Monday August 6 – Week 3 Term 3

Hi Bloggers! Welcome to Week 3!

This week we are presenting assembly with our buddies on Friday morning at 9am in the hall. Please feel free to join us! 


  • Kim – I get to look after my baby brother at home
  • Daniel – My weekend speck of gold was going to Vietnamese school
  • Libby – My mum telling me I am going to get a baby brother or sister
  • Nhu – I went to my cousins house and had dinner there
  • Mary – I had a party on the weekend and I got amazing presents
  • Holly – My speck of gold was spending time with dad on his birthday!


Continuing on with our theme of food, our Shared Reading text for this week is ‘Green Eggs and Ham’ by Dr. Seuss. 


Our focussed Character Strength for this week is Bravery. We viewed a clip from the movie Babe where various different characters showed Bravery.

What did the sheep dog do that was brave?

  • Rehat – He wanted to round up the sheep for safety
  • Libby – He stayed with them the whole night
  • Nathaniel – He was barely alive the next day
  • Neisha – He couldn’t hear any more
  • Cierra – He couldn’t help the sheep anymore
  • Ashvarn – He wanted to be a champion sheep dog



On Wednesday we will come together as a whole school to celebrate mass for Mary. Today after recess we practiced the songs for it.


During investigation time we were busy creating restaurants, perfecting our drawing techniques, making bey blades, using blocks to create arenas and using our 100 language to explore things we are interested in.


  • Libby – This is my Calisthenics medal that I got Saturday. It is kind of like a mix  between gymnastics and flexible. We did march, exercises like back bends and splits. We had to swear stage makeup. We did rods too and they are like metal things you stay still with.


What is measurement?

  • Nathaniel – Measure you can measure things to see how big it is
  • Rehat – You can see how much they are
  • Sampann – You can see how long something is
  • Jed – All the measurement words are inch, centimetre and metre

We watched a clip explaining the capacity of different objects and how we can determine which weighs ‘less’ or ‘more.’ We were invited to investigate various different provocations;

  • Coles Little Shop Minis – Using the mini shop items that Rehat kindly donated to class, use the Coles website to determine the cost of 5 and how much they might cost altogether.
  • Use standard and non-standard units to measure different things in the classroom
  • Use scales to record the weights of 5 different objects
  • Comparing the capacity of different measuring cups and spoons

Rainy Friday August 3 – Week 3 Term 2

Hi all and big Happy Friyay! 🙂 

We hope you are keeping safe and dry in this wet weather! Thank you to all those who donated a gold coin in exchange for wearing casual clothes today. The gold coin will go towards making our Spring Fair super special!


Today’s assembly was run by Leadership. The theme of the Assembly was  Indigenous Education.

  • Magot – I liked when my cousin was on stage
  • Holly – I liked when I was up at the front getting an award
  • Deakyn – I liked that when there was some dancing
  • Sonnie – I liked doing some dancing at the end

We had some of our classmates receive their award for completing the ICAS Science Test. Well done Rehat, Llana and Sampann!


Today we visited the library together! We returned our old readers and borrowed new ones for the coming week! Please remember to bring your black bags to school every day so the teachers can read with you 🙂


Today for Prayer we read the story ‘Hope.’ This connects perfectly with our Character Strength in focus for the week… Hope! The book had beautiful pictures and simple sentences about what Hope is.

  • Libby – I felt hope when I was angry and thought it would change
  • Rehat – Today I hoped we could stay at assembly longer
  • Magot – I was hoping that I could go see our buddies today
  • Mary – I feel Hope when I feel sad
  • TCross – I hope that every day will get better


We spent a large part of our day working together and collaborating with our buddies for our assembly.

We wrote books, painted signs, played in the kitchen/cooking, researched about food together and…

We made coconut balls…with our buddies.

The children followed the recipe and worked well together!

They were DELICIOUS!!!!


We had lots of fun with our buddies in preparation for our assembly next week.

We hope you can make it along to our assembly next week – Friday 10th August at 9am in the hall.

Specks of Gold

  • Kiziah – Playing with my friends
  • Mary – was making the coconut balls with my buddies
  • Sukhman – my speck of gold was playing mine-craft with my friends
  • Jake – my speck of gold was going through houses on a maths game
  • Holly – eating the chocolate balls.

