Thursday 27th September – Week 10 term 3

Goodmorning and welcome to Thursday 🙂


Father Sam came to visit and put a special blessing on our pets. Some of us brought in our pets.

ST FRANCIS – Prayer for animals

  • Nevada – We need to look after out pets
  • Nhu – We have to try not to be angry with our pets

Create a special prayer for animals.

  • Joseph – Dear God, thank you for my pet budgie because I really love him. Amen.
  • Libby – Thank you God for pets because if we didn’t have pets we wouldn’t have anyone to play with. Pets are nice to play with sometimes when they aren’t mad but are happy!
  • Mary – Dear God thank you for the pets so we aren’t alone ever
  • Jasmine – Dear God, thank you for the pets so we can play with them so we can hear and see them. Amen.
  • Jake – Dear God, thank you for making pugs because they look really cute. Amen.
  • Holly – Dear God, thank you for our pets so we won’t be alone. Amen.
  • TCross – We need to make sure the animals feel loved and taken care of. Amen.

Reflection/revision of this term!




Out on the oval/log park.

children were playing footy, cricket and soccer.

Also had children having running races and building creations at log park!!




We continued with ‘made in the image of God’ program.

Hope you all had a great day – see you tomorrow!!


Wednesday September 26 – Week 10 Term 3

Hi Bloggers! Welcome to a sunny, warm Wednesday! 

Just a reminder that tomorrow the Junior Primary classes would like to celebrate the Patron Saint of animals by holding a ‘Pets Morning’. Father Shibu will conduct a blessing of the animals. Thank you to those who have volunteered to bring in their pets. The morning will begin at 9am and conclude at 10am in The Piazza and also encompass a pet parade.


  • Jed – In PE we did the spring board and hop scotch
  • Natalie – We got to use the ribbons
  • Jasmine – We have to jump on the board and land on the grass


This morning we went upstairs to visit the Year 6/7 Learning Showcase of their History work throughout the term! We saw so many exciting and engaging diorama , writing and even different foods from different countries!

We came back to class and practiced our sentence writing to describe what we saw! Remembering full stops, capital letters, finger spaces and to use detail! 


Sampann and Jake led us in prayer today. They read the story of King David.

  • Jasmine – Dear God, thank you for my friends because they help me when I am sad and play with me. Amen.
  • Mai-Anh – Dear God, thank you for my two little brothers. Amen.
  • Joseph – Dear God, thank you for my mum because she is always helping me with things when I am struggling. Amen.
  • Ash – Thank you for my friends for playing soccer. Amen.
  • Nate – Thank you for my best friend because he plays with me. Amen.
  • Mary – Dear God, thank you for my family so I am not alone. Amen.
  • Akemjot – Dear God, thank yo for my friends and family. Amen.
  • Daniel – Dear God, thank yo for my friends because if we didn’t have any we would be lonely. Amen.


A super important part of learning is the reflecting process. We are spending time this week reflecting on the various different learning experiences we have had this term. Today we focussed on Numeracy!



Tuesday 25th September 2018 – Week 10 Term 3

Welcome to terrific Tuesday 🙂 



We began our writer’s workshop session with a mini lesson on writing a complete sentence.

We learnt that a sentence includes:

  • A capital letter
  • A complete idea
  • Spaces between words
  • A full stop, exclamation mark or question mark.

We played a little game called ‘Is this a sentence?” before the children continued writing their own books, focusing on writing full and complete sentences.


Kim: Thank you God for the trees. Amen

Akemjot: Thank you God for my best friends. Amen.

Holly: Thank you for everyone so that can be a leader. Amen

Cierra: Dear God thank you for my mum because she tells me to do stuff right. Amen.

Mary: Thank you for the strong-ness in us and my parents who keep me strong. Amen.

Jasmine: Thank you for my parents who are kind. Amen.

Ashvarn: Thank you for my cricket coach who show me how to do cricket. Amen.


We used our learning power of ‘mindful agency’ to:

  • reflect on and celebrate our growth and learning in literacy
  • to plan and goal set for areas we would like to improve.


