Fun Friyay August 31 – Week 6 Term 3!

Hi all! Welcome to Friyay August 31!

Today we have a super busy day with the Father’s Day Stall, Rainbow Wrap making and Catch-Up School Photos!


  • Sampann – I liked the dad jokes alert
  • Ash – I liked the dad jokes
  • Magot – I like the national anthem

Why is your dad special? 


Looking after our environment. We looked at the data from KEESAB about the bins at Holy Family…below is the data collated from our schools bins!

Why should we change this?


How could we change this?


Children then did a reflection on how they could make change happen here at Holy Family!!!





What would you do if YOU were Prime Minister?

  • Mary – I would give poor people some more money so they could buy food.
  • Kurt – I would give money to the poor.
  • Sonnie – I would put bubble wrap around everywhere you walk so it would sound funny and pop when you walk, it would make you laugh
  • Holly – I would make lots of healthy food for everyone.
  • Tcross – I would make sure everyone had enough money and there is no bad people, I would want everyone to feel safe.
  • Cierra – I would build robots to do all the jobs so people could spend more time with their families
  • Nhu – All the foods would be free in the shops, a big fence around Australia to keep us safe.
  • Akemjot – I would make shops near homes so you don’t have to drive far
  • Chelsea – I would give everyone cake – ALL around the world!!
  • Jake – I would make the world have no money so everything was for free.
  • Ebony – I would clean the seas everyday, so all the sea animals had clean homes.
  • Aidan – I would help everyone to be rich so they can have food.
  • Sukhman – I would let everyone play on their laptops, even on a school day.
  • Dion – I would teach everyone how to play soccer.
  • Aiden – I would be just like Donald Trump, I would be a good boss
  • Magot – I would give all the poor people a house
  • Kristina – I would let the whole world rich
  • Jed – I would make the rule that you can only play soccer every second of the day
  • Libby – I would give half of my money to the poor people
  • Sampann – If I were the PM I would do every day is a holiday!
  • Ann – If you see poor people you have to donate money
  • Llana – I would save people so they are safe
  • Neisha – I would give every kid an ice cream


Firstly we made our delicious wraps using healthy RAINBOW ingredients.

We had grain wraps, carrots, purple cabbage, corn, lettuce, mushrooms, sprouts, ham, chicken, cheese and mayo!!


After making the wraps we recorded a PROCEDURE of how to make them!


  • Nevada – My speck of gold was making donuts with Cierra
  • Holly – My speck of gold was rainbow wraps
  • Kurt – My speck of gold was making rainbow wraps
  • Sonnie – My speck of gold is playing with Daniel and Aiden
  • Eva – My speck of gold is playing with Ebonie
  • Mary – My speck of gold is playing with Kiziah, Keren and Llana
  • Dion – My speck of gold is playing with Lucas and Jed
  • Jasmine – My speck of gold was playing with Ann and Bella
  • Ash – I was playing Minecraft with

Happy weekend everyone!!!

Thursday 30th August – Week 6 term 3

Hello and welcome to Thursday week 6 term 3!!



My Dad by Anthony Browne

My Dad is…..

  • Rehat:

Children were then invited to create something for their Dad/special person for fathers day, using their 100 languages.

What special day is happening this weekend?

Libby: Father’s Day

Does anyone have anything they would like to share about their dad?

Jasmine: My dad works at a farm to get a lot of money for the family.

Nathaniel: My dad likes to get on his bike and ride to my aunty’s and he has a little scooter.

Akemjot: My dad likes to go to work and he comes home late.

Holly: My dad likes to play with me outside.

Kristina: I like my dad because he loves me.

Ashvarn: My dad is about to be a police officer.

Cierra: My dad’s joyful and fun to be around and he loves building.

Alex: My dad is good at Terraria.

Mary: My dad’s job is to collect blood and he still has time for me. He sometimes when he cooks dinner he lets me eat some.

Deakyn: My dad works at a car place near Bunnings.

Rehat: My dad is serious about things. I like going somewhere with him.

Dion: I like kicking the ball with my dad.

Libby: My dad loves playing football.


Today we viewed another story about making bread.!/media/30321/how-do-you-make-bread-


Rehat: Please don’t leave us alone. Please always be there to help us. Amen.

Llana: Thank you for my friends and family so they can support me. Amen.

Mary: Thank you for my new friend Chelsea and my friends Kiziah and Llana. Amen.

Nathaniel: I love my dad because he is silly. Amen.

Ashvarn: I thought about the story that he prayed and then he got the things. Amen.


what is perimeter?

Nevada: It’s like all around something

What did we discover yesterday?

Jed: That the oval was 503 steps and also the soccer goal.