Thanks for a fun fun day year 2s!! We hope you all have a lovely weekend 🙂

Wonderful Wednesday August 1 – Week 2 Term 3

Hi Bloggers!
Happy Wednesday 🙂 


  • Raf – We tried to throw the ball in the bucket backwards
  • Jaiden – In sports we had to go on the stage and run down across
  • Natalie – We put the ball between our legs and we had to try and walk with it
  • Jasmine – We played survivor and two people were it and we had to run away from it and we had to hold hands if we got caught


Mrs Diotallevi worked with Tcross, Sukhman and Holly today. We read:

Rivers, streams and lakes

What did you find interesting in the book today?

  • Tcross: that the lagoons were very big, they are all around the world and near seas. My Dad and I use to go fishing, in a really really big lake. It is far from our house. We drive there. We stand on the land to fish.
  • Sukhman: I liked the part about the bridges that the trains go on the bridges over the water.
  • Holly: That lakes are large areas of water.

Miss Battifuoco worked with Kim, Maddox, Nathaniel, Jaiden and Daniel to read Kitty cat and the Fish. 

What was the cat trying to do?

  • Jaiden – Save the fish
  • Nathaniel – The fish was getting attacked by the Kitty Army

What happened at the end of the story?

  • Daniel – The fish was saved, the dad did


Today we continued and extended our investigations surrounding money. We began with a whole class warmup of finding the correct values to different sets of money. We encouraged the children to complete a different investigation from what they already had this week.

  • A Pocket Money Board Game where students were given a certain amount of money and either gained or lost money depending on what they landed on.
  • Matching different monetary values with their appropriate symbol and word
  • Sorting different values of money into ‘less than’ and ‘more than’
  • Some challenging worded problems using money
  • Ordering Lunch – Choose 3 items from our canteen menu to order for lunch (school’s website). Complete a lunch order bag. Use collection of notes and coins to make up the value of the cost of each item on their lunch order.

During investigations what did we see?

  • Cierra – “I bought a lolly for 1dollar and a drink for 2dollars, its 3dollars altogether”
  • Aidan – “You can make 1 dollar with 5 20cent coins” “you can also make 1 dollar with 2 50cent coins”
  • Aidan enjoyed playing the pocket money game with Aiden, Sonnie and Deakyn.
  • Nevada and Cierra were making a money game.
  • Jake, Kurt and Noah were adding money values on the laptop using coins!

It was amazing to see so a couple of pairs attempting to create their own money game! An original Monopoly Board Game was on the cards for Eva and Ebony!


We read the Parable of the sower from the Bible. We then did some reflection drawings of one special part.Stay tuned to see our final piece!


Sampan led prayer today, a prayer about prayers.

  • Libby : Thank you God for oxygen and the earth
  • Jasmine: Thank you for my pet Alex
  • Mai-Anh: Thank you for my friends
  • Akemjot: Thank you for my family
  • Rehat: Thank you for doctors to help me when I am sick


We have been enjoying a new form of mindfulness in our classroom after lunch called Cosmic Kids Yoga. We enjoy listening to the different sounds and using our imagination to de-escalate. 


  • Rehat: Spanish…we did do you like soccer? what do you like watching?
  • Nhu: that we got to do things about what we liked, which sports
  • Tcross:I liked being able to write what sports we like and what we like to watch
  • Jake: I liked when we did Spanish sports


Jasmine: These are my medals from taekwondo.

Jake: My favourite restaurant to go to is McDonalds. I like that it has a play center part. I like the milkshake the best and also nuggets and chips. I think strawberry milkshake costs $11 but I don’t pay for it. I like going with my mum, sometimes Dad comes too.

We spent some time discussing the importance of keeping our room clean! We all agreed that the classroom environment is a happier, calmer and more productive place to be when we take care of our belongings and all help to keep the area tidy. We then used our collaboration to get the room looking how we want it 🙂

Thank you all for a fantastic day!!

Tremendous Tuesday July 31 – Term 3 Week 2

Hi all!
Welcome to Tremendous Tuesday July 31!

Deakyn: The last day of July before we go to August!



