Thursday May 24 – Week 4 Term 2

Hi Bloggers! A big happy Thursday to you all! 

This morning we began our day with some reading. It was magnificent to see some of us using the strategies we have spoken about individually. Things like, sounding out, using our fingers to follow and expression were all observed by the teachers this morning. Thank you to our parents who also offered their time to listen to us. It is super important we are bringing our black bags to school each day so we can read our library books!


We shared the book – “Can I pray with my eyes open?”

What was this book about?

  • Mia – Praying any time you want
  • Ann – It doesn’t have to be in a spot

What kinds of prayers can we do?

  • Ann – Sorry prayers
  • Rehat – Grateful prayers
  • Mary – If you feel sad, scared or worried you can pray to God
  • Libby – When someone is sick in your family you could pray for them
  • Kristina – a kind prayer
  • Dion – If someone passes away in your family
  • Rehat – When you don’t know what to do you can pray to God

How could we start a prayer?

  • Jed – Dear God…
  • Joesph – Thank you God for…
  • Sampan – God please…
  • Cierra – O’Lord…
  • Kim – God can you help me to…
  • Rehat – Im grateful God…

The children then drafted our very own prayers. We discussed how important it is to have a go at spelling tricky words and write with as much detail as possible. Once we had drafted our own prayer we sat with our teacher to have a conference about editing our prayers before making the good copy tomorrow! 


Led by Jasmine and Holly

“A prayer about being loving and helping other. Help me Lord when loving can be hard”

“Anyone have a prayer to share?”

  • Mia: Dear Lord thank you for our bodies so we can walk.
  • Libby: Dear God thank you for everything
  • Mary: Thank you for the world Amen
  • Rhoda: Dear God help me to heal and not feel sick Amen


On Tuesday afternoon we collected data and created picture graphs about popcorn flavours for Mission Day. Today we used the data that we collected to make a column graph! We discussed the key ingredients for a column graph.

What do we need?

Vertical lines, horizontal lines, a title, the options down the bottom, on the vertical line we put the numbers!

Check out our graphs..

We then came together as a class to collate our results in preparation for Mission Day…

Caramel – 9

Rainbow – 14

Butter-  10

Salt – None

The most popular was rainbow with 14 votes.


Today after lunch many of us asked to do some mindful drawing. We quietly had the opportunity to draw and colour our own creations. In this time, the teachers had the opportunity to read with different students.


Building on our learning from our excursion to the Museum we viewed an educational video about Aboriginal People making canoes.

What was the video about?

  • Kurt – Making canoes
  • Rehat – They made the canoes with bark the Aboriginal people. They cut the bark from the tree and they didn’t cut the whole tree so they wanted it to survive
  • Ann – The aboriginal used trees but not all of it
  • Joseph – It was telling us about how the Aboriginal people made the canoes

What did we see on our guided tour in the museum?

  • Jed – Boomerangs and shields
  • Mary – There were coconuts
  • Cierra –  A trucky trucky
  • Jake – The spears
  • Libby – A dollhouse
  • Daniel – Shields
  • Joseph – All different types of shield
  • Rehat – That boomerang it was long and looked like a 7. They cut out a kangaroo to make clean water
  • Mary – There were baskets for the babies to go in
  • Aiden – They used boomerangs
  • Akemjot – The boomerang shaped like a 7
  • Jed – A toy boat


  • Jasmine – The big teddy that I am holding is named Emily. My house has a lot of teddy bears and Emily is my favourite teddy. I got it at the Adelaide Show. She is white and pink and I got her in 2017.

  • Raf – This my favourite toy car. And I drive it around all the time. I got it on my birthday. I don’t need to use my hands. It has power from batteries. I got it from Daksh. It goes very fast.


We had a super busy but productive day today! Tomorrow we visit the library to return and borrow books for the upcoming week. Please don’t forget your black bags!

Monday May 21 – Week 4 Term 2

Hello and Welcome to Week 4!

