building with the blocks. We were building a house with blocks.

Aiden N: My speck of gold was playing in the sandpit with Tcross, Nhu and Natalie.

Catholic Identity Day – Friday 29th June 2018 – Shared Lunch


Dear Families,

On Friday 29thJune 2018 (week 9) our school will be celebrating our Catholic Identity.

2TD and 2IB and  1MR and 1JM will be working together on this day. We will be exploring our faith through a series of provocations and our ‘100 languages’.

We will also be having a shared lunch on the day. It would be appreciated if children could bring a small plate of food to share.  Please note that we are unable to heat any food and therefore, any hot food needs to be brought in to school prior to eating. Our shared lunch will take place at 12:15pm.

We look forward to a wonderful day of learning.

Kind regards,

Nicole Tropeano, Sinead Diotallevi, Michelle Rodgers, India Battifuoco and Jasmin Moore

Fun Friday – June 22 Term 2 Week 8

Welcome to FUN FRIDAY!!

Whats happening today?


  • Nathaniel – My brother dancing!
  • Libby – I liked the end dance
  • Daksh – I liked how they put the videos together
  • Kurt – The jokes!
  • Nevada – The dances
  • Holly – The jokes
  • Kristina – I like the jokes and the dances


In today’s library lesson we read another one of the Shortlisted Books for 2018. The story was called ‘Hark it’s me, Ruby Lee!’

We had a go at using our prediction skills to see what the story might be about. Considering the front cover didn’t give us too much of a clue, we used our imagination to have a guess;

  • Sampann – Maybe a little girl stuck in a village
  • Libby – It could be about an animal
  • Mia – It might be about a Hark!
  • Akemjot – I think it might be about a girl and a jungle

As a class, we rated the story 2/5 stars.

  • Lucas – I think it was too long
  • Sampann – It didn’t have enough excitement in it

We then borrowed our new books and began reading them in the library  🙂


Holly and Rhoda led a class prayer today about being helpful and caring for those who may not be able to hear or see. They then asked for some reflection prayers from the rest of the group…

  • Mia: Dear God I am thankful for my family. i am sorry for those who are deaf and cannot hear anything, Amen.
  • Nhu: Dear God, Please help my mum so she does not get sick.
  • Tcross: Dear God help me to be a better person, Amen
  • Daksh: Dear God I am very sorry for the people that cannont see, Amen
  • Eva: Dear God Please look after my brother who needs to have oxygen, Amen


We listened to these stories on youtube which had a focus on Refugee week…

We then went over to the hall to see the artwork from Refugee week that was displayed.

We then used these ideas as inspiration to create our own ideas for Refugee week…

The children were all very focused on this task as they took the time to add detail to their pictures… here are their designs.


The children had some time to choose their own activity…

Restaurants, restaurants and restaurants!! so much food…so popular!

Making toys – Nate was making a blade blade with lego. Neisha and Ruby were very busy using different materials to make soft teddy bears!

Eva and Ebony were making a car!

Kim and Libby were busy creating things for their ‘club’!



  • Sampann – These are my favourite fidget spinners. One is the colour of my country. I have different colour ones at home.

Thank you to Bella who brought in some delicious treats for us to share for her birthday. Happy Birthday for Sunday!

Happy weekend all!!! 

Tremendous Thursday – Week 8 Term 2

Hi Bloggers!
Welcome to Thursday June 21 🙂 

We began our day with a beautiful liturgy led by 2DT. The liturgy focused on friendship. We all read with confidence and showed a growth mindset to reading aloud in front of a large group of people. After the gospel we reflected on what we appreciate in our friends. 

  • Sonnie – They are kind
  • Daniel – They are fun
  • Ashvarn – happy
  • Jake – Super super hilarious
  • Justin – Kindness
  • Raf – Being nice
  • Deakyn – Amazing
  • Aiden – Family
  • Noah – Funny
  • Ruby – Kind
  • Neisha – They care for you
  • Llana – My friends make me laugh
  • Sukhman – Playing
  • Dion – They are cool
  • Holly –  They are kind
  • Mia – They are supportive


Tying in with the theme of our Liturgy, today we discussed the theme of friendship after listening to our shared reading story ‘Pearl Barley and Charlie Parsley.’ 

What do you think makes them good friends?

  • TCross – They like to help each other when one is sad or worried
  • Ann – When one forgets their mittens the other makes them warm as toast
  • Rehat – When Pearl gets tired, Charlie looks after her and tucks her into bed

What do you love about your friend?