Our guided reading texts this week are non-fiction books and are about topics such as starfish, space junk, rivers and pandas. This week we are focusing on growing our vocabulary.


We practiced the song ‘Welcome to God’s House‘ for Prayer today. This is one of the songs that will be in our whole school mass next week to celebrate Mary.

  • Libby – Thank you God for the world and the trees. Amen.
  • Llana – Dear God, thank you for my friends and family. Amen.
  • Kiziah – Thank you for the school. Amen.
  • Neisha – Dear God, thank you for music. Amen.
  • Mary – Dear God, thank your my sisters and brothers so they can cheer me up when I am sad.


Today we were introduced to a new Character Strength of Hope. 

Hope is all about being optimistic and thinking that the best is yet to come. We viewed a clip from the movie Rango.

  • Jasmine – They don’t have much water
  • Holly – They believe it will get better
  • Ashvarn – They believe the water will come
  • Rehat – They believe the next day they will be better
  • Mary – They believe that the next day the water will come


Our Shared Reading activities this week have been presented in the form of provocations.  

  • AUSTRALIAN FOOD – What ‘Australian’ foods does Hush and Grandma Poss eat in the book? What foods do you eat often with your family?
  • HUSH IS INVISIBLE – If I were invisible I would…
  • POSSUMS – What do you know about possums? Research 5 facts about possums.
  • RHYMING WORDS – What is a rhyming word? Can you make rhyming book, sentence or record words you know that rhyme? Make a silly rhyme sentence.
  • ‘SS’ WORDS – Can you make a list of words with ‘ss’?
  • 100 LANGUAGES – Retell the story of ‘Possum Magic’ using your 100 languages. Examples: act it out, make a book, paint a picture etc.
  • POSSUM MAGIC’S MAP – View the following link to see where Hush and Grandma Poss travelled.  Can you find these places in the atlas?
  • HOPE – How does Hush and Grandma Poss show hope in the story? Create your own icon for hope.


  • Rehat – Me and Rhoda discovered all the countries that Poss went together.  They were Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Tasmania.
  • Bella, Libby, Holly, Jasmine and Ann shared an iMovie the created for the re-telling of the story. The groups were able to make different actions for each part of the story.


We met with our buddies to complete another fun and exciting activity surrounding FOOD GLORIOUS FOOD!Fruit animals were on our agenda…

  • Natalie – Me and my buddy made a mouse. We used orange and some mandarins.
  • Sonnie – I made a fish out of vegetables
  • Lucas – Me and my buddy made a turtle made out of orange and carrot
  • Ruby – I made a dog out of mandarin and orange
  • Jasmine – I made a goldfish with a different buddy. I made it out of 3 blueberries and a few oranges and a strawberry

Marvellous Monday July 30 – Week 2 Term 3

Hi Bloggers!
Welcome to Week 2 🙂

We trust you had a brilliant weekend filled with many specks of gold. We were eager to share the favourite parts of our weekend;

  • Magot – My favourite part of the weekend was getting Hungry Jacks.
  • Mary – Today is my birthday!
  • Libby – On the weekend I got a new toy.


We began our morning with some individual and group reading. Some of us chose to read our readers from the library before moving onto Teach My Monster to Read. 


Our new shared reading story for this week is Possum Magic. Together we read and listened to the story. This story ties in perfectly with our learning theme of food!

What do we need to remember about making our own books? 

  • Libby – On the front goes a Title, Illustrator and an Author


  • Mary – Dear God, thank you for the earth and the moon and the sun and stars.
  • Nhu – Thank you for the colour because if there was no colour we would be in black and white.
  • Libby – Thank you for the trees because if we didn’t have the trees we wouldn’t be living without oxygen.  Amen.
  • Ashvarn – Thank you for the trees so we can breathe.
  • Magot – Dear God, thank you for the kindness of people so we can make friends.
  • Sonnie – Thank you for making the eclipse happen.


Today we continued and extended our investigations surrounding money. 

  • A Pocket Money Board Game where students were given a certain amount of money and either gained or lost money depending on what they landed on.
  • Matching different monetary values with their appropriate symbol and word
  • Sorting different values of money into ‘less than’ and ‘more than’
  • Some challenging worded problems using money
  • Ordering Lunch – Choose 3 items from our canteen menu to order for lunch (school’s website). Complete a lunch order bag. Use collection of notes and coins to make up the value of the cost of each item on their lunch order.