Rehat: When I measured the perimeter of the oval it was 1587 steps.

Ashvarn: I measured the footy goals and it was 18 steps.

Nathaniel: I measured log part and it was 325 steps.

We then measured the perimeter of our laptop in 3 different ways, one of which must be in centimetres using a ruler. 


tomorrow we are going to make rainbow wraps. Look at the food pyramid….

How can we include all the foods from the pyramid?

Rehat: Dairy

Nevada: Fruit

Ruby: Protein

Nathaniel: Dairy

Akemjot: Grain

Can you help by creating a shopping list?

Nevada: Cucumber

Kurt: Carrot

Sonnie: Mandarin

Libby: Chicken

Rehat: Ham

Lucas: Lettuce

Children then recorded a list of foods they would include in their ‘ultimate rainbow wrap’.

Jed – chicken, mayonnaise, lettuce, carrot, cucumber and cheese.
Samurai – salad and carrot.
Maddox – chicken, lettuce
Nathaniel – pineapple, taco meat, yoghurt on the side
Ashvarn – banana, pear, apple and a carrot
Ann – carrot, lettuce, tomato and cucumber
Lucas- carrot, lettuce, tomato, cucumber and ham.
Noah – carrot, lettuce, ham, cucumber and chicken.
Jasmine – tomato, melon and corn.
Kristina – lettuce, chicken, carrot, cucumber, green bell pepper
Bella – corn, lettuce, carrot, chicken.


We continued with our play-based personal inquiry investigations this afternoon:

Jasmine, Bella, Ann and Holly: Making their own 3D birds-eye view house with their own characters.

Jaiden and Aiden: Making a 3D birds-eye view of a house with two bedrooms, yard, kitchen and a bath.

Nevada, Cierra, Ebony and Eva: Continued to build their friendship bracelet shop. They included signage on the screen and had their customers write down their order for the colour friendship bracelet, ring or pom pom they wanted. In the corner, they were busy making them whilst their customers sat on chairs and waited for their order. It got so busy with orders, they had to close the shop!

Samurai and Maddox: Built a zoo using blocks. We discussed the different animals in their zoo. Samurai said ‘the eagle is on the watch tower’.


We hope you all had a great day!!

Wednesday 29th August – Week 6 Term 3

Good morning all and welcome to this BEAUTIFUL Wednesday!

With the sun shining we are hoping to spend some extra time outside today 🙂

What is happening today?


What learning power/character strength did you use in PE?


To begin we read our shared reading text, we discussed information books.

The children then continued to be authors of their own books.

We saw books about:

  • Mary: about Cheetas
  • Jake: Fnaf, its a kind of game
  • Nevada: mermaids
  • Kurt: how to roblox
  • Kiziah: its called my biggest nightmare
  • Eva: a series of Bff books
  • Cierra: its about two little unicorns

In their writing children were practicing sight words, sentence structure, narrative writing, letter formation, punctuation and sounding out strategies!!

Mrs Diotallevi also spent some time doing 1:1 reading/running records with children – it was fantastic to see the children use learnt skills whilst reading. They have been practicing chunking, fluency and expression!!

Remember to borrow the right leveled reader, bring in your reader everyday 🙂


  • Libby – Thank you god for our teachers and our school. Amen.
  • Kristina – Dear God thank you for the teachers to let us learn. Amen.
  • Mary – Dear God, thank you for the kindness what is around the world and the teachers and my friends and family.and make them love. Amen.
  • Holly – Dear God, thank you for school so we have teachers to help us learn more about maths.
  • Ash – Thank you for kindness. If we didn’t have kindness how would we play with friends? Amen.
  • Kiziah – Dear God, thank you for my friends. Amen.


Today we continued on with our shared reading viewing –!/media/30312/making-bread-from-flour. We engaged in different investigations surrounding procedures and how things are made.

  • Jed and Lucas created an iMovie on how to make bread
  • Kristina, Natalie, Rhoda, Nhu and Rehat worked hard in the kitchen to create some new recipes!
  • Ann and Holly created a book on how to make a character
  • Neisha and Ruby were making blueberry ice cream and describing how it is made
  • Mary was drawing different types of bread “some breads are more browner than other breads, some have seeds ontop, or some are really white. I like brown better, it tastes nicer than white bread also brown bread is very healthy. i like to toast my bread and put butter on it”
  • Deakyn was recording and telling his friends about how to make pancakes – “you buy a pancake bottle, put water in, then pour it into a pan, let it fry, then flip it over. You can put custard and strawberries ontop”
  • Alex and Jaiden were recording a very detailed diagram and written piece about how bread is made.
  • Justin, Nate and Andy were making a shop and a bakery together to sell food, they were taking turns and sharing their ideas with each other
  • Sonnie is using the blocks with his peers to create a bakery, “you can buy things like bread and cakes from here, the bread is made over here with flour and salt, some people are allergic to flour so they make no wheat bread for them”.
  • Jake was creating ‘bread diagrams’ on the laptop and said: “first you need wheat to make flour, then you need flour, water and oil and yeast to make the bread. The yeast makes the bread go bigger”


What is perimeter?

