Fun Friyay August 31 – Week 6 Term 3!

Hi all! Welcome to Friyay August 31!

Today we have a super busy day with the Father’s Day Stall, Rainbow Wrap making and Catch-Up School Photos!


  • Sampann – I liked the dad jokes alert
  • Ash – I liked the dad jokes
  • Magot – I like the national anthem

Why is your dad special? 


Looking after our environment. We looked at the data from KEESAB about the bins at Holy Family…below is the data collated from our schools bins!

Why should we change this?


How could we change this?


Children then did a reflection on how they could make change happen here at Holy Family!!!





What would you do if YOU were Prime Minister?

  • Mary – I would give poor people some more money so they could buy food.
  • Kurt – I would give money to the poor.
  • Sonnie – I would put bubble wrap around everywhere you walk so it would sound funny and pop when you walk, it would make you laugh
  • Holly – I would make lots of healthy food for everyone.
  • Tcross – I would make sure everyone had enough money and there is no bad people, I would want everyone to feel safe.
  • Cierra – I would build robots to do all the jobs so people could spend more time with their families
  • Nhu – All the foods would be free in the shops, a big fence around Australia to keep us safe.
  • Akemjot – I would make shops near homes so you don’t have to drive far
  • Chelsea – I would give everyone cake – ALL around the world!!
  • Jake – I would make the world have no money so everything was for free.
  • Ebony – I would clean the seas everyday, so all the sea animals had clean homes.
  • Aidan – I would help everyone to be rich so they can have food.
  • Sukhman – I would let everyone play on their laptops, even on a school day.
  • Dion – I would teach everyone how to play soccer.
  • Aiden – I would be just like Donald Trump, I would be a good boss
  • Magot – I would give all the poor people a house
  • Kristina – I would let the whole world rich
  • Jed – I would make the rule that you can only play soccer every second of the day
  • Libby – I would give half of my money to the poor people
  • Sampann – If I were the PM I would do every day is a holiday!
  • Ann – If you see poor people you have to donate money
  • Llana – I would save people so they are safe
  • Neisha – I would give every kid an ice cream


Firstly we made our delicious wraps using healthy RAINBOW ingredients.

We had grain wraps, carrots, purple cabbage, corn, lettuce, mushrooms, sprouts, ham, chicken, cheese and mayo!!


After making the wraps we recorded a PROCEDURE of how to make them!


  • Nevada – My speck of gold was making donuts with Cierra
  • Holly – My speck of gold was rainbow wraps
  • Kurt – My speck of gold was making rainbow wraps
  • Sonnie – My speck of gold is playing with Daniel and Aiden
  • Eva – My speck of gold is playing with Ebonie
  • Mary – My speck of gold is playing with Kiziah, Keren and Llana
  • Dion – My speck of gold is playing with Lucas and Jed
  • Jasmine – My speck of gold was playing with Ann and Bella
  • Ash – I was playing Minecraft with

Happy weekend everyone!!!

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  1. I liked the rainbow wrap that you did it was really really fun and tasted good and investigation cause it was really really fun
    from Holly 😹😀 I had fun

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