Wednesday October 31 – Week 3 Term 4

Morning Bloggers!
Welcome to the last day of October andddd….


  • Jed – We did T-Ball
  • Ashvarn – I was doing batting and hitting for T-Ball
  • Samurai – In sport I used the bat to hit the ball


We began our morning with some Division Investigations.

  • Sampann – Division is about sharing and you an subtract

Our investigations included;

  • Worded problems on our laptop
  • Showing division sums using concrete materials
  • Donut division sharing game


Thank you to Rhoda and Jake for sharing a prayer about school with us.

  • Eva – Dear God, thank you for our teachers so they can help us learn. Amen.
  • Nevada – Dear God, thank you for teachers to help us learn. Amen.
  • Holly – Dear God, thank you for our school and teachers to learn new things. Amen.
  • Mia – Dear God, thank you for my lovely baby brother in Syria.
  • Ann – Thank you for school because you can’t learn stuff otherwise. Amen.
  • Kiziah – Dear God, thank you for school to learn. Amen.


We read through our Shared Reading story which focuses on Halloween!

We all got a little frightened when we listening to the Haunted House being described. We discussed how we might feel if we had to go there.

  • Aiden – Brave I would go!
  • Libby – I would ask for the balls back
  • Kim – I think the lights would go on and off
  • Joseph – I would go there and try chase him it would be fun
  • Raf – I would take my sister with me
  • Neisha – I would see shadows
  • Sampann – I would hear squeaky noises and creepy music sounds
  • Jasmine – I would see fake spider webs
  • Llana – I would see creepy things and I would be shivering from being scared

We used our 5 senses to describe this part of the setting of the story before creating the house itself!


We then had some time to investigate Halloween using our 100 languages.

  • Neisha and Ruby are re-creating a Halloween themed restaurant that Neisha saw in Bali
  • Ashvarn, Akemjot, Sampann, Raf, Jed and Sonnie are all working together and using ICT to re-create Mr. Stingy’s house
  • Dion, Alex and Sukhman are also making the house!
  • Rehat, Nhu, Libby, Holly, Natalie, TCross are hosting a Halloween party! They’ve decorated the classroom with so much spook!
  • Bella, Jasmine and Ann are creating a real-life haunted house!
  • Joseph is making Mr Stingy’s house!
  • Lucas and Jaiden are collaborating to make a haunted house using paper
  • Magot and Chelsea are also working together to make Mr Stingy’s house


  • Holly – I made a Halloween party
  • Maddox – I made a house with Andy
  • Ebony – I made a spooky house with Eva in Minecraft
  • Ann – In investigations, me Bella and Jasmine made a creepy mansion and then we mailed each other in a box and scared each other in the box
  • Kurt – In investigations, me, Noah and Jake and Jaiden were building a spooky house with decorations
  • Alex – You can celebrate lost ancestors


As 2TD headed off to Spanish, 2IB relaxed by practicing our sleeping log skills! Students have been asking to do this each day! It’s amazing how still we can be when we put on some fire music.


  • Nhu – We watched a movie called Coco. It was about the Day of the Dead. It was emotional
  • Rhoda – I was emotional in the video because it was a little sad.
  • Sonnie – The movie was about Coco but we got to see the part we skipped about hiding in the attic
  • Nevada – It was about the day of the dead but its called Coco. The little boy goes to heaven to see his family and he doesn’t know his great grandfather is a different person!


We spent the afternoon working on our Writer’s Workshop whilst teachers read individually with students. Please remember to bring black bags every day.

Thanks for a lovely and spooky day! Happy Halloween! See you tomorrow 🙂

Tuesday 30th October 2018 – Week 3 Term 4


Good morning everyone! 



Ashvarn: We watched some of the movie ‘Coco’ because it’s a music movie.

Ruby: We watched it because soon we are going to be celebrating ‘The Day of the Dead’ and the movie is kind of like about that.

Kristina: We watched the movie ‘Coco’ and this little boy had a family and one of the family died.

Nevada: For music we watched the movie ‘Coco’ for ‘The Day of the Dead’ for the 1st and 2nd of November.