  • Libby – I did the lunch order thing and I did the money in order. I bought a sausage roll and a lemonade and a fruit cup.
  • Keren – I did the pocket money with Llana and Kiziah. I landed on the silver 20 cent coin.
  • Bella – In money investigations, me and Jasmine and Holly we got coins. We put it under a piece of paper in our books and then we started tracing them.
  • Sonnie – In the morningI bought a pie for lunch. It was $4 and I had $5 and I realised I had enough. I will get $1 back.


After recess, we had a chance to meet with our pair to discuss and plan our Prayers. This Term, prayer will be run by the students themselves! We had total choice of what our prayer would be about, how we would present it and what it might questions we might like to ask our classmates. Lots of us chose to plan scripts for videos.

  • Daniel and Kurt are creating a Gratitude Prayer and recording their own voices on ActivInspire
  • Ashvarn and Jed are writing Gratitude Prayers
  • Noah and Lucas are also preparing Prayers of thanks
  • Ann and Bella are creating their own iMovie about Gratitude
  • Neisha and Ruby are together writing a special prayer for families


  • Jasmine – I feel sleepy
  • Ashvarn – I am feeling relaxed
  • Mary – I feeling tired
  • Holly – I feel sleepy
  • Daniel – Calming down
  • Nhu – I feel calm and inside my head there isn’t much inside my head so I am ready to learn
  • Libby – I feel relaxed and really really tired


Our inquiry investigations this afternoon continued on from last week. Our focus here is to extend our learning in a deeper more meaningful way. This can be observed through the teachers asking critical questions to support student’s finding this new knowledge independently.

Terrific Thursday July 26 – Week 1 Term 3

Hi Bloggers!
Welcome to Terrific Thursday July 26!


Last term we began looking at the 24 Character Strengths. We refreshed our memories surrounding the Character Strengths that we have already looked at including kindness and perseverance. Our Character Strength in focus this week is Judgement. Judgment is when we have to think carefully about things. We might be presented with different points of view and have to make a decision about them. We watched our Shared Reading book for the week ‘How do dinosaurs eat their food?’ and thought critically about how the dinosaurs were depicted in the beginning of the book and at the end of the book.

How does the author talk about the dinosaurs in the beginning?

  • Mary – The book was asking questions
  • Sampann – The dinosaurs was using judgment at the end of the story
  • Alex – She describes them negatively by saying they burping and bubbling their milk

How does the author talk about the dinosaurs at the end of the story?

  • Mia – They sit down and they don’t make loud noises
  • Dion – They smile
  • Akemjot – The dinosaurs will eat nicely and don’t mess around

Provocation: We would like you to use your judgment and think about how YOU think dinosaurs eat their food?


  • Kurt – They put their mouth in the food
  • Dion – They would eat crazy!
  • Sonnie – They would be eating savage
  • Magot – They would be silly
  • Mary – A dinosaur eats meat and messy
  • Holly  – They might ask for some more
  • Ashvarn – They might mess about


This morning we also formed our Guided Reading Groups and practiced reading aloud with expression. We discussed the importance of this skill and where we might use this skill in our day to day lives.

  • Nathaniel – When you get into the bigger grades you have to do projects and speak in front of the group
  • Kurt – You have to read in masses and assemblies


Continuing on with our theme of Judgment we listened to what Kid President has to say about making tough decisions!

  • Holly – Dear God, thank you for my friends
  • Rafael – Thank you for the trees so we can have oxygen
  • Sukhman – Thank you for my friends
  • Lucas – I am thankful for fruit that keeps us healthy
  • Akemjot – Thank you for my friends and family
  • Justin – Thank you for being able to play with Maddox on the oval


Our investigations today were a continuation of the investigations children began on Monday. We deliberately left these creations left setup in the classroom to allow for deeper exploration and learning today. Before beginning our investigations we planned how we envisaged our learning to progress.




Our warmup maths activity was an Australian themed Money Kahoot! We love Kahoot’s and it was awesome to see so many students answering questions correctly 🙂


We continued on with our Money Investigations from yesterday.