Today children continued with their investigations, incorporating prior learning from this term. Examples from today included:

  • Building hotels, restaurants and shops using money and food group knowledge
  • Researching and following procedures to make paper toys
  • Making houses and cars using measurement



We ended our day with ‘Come Read with Me’. Miss B and Mrs T listened to children read and helped them with their strategies and developing comprehension.

Magic Monday September 24 – Week 10 Term 3

Hi Bloggers! Welcome to the last week of Term 3! 

We hope your weekend was filled with many Specks of Gold. 


We began our day with some reading. Some of us chose to read independently or to read with our friends.


This week our Character Strength focus is Leadership!

What does it mean to be a leader?

Ashvarn: Being first

Sampann: Good sportsmanship.

Jed: Leading others.

Rehat: I think it is when you are captain in a game so leadership means believing in yourself.

Rhoda: Being a leader you have to listen.

Deakyn: Leadership is leading a team which means taking care of a team.

Do you think you have to be the boss or captain of something to be a leader?

Sampann: No, you can by showing good sportsmanship.

Jed: Telling people what to do

Miss B: Encouraging others.

Jasmine: They were helping each other.

Ashvarn: They were lifting up and then another.

Dion: Teamwork.


Today we engaged in Christian meditation and repeated the mantra ‘Maranatha’ in our own minds which, means ‘the Lord is coming’. After, we reflected on how we felt.

Holly: I feel calm.

Llana: I feel really calm and ready to learn

Jasmine: I feel relaxed.

Rehat: I felt like I left all of my problems and that God was coming to help me in my mind.

Akemjot: I feel happy.

Tcross: I feel very joyful, loved and calm

Ashvarn: I feel good.


We began our planning process by reflecting on our learning this term.

Aidan W: Shared lunch
Kurt: Teach your monster to read
Eva: Time
Dion: Measuring
Rhoda: Our assemblies
Nathaniel: Reading
Justin: How to make chocolate
Holly: Writer’s workshop
Jed: Character strengths
Noah: Moon Lantern Festival
Sonnie: Reading to my teacher
Ebony: Our Masterchef Assembly
Rafael: Learning Powers
Joseph: How to tell the time
Ruby: Using speech marks and exclamation marks

Ashvarn: Our lantern assembly
Rehat: Addition
Jake: Prodigy
Cierra: How to make lemonade
Daniel: Dairy
Chelsea: Rainbow wraps
Akemjot: Food groups
Aiden: How to make bread
Jasmine: Our special talents
Rehat: The five food groups
Sampann: The food assembly
Kim: The Vietnamese songs
Deakyn: Making animals with fruit
Tcross: Making lanterns
Eva: Making coconut balls
Kim: Making pictures with food

We then planned our investigations for the week, incorporating some of learning from this term into our intended learning.

We then got to work……


You may have noticed as you enter our school that a large white path has bee painted, leading from the school gate to our early learning centre. This is going to be a large artwork by artist Kirsty Shadiac ( with contributions from all children in our school.

This afternoon, we each drew an image which reflects our own history, hope or happiness.


MOON LANTERN DAY – Friday 21st September



  • Ann: Kids make lanterns, in Vietnamese, you put them up and they have light
  • Rehat: Some people light up lanterns and they fly into the sky to celebrate
  • Ashvarn: its about celebrating
  • Deakyn: Celebrating about countries
  • Holly: We celebrate moon lantern when the moon is full
  • Nhu: We have a giant meal together with my family to celebrate moon lantern

We then watched the below clips about MOON LANTERN FESTIVAL and got some more ideas….


  • Rehat: it was about a village being destroyed, the people put up lanterns so that the village would not get destroyed
  • Libby: It started from one bird, that was killed and about the village not being destroyed

The children did their own Inquiry on Moon Lantern festival, researching skills on the internet. The children drew/wrote about the meaning of the Moon Lantern Festival. See what we found out:


Our assembly was a success!! Check out the pictures!!

Can you see MRS B as the ‘Dragon’


What beautiful food we had to share. Many different cultural foods to try – delicious!!