This morning we began our day with some reading. Some of us chose to read independently, in pairs, with a lovely parent volunteer or with a teacher. It is so very important that we are reading each and every day. This means we must bring our black bags home and return to school every day.


We gave our brains a little break with a run around on the play ground 🙂 We returned back to class ready to listen and learn.


Next week is Mission Week here at HFCS. Each class in the school are busily preparing something to sell to the school next Friday and all the money gets donated to various different charities. Here in 2IB and 2DT, we are going to sell popcorn and show a movie! Today we discussed what movie we could show to the school;

  • Jake – Lion King 1.5
  • Rhoda – Peter Rabbit
  • Sukhman – Greatest Showman
  • Magot – Power Rangers
  • Rehat –  Captain Underpants

Each of us in the class had a vote on which movie we would like to watch so we could see the tally process modelled to us. We also repeated the process for the type of popcorn we will sell. It is important that we tally and poll these options so that we can make sure students in our school will be eager to attend our Mission Day Activity.


  • Eva and Ebonie – We had rainbow with the most with 13 people
  • Alex and Dion – We asked flavour popcorn. rainbow was 28, salt was 3 and butter salt was 12. The least popular was salt.


Thank you to Nevada and Cierra who lead us in prayer today. They shared a special prayer about gratitude and schools.

  • Mary – Thank you for everyone in the world so wherever you go you won’t be lonely
  • Mia – Thank you for friends so we aren’t alone
  • Kim – Thank you God for the teachers


Group 1’s focus today was initial sounds including e, i, o, an u. Together they brainstormed different words beginning with these sounds. Group 2 and 3 focussed on three different sounds. They were ‘ch’ ‘th’ (long sound) and ‘th’ (short sound).


  • Mary – We had to guess the sounds by looking at the letters like P and after we did some words. R for Rosie because it is capital it is a name.
  • Mia – We did some writing sounds like ch, th and th.


We split into small groups to discuss and investigate specific choices Aaron Blabey made.

Why do you think the author chose the animal to be Piranhas? 

  • Nevada – Because he might like fish
  • Jake – Because it rhymes with banana – like piranha banana
  • Mia – He chose piranhas so we can learn more about piranhas
  • Ashvarn – They have sharp teeth
  • Jed – They are kind of like sharks
  • Joseph – Because they are greedy and selfish
  • Raf – Because the author likes Piranha’s
  • Justin – They can eat meat
  • Maddox – Because he lived in South America
  • Sukhman – Because they are dangerous


  • Daksh – Playing with Kurt, Raf and Aidan
  • Mary – My speck of gold was when I had fun with Mia
  • Deakyn – Playing on the play ground
  • Llana – My speck of gold was playing with Winnie
  • Akemjot – My speck of gold is playing with Sukhman and Ashvarn
  • Sonnie – My speck of gold was playing with Daniel, Jasmine and Justin playing chase


What did we see in the Aboriginal Culture part of the museum?

  • Aiden – We saw a boat and it was a canoe
  • Ann – We saw a boomerang that caught animals
  • Daksh – We saw a toy called trucky trucky

Inquiry Investigation: Describe how some sort of technology has changed over time? E.g. Consoles, Telephone, TV’s OR Describe the different types of Aboriginal Technologies we observed on our trip to the museum.

  • Bella and Ann made a video about Aboriginal technologies including a boomerang to catch animals
  • Joseph and Lucas created a film about how technologies have changed over time
  • Holly showed us a picture of an olden day Television that had buttons on there!

Thank you for a wonderful, productive day Year 2! See you all tomorrow 🙂 

Thursday May 17 – Week 3 Term 2 – MUSEUM DAY!

Hi all! 

Today visited the South Australian Museum for our first excursion for the year.  The museum focuses on Indigenous Cupture and changes through the world over time which is what we have been investigating through provocations in class. 

  • Just a reminder that tomorrow is casual clothes day in exchange for a can of food/soup/veg for Fred’s Van.