  • A Pocket Money Board game where students were given a certain amount of money and either gained or lost money depending on what they landed on.
  • Matching different monetary values with their appropriate symbol and word
  • Sorting different values of money into ‘less than’ and ‘more than’
  • Some challenging worded problems using money

We invited the students to complete a different activity from yesterday.

Thank you for another productive day in Year 2IB and TD! Please remember to bring your black bags with readers tomorrow as it is our library borrowing day!

Monday July 23 – Week 1 Term 3

Hi all!

Welcome to Term 3! We trust you all had a wonderful holiday break filled with many specks of gold. 

As per Mr. White’s notice in the newsletter at the end of last term, please note that in Term 3 we will take Recess 40 minutes earlier at 10.20am. We have noticed that with the current timetable that both children and staff are looking for a break, some vigorous exercise and something to eat before 11am. Consequently the new 7mes during the school day will be:

  • 8.50am Classes Commence
  • 10.20am Recess
  • 12.40pm Eating Lunch
  • 12.50pm Lunch Break
  • 1.30pm Classes Resume
  • 3pm Classes dismissed


We began our morning, week and new term with some literacy based activities. Students have the option to read independently using their readers from the library, read with their friends, practice different strategies and grammar techniques online using Teach Your Monster To Read or engage in free choice writing.


This term our shared reading focus is around our inquiry topic of food, eating and shopping. 

Our shared reading text this week is ‘How do Dinosaurs Eat their Food?‘ by Jane Yolen

What happened in the beginning of the book?

Mia: Dinosaurs were glaring at people and dropping their cereal and telling people to pick it up.

Deakyn: They might not like the food.

Magot: The dinosaurs were standing on the chairs and he couldn’t sit.

How did the story change towards the end of the book?

Rhoda: They started listening. They sat on their chair.

Justin: The dinosaurs didn’t spill the food.

Keren: They learnt how to eat.

Jaiden: There was learning how to eat properly and not dropping the food down.

Many of you said that the dinosaurs were eating properly. What did they do?

Nhu: They were doing things like not burping out loud when there was people out in front of them.

Sampann: The dinosaur changed his manners. He did the right things.

Sonnie: They were eating properly but sitting down and eat slowly.

Ashvarn: They were sitting and eating at the table.

In small groups, we discussed what a question is and why we use them.

What is a question?

Nevada: A question is when someone asks you something to learn more.

Mary: A question is like someone saying to you how was your day? How was your morning? Did you sleep well. They are asking you something.

Akemjot: A question is when you don’t know something and you ask someone to figure it out.

Llana: Ask a friend something and then you figure it out together.

Jasmine: A question is like people asking you something.

Why do we ask questions?

Jake: Because we want to learn more or they do.

Sonnie: You ask a question because you might be stuck if you can’t do something.

Mia: If I don’t know something I will ask a friend, a teacher or my parents.

Ashvarn: So you can learn about every single number or words.

Sampann: A question is you have to answer something.

When reading or writing, how do we know a question is being asked?

Ebony: There is a question mark.

When someone is asking a question, how do we know?

Alex: The person’s voice changes. It goes higher.

Mary: Thank you for my family and friends. Amen

Llana: Dear God, thank you for my family and friends so they can support me. Amen.

Mia: Dear God, thank you for my friend and my house so I can live. Amen.

Tcross: Thank you for my friends for supporting me when I’m upset. Amen.

Jasmine: Thank you God for my friends because they always cheer me up when I’m sad. Amen.

Nhu: Thank you for my friends because they always ask me to play if I am by myself. Amen.


During today’s investigations students were given the opportunity to decide what learning they wish to engage with. With our overarching theme of food/eating, there were various shops and restaurants created. Before engaging in play, we planned what we would be doing in investigations as well as which learning powers would be a focus. After the investigations took place we reflected upon whether we followed our plan or how might have we changed it.






This term we are investigating money. Today, we explored what children already know about money. They reflected on the following questions:

  • What do we use money for?
  • How do we get money?
  • What coins and notes do you know? What do they look like? How much are they worth?