Today we read the story ‘The UnScary Book!’

The story actually turned out to be quite funny. We discussed what we would ACTUALLY put in a scary book?

  • Chelsea – Zombies!
  • Jed – Chuckie
  • Daniel – Scary monsters
  • Lucas – Donald Trump!

We borrowed our new readers for the week and began reading!


  • Holly: I enjoyed the shared lunch with everyone and the assembly and doing a reading part
  • Tcross: I enjoyed that our class got to do the assembly and trying different foods from different countries
  • Aiden: I liked the dragon
  • Mary: I liked the assembly when we were singing the bird song
  • Sonnie:I liked how the dragon moved around
  • Nevada: I liked the dragon dance because Miss B was the dragon
  • Nhu: When we made our lanterns and also the shared lunch
  • Akemjot: I liked the assembly, i liked our shared was yum
  • Dion: I liked the dragon dance
  • Jake: I liked that the moon lantern festival…i was really surprised that the dragon was Miss B
  • Rhoda: I liked our assembly and the Vietnamese dancing and the shared luch
  • Cierra: I liked that my sisters friend was in the Vietnamese dance
  • Kurt: The dragon dance!!
  • Sukhman: I liked the Vietnamese dance


Thank you for sharing such a fun day!! Enjoy your weekend 🙂

Thursday September 20th – Week 9 term 4

Good morning bloggers! Happy Thursday!!

What’s happening today?


Teachers listened to individual students read, conferencing them on individual needs and strengths!!

Students spent time reading either independently, with parents, buddies or class mates.


With our buddies in the hall, all ready for tomorrow.


“I am special” “I am a child of God”

How was the world created?

  • Noah – By god
  • Sampann – God made the world out of sun and water
  • Ash – God made the trees, animals, Eve and Adam
  • Lucas – At first there was nothing
  • Magot – God said let there be light and dark, light and animals and trees and flowers

Why am I special?

  • Kurt – I am special because I can make stuff
  • Llana – I think I am special because I have a special talent – doing ballet
  • TCross – I think I am special because I like going to school and I love my friends
  • Dion – I am special because I am good at sports!
  • Bella – I am special because I am kind to my friends
  • Ann – I am special because no one is like me! I am kind to people and I can draw



We had some investigation time. Children explored the block area, playing teachers, setting up a cafe, drawing, craft activities and games.


My speck of gold today was:

  • Sampan: was assembly practice
  • Sukhman: my speck of gold was playing soccer


Tomorrow is moon lantern day. Please come dressed in your cultural clothing, red t-shirt or school uniform.

Shared lunch – please bring in a plate of your ‘cultural’ food to share with your class.

Our assembly is at 10.45am and our shared lunch will follow.


Thank you for a fun day everyone!!

See you tomorrow for our assembly and Moon Lantern celebrations



Wednesday September 19th – Week 9 Term 3

Good morning all and welcome to Wednesday Week 9!!



Today we had a visit rom Deb! She was from the Pets in the Community Program. She spoke to us all about how to keep our pets safe and how to properly look after them! We had a look at different pictures and had to describe what we thought was safe and unsafe. We even got to role play to see the do’s and dont’s about approaching scared dogs!

After recess we reflected on what we had learned;

  • Deakyn – You stand still and put your arms beside you
  • Neisha – I learned that when a dog has a red and yellow collar you don’t go near it
  • Akemjot – I learned that dogs have different moods and they get angry and sad and happy

We then got a chance to explore the website and explore how to safely deal with pets –


Thank you to Joseph and Kurt who read a Bible passage to us for prayer today.

  • Cierra – Dear God, thank you for my pet Milly because she is kind and fluffy.
  • Ann – Dear God, thank you for my parents so they can look after me. Amen.
  • Ash – Thank you for the trees so we can breathe. Amen.
  • Mary – Thank you for my uncles dog. Amen.
  • Jasmine – Thank you for pets so when you are alone you can play with them. Amen.
  • Daniel – Thank you for our friends and family. Amen.