Our trip to the museum was a total success! We saw lots of things we hadn’t seen before and really enjoyed the bus ride there and back. We were treated to a guided tour of the Aboriginal Tools and then also had the chance to tour the museum in our small groups. Thank you so much to our parent volunteers for allowing the excursion to happen!  In the days and weeks to come we will be extending our learning from today in science through forces and HASS through changes in time.

When we returned back to school we reflected on our learning and what we saw!


  • Joseph – My speck of gold is seeing the giant squid
  • Jaiden – My speck of gold is seeing the mummy’s
  • Mai-Anh – My speck of gold is going on the bus
  • Sukhman – My speck of gold is seeing the hammer head shark
  • Kim – My speck of gold is seeing the Aboriginal stuff
  • Jed – My speck of gold is learning more about Ancient Egypt
  • Neisha – My speck of gold is the cheetah statues
  • Liana – My speck of gold is going to the museum
  • Holly – My speck of gold is that mum got to come
  • Jasmine – My speck of gold is feeling the ice

Thank you Year 2 and our parent volunteers for making today a success! See you tomorrow 🙂  

Wednesday May 16 – Week 3 Term 2

Hi bloggers!

  • Reminder – Tomorrow is our excursion to the South Australian Museum. We will be leaving school soon after 9am so please make sure we are here on time. Students will need to bring a packed recess, fruit snack and lunch. The bus will pick us up at 1:30pm to return to school in the early afternoon. Students are to wear full school uniform. Thank you so much to the parent volunteers who will be helping us on the day! 


Together as a group we role modeled fluency and expression and read our shared reading text – “Piranhas don’t eat bananas”.

We then separated off into small reading groups and read a focused reader.

Children took turns in their groups reading and supporting each other. Sounding out unknown words and looking at sight words.

The teacher worked with a focus group – looking in particular at sounds and sight words.

The children then recorded what their book was about. They wrote sentences and used fantastic comprehension skills!!

Treat others as you want to be treated!

  • Jasmine – The video showed us to share
  • Ann – The puppy was sad because the other puppy was teasing it and he became happy again
  • Magot – They were nice


Today we used our laptops to help us reflect on our PE Lesson. We thought about Character Strengths, showing a Growth Mindset and our Learning Powers. We discussed that we need to always including capital letters, full stops and use detail within our writing.


Can we find rhyming words in our shared reading book?

  • Cierra: Silver beet and feet rhyme
  • Raf: Peas and knees
  • Rehat: The endings are the same

Rhyming rap

  • Nevada: The ending needs to be the same for it to rhyme

We then recorded rhyming words!!


  • Holly – Took
  • Llana – Cook
  • Ruby – Hook
  • Jasmine – Took


  • Daksh – Hot
  • Jed – Yacht
  • Noah – Got
  • Lucas – Blot
  • Sukhman –  Bot


  • Eva – Sand
  • Cierra – Band
  • Ashvarn – And
  • Jake – Brand


  • Bella – House
  • Rehat – Spouse


Nhu and Tcross shared a special prayer about sharing and caring.

  • Mia: Thank you for my baby brother
  • Rehat: Thank you for Australia
  • Rhoda: Thank you for everyone living
  • Daksh: Thank you for making me be alive


What have we learnt?

  • Holly: they have more than one face
  • Lucas: Cubes have more corners than a square because they are not flat
  • Tcross: pyramid is a 3D shape
  • Ann: a 3d shape is not flat
  • Aiden: a sphere is 3D it is round, it has one side
  • Raf: pyramids have more sides than a triangle
  • Adien: vertices are corners

We then made cubes and recorded faces, vertices and edges.


Mia – Knotty lox, this is from Grandma, I got it 4 years ago. I really like it, its a good toy. I got it for my birthday. It has wings at the back, it looks like a flower if you do this, the wings don’t fly.

Ebony – Good afternoon everyone, this is my American girl doll, I got it from Toys r us, i can play with it with my other dolls, I like it. I got it when I was about 6. I went to the shops with my mum.