  • Ash – It is like around
  • Rehat –  It is around a shape

Perimeter is the distance all the way around something.

How can we measure perimeter?

  • Sampann – Centimetres and blocks
  • Joseph – Metres
  • Akemjot – Use a ruler
  • TCross – String and unifix cubes

We then went outside to explore the notion of perimeter around the oval!


  • Ashvarn – “That is my mums brother. I went to Melbourne at SkyDeck. Thats the wife and she is my aunty. I went there to meet my cousins. It is the biggest building in Melbourne. You get to the top in the lift. The highest place is on 88. I thought I was falling down. I could see a building next to it.

Thanks for a great day everyone!!

Tuesday August 28 – Week 6 Term 3

Hi Bloggers!
Welcome to Tuesday August 28!


Akemjot: I read a story on YouTube and it was a Peter Rabbit one.

Cierra: We did some warm up with music and then we read a story.

Tcross: We were listening to a song and then Mrs Crisp asked us if we had any more ideas for actions and then we read a book. We did three different things. We did two different dances and we read a book.

Rehat: We were dancing to a bunny song and we had to twitch our nose and show our bunny ears and then we read a bunny book that was related to the bunny song.


Our prayers today were a beautiful example of the character strengths and learning powers we have been learning so much about.

Jasmine: Dear God, thank you for Holy Family where we can make new friends and discover new learning powers. Amen

Deakyn: Thank you for Kurt, Sonnie, Alex and Noah so we can play at the sand pit. Amen.

Holly: Thank you for Holy Family so we can play with new friends and get more friends. Amen.

Rehat: Thank you for the principal how he does stuff for us. Amen.

Tcross: Thank you for the teachers at Holy Family because they are very nice and kind and the principal because if we didn’t have a good principal we wouldn’t be able to have our book club. Amen.

Nhu: Thank you for my friends because we can work together and discuss a plan to do stuff together. Amen.


We viewed our shared viewing story surrounding how bread is made and then engaged in various different provocations surrounding how things are made and different procedures.


Today the children continued to investigate their height in 3 different ways, one of which had to be centimetres.


Monday August 27 – Week 6 Term 3

Hi all! Welcome to a Sunny Monday!
We hope your weekend was filled with many specks of gold!


We began our day with a special class prayer focussing on Character Strengths. We sang a song together and shared our thoughts.

What do you think is your character strength?

  • Sampann – Collaboration because I work well with other people
  • Akemjot – My character strength is creativity because I create stuff everyday
  • Jake – Dear God, thank you for making my character strength love because I love my family. Amen.
  • Mary – Thank you for making me kind to other people. Amen.


Our focus this week is a short clip about how bread is made. Our focus the past couple of weeks has been procedures and how things are made before moving into our Writer’s Workshop.


  • Rehat – It means like accepting other people
  • Sampann – Appreciating everything
  • Jake – You need to appreciate other people

We discussed that there are 3 different types of beauty:

  • Physical beauty:
    Something you hear, see that you are in awe and wonder of.
  • Skill or Talent:
    Something that inspires you to achieve you own goals.
    Something you admire.
  • Moral Beauty:
    Makes you want to be more loving, caring, a better person.
  • We went on a walk around the school on the hunt for things we find beautiful and sketched them in our visual diary…

Rehat: I like the whole school because there are some special things we like to look at. I think it’s a bit rude to not just look at things that don’t look nice because they are there to try and make the world beautiful in some way.

Rafael: I saw a duck under the tree. It was beautiful because we don’t really often see ducks far away from the lake.

Akemjot: I drew the blossom trees, the plants, the sun and my friend, the goal post, the rocks, log park, the fish farm and grass. I think the blossom trees look beautiful because they have nice colour on them.

Mary: I saw some of those big birds with a long neck and they looked very pretty.

Sampann: I saw a blossom tree and I draw the blossom in my picture. It is beautiful because it does nice colours.


Measurement Provocation – Can you measure your height in 3 different ways? One way must be centimetres.