We investigated sharing and division through a number of activities. These included:

  • Donut share – children chose a number card with a number of sprinkles e.g. 15 and a card with a number of donuts e.g. 3. The children used counters to represent the sprinkles and shared them between each of the donuts on the card.
  • Arrays – children investigated different ways a number of objects can be shared equally e.g. 12 stars can be shared between 2 groups, 3 groups and 4 groups.
  • Worded problems – children completed worked problems using drawings and concrete materials. E.g. Ethan had 12 lollies that he needed to divide between 3 lolly bags. How many lollies in each bag?


Today we engaged in Christian meditation where we repeated the mantra ‘maranatha’. We then shared our own prayers.

Mary: Dear God, thank you for my friends and family. Amen.

Mia: Dear God, thank you for the trees so we can breathe oxygen and our bones so we can get stronger. Amen.

Holly: Dear God, thank you for my friends who when I am alone they can play with me and cheer me up. Amen.

Eva: Dear God, thank you for my cat. Amen.

Ebony: Thank you for my pets and family. Amen.

Kristina: Dear God thank you for my family and friends. Amen.

Llana: Dear God thank you for my school and my family so they are always nice to me. Amen.

Jake: Dear God, thank you for friends and family so we can have fun and not be alone.

Nevada: Dear God, thank you for my family, friends and pets. Amen.


We learnt more about vowels and consonants and how they can make different long and short sounds.


Children continued to write their own books. They were encouraged to implement learning from mini lessons such as writing in full sentences, using capital letters correctly, listening for vowel and consonant sounds when spelling unknown words, etc.



Children continued investigating their personal inquiries. Some children visited the library to gather resources, other searched on google, YouTube, etc. We discussed how adding ‘for kids’ to their google search can find websites more suitable for children.

Unfortunately, we didn’t snap any photos during this time. The teachers were really engaged with children, helping them to find information and conferencing with them about next steps in their inquiry process.


Please save the date……Friday 7th December 2018 for our annual End of Year/Christmas Carols concert 2IB, 2TD and 4RG will be performing together on the night. The children have chosen and voted for the songs we will be performing.

Monday October 29 – Week 3 Term 4

Hi Bloggers!

Welcome to Week 3 Term 4!
We hope you had a lovely weekend filled with many specks of gold!


Before beginning our reading and writing, we had a look at something that will help us with our writing to help us show possession of different things.

  • If something belongs to one person it goes before the S.
  • If something belongs to more than one person it goes after the S. 

We had a go at adding apostrophes to some sentences together before using this new learning in our Writer’s Workshop.


Already this term we have looked at two different Character Strengths –  Humour and Love of Learning. Today we investigated FAIRNESS.

Fairness is all about knowing what the right and wrong thing to do is. It is about being responsible for the things you do and say. It is about being kind to others. It is being able to put yourself in someone else shoes… not literally of course! You treat other people how you want to be treated.

We watched small clip about Fairness in Charlotte’s Web.

How did the girl act with fairness? 

  • Joseph – The girl said she would take care of it
  • Ann – The dad said she will take care of it to look after the animal

Reflect on a time you acted fairly.

  • Ann – I gave Jasmine some recess when she didn’t have any
  • Ruby – I asked someone if they wanted to play with me to make a sand castle
  • Samurai – I share my Mac and Cheese with dad
  • Kim – I give Mai-Anh food to share when she doesn’t have any
  • Mai-Anh – I give Kim food to share when she doesn’t have any
  • Jed – I invited a year 3 student to come and play with us
  • Jaiden – My sister bought this game so I shared with her to make it fair by giving her more colours
  • Mary – At home I am fair when I play games with my brother and we both have the same turns.
  • Nhu – My brother doesn’t have a laptop so when we are at home I let him play with mine.

PRAYER – ‘Do to Others’ Song

Today we sang the song ‘Do to Others’. We then reflected on how this song connects to the Character Strength of Fairness.

  • Rehat: If you be fair then it actually makes you and the other person happy and makes God happy too. Amen.
  • Nathaniel: Dear God, thank you for my brother so we can have fun times together. Amen.
  • Nhu: Dear God, thank you for songs so if people can’t really read that much then they can listen to the song and learn about it. Amen.
  • Akemjot: Dear God, thank you for my friends and family. Amen.
  • Kristina: Dear God, Thank you for songs because some of the songs have fairness. Amen.
  • Mary: Dear God, thank you for my uncle’s puppy because he is very fun and cute. Amen.
  • Holly: Dear God, thank you for fairness so people can be fair and not fight. Amen.
  • Kiziah: Thank you for my friends that play with me. Amen.
  • Llana: Thank you for my friends so when I am left alone they can play with me. Amen.
  • Keren: Dear God, thank you for my friends because when I am hurt they can help me. Amen.