Aiden – This is my fidget spinner, it can spin and roll. If you spin it can roll down. You spin it to make it go faster. I got it from ebay. It is made from metal, it is red, orange and white. It is metal gold, there is bearing inside that makes it spin.


This afternoon we had look at a specific website that showed us lots of information about Aboriginal Tools. Tomorrow when we visit the Museum we are going to be looking at some of these in real life! We put on our creative thinking hats to investigate the website ourselves and record our learning. 

Monday May 14 – Week 3 Term 2

Hi Bloggers! Welcome to Week 3!

  • We hope all our mothers had a lovely Mother’s Day on the weekend 🙂 
  • Happy 8th Birthday to TCross and Lucas (for yesterday)! 
  • Once again thank you to those who have returned their excursion permission/medical forms and an even bigger thank you to those parents who have volunteered to help us out on the day 🙂


Today for fitness we exercised our creative thinking and headed over to the new Log Park and the Oval. Some of us engaged in dramatic play, using the logs to create a day spa! 


This morning we extended our investigation surrounding 3D shapes in our world. Together we had a look at our favourite 3D shapes and where we might find them in our day to day lives. 

It was then our challenge to record our own list of real-life 3D shapes. 

Shape Share!

  • Holly – A cone could be an ice cream, a party hat, a top of a roof even a unicorn
  • Nhu – A cube can be a present for TCross.  A cone can be a party hat for TCross. A cylinder can be a bottle for TCross.
  • Deakyn – A cube. A sphere is a basketball. A rectangle is a playstation.


Llana and Kristina read a prayer about school to us today. We then shared our own;

  • Nevada – Thank you for the teachers so we can learn
  • Neisha – Thank you for our teachers
  • Mia – Dear God, thank you for the school to learn


Our literacy warm-up involved us having a look at how Aaron Blabey describes Guff before we described our own favourite toy. 


We worked in small groups to discuss some questions about the book ‘Guff’. These questions are designed to make us think about the decisions the author made when writing the book. We then had a class discussion.

How does the author make you think about toys?

  • Daksh: It makes us think about toys when we were younger.
  • Mia: We thought about how Aaron Blabey thinks about our toys at home. And when he describes the Guff toy he makes me think about my toys at home.
  • Nevada: He makes me think about toys because Guff is a toy.

Do you think toys are special to all children? What makes you think so?

  • Akemjot: They are important because children can’t get bored.
  • Sampann: Yes because if they like get bored o eat or drink so they can pass their time with the toys.
  • Ashvarn: They make us happy.
  • Nathaniel: They make us feel good because I take it with me.

Do you think all children have a toy like ‘Guff’?

  • TCross: Everybody is different so they may all have different toys so they are special in unique ways.
  • Magot: No, some can be different to others.
  • Libby: No because some people don’t sleep with stuffed toys. It can be a no.
  • Ashvarn: Sometimes some children have the same as Guff and some have different.
  • Kim: Some toys can change.
  • Mia: I think yes because maybe because they really want the toy and they think its soft and cute. I think all children have one.


<iframe src=”″ width=”640″ height=”360″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

When we go to the museum for our Excursion on Thursday we will be having a guided tour of the Aboriginal Culture Section.

Why did they paint the doors with Aboriginal paintings? 

  • Rehat – So we know they are Aboriginal

What might be in the Aboriginal Culture section?

  • Ashvarn – Could be musical instruments
  • Deakyn – Could be some weapons in there

We worked hard to formulate our own Inquiry Questions based around the Aboriginal Culture to ask on Thursday! 

  • Holly – How do the Aboriginal people get here?
  • Akemjot – Why do they have weapons like mining weapons?
  • Daniel – Where did they get the boomerang?
  • Mia – How long have they lived for?
  • Magot – How old are the people?
  • Sonnie – Are the Aboriginal people poor?
  • Nathaniel – How did they make the weapons?
  • Nevada – Why are the baskets so big?
  • Sampann – Do they fight and do they attack?
  • Deakyn –  How do they make the basket and the bag?
  • Llana – What did the Aboriginal people eat?
  • TCross – When was the Museum named?
  • Lucas – What do the weapons feel like?
  • Ebony – What do they play with?