  • Jed showed some of his classmates a Kahoot that he made at home. The Kahoot was all about Pokemon.
  • Maddox and Sam made a zoo using the blocks.
  • Noah, Alex, Jaiden and Andy continued exploring procedures and created their own YouTube play buttons.
  • Holly, Ann, Jasmine, Nathaniel, Kiziah, Keren and Llana made cornflour slime.
  • Neisha and Ruby continued creating their shop.


Lucas: My speck of gold is having investigations. I made a ‘Kahoot’ about measurement.

Aiden N: My speck of gold is playing in the sandpit with Alex, Sonnie and Noah at recess. We were digging for treasure and we made a big, big city.

Jasmine: My speck of gold is when I was playing chase with Joseph, Ann and Bella and Holly and Joseph was trying to catch us.

Jake: My speck of gold was playing Baldi at lunch time with Akemjot, Sampann, Sukman, Maddox and Justin.


BOOK WEEK Friyay August 24 – Week 5 Term 3

Hi Bloggers!

Welcome to Friyay August 24! Today we celebrate Book Week together 🙂


This mornings assembly was led by R/1EN and 6/7HM. The theme of the assembly was celebrating books and finding our own treasure!

  • Nevada – I liked the dancing
  • Sampann – I liked the A-Z song!
  • Cierra – I liked how people were reading a story in different languages
  • Rehat – I liked the A-Z song and the YCMA part
  • Holly – I liked the A-Z song!
  • Jasmine – I liked the when people were reading the story.
  • Mary – My favourite bit was when they did the Macarena
  • Raf – My favourite part was when they did the book order


After assembly we spent some time in the courtyard having fitness in character! Take a look and see if you can find some of your own favourite book characters!


Together we shared the Lord’s Prayer. 

  • Libby – Thank you God for my friends and teachers and the world. Amen.
  • Mary – Dear God, thank you for my family and keeping everyone kind.
  • Daniel – Thank you for making our family. Amen.
  • Jasmine – Dear God. Thank you for book week so we can dress up as our favourite characters. Amen.
  • Holly – Dear God, , thank you for book week and all books. Amen.
  • Nevada – Dear God, thank you for the teachers. Amen.


After recess we met with many other classes to show off our Book Week 2018 costumes! We danced around in character and waved to everybody watching us!

  • Cierra – I saw cookie monster my sister
  • Sonnie – I saw Miss B
  • Kristina – I saw the clown IT
  • Deakyn – I saw a panda dude
  • Samurai – I saw the dinosaur
  • Aidan – I saw Minecraft creeper
  • Neisha – I saw a black cat and a twin unicorn
  • Jed –  I saw Mario
  • Eva – I saw my sister as a unicorn
  • Jasmine – I Saw my brother wearing a onesie
  • Nevada – I saw my sister in a cat in the hat costume


Building on our visit to the Fish Farm on Tuesday surrounding Food chains and Webs, today we read the story “Longneck’s Billabong”. Together we discussed the different fish in the fish farm and what a Billabong actually is. We could see the food chain coming together!

True or False?

  • Baby turtles hatch in the summer months? – Nevada “True!”
  • Turtle eggs, when they’re buried are always safe? – Kim “False!”
  • Can frogs eat snakes? – Nate “True!”
  • Can snakes eat frogs? – Joseph “True!”
  • Can turtles eat pelicans? – Holly “False!”
  • Billabongs are made when a river floods – Sonnie “True!”
  • Australia has native rats – Jed “True!”
  • The Murray Cod is Australia’s smallest fish – Jasmine “False!” 
  • When the next lot of turtle eggs were hatched after long neck had hatched, Longneck would be 5 months old – Akemjot “False!” 

PROVOCATION – What is your favourite book and why?


Our investigations today had a Book Week focus. We discussed this years theme of ‘Finding our Treasure’ and brainstormed different activities we might like to do.

  • Sampann, Jake, Justin and Kristina all created their own measurement Kahoots!
  • Raf, Subhuman, Lucas, Joseph, Dion, Noah, Akemjot all used ICT to create characters from the winning story of 2018 – Rodney!
  • Deakyn, Alex, Daniel, Kurt, Aiden all made props for their dress ups!
  • Liana created her own bookmark


  • Dion – Playing soccer at lunch
  • Holly – My speck of gold was the parade
  • Akemjot – My speck of gold is dressing up as Captain America
  • Daniel – My favourite part was other peoples costumes
  • Jaiden – My speck of gold is playing soccer
  • Ruby – My speck of gold playing with friends
  • Sukhman – My speck of gold is playing Minecraft at lunch
  • TCross – My favourite part was when we went to the hall and we did the fashion show
  • Cierra – My speck of gold today was seeing my sister
  • Kim – My speck of gold was building a nest inside the oval for the other birds

Thank you for such a fun filled Book Week Celebration Year 2!