What is Halloween?

Sonnie: It’s like something where you go to people’s houses and collects stuff.

Daniel: You can get candy from the house that decorated.

Chelsea: Halloween is a kind of holiday for celebrating scary stuff.

We then continued with our inquiries and investigations. Many children chose to incorporate Halloween into their self directed learning. There was lots of imaginative play, costume and prop making, making baskets for trick or treating and much more.

  • Rehat, Libby, Natalie, Tcross all used role play to show a Haunted House
  • Nhu created a scary note with blood stains!
  • Aiden created a scary skeleton using paper
  • Eva and Ebony began work on a Halloween Cat Box
  • Sampann began to research what Halloween actually is before creating a Kahoot!
  • Lucas is making a zombie box
  • Daniel and Joseph put on their artist hats to create different Halloween figures
  • Cierra and Nevada opened up a Halloween shop!
  • Jed, Raf, Nate and Dion are starting work on a slime box
  • Magot is making a prop for a Halloween costume
  • Bella, Ann, Kristina, Jasmine all started work on a Haunted House
  • Llana, Keren and Kiziah were using fabric to make Halloween Costumes


We viewed the following short film about ‘sharing’ which is the basic concept for division.

Friday 26th October – Term 4 Week 2

Goodmorning and welcome to this Fantastic FriYAY!!

What is happening today?


A dance boss assembly! it was fantastic..lots of dancing and it was very engaging!!

What was your favourite part?

  • Joesph: I liked the finale dance.
  • Ann: I really like all the dances like the shotgun dance
  • Kristina: I liked watching my sister dancing
  • Sukhman: I liked the thunder dance song the best


Magot and Rhoda led the class in prayer today, it was all about celebrations such as birthday and Christmas time.

  • Nhu: Dear God thank you for my birthday so i can know how old they are Amen
  • Holly: Dear God thank you for my birthday so i can celebrate with my family Amen
  • Ashvarn: Thank you for my brothers birthday amen
  • Jake: Dear God thank you so much for my bithday because it is a really happy and exciting time of the year Amen
  • Tcross: Dear God thank you for each and everyone’s birthday so they can spend time with their friends and be happy Amen
  • Libby: Thank you God for Christmas so we can be with family Amen
  • Ruby: Dear God thank you for my birthday it is a day to celebrate yourself Amen



Mini lesson was counting by 3s

The students then engaged with this weeks maths investigations.

  • place value
  • grouping
  • bingo
  • multiplication game


Today we visited the library after lunch for something a little different. Our book today is called ‘Maya the Cat.’  We looked at the front cover and predicted what it might be about.

  • Joseph – I think it might be about a girl called Maya and her cat
  • Sampann – I think Maya is trying to catch the cat
  • Libby – I think that there is a girl called Maya and cat friend that wants her to do things
  • Neisha – I reckon it is a girl that is Maya and in her office she has lots of cats

After the story we borrowed our new books for the week and began reading them! Please remember to bring reading bags each day to school!

Happy weekend all!!

Thursday October 25 – Term 4 Week 2

Hi all!

Welcome to Thursday October 24!


This morning read our shared reading story with our special detective hats on. We searching for, and paused at ‘ing’ words. We learned that these types of words are what we call verbs. Verbs are doing words!

Together as a class we discussed the perfect ingredients for a successful sentence.

  • Llana – You need a full stop
  • Jake – You need spaces between words
  • Neisha – You need a capital letter at the front

We then investigated and created our own sentences using ‘ing’! Once finished, we used the rest of our morning for focussed literacy activities including; Writer’s Workshop, Teach your Monster to Read, Study Ladder and Reading! 


Thank you to Nhu and Ebonie who shared a Prayer about Our Church.

  • Keren – Dear God thank you for my family. Amen.
  • Rhoda – Thank you God for church s owe can pray. Amen.
  • Jasmine – Dear God, thank you for the church so we can celebrate the people that died. Amen.
  • Ash – Thank you for church. In my church they tell stories about what happened to God.
  • Ann – There is a spirit about God in church
  • Kristina – Dear God thank you for making our church. At our church we have a Sunday school and we learn about different Bibles.
  • Llana – Dear God, thank you for making church on a Sunday because of Sunday school.
  • Holly – Thank you for dad so he can play with me. Amen.