Thank you for a positive and productive Monday. See you tomorrow Year 2! 🙂 

Friday May 11 – Week 2 Term 2



Thank you to all our incredible students who have committed themselves to our production and for their amazing efforts this morning. We sang, danced and smiled our way through! It was a wonderful, Lion King themed showcase of our learning thus far!



We spent some time using our 100 languages to prepare a special card for our beautiful mothers. We hope you all have a wonderful day on Sunday.



After our assembly we thought about which CLARA Learning Powers we used!

  • Kiziah: we used creativity when we made our masks
  • Keren: I think creativity too
  • Dion: collaboration, we worked altogether
  • Deakyn: We were brave
  • Mia: we used collaboration when we did the song. When the curtains opened i was a little nervouse but then i used hope and optimism
  • Ruby: We were creative with our costumes, our acting and all our work
  • Cierra: we used a growth mindset, at first we didnt know, we were nervous, but then we didnt give up and we kept trying then it was a really good assembly
  • Deakyn: Our bodies used hope to do our assembly, we could do it


Today our focus book was ”. We used our prediction skills and used the front cover as a clue to guess what the story would be about.

  • Jasmine – I think it will be about a chicken asking if his mum loves you 
  • Lucas – Our mums will always do our best for us
  • Libby – No matter if you get angry or sad your mum will always love you
  • Jed – You know your mum loves you always

We then borrowed our new books for the week. It is super important that we are reading every night at home and bringing our black bags to school each day 🙂 


  • Dion: I know cubes, its a 3D shape, they are ice cubes
  • Mia: I know about pyramids, they look like mountains
  • Aiden: Cone is 3D, like an ice cream cone
  • Deakyn: a sphere like a globe
  • Cierra: a globe is a sphere
  • Alex: a fridge is a rectangular prism
  • Akemjot: a sugar cube is a cube

The children then recorded “real life 3D shapes”

A cube can be…

A cylinder can be…

A sphere can be…

A cone can be…


Questions we have in preparation for our visit…

  • Rehat: How did the Aboriginal people cook food?
  • Kurt: When were pyramids made?
  • Aidan: How old are pyramids?
  • Libby: How old is the museum?
  • Daksh: What are mammals?
  • Rafael: How did they find the dinosaur bones?
  • Mia: I want to know more about the big jelly fish, how big is it? what does it eat? does it have poision?
  • Rhoda: How long ago was the first Aboriginal person?
  • Keren: How long did dinosaurs live for?
  • Eva: How old can gorillas be?
  • Rehat: why is there a museum?
  • Cierra: What do gorillas eat?
  • Tcross: How did they get the items for the museum?
  • Akemjot: How old is the museum?
  • Kiziah: Are the dinosaurs still alive?

Happy mothers day to all the beautiful mums! Enjoy your weekend 🙂

Thursday May 10 – Week 2 Term 2

Morning Bloggers!

  • Our assembly is this TOMORROW in the hall at 9am. We will spend today preparing for our Lion King themed presentation! All are welcome.
  • Also tomorrow is a special Mother’s Day Stall for children to purchase a small gift for their mothers. Gifts range from 50cents – $6. Please see flyer below.
  • Happy Birthday Ruby!!

  • Holly – It is the 10th of May
  • Magot – Today it is Thursday
  • Kristina – We are having Come Read with me, Practice Assembly, Prayer, Maths and some more Assembly Practice


Thank you to our parent volunteers who came to read with us this morning.


Holly and Jasmine lead us in a prayer about Mothers and siblings.  They each read a Bible passage from our children’s Bible.