  • Sampann  – The 3 means quarter past
  • Aiden – 60 minutes is an hour and 60 seconds is a minute
  • Ashvarn – The big handle and little hand moves around to make a time

Together we tested what we could do in different amounts of time!

  • How many jumps can you do in 10 seconds?
  • How many jumps can you do in 1 minute?

  • Magot – I can eat in 30 seconds, I can play Minecraft in 10 minutes
  • Nate – I can hold my breath for 30 seconds
  • Joseph – I can watch movie for 2 hours
  • Jaiden – I can do rolls in 10 minutes
  • Kim – I can rea da book in 30 seconds
  • Libby – I can do my calisthenics in 2 hours and in 30 seconds I could look at the lanterns



  • Mary – We did what our favourite player is
  • Dion – We had to do our favourite player of a sport and write about it


  • Alex – My speck of gold was playing with my friends
  • Daniel – My speck of gold was playing soccer at lunch
  • Eva – My speck of gold was playing with Ebony
  • Jasmine – My speck of gold was playing with Ann


Have a great night all!!

Tuesday September 18 – Week 9 Term 3

Hi Bloggers!

Welcome to Tuesday September 18! 



Rhoda chose a beautiful piece of music to listen to as we reflected and spoke to God quietly. We thought about what we are grateful for, sorry for and what we need help with.

Holly:  Dear God thank you for my family and my brothers. Amen

Kiziah: Thank you for my family and friends that can help me. Amen

Rhoda: Thank you for my family and friends and teachers in school. Amen.

Ashvarn: I am sorry for messing up with my brother when he is playing. Amen.

Jasmine: Dear God thank you for laptops that we can work with and play. Amen.

Cierra: Dear God I am sorry for why I yell at my sister. Amen.

Ann: Dear God thank you for my friends. Amen.

Rehat: Dear God thank you for teachers to teach us at school. Amen.

Nhu: Dear God thank you for forgiveness. Amen.


How is chocolate made?

Rehat: First you get these cocoa beans from a tree and they go through a tunnel and it cracks their shell open. Then they make the chocolate liquid  and to make dark chocolate they need more dough and flour.

Provocation – Create your own procedure! 


  • Deakyn and Alex are working on a Ninja Dojo!
  • Chelsea set up her own Churro restaurant after writing a procedure for making them earlier in the day!
  • Bella, Ann and Jasmine worked on the floor plan of their house
  • Nathaniel created an airpot with the blocks
  • Keren and Kristina worked hard to create
  • Nevada, Neisha and Ruby started their own restaurant!
  • Sukhman, Magot, Noah, Justin, Jed and Sampann practiced their dance moves!
  • Alex, Dion, Sonnie and Aidan continued to work on their 3D floor plan for their gaming house.


  • Noah – My speck of gold is working on the chocolate thing
  • Sukhman – Playing soccer with my friendsÂ
  • Raf – Making the house paper thing
  • Holly – My speck of gold is how to make stuff
  • Llana – My speck of gold is making a procedure about making cookies
  • Aiden – My speck of gold was playing on my laptopÂ
  • Kiziah – My speck of gold was writing a procedure about pastaÂ
  • Mai-Anh – My speck of gold was searching how to make chocolate cakeÂ
  • Ann – My speck of gold was playing and learning with my friends like Bella
  • Nate – My speck of gold was doing investigations because I got to make my airport
  • Daniel – My speck of gold was playing soccer with Joseph at recess
  • Keren – My speck of gold was practicing my reading part
  • Ash – My speck of gold was doing the Fortnite dances!Â
  • Sampann – My speck of gold was doing the procedure on pancakes

Magnificent Monday 17 September – Week 9 Term 3

Hi Bloggers!

Welcome to Week 9! Can you believe it is our second to last week of Term 3?!

This Friday we celebrate the Moon Lantern Festival. Our classes are hosting assembly and we will also have a shared lunch to celebrate the day. We ask that you please bring a plate of cultural food to share.


We began our day with some independent and group reading. This gives the teachers a chance to read 1 on 1 with students.


