Friday November 30 – Week 7 Term 4

Hi Bloggers!
Welcome to Friday November 30. This is our second to last Friday for the Term!

Next Tuesday is our excursion to the Aged Care Facility and Grange Beach. Thank you to those who have returned their permission forms and to those ever so helpful parents who have volunteered to help us. Please return the form Monday if you haven’t! 🙂


  • Daniel – My favourite part was when Noah’s brother jumped out the box
  • Andy – I liked the assembly the Christmas part
  • Nathaniel – I liked the Santa song
  • Jake – In the assembly I liked when we did the songs like the Santa guess
  • Kristina – My favourite bit was when they were dancing
  • Aidan – My favourite part was the dances with the reindeers
  • Mai-Anh – My favourite part of assembly was the song


We sang the song ‘Silent Night’.

What is the song ‘Silent Night’ about?

Jake: The song is about Jesus being born and God being our creator.

Mia: It was about his birth when he born.

Rehat: It was about when he was born and it was a Holy night.

Why was the night Jesus born Holy?

Mia: It means kind of like a family.

We looked up the definition of ‘holy’.

Nhu: Something special

Rehat: it’s like peace.

Tcross: A peace that God is always in our heart.

Special prayers:

Mia: Dear God, thank you for my family and brother. Amen.

Kiziah: Thank you for my family and friends.

Holly: Dear God, thank you for Christmas so we can celebrate Christmas with our family and celebrate when Jesus was born and we can have a fun day. Amen.

Mary: Dear God, thank you for my dad and mum because they take care of me. Amen.

Akemjot: Dear God, thank you for my baby brother because we both have fun together.

Tcross: Dear God, thank you for Christmas as it’s a miracle time that we spend with our family and friends as we celebrate the birth of Jesus and it is a time to receive and give. Amen.

Ruby: Dear God, thank you for my family. Amen.


  • Lucas – I liked when the crushed the red
  • Raf – My favourite was when the hippo crushed the tree
  • Ash – When he made the tree better
  • Kristina – I loved the book because he was making a Christmas tree with donuts and carrots

What are some ways that you get ready for Christmas in your family?

Holly: I make Christmas cookies and Christmas cupcakes and I put up my tree and decorate my house sometimes.

Cierra: We decorate our Christmas tree and my dad puts Christmas carols on.

Nevada: On Christmas we have breakfast and dinner with my family and sometimes on Christmas Eve we have dinner and if we are up late enough we see Santa’s sleigh.

Kiziah: We sing Christmas carols.

Jake: My mum puts on the Christmas lights on the Christmas tree and we put up stockings.

Ruby: I get an Advent calendar and I make a gingerbread house with my family.

Nhu: Last year my dad put some streamers and we made it into a star shape and we put candy canes on the tree and we have a feast with my family friends.

Mary: Before we open our presents my mum plays the piano and the rest of my family sing the Christmas song and then we open the presents after.

Mia: On Christmas we go to my Grandma’s house and have lunch together and we open presents together.

Rhoda: I celebrate Christmas with my family and have lunch with them.

Today was our last library borrowing session for the year! If you have any books at home please bring them to be returned next week 🙂


Today, we each designed our own symbol, something that represented who we are, to paint on the school ‘river’ pathway. A group of us then painted our symbols. We will continue to do this over the next week. You will find our symbols on the river, near the gate, at the entrance of our wonderful school!






Thursday November 29 – Week 7 Term 4

Hi Bloggers!

Welcome to Thursday November 29! Today is our End of Year Mass Celebration.


This morning we gathered as a school to celebrate the year that was. Father Shibu led us in a beautiful mass which also showcased the graduating class of 2018.