  • Mia – Thank you for being alive so we can be in the world together
  • Neisha – Thank you for my pet kitten
  • Mary – Thank you for everyone and friends
  • Ebony – Thank you for my buddy
  • Aidyn – Thank you for my friends
  • Daksh – Thank you for my parents
  • Magot – Thank you for my friends


  • Joseph – This is my favourite toy it is a truck. It  can move around and make different noises. I got it from the show. It goes on one wheel in the water. There are buttons on the side. I went to a Monster Truck show.
  • Holly – This is my bike. I got it for Christmas when I turned 5. I go on it in my backyard. It has pedals on there and a basket in the front. It has a bell.
  • Llana – This is my toy unicorn and I got her from the shop and it started as an egg then you had to put it in water to hatch. It took about 3 or 4 days to hatch and then leave it in the water to go to size. It feels like rubber. It can stand up.
  • Rhoda – This is my teddy slothy. She likes cuddles and to wear blue. Today she is wearing turquoise blue. She is soft and I got her from Target. I don’t take it to places.
  • Neisha – This is my cat and it is very fluffy and it loves grey. It is only 6. It’s name is fluffy. I got it from Target.
  • Ruby – I only got this unicorn today for my birthday. I named it Rainbow. It is super fluffy and cute. It would be only 0 because I got it today. It is as girl. I do like unicorns.



  • Dion: The soccer ball is a sphere
  • Alex: The cone matches to the cone on the road
  • Daksh: The face is the flat part
  • Ann: The flat ones are the faces
  • Rhoda: Vertex is the name for corner of shapes
  • Mia: Edges are the lines
  • Mia-Ann: the cone has once vertices
  • Jaiden: Pyramid has 5 faces

We had a go at independently labelling different 3D shapes including the vertex, edges and faces. 


This afternoon we headed over to the hall for our last Assembly practice before the real deal tomorrow morning. Just a reminder for students to be wearing a coloured animal t-shirt or jumper with their PE uniform. We have also discussed wearing animal onesies over our sports uniform! The more animals on stage in our kingdom the better! 

Assembly Details

Tomorrow morning, 9am is our Assembly in the hall! 

We ask that children wear an animal themed top/jumper/t-shirt! This may be a coloured t-shirt, animal onesies – anything that fits in with our Lion King Theme! School sport shorts are to be worn with this 🙂

Thank you for your support!

Wednesday May 9 – Week 2 Term 2

Hi there bloggers!

  • Once again thank you to those who have returned their excursion permission/medical forms and an even bigger thank you to those parents who have volunteered to help us out on the day 🙂
  • Our assembly is this Friday in the hall at 9am. We will spend today and tomorrow getting ready for our Lion King themed presentation! All are welcome.
  • Also happening this Friday is a special Mother’s Day Stall for children to purchase a small gift for their mothers. Gifts range from 50cents – $6. Please see flyer below.



  • Libby – We had to hold and pull this thing. You could get like 10, 20, 30, 40 and then 100.
  • Mile – Throwing
  • Raf – We had balloons and then the balloon wasn’t allowed to touch the floor
  • Magot – We did frisbees!


Today we had some time to work on our stories in Writer’s Workshop. As a group we read through our shared reading story – Gruff.

We discussed specific characteristics of Guff.

  • Jed – He is old
  • Daksh – He is green
  • TCross – He is soft and fluffy

We then used a Venn Diagram to show the similarities and differences between Guff and our own toy that have shared/plan to share. We completed one as a class and then showed a Growth Mindset towards creating our own Venn Diagrams.


  • Mary – Thank you for people to keep us company like together so we aren’t lonely
  • Mia – Thank you for students and teachers
  • Rehat – I am grateful for the trees because they give us oxygen to breathe


We went over to the hall to practice our upcoming assembly on Friday! Well done to those who have bene practicing their lines!  We also practiced our song – Hakuna Matata that we will sing together to end the assembly 🙂


We used Weave Silk today in our mindfulness time.

  • Samurai showed us his ‘cool’ blue drawing
  • Mile said that his looked like a dog!
  • Raf’s shared his creation and told us that it looked like lightning!

Thank you for a wonderful day Year 2 – see you tomorrow! 