During investigations today:

  • Raf and Dion: “we are making diamond swords from minecraft with paper”
  • Sampan, Ashvarn, Akemjot, Noah, Justin and Sukhman were playing snap
  • Nevada and Cierra are creating a picture shop, they sell real fish too! they created signs, prices, advertisements and pictures to sell!
  • Aiden, Daniel and Joesph were drawing interesting diagrams with detail about pokemon and dragons
  • Bella is doing research on the internet, then recording it all about ‘pusheen’…she was typing into google ‘how old is pusheen?’ then she recorded in her own way onto active inspire
  • Ann and Jasmine are making a ‘whale facts’ book of their own. Researching on the internet and recording in their own way
  • Nhu and Ebony are making a house for the teddies using boxed construction, crafts and team work!
  • Rehat was sitting quietly focused on her writers workshop book
  • Rhoda, Tcross, Libby, Ruby, Neisha, Natalie and Holly are creating a class VET. They are providing food, shelter and health care for dogs, cats and fish in their vet. It seemed liked they had a very busy Vet, lots of animals needing their help
  • Aidan was enjoying sitting on his own drawing pictures to create his own cartoon
  • Jed, Magot and Nate were very focused on making an aquarium. They used water and water colouring to mix blue water together. They used great social skills to take turns, negotiate and share their ideas with each other
  • Keren and Kiziah were painting fish that they saw at the fish farm, and their home
  • Sonnie, jake and Alex were working together with the lego to build a ‘large boat’…”we build a boat becuase the boat can go over at the aquarium in the shark area” added Jake
  • Kurt and Lucas are researching about ‘KFC’ “we are researching on the internet stuff like KFC started…it started on the 24th of September 1952” said Lucas. The boys were recording information using their own sentences onto activeinspire
  • Llana, Kim, Mai Anh and Krisitina were making ‘a place that is home, with a nice garden’ (Llana). They were using boxed constructions, craft materials and great team work to make it. The girls all had their own ‘jobs’ and were adding it altogether.
  • Chelsea “I am researching the internet about outer space…i think its interesting and want to know all about the different places”


Sukhman, Akemjot, Ashvarn and Sampan are very busy in investigations planning for when they lead the class in a few weeks about the indian Diwali festival.

They are planning to share Indian food, create a lesson with colour/craft, drawing and researching.

They have also made an information fact sheet to share with the class, plus a decorative sign etc… MORE TO COME!!!



Children spent some time focusing on their breathing, in their own space. A time to be calm and rest after a busy lunch time.


Warm up: we played bingo as a class. It had a twist…Miss B called out different addition, subtraction and multiplication sums. Children quickly solved the problems and crossed off the numbers..

Ebony was our first winner!!


They had so much fun doing this, we did a second round.

Then Maths prodigy with a focus on multiplication to finish.


  • Lucas and Kurt – “Today we made, when was KFC found. We researched using the internet. Colonel Sanders invented KFC.

Thanks for a great day everyone, see you tomorrow!!


Events for term 4

Week 5

Our class Mass on Thursday 15th of November at 11.30am

Week 6

Grandparents morning tea on Thursday 22nd of November 9am-10am

Week 7

Whole school Mass on Thursday 29th of November at 11.30am

Week 8

Excursion on Tuesday 4th of December (approx 9.30am-1.30pm)

Carols on Friday 7th of December from 6.30pm


Week 9

Moving, cleaning

Pupil free day Friday

Wednesday October 24th – Week 2 term 4

Good morning all and welcome to this wonderful Wednesday!

What is happening today?


What month comes after October?

Akemjot: November! its my birthday month! then its December….

How many months are there in a year?

Kiziah: there is 12

How many months left in 2018?

Holly: two, November and December



Today we revisited the digraphs we investigated yesterday before having a chance to practice these in our writing.