  • Libby – My favourite was when they showed the photo of my singing for the music assembly
  • Sampann – I like the End of Year Mass, the reflections were good.
  • Mia – They were all going to high school
  • Eva – I liked seeing my sister on stage
  • Dion – I like the part that you did when I went up. It was a stable
  • Jake – I hope the 6/7 like their stay at our school. Amen.
  • Cierra – I liked my sister on stage!
  • Ann -My favourite part was seeing my class on the photos
  • Joseph – My favourite part was when I saw my cousin leaving
  • Kristina – My favourite bit was when I saw my family singing for her graduation
  • Jas – My favourite bit was when I saw the picture of when the people were doing the pictures from the music assembly
  • Ash – I liked when I saw when they went to the beach


Our investigations today were centred around all the larding that we have been undertaking. Place, Christmas, Symmetry, Pollution, Space, Writer’s Workshop were our inspirations….

We even decorated our class Christmas tree!


Building upon our introduction to Symmetry yesterday we had the opportunity to engage with 3 different provocations.

  • Using our laptops to complete various Symmetry challenges
  • Christmas Symmetry pictures
  • Taking pictures of ourselves and trying to make our faces symmetrical!

Wednesday November 27 – Week 7 Term 4

Hi Bloggers! Welcome to Wednesday November 27!



  • Jed – We did handball
  • Ann – We had to jump and the first one to get it on the dot is the winner and the team at the end wins
  • Jas – We played handball with two spaes
  • Neisha – I played handball with Bella, Kristina and Jaiden


Shared reading: The curious Garden by Peter Brown

Teacher read the book role modelling fluency and expression. We discussed the different vocabulary used and the meaning of these words.

Then we were drawn to the amazing illustrations of the past and present.

How did the illustrator show the difference?

  • Akemjot: the colours used
  • Rehat: The past was dark, only one or two colors, looks boring
  • Mia: The old picture had no nature or plants or colours
  • Aiden: then there was colours
  • Sukhman: and lots of plants, trees
  • Nhu: the sky was blue and it was a happy picture
  • Mary: The new garden picture is much nicer than the old one

The children then used their visual literacy skills to draw a past (pollution) and present (the curious garden, environmentally friendly) picture. Focusing on colours, shapes and images to make meaning.


2IB watched  the BTN story on Microplastics!


Thanks to Kurt and Aidan who shared a prayer about having courage.

  • Jake – Dear God, thank you for courage and hope so we can believe in truth. Amen.
  • Mia  – Dear God, make me brave and not scared. Amen.
  • Holly – Dear God, thank you for bravery so whee we are scared we can be brave. Amen.
  • Jas – Dear God, thank you for the people who don’t get scared. Amen.
  • Ruby – Dear God, thank you for bravery so we can never be scared. Amen.
  • Daniel – Dear God, thank you for making people not get scared. Amen.
  • Neisha – Dear God, thank you for our friends and our family so when we are scared they can help us. Amen.


  • Ashvarn shared his detailed project about space. Ashvarn completed four detailed pages all about different planets. We learned that Mercury is the closest planet to the sun.
  • Raf told us all about space. He said that Venus is the sister of Earth! A job very well done Raf.
  • Kristina shared her cake inquiry! It was full of interesting facts about cakes that we never knew. She also showed us different pictures of cakes.
  • Kurt shared his project on Space. He spoke about who was the first man on the moon. He shared knowledge about what earth I made up of and how Earth has a strong magnetic field. He also spoke about the different planets and their names.
  • Akemjot “My project is about geometry dash, it was created in 2013, there are 4 different versions” Akemjot showed lots of excellent detailed information, about the different characters, the versions, how it was made, he organised in an effective way. He also made his characters on Minecraft for geometry dash.
  • Ebony “My project is about legless lizards…they look like snakes but they are not, they won’t hurt you, they can be 3 feet long” She shared her flip chart with information and pictures with the class.
  • Ruby “My project is about big cats” Ruby made an imovie about big cats with fantastic, detailed information. It was very engaging. She then showed a 3D object of a ‘big cat’ that she had made.


What is symmetry??

  • Libby: when a line cuts down the middle, its the same on both sides
  • Jake: Symmetry is when..for example a squre you could fold it down the middle it has to be the same, if its not then its not symmetry
  • Mia: some triangles you can only have symmetry down one side

Where do we see symmetry?