Tuesday May 8 – Week 2 Term 2

Hi all!

  • Thank you to those who have returned their excursion permission/medical forms and an even bigger thank you to those parents who have volunteered to help us out on the day 🙂
  • Our assembly is this Friday in the hall at 9am. We will spend this week getting ready for our Lion King themed presentation! All are welcome.



Nevada: Good morning everyone.

Everyone: Good morning Miss Nevada. God Bless you.

Nevada: This is Franklin but I call him Frankie. He’s special because I built him and he can smile.


Deakyn:Good morning everyone.

Everyone: Good morning Mr Deakyn. God bless you.

Deakyn: I use the Rubik’s cube so I can be smart with it and do stuff with it and solve some sides. You need to flip it out and keep trying. 2 by 2 is hard but 3 by 3 is easier.

Jasmine: How are you supposed to solve it?

Deakyn: You get used to it or you can just watch youtube.

Nevada? What colours does it have?

Deakyn: Yellow, pink, white, green and orange.

Mia: Where did you get it from?

Deakyn: At Hollywood. Thank you for listening everyone.


Noah: Good morning everyone.

Everyone: Good morning Mr Noah. God bless you.

Noah: Today I bought in my wrestler. He is in lots of movies. His name is the Rock. My mum gave it to me when I was four for Christmas. Any questions or comments?

Mia: Does he sleep with you?

Noah: No. He stays at my Aunty’s.

Jake: He’s a WWE wrestler.

Noah: He used to be a wrestler.

Ann: Where did you buy it?

Noah: I don’t know. It was a present. Thank you for listening.


Continuing now with our investigation surrounding shapes, today we had closer look at shape properties. As a warm-up activity, together as a group we sorted shapes according to their dimension.

We also reminded our minds about faces, corners and edges.  

It was then our task to create a WANTED Poster for a shape on the run of our choice. We first did one together and created a wanted poster for a triangle.

  • Daksh: It has 3 corners.
  • Jed: It has 3 sides.
  • Nevada: It has one face because it is 2D.
  • Kristina: It is a 2D shape.


  • Mile – “I made a square. It has 4 sides.”
  • Cierra – “It has 6 faces, it has 12 sides and 8 corners.”


Libby and Mia led us in prayer today. They volunteered to read a short Bible story about us being the best people we can be.

  • Ruby – Thank you for my dog
  • Deakyn  – Thank you for my school and family
  • Jed – Thank you for my cat


Our shared reading text this week is ‘Guff’ by Aaron Blabey.

We read the story and discussed how Guff changed over time:

  • Jed  – He lost an ear, a bit of his love heart is gone and he changed colour
  • Cierra – A little bit of love heart has fallen off
  • Ann – His eye came off
  • Daksh – He lost his red cheeks
  • Kim – He lost his ear
  • Mia – His mouth was clean and now it is dirty
  • Libby – One hear like broke off but in the beginning it was straight
  • Jasmine – His body is dirty
  • Aiden – His cheeks are a little lighter
  • Cierra – It looks like the arm is a little bit gone

Group One: Initial sounds – ck, e, f

Group one explored the letter name and sounds of ck, e and f.

Using the letters  p, g, u, ck, e, f, i they made 3 letter consonant-vowel-consonant words such as peg, fig and pip. Some children also explore 4 letter words such as pick and puck.

Group Two and Three:

Blends, diagraphs, dipthongs – ng as in sing


This afternoon we calmed our minds and bodies with mindful colouring, drawing and relaxation.


Some of practiced our reading and acting parts on the stage in the hall for our assembly this Friday. We are so proud of the effort the children have put in to learning their lines. They have shown strength in the learning powers of openness to learning, hope and optimism and mindful agency.

Some of us continued on with our technology inquiry. Yesterday we began to investigate the following questions:

  • What is technology?
  • What are some examples of technology in our school?
  • Why do we need technology in our lives?

We had a great day with lots of engaged learning. See you tomorrow!