  • Th
  • Sh
  • Ph
  • Wh
  • Ch

Recored ourselves reading on our laptops!!

the children made some recordings of themselves reading their books – focusing on their expression and fluency. then they shared with a friend 🙂


Today in PE we:

  • Ruby: we did lots of activities about throwing and catching things

I liked:

  • Aiden: It was fun because there was alot of obsticals
  • Kiziah: I liked the balloon game when we had to throw them
  • Jake: At PE i liked the fun we had, like throwing balloons and sockie…sockie is like hockey and soccer, you hit a ball and get it in the goal. You cant use your feet or hands, you use a hard stick.


Holly and Ann led a prayer about sport and exercise.

  • Ashvarn: Thank you God for my cricket club, i can grow and learn about
  • Llana: Dear God thank you for all the sport activities they are fun amen
  • Sampan: I love Sport, i learn things, thank you God Amen
  • Ebony: Dear God thank you for my netball club, Amen
  • Mary: Dear God, thank you for fun sports so we can do exercise Amen
  • Cierra: Thank you for my netball coach, they teach me how to play netball well Amen


Continued with the maths investigations from yesterday:

  • Expanding Times Tables
  • Place Value Game
  • Using blocks to represent numbers
  • Skip counting puzzles

Today we also focused on recording our learning to share with others.

Sharing of our maths with the class group:

  • Ashvarn and Jake: We made a picture of times tables, we did 2X4=8 and made it with dots and circles, if you have two groups of 4 in it…it makes altogether. They did this with several times tables, showing detailed diagrams and described them.
  • Raf and Dion: they made an i-movie about place value about how to make and read large numbers using the MAB blocks. They described that if you have 10 ones you trade up to a 10 block, it makes it easier to count.
  • Ruby and Neisha: showed us a cat they made using MAB, place value blocks. They counted that the cat was made out of 3212 blocks, they said it was easy to count using 10s and 100s. “first counted by 100s, then added the 10s, lastly added the ones”


“When we go walkabout” By Rhoda Lalara and Alfred Lalara

First we read the book role modelling fluency and expression.

Then We went for our own  ‘walkabout’ around our school – stop and wonder.

What do we see? Hear? Smell? Feel?

  • Holly: I liked smelling the fresh air outside and looking at the red flowers.
  • Libby: I touched the dirt it was like soil and it was rough
  • Jed: I saw plants that had lots of leaves, different types of green…near the core it was a lighter green
  • Maddox: plants, green
  • Sukhman: I felt the gravel
  • Alex: when i go walkabout i touched the gravel it was rough and I heard it crunching

We then drew and wrote about this in art journals.


  • Joseph: when we went for our walkabout around the oval
  • Mary: my speck of Gold is playing with my friends
  • Eva: My speck of Gold was finding snails
  • Holly: my speck of gold was going for a walk around the oval
  • Raf: My speck of gold is playing chasey with my friends

Thanks for a great day everyone – we will see you tomorrow 🙂

Tuesday October 23 – Term 4 Week 2

Hi Bloggers!

Welcome to Tuesday October 23!



In music, children have been developing their dramatic performance skills. Today, they mimed and re-enacted their experience at our Spring Fair. Nhu, Holly, Rehat and Tcross shared their experience of the ‘Wacky House’.


To engender more agency in our classroom and learning practices, 2TD had a wonderful discussion about guided reading. The teachers have noticed that the children haven’t always enjoyed doing guided reading and weren’t always engaged in the process. We discussed what children enjoy about guided reading, what they don’t enjoy and what they would change or improve about the way we do guided reading. We also voted on whether we would like to continue to do guided reading or not. Those that don’t wish to do guided reading will work with Mrs Tropeano on a new idea and strategy to help them to continue to develop their reading and comprehension practice. Those that do enjoy and learn through guided reading will continue to do so. It was very informative, open and honest.


Together as a class we sang the song ‘God’s House.’

  • Libby – Thank you God for my mum because I am having a baby brother. Amen.
  • Mai-Anh.- Dear God, thank you for my four brothers. Amen.
  • Jake – Dear God, thank you for this world so we can live in it, Amen.
  • Holly – Dear God, thank you for my family because they keep me safe. Amen.
  • Mary – Dear God, thank you for my uncles new puppy, that he is getting very soon and thank you for my two sisters and two brothers and mum and dad. Amen.
  • Nate – Thank you for the teachers and mums and dads so then we can learn. Amen.
  • Jasmine – Dear God, thank you for my brother because he helps m to write. Amen.
  • Ash – Thank you for the world so we can live and enjoy. Amen.