  • Cierra: A book
  • Rhoda: Earth
  • Ashvarn: The handball
  • Ruby: us!
  • Akemjot: a 50 cent coin
  • Ann: A TV
  • Magot: A table
  • Mia: A butterfly
  • Jaiden: A bug
  • Holly: THe shape of a flag
  • Neisha: A leaf thats the same, not broken


We then looked in our classroom and recorded symmetry we can see~


2TD had Spanish lesson.

What did you do in Spanish today?

  • Nevada: We played Kahoot about what we have done this year
  • Cierra: we learnt how to count to 11 in Spanish
  • Nhu: and the days of the week in Spanish


The students continued on with their work from this morning and published writers workshop books.


Have a great night everyone and see you all tomorrow 🙂

Tuesday November 27 – Week 7 Term 4

Hi Bloggers!

Welcome to a wintery Tuesday November 27, hard to believe summer begins on Saturday!

Just a reminder that on Friday we sent home our Beach/Aged Care Facility excursion forms. Please return to teachers ASAP. We appreciate any parent helpers!


Akemjot: In music, we did ‘shotgun’ and ‘Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer’ and after we did ‘Jingle Bells’ and ‘All I Want For Christmas is You’.

Ruby: We practiced our Christmas carols.

Rehat: Mrs Crisp put us in lines with the back row the tallest to sing.

Alex: We did our Christmas carols.


We watched this news article on Microplastics.

We then discussed some of the main themes in the story.

What is Microplastics?

Cierra: It is like this little pieces of rubbish.

Sukhman: There are rubbish and they can cause so much trouble to the animals.

Holly: They are rubbish that can become little pieces of rubbish and the animals can eat it and it gets stuck in them and it can cause a big problem.

Why is Microplastics an issue for sea animals?

Jake: It’s a problem for sea animals because certain items in the plastics means they try to eat it and they think it is food but it is actually plastic.

Aiden: Because they thought it was food and if they eat it they could die.

Nhu: They think it is actually food but it is something that is very small and it looks like food but it is actually plastic.

Children then and wrote down the understandings they gained about Microplastics from watching the news story.


Today we discussed the importance of the 5 Advent Candles and what they each stand for.

  • Kristina – Dear God, thank you for making hope and love because people might be loved. Amen.
  • Llana – Dear God, thank you for hope so we can hope for the best always. Amen.
  • Mia – Dear God, thank you for joy so we can always be happy. Amen.
  • Magot –  Dear God, thank you for love so we can make friends. Amen.
  • Jake – Dear God, thank you. for Christmas so we can celebrate when Jesus was born and it is a beautiful time of the year. Amen.
  • Rehat – Dear God, keep me in peace while Advent is going. Amen.
  • Neisha – Dear God, I am thankful for Christmas so we can celebrate when Jesus was born. Amen.
  • Tcross – Dear God, thank you for all the expressions we use so we can celebrate Jesus birth. Amen.


  • Libby shared her Egyptian project using Minecraft, iMovie, pyramid drawings and more. A job very well done.
  • Jed passionately shared his project about Ancient Egypt. Jed worked hard to complete research and share some learning in Minecraft.
  • Nathaniel shared his amazing learning about Ancient Egypt. He made a Flipchart and also some pyramids in Minecraft. Amazing job!
  • Bella shared her learning surrounding Rainbows! We were all so impressed with her research and the amount of writing she included. Bella also used paper to make a real rainbow.
  • Joseph proudly shared his research about Lizards. We learned that lizards come in 5 different species!
  • Nevada shared her research on Lop Eared Rabbits. We learnt so much about how to care for pet rabbits.
  • Aiden N shared his learning on space. We all learned that the earth has 7 layers.
  • Eva shared her information about tornadoes. We were impressed by their wind speed!
  • Jake presented his research on lizards. We learned that the Komodo dragon is found in Indonesia.
  • Nhu shared her learning about the scientist Alexander Fleming. We learned that he discovered penicillin. This discovery keeps many of us well.