  • Jasmine – They help you to write or read and make you feel better
  • Libby – If I don’t have anyone to play with they will help me
  • Mia – They play with me
  • Akemjot – They play handball with me
  • Rehat – They make you laugh
  • Neisha – When I have lost something they help me find it. She likes things like me

We discussed the importance of handwriting. We then recorded what we personally think makes a good friend. Have a read of some of our heartwarming responses 🙂 


Jasmine and Holly led a special prayer with the class … “thank you God”

  • Mia: Dear God I am grateful that I have enough food to eat.
  • Rhoda: Dear God when my friends are sad I support them.
  • Ashvarn: Dear God thank you for the classes.
  • Daksh: Thank you for our friends are making us happy.
  • Sukhman: Thank you for my cousin.
  • Daniel: Thank you for making our families and the world.


Has anyone heard of the word division?

Jake – ive heard of it but unsure what it means.

Jasmine – taking away

Ashvarn – yeah it means…sharing

We then watched this clip on youtube..

We reflected on the clip…

Joesph – if you had 8 flowers and 2 vases you make it fair so put 4 in each vase

Ann – so division is in like halves. If one has more than the other it is not fair

Daksh – it is about equalling the same

Jed – its abit like fractions but you divide things into each group

We then played musical statues…when the music stops make groups of….

Then we explored this concept of division and grouping through play and recording.

Sharing and reflection about what we did…

  • Libby: I was using the gems..i divided the gems into 5, there was 2 groups, both groups had 5 so there was 10 altogether.
  • Dion and Jed shared an i-movie they made about sharing popsticks (lollipops) “we made 2 groups of 11…they were the same in each group”
  • Jake shared his work on the laptops “i made 2 groups of 2 which equals 4 altogether”.
  • Ruby shared an i-movie


  • Rhoda – This is my old toy. I have had it since I was a baby. I like doing my work with it. I got this from my aunty.
  • Jasmine – These are my drawings and I  searched them on the internet to help me. I drew lots of different girls because they were so cute I Couldn’t resist.


We continued on with our World Cup Inquiry guernseys!


Wintery Wednesday June 20 – Week 8 Term 2

Hello Bloggers!
Welcome to a Wintery Wednesday 🙂 

  • Just a quick reminder that 2TD have their class liturgy tomorrow morning at 9am where all parents are welcome.
  • We are also still collecting bottles as part of a whole school initiative – feel free to bring in from home!


As we focus on Information Reports during our literacy learning, today’s guided reading focus was exactly that. Each group read through their own Information Report book and reflected using their 100 languages about what they had learned.  


Upon return to class from our PE lesson we used our knowledge surrounding the CLARA Learning Powers to reflect on our lesson. 


Today for prayer we said the ‘Our Father’ prayer together. 

  • Kristina – Dear God, thank you for my friends and family. Amen.
  • Mary – Dear God, thank you for everything ike friend and families. Amen.
  • Nevada – Thank you for my mum my dad, my sisters and my pets. Amen
  • Daniel – Thank you for making our families and friends. Amen.
  • TCross – Dear God, thank you for my friends for being on my side. Amen.
  • Daksh – Thank you for our houses so we can stay safe. Amen.
  • Ashvarn – Sorry for hurting my friends. Amen.


We began our numeracy session with a fun, exciting and challenging game of KAHOOT! The questions focussed all around our fraction learning over the past fortnight. 

After this, we were given the opportunity to showcase our knowledge surrounding fractions. It was a challenge to be able to show halves, quarters, eighths and any other fractions we know! 



  • Rhoda – We did Kahoot with colours in Spanish
  • Dion – If you won Kahoot you got a lolly


As World Cup fever sweeps through the country and our school, this afternoon we spent some time discussing what the event is all about! We had a look at some of the highlights from a game and were in awe of the skills shown!

We then used our 100 languages to show what we understand the international event to be and even created our own teams!

  • Nathaniel – Roosters
  • Neisha – Powerful Kittens
  • Mile – Real Madrid 2.0
  • Aidan – Port Power
  • Raf – The Fire Dragons
  • Lucas – Lucas the Power
  • Ruby – Adelaide Kittens
  • Dion – The Reds
  • Alex – MIG Kids
  • Eva – Unicorn Love

Thanks for a wonderful day Year 2 – keep warm & see you tomorrow!!!! 🙂