  • Noah – My speck of gold in the holidays was when I played Minecraft with Jasmine and I called her
  • Ebony – I went to the Beach house
  • Dion – I went to FlipOut
  • Nevada – Going to Latitude with my sister and my cousin and my cousins best friend
  • Jaiden – I went to FlipOut
  • Rhoda – I went to the Adelaide Airport and picked up cousins from Germany
  • Neisha – I went to the movies and saw Hotel Transylvania 3
  • Deakyn – I went camping and we saw red kangaroos
  • Ruby – I went to the movies to see Show Dogs
  • Kurt – I watched Incredibles 2!


Akemjot – I used creativity when I was making a Beyblade

Ann – “I used collaboration when I made a house with Bella and Jasmine”.

Thursday July 5 – Week 10 Term 2

Hi Bloggers!

Welcome to Terrific Thursday July 5!


A big congratulations to Libby and Jasmine who performed at the school music assembly this morning. Their courage and growth mindset to performing in front of the whole school was inspiring!

  • Libby – I loved my singing!
  • Cierra – I loved how Libby was singing and Jasmine was playing piano
  • Jasmine – I loved when Libby was singing and I was playing piano
  • Akemjot – I liked the drums and the tune they were making
  • Ashvarn – I liked Jasmine on the piano
  • Holly – I liked Jasmine on the piano and Libby singing!


What was even more amazing to see and hear was students in our class filling both Libby and Jasmine’s buckets after the performance with positive praise 🙂


Mia and Keren shared a special prayer about summer with us.

  • Mary – Thank you for my friends an family in the world
  • Nevada – Dear Lord, thank you for my friends because they play with  me
  • Jasmine – Dear God, thank you for making the sandpit and everywhere
  • Daksh – Dear God, thank you for my friends, when I am sad the cheer me up
  • Joseph – Thank you for my friends. Amen.
  • Cierra – Thank you for my family to cheer me up and for my dog
  • Aiden – Dear God, thank you for making the donuts for Miss B to ear them
  • Holly – Dear God thank you for the water
  • Kurt – Thank you for spaghetti
  • Daniel – Thank you for making our dogs and cats
  • Ashvarn – Thank you for food so we can eat


This term has been a super busy and productive one! Today we took the time to stop and reflect on all of our specks of gold including the Learning Powers we have learned and shown.

We were so pleased to see that children included many social specks of gold including making new friends and trying new things!



This afternoon Mary requested to sing a song to the class. She was totally inspired by Libby singing in front of the whole school. Well done girls!!!


Tomorrow is casual day !

A casual day for cans/bottles and other 10c recyclables.

Great prizes to be won for the MOST recyclables, an Aquaponics tank and Popcorn and a Movie for the classes that collect the most.


Can you help out? A BIG BIG interest in the class is restaurants and cooking...

If you are free we would love your help to come in and cook, share a family recipe or anything about FOOD!!! Food glorious food!!


“The Environment is the third teacher” Loris Malaguzzi,

Also we are in the process of moving the classroom around to suit the needs of the children…

We have noticed they are loving quiet corners, technology areas, art materials that are out and available, a class ‘cafe’, small world/block area etc etc. It is all a work in process and we are observing how the children use the same and will adapt to suit their learning and interests!!

Thanks for a great day and will see you all tomorrow morning!!

Monday July 2 – Week 10 Term 2

Hi Bloggers!

Welcome to our last week of Term 2! Wow, time flies when you are having fun and learning so many new and exciting things!


We began our morning with some reading based activities. Children have the option to participate in the following before moving onto exploring ‘Teach my Monster to Read’ online. 

  • Matching contractions to their extended version
  • Creating sight wordsusing playdough
  • Deciding appropriate punctuation endingsto sentences
  • Using whiteboardsto practice our words and letters
  • Aaron Blabeyfocus table with our favourite books to read and review
  • Reading with a teacher


This morning we enjoyed some rare winter sunshine as we stepped outside for some fitness. We skipped, played handball, practiced our cricket skills and even had a big game of chasey happening!