Before continuing on with your story making we had a mini lesson about apostrophe’s. We learned how to use them and when it is appropriate.

Together we added apostrophes to a few sentences that were missing them.

  • I found Sonnies jumper on the floor.
  • Chelseas bag is in her locker.
  • The boys basketball are in the basket.

We then used this new learning in our Writer’s Workshop time!


How do you think the world began?

  • Eva – Because Jesus made the water, trees and life
  • Raf – It used to be just dark and it didn’t have sun light. It was just nothing
  • Dion – Because God made land and he made like animals and stuff
  • Joseph – I think that when the world began it was just like a black world with nothing on it

How old do you think the world is?

  • Kim – 2018
  • Rhoda – 1999
  • Rehat – 18 thousand
  • Sampann – 20 thousand years old
  • Jasmine –  2 thousand years old
  • Joseph – Infinity
  • Eva – 50 million
  • Akemjot – 62 million
  • Nevada – 80 million

What did God create in the video we just viewed?

Magot – The stars and sky

Nate – He rested from all his work.

We then went and explored and recorded our response to the question:

How the world was created?

  • Jed, Raf, Jaiden and Nate created an iMovie detailing what happened over the 7 days
  • Kim created a drawing of how the world began
  • Nhu and Natalie created a creation story book
  • Cierra and Nevada decided to use ICT to retell the creation story
  • Joseph shared his writing with the class about what happened each day!


After lunch we headed over to the hall to practice for our Moon Lantern Assembly with our buddies!


  • Libby shared with us her calisthenics trophy from the weekend. “I got to keep one of the costumes the blue one here.”
  • Nathaniel told us all about his rugby game from the weekend. “I accidentally dropped the ball on the try line and it was a knock on.”
  • Aiden N showed us his favourite food. It was a Hershey’s cookie and cream. “It is like white chocolate with chocolate chips in there.”

FriYAY!! September 14 – week 8 term 3!

Welcome to FriYAY! Beautiful forecast of 25 degrees!

What’s happening today?


Today I enjoyed watching the assembly because….

  • Eva –  I liked my sister singing
  • Joseph – I liked the video of the dancing
  • Holly – I liked the video of them dancing at the start and at the end
  • Sampann – I liked the assembly because the first thing was the dancing
  • Nhu – I liked when they showed they went on an excursion
  • Daniel – My favourite part was the MarioKart


Practising our song for assembly – moon lantern festival – next week!


We spent time today finishing off our Spring Fair Posters before working on our Writer’s Workshop.


In our library lesson today we read the book ‘It’s a Story, Rory!’ This story was interesting because it had a narrators voice and also a side line of writing, showing us how to create our own successful books. Things like characters, plot, setting are all so important!

What do you need to create your own story?

  • Sampann – Beginning middle end
  • Noah – Full stops capital letters
  • Joseph – Characters
  • Llana – Pictures and problems
  • Kristina – Illustrator
  • Nataliel – A squirrel, pig and chicken
  • Neisha – The setting is the forest!


  • Sonnie – The smaller hand points to the 1 then it is 1 o’clock
  • Sampann – On the clock there is a number that is 3, 6, 9. The 3 means 15mins and the 6 means 30mins and the 9 means 45 minutes
  • Nevada – The small hand is the hour hand and the big hand is the minute hand
  • Ash – There is a red hand that always goes around and around and the big one turns and turns
  • Akemjot – If it is on 1 that means 5 minutes. After 2 there is like white dots that mean 1 minute

Our warm-up numeracy activity was a Time focussed Kahoot!

What can you tell us about what you have learned?



Balloon guided meditation.

In this guided relaxation, we find a balloon and it carries us to our favourite place, a place where we feel strong and happy.

How did you feel during this guided meditation?

  • Joesph: Calm
  • Holly: Calm and sleepy and happy
  • Sukhman: Relaxed
  • Nevada: feel tired
  • Mary: I feel ready to do more stuff
  • Akemjot: sleepy
  • Llana: calm and happy



We hope you all had a fantastic week – enjoy the weekend!!

🙂 🙂 🙂