BOOK WEEK Friyay August 24 – Week 5 Term 3

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Welcome to Friyay August 24! Today we celebrate Book Week together 🙂


This mornings assembly was led by R/1EN and 6/7HM. The theme of the assembly was celebrating books and finding our own treasure!

  • Nevada – I liked the dancing
  • Sampann – I liked the A-Z song!
  • Cierra – I liked how people were reading a story in different languages
  • Rehat – I liked the A-Z song and the YCMA part
  • Holly – I liked the A-Z song!
  • Jasmine – I liked the when people were reading the story.
  • Mary – My favourite bit was when they did the Macarena
  • Raf – My favourite part was when they did the book order


After assembly we spent some time in the courtyard having fitness in character! Take a look and see if you can find some of your own favourite book characters!


Together we shared the Lord’s Prayer. 

  • Libby – Thank you God for my friends and teachers and the world. Amen.
  • Mary – Dear God, thank you for my family and keeping everyone kind.
  • Daniel – Thank you for making our family. Amen.
  • Jasmine – Dear God. Thank you for book week so we can dress up as our favourite characters. Amen.
  • Holly – Dear God, , thank you for book week and all books. Amen.
  • Nevada – Dear God, thank you for the teachers. Amen.


After recess we met with many other classes to show off our Book Week 2018 costumes! We danced around in character and waved to everybody watching us!

  • Cierra – I saw cookie monster my sister
  • Sonnie – I saw Miss B
  • Kristina – I saw the clown IT
  • Deakyn – I saw a panda dude
  • Samurai – I saw the dinosaur
  • Aidan – I saw Minecraft creeper
  • Neisha – I saw a black cat and a twin unicorn
  • Jed –  I saw Mario
  • Eva – I saw my sister as a unicorn
  • Jasmine – I Saw my brother wearing a onesie
  • Nevada – I saw my sister in a cat in the hat costume


Building on our visit to the Fish Farm on Tuesday surrounding Food chains and Webs, today we read the story “Longneck’s Billabong”. Together we discussed the different fish in the fish farm and what a Billabong actually is. We could see the food chain coming together!

True or False?

  • Baby turtles hatch in the summer months? – Nevada “True!”
  • Turtle eggs, when they’re buried are always safe? – Kim “False!”
  • Can frogs eat snakes? – Nate “True!”
  • Can snakes eat frogs? – Joseph “True!”
  • Can turtles eat pelicans? – Holly “False!”
  • Billabongs are made when a river floods – Sonnie “True!”
  • Australia has native rats – Jed “True!”
  • The Murray Cod is Australia’s smallest fish – Jasmine “False!” 
  • When the next lot of turtle eggs were hatched after long neck had hatched, Longneck would be 5 months old – Akemjot “False!” 

PROVOCATION – What is your favourite book and why?


Our investigations today had a Book Week focus. We discussed this years theme of ‘Finding our Treasure’ and brainstormed different activities we might like to do.

  • Sampann, Jake, Justin and Kristina all created their own measurement Kahoots!
  • Raf, Subhuman, Lucas, Joseph, Dion, Noah, Akemjot all used ICT to create characters from the winning story of 2018 – Rodney!
  • Deakyn, Alex, Daniel, Kurt, Aiden all made props for their dress ups!
  • Liana created her own bookmark


  • Dion – Playing soccer at lunch
  • Holly – My speck of gold was the parade
  • Akemjot – My speck of gold is dressing up as Captain America
  • Daniel – My favourite part was other peoples costumes
  • Jaiden – My speck of gold is playing soccer
  • Ruby – My speck of gold playing with friends
  • Sukhman – My speck of gold is playing Minecraft at lunch
  • TCross – My favourite part was when we went to the hall and we did the fashion show
  • Cierra – My speck of gold today was seeing my sister
  • Kim – My speck of gold was building a nest inside the oval for the other birds

Thank you for such a fun filled Book Week Celebration Year 2!

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