During our last week of the term this week, we will be reviewing the different numeracy concepts explored throughout the entire term. Today we focussed on shapes! We discussed the differences between a 2D and 3D shape and provided some examples before we were posed with a special challenge;

  • Maddox  – I am drawing a laptop square
  • Samurai – I will draw my drink bottle its like a circle
  • Aiden – My laptop is is a rectangle I am drawing that
  • Daksh  – I drew a 2D star
  • Sampann – I am drawing a basketball it is a sphere
  • Magot – I drew a square, love heart, rectangle. The 3D ones are a pyramid and a square cube
  • Jed – So I drew a triangular prism it sits on top of the building an there are also cylinders on top
  • Nathaniel – The squishy is a cylinder!


Joseph and Ann shared a prayer about animals. This was a special prayer about gratitude towards animals.

  • Rhoda – Dear God, thank you for my family and friends. Amen.
  • Jasmine – Dear God, thank your making animals and nature. Amen.
  • Holly – Dear God, thank you for animals. Amen.
  • Jake – Thank you for the trees so we can breathe oxygen from there. Amen.
  • Daniel – Thank you for making us happy God. Amen.
  • Cierra – Dear God, thank you for my family and friends. Amen.
  • Mary – Dear God, thank you for my uncle and aunties cat. Amen.
  • Daksh – Dear God, thank you for my family and friends to play. Amen.
  • Ashvarn – Thank you for making technology so we can watch movies.
  • Sampann – Thank you for maths so we know one plus one. Amen.


What are they?

  • Daksh – There are 24 character Strengths
  • Alex – Kindness means team work
  • Rehat – Things that you do to show love
  • Mary – It is kind of like what you are feeling
  • Mia – Your thoughts
  • Asvharn – Being strong

Character is who you are and what you are strong at! Today we had a closer look at Perseverance! This is when you keep trying to reach your goals even when things get tough or difficult.



With your plans in mind and Perseverence a focus this afternoon we investigated….

  • Rehat, Rhoda and Libby setup their own simulated school. “We even have our own Dojo Points!”
  • Nhu, Natalie and TCross were playing ‘sissys.’ “We are all sisters and have our own house and have food as well.”
  • Jed and Justin are using Minecraft to create ‘a village where Jesus lives.’
  • Samurai and Maddox are using blocks to create ‘a factory.’ and then it levelled up into a zoo!
  • Llana and Keren created their own build-a-bears!
  • Jaiden and Nathaniel worked hard to make a city of different vehicles!

We finished our day with a reflection of our play. What Learning Power did we use? Did we stick to our plan? What did we learn?

See you tomorrow Year 2! 


Catholic Identity Day

Today we celebrated Catholic Identity Day! We began our day with a lovely welcome from Father Shaboo.

We spent our morning exploring various different provocations surrounding our own Religious and Catholic Identities including;

  • Exploring who God/Jesus is through play dough
  • Can you build the ULTIMATE church? (Block play)
  • Using clay to recreate our own Images of God
  • Friendship Bracelets
  • Gratitude Writing/Drawing
  • Stain-glass window making

It was incredible and beyond heart-warming to see students from the different classes drawing on their Learning Powers such as Creativity and Collaboration to together explore such an important idea together. Teachers observed students helping one another to plait the wool to create the bracelets, working together to create the stain-glass windows, scribing  for one another to complete Gratitude letters and so much more. Take a look at our wonderful morning of learning before we shared lunch together.


  • Krish – I made a colourful window. We see them in churches
  • Jasmine – I played with my friends in the window area from church
  • Josh  -I did a friendship bracelet with Dion
  • Ann – I made a friendship bracelet with Bella and then with Joseph. For Bella I made it pink and purple and for Joseph I made it blue
  • Henry – I tried to figure out and made God using clay. His body was purple and his back was purple
  • Ashvarn – I made a church with blocks with Sampann, Jaiden and Ekam and Nathaniel and Jed.
  • Cierra – I liked having a little buddy with me
  • Holly – I loved the shared lunch today
  • Sukhman – When me and Dion got to work together to make things I really liked that
  • Jasmine – I have a new BFF from the other class
  • Nevada – I really liked making a new buddy
  • Ashvarn – I liked working with the other class and helping them

Here is a prayer video Maddox created with the help of some year 1 buddies – Angus and Talyn.

Movie on 29-6-18 at 10.13 am-1shfueb

Thank you for a truly beautiful day spent exploring Catholic Identity. Happy weekend all!