Monday 26th November 2018 – Week 7 Term 4

Welcome to Monday, week 7, term 4!

We hope you all had a happy and restful weekend!


We explored different verbs and how they are words which tell us what is happening. We then explored how they can be written in different tense which tells us when the action took place. We looked at different verb ending for past tense e.g. adding ‘ed’ and how some verbs have irregular past tense endings e.g. run = ran.


Mrs T listened to some children read whilst Miss Monaghan and Mr Coad conferenced children – supporting them with the different books they are writing.


How did the racoon and the bunny demonstrate social intelligence?

Cierra: The racoon bent down and the the bunny jumped over.

How did that show social intellignece?

Mia: Because they looked at each other and they thought about what they might do and they let the bunny go first and the other one go second.

Ashvarn: The racoon let the bunny go the other side and the bunny gives the way to go the other side.

Nevada: I think the racoon bent down so the bunny could jump over it and he was thinking about how the bunny would feel if he couldn’t get past.

How did the moose and the bear and the racoon and the bunny differ in how they solved the problem?

Magot: They solved the problem by working together.

Akemjot: I think they solved the problem because they didn’t want to fall down like the bear and the moose did.

Jake: The racoon and the bunny worked together to kind of like solved the problem.

The children then reflected on what they could do if a friend was upset.

Noah: You could help them and take them to the office.

Ashvarn: You can share with them.

Nathaniel: If you have heaps of stuff and the other doesn’t you can give them something.

Neisha: If they are feeling sad you can help them feel better by playing with them or something.

Mia: Saying something nice about them.

Cierra: If you know them really well you can say something that can make them happy.

Akemjot: If he is like sad about something then you could say a funny joke to make him laugh.

The children then reflect on what they could do if a friend was upset.


We met the whole school in the hall to sing the songs for our end of year mass this Thursday. All welcome to attend 🙂


We viewed the following video about an artist who is doing his part to reduce marine pollution and educate others about its impact on marine life.

What is the artist doing in this film?

Joseph: He is trying to collect as much rubbish as he can so the animals don’t eat it.

Rehat: He is collecting the rubbish in his garage and making cool things with it.

Nevada: He is getting rubbish and making things out of it so it can’t hurt all of the sea animals.

Apart from reducing marine debris, what other message is this artist trying to spread through his work?

Nhu: It is kind of like a message or example for all of the animals that die and it is helping to teach people not to litter.

Mia: He might make the fish and put them on the beach and reminds people that he found all of those rubbish on the beach so they don’t put that rubbish on the beach anymore.

Cierra: He was kind of giving people a warning about the rubbish and how it can affect the sea creatures.


There were many different creative, collaborative and curious pursuits from children today. Including:

  • Creating artworks from litter in our classroom and school
  • Following drawing tutorials to learn to draw Pokemon characters
  • Art shop
  • Creating soccer pitches
  • Building a fort


Our mindfulness today was a breathing exercise. We pretended our emotions and feelings were like glitter in a jar of water. Through different breathing activities, we settled the glitter down.


Andy: laptop

Kim: My speck of gold was making the plants.

Sonnie: Mine is playing in lunch with Kurt and Deakyn and Alex and Aiden N and Raf and Noah.

Neisha: My speck of gold is playing with my friends.


This afternoon some children put the final touches to their personal inquiry projects. Meanwhile, other children began to design their own Advent calendars. We spoke about the significance of these calendars and children shared their own experiences of Advent calendars.

Friday 23rd November – Week 6 Term 4

Good morning and welcome to FRIYAY!


We went over to the hall to watch the whole school assembly the theme was ‘you can change the world’


We came back and wrote about the assembly.

Lots of us loved the dancing and artwork!


Today we read another beautiful Christmas story focused on the gift of giving during Christmas time. We discussed the importance of showing kindness rather than just giving presents.


Our prayer today was led by Eva and Nevada and the theme of the prayer was ‘Thanksgiving”.