Together we read our Shared Reading story for the week called ‘When we go walk about.’ This story has both an English and Indigenous version.




Our brain break today consisted of some Vitamin D on the play ground! 


Building on our Love of Learning investigation from yesterday, today we introduced our new LEARNING PROJECTS! These learning projects are going to be totally self-directed as the children decide what they want to learn more about. We discussed that we would be sharing our learning through our 100 languages. Some of us might like to write, or type or use ICT or even paint! Today we began the process by recording what we want to learn about.








  • Expanding Times Tables
  • Place Value Game
  • Using blocks to represent numbers
  • Skip counting puzzles
  • Joseph Shared – Me, Lucas, Kurt and Jake we were doing the times tables well showing them. Lucas did 1×3 and Kurt did 5×3 – 15.


  • Aiden – My speck of gold was playing soccer
  • Mai-Anh – My speck of gold was playing with Kim at the centre

Monday October 22 – Week 2 Term 4

Hi Bloggers!
Welcome to Week 2 Term 4!

We hope you had a lovely weekend. We saw many of you yesterday with big smiles at the Spring Fair. What a fantastic day!


What do we need to include in a sentence?

  • Needs to be a full sentence with full complete ideas
  • Full stop
  • Capital Letters

Together we corrected a reallllly long sentence that was so tricky to read because we couldn’t have a breath! We decided that we needed a full stop every time we needed to take a breath.


What is it?

  • Holly –  If someone loves to learn
  • Alex.- Love of playing games
  • Jasmine – Somebody loves learning
  • Ash – You love learning and when you are grown up you might want to be scientist
  • Ann – To listen you can learn and concentrate

We watched a clip from the movie Matilda which showcased her Love of Learning.

What do you want to learn about this Term?


Thank you Ann and Holly for sharing a special prayer about pets.

  • Jasmine – Dear God, thank you for my pets
  • Mary – Dear God, thank you for my uncles puppy what he’s getting really
  • Alex – I have a dog called Chewy and he’s really cute and fun to play with
  • Aidan – Thank you for my pets and I feel and that some passed away – Tammy and Goldy.
  • Kristina – Dear God, thank you for my pet rabbit because he is cute and I always feed him. Amen.
  • Nate – Thank you for my birds then I can play with him and my two birds ran our of its cage. Amen.
  • Ash – I am sorry for when my dads dog died in India. Amen.
  • Joseph – Dear God, thank you for my pet turtle because I like to play with him.
  • Cierra – Dear God, thank you for my puppy Milly and she is always there for me when I am sad. Amen.
  • Nevada – Dear God, thank you for my pet dog because she is fun to play with.
  • Ruby – Dear God, thank you for my dog it is very playful and cheers me up when I am sad. Amen.


In today’s investigations we continued on with our theme of Place. Lots of us are working on re-creating our favourite places! We also discussed Spring Fair and used this as inspiration for learning!


Our mindfulness session today was a ‘Peace Out’ meditation. We were guided by the meditation teacher to our happy place.

Mary: My happy place was a hotel and I got my room and I saw the balcony and I could see everywhere around the hotel.

Jasmine: My happy place was EB Games.

Ann: My happy place was Candyland.

Akemjot: My happy place was school.

Llana: My happy place was a park and when I looked up in the air I saw a red balloon.

Holly: My happy place was Plaster Fun House.

Nhu: My happy place is the beach because you can smell the sea water and the noises of the sea.

Ebony: My happy place is going to Eva’s house.

Rehat: My happy was a Caribbean Cruise.

Kristina: My happy place was school.

Ashvarn: My happy place is my backyard so I can play.

Tcross: My place was also school and I got to see all my friends and teachers and it made me feel really happy and when I opened my eyes I felt really positive and calm.

Sampann: My happy place is the playground so I can have fun.

Ruby: My happy place is my home.

Aiden N: My happy place is ‘Tonnes of Fun’.


During our ‘love of learning’ reflection, many children wrote that they would like to learn more about times tables. This afternoon we investigated multiplication further through skip counting by 2’s, 5’s and 10’s and the language of ‘groups of’. For example, 2 groups of 2 is 4 altogether. We explored these concepts through ‘study ladder’ investigations on our laptops. We also looked at the symbols we use in mathematics when multiplying i.e. x and =.


Holly: My speck of gold was learning more about animals in investigations.