Thursday 9th August – Week 3 term 3

Welcome to Thursday of term 3 week 3!!

Whats happening today?



To the hall for a final practice with our buddies.

Tomorrow is our BIG day! Assembly is in the hall at 9am.



Please be on time to school. Meet us over in the hall at 8.45am. Leave you school bags in your locker as the classroom will be locked.

Please Wear your SPORTS UNIFORM.

If you have any ‘chef/cooking hats, apron etc’ please wear tomorrow over your sports uniform.



We listened to some quiet reflection music while we thought peacefully about a prayer to God.

Some of us shared a prayer with the class group;

  • Rhoda: Thank you God for my family because they are nice. Amen
  • Kim: Thank you God for Mai-Anh and Mary for playing with me. Amen
  • Mary: God, Thanks for my family, friends, water and my house. Amen
  • Nathaniel: Dear God, please look after my nannys dog in heaven. Amen
  • Rehat: please keep the world safe forever God, Amen
  • Ashvarn: Dear God, I hope to be a soccer player Amen
  • Mai- Anh: thank you for my cousins Amen



Teach my monster to Read.
Reading with our buddies and the teacher (teachers completing running records with individual students during this time).


We continued with our shared reading investigations around this. Children were invited to try a different activity:

  • Write a letter to convince someone to eat green eggs and ham
  • Rhyming words
  • Painting foods
  • Write and draw another picture to add to the book
  • Imovie to retell the story


  • Sukhman – We were making a video
  • Akemjot – Me and Justin were writing on the laptop like what happened in the story and in the beginning he didn’t like it but at the end he did
  • Kiziah – I was painting with Lana and Keen. I painted food that didn’t look good but tastes good like broccoli
  • Mary – I made a restaurant with Mai-Anh and Kim. We made disgusting things but were yum like seafood.
  • Llana – Me, Keren and Kiziah were acting out the book
  • Aiden – We were making the rhyming words, we did them all
  • Sonnie – I made an origami person as Sam and I did it for the whole time
  • Nhu – We were making an iMovie and we were making the book
  • Ashvarn – Ashvarn shared his story on the screen with us. It was all about Green Eggs and Ham.



Measurement focus.


We then did measurement on maths prodigy.


Whole school assembly where a lady from Keesab came, she had spent the day auditing our schools bins.

Some important things to remember – try nude food!! remember to recycle or reuse. If you dont like what your parents pack you for lunch, talk to them about instead of chucking it in the bin.


  • Akemjot: doing prodigy
  • Jed: practicing assembly
  • Dion: Assembly practice
  • Sonnie: playing on the oval with Kurt


Thanks all – have a FANTASTIC night 🙂 🙂

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