We shared some Prayers:

  • Rehat: I am thankful for our book club name and group
  • Akemjot: Dear God, thank you for my baby brother he cheers me up, amen
  • Aiden:Dear God, thank you for making the trees Amen
  • Alex: Dear God, thank you for my friends Amen
  • Tcross: Dear God I am so grateful for my friends, i like that we have a book club, we would never have a book club if we didnt have each other, Amen
  • Jake: Dear God, Thank you for food, drinks and a happy life Amen


We continued our personal inquiry projects, this is our last day. We are sharing them with each other next week.


We caught up with our buddies and practiced!!


We focused on our breathing and keeping our bodies still.


We continued our transitional language. The children worked in groups to draw pictures using this language…example below.

Then they went on with prodigy.





Thursday November 22 – Week 6 Term 4

Hi Bloggers and…

a BIG WARM Welcome to our beautiful special people who joined us this morning!


We had a special morning with our visitors, showing them around the classroom, engaging in play activities, showing our inquiry and sharing food!

What I loved…..

  • Kristina: I saw Llanas mum come, we took a photo on the photobooth.
  • Akemjot: I was playing knots and crosses
  • Kim: I like playing with the playdough, I made a bear
  • Dion: I had Nonna and Nonno come and i liked drawing pictures with them
  • Daniel: I played tick tack toe
  • Libby: My grandad and nanna came from Krystlebrook.. we looked at differences from old school and now school. My nanna got milk everyday
  • Holly: I had 4 people come, I had nan, nan, Aunty and Grandad
  • Mary: I had Nonna come and we made a necklace together
  • Joeseph: My nan and Nonno and cousin came. We played in the photobooth and with the playdough
  • Llana: My mum came and we made a bracelet



  • Akemjot – Thanksgiving is where you be thankful for something
  • Libby – Thanksgiving began is from those people wanting to make a garden and they got a person to help and had a big feast
  • Ash – You join your family and have a big dinner
  • Jaiden – Sharing food

What are you thankful for?

  • Holly – I am thankful for my friends and family and teachers
  • Joseph – I am thankful for my grandparents because they’re nice to me
  • Llana –  I am thankful for my family because they always take care of me
  • Jake – I am thankful for my cousins and uncles and my nannies because they are very nice and lovely
  • Rhoda – Thank you for my teachers that I can learn


Theme: Advent

Thank you to the parents and special people who shared in our class mass today.

IMG_1658-rcmtmb IMG_1677-29aifn3 IMG_1681-24b9qfz IMG_1687-1557atf


We took 10 minutes after to lunch to calm our bodies and prepare for some maths learning. We did this by listening to some soothing music.


Continuing on with our learning surrounding maps, we completed a whole class warm up activity focusing on directional language! Miss B gave instructions to complete a picture on our laptops and we had to listen very carefully on what to add and where. Language like on top, behind, left, below was used.

we then continued with Numeracy focused activities such as study ladder, maths games, bingo and prodigy.


Library borrowing is tomorrow, please bring your black bags! Have a nice night all! 

Wednesday 21st November – Week 6 Term 4

Good morning and welcome to this wonderful Wednesday!


2IB went and visited the 6/7 classrooms as they were showcasing their personal inquiries. This ties in perfectly with our own inquires and lots of us were looking for innovative ways to present our own inquiries!

  • Raf – The rings are made out of rock and gas in Saturn
  • Joseph – Blatame is the biggest lizard!
  • Ash – I learnt that the sun was around 4.7billion years ago
  • Sampann – I learned that if you mix bad medicine with water it can hurt you


  • Maddox – I played basketball
  • Bella – We are playing basketball and we had to dribble the ball on the dots
  • Raf – We were doing the scoops throwing them in the air
  • Noah – We had to throw the rubber things and make sure it hits the spots


In the center to practice!! It went well we hope you can all make it tomorrow…all welcome!


2IB visited the MUDLA today. We were on the look out or any new additions and changes to explore next week…


The students worked on the 2nd part of their projects. making models, using mine craft, painting and play dough.

Thanks for a great day, don’t forget tomorrow is our Mass and Grandparents morning tea!!