Friday 16th February – Week 3 Term 1

Hi all!

Today, as as school we celebrate Chinese New Year! Assembly this morning will be focussed around the celebration, we have various provocations about the occasion and also a shared lunch! 

Akemjot: Friday the 16th of February
Alex: We are in 2018.
Nevada: It is Chinese New Year
Holly: We might see a dragon at assembly
Lucas: Red is the colour or China

We all look super festive and are feeling excited in our RED colours! Ready to celebrate Chinese New Year! 

5DP and 5H Assembly


Nhu: I liked when the people were dancing
Daniel: I loved the Dragon Dance
Akemjot: The dragon and the other two dancers
Jasmine: The dancing was cool.
Joseph: I like the whole assembly!

What do we remember about Place Value?

Sampann: You add, you minus. The tens, ones and hundreds and thousands.
Jaiden: There is 10 in one 10.
Deakyn: 8 tens in 80.
Libby: There are no 10 ins 6.
Nevada: There are 3 tens in 30.
Noah: There are 7 tens in 70.

Today we extended our Place Value learning from yesterday and showed number using tens and ones. Some of us even used our curiosity and challenged ourselves with hundreds!


Can you have a guess about what our book might be about?!
Joseph: Year of the dog – Chinese New Year!!!!
Jed: I think the dog is at the pound waiting for a friend.
Llana: It taught us to be patient to wait for people to care.

At the back of the book it had the different animals from the different years.
: I know I am the rabbit because I have a little statue from China from my nanna!

We borrowed our readers and began reading them! 


Thank you Jed, Ayvah, Natalie, Kristina, Jaiden and Jasmine who helped set up our prayer space today.

Ayvah: I loved school this week.
Joseph: I am looking forward to my birthday on the weekend.
Nathaniel: I am looking forward to going to Wallaroo. My dad might be getting those things in the water where you get to slide and sit in it.
Bella:  I am looking forward to getting a new puppy.
Lucas: I might be going to the Aquatic Centre.
Jed: I might be going to Latitude.

Thank you so much for contributing to our shared lunch today. We loved eating outside with our friends, were super full AND even showed a growth mindset to trying new foods!


We participated in Guided Meditation after lunch using Smiling Mind.

Akemjot: I feel relaxed
Alex: I feel calm
Magot: I feel sleep
Cierra: I feel sleepy

Investigations: Chinese New Year Theme!

Our investigations this afternoon revolved around Chinese New Year! We used our 100 languages to show our learning 🙂

  • Dash – I am learning the Dragon Dance
  • Ayvah – I will try make a lantern
  • Jed – Minecraft
  • Joseph – I am copying one off my laptop
  • Lucas Deakyn and Bella – Designed an incredible Minecraft dragon on Minecraft


Investigation Share

Akemjot: I was making a hotel on my laptop in China
Mary: I made a video on my laptop showing people how to make a lantern
Sampann: We made a dragon. The body was red and the face looks like it was a bear. We used brown wool and red wool on Minecraft.
Nathaniel: “These are my shoes for Rugby. I use them for lessons. The studs get in the grass and you can run properly.”

Wednesday 14th February 2018 – Week 3 Term 1

Morning all!

Lucas: Today is Wednesday but it is also Valentines Day, Ash Wednesday and my cousins birthday!

This morning we trialled our new emotion welcome. We have assigned a certain colour pebble to different emotions. This morning we placed that colour pebble on our name to represent how we were feeling. This gives both teachers and students a chance to check-in with one another.

What do I know about numbers?

Ruby – numbers are on measuring tapes

Nevada – Numbers never end

Alex – one trillion is not the last nunber

Nhu – numbers can plus, when you add them together the number gets bigger

MAry – Your age is a number, each birthday the number gets more bigger

Rehat- You can even subtract, the numbers take away, the number gets smaller

Akemjot – There number lines, some get smaller some get bigger

Sonnie – Sometimes it is hard to count, you can get toy balls to help count.

Magot – 1 + 1 is 2

Libby – I know what 12 x 12 is it’s 144.

Jaiden – 20 + 20 = 40

Sampann – I can write any numbers in letters

Jasmine – 1 times 1 = 1

Mai-Anh – 4 + 4 equals 8

Daniel – You might see a number on a TV

Justin – You could see a number at the shops. The price of things

Neisha – Numbers come in words

The students then drew/wrote all the things they knew about numbers!!


Jaiden – 7 + 7 = 14

Natalie – I see numbers on the mail box

Daniel – 8 x 8 is 18.

Kristina – 100 + 100 is 200.

Raf – I see numbers on the clock

Llana – I find numbers at a party on the cake!

Lucas – There is numbers on money.

Noah – There are numbers on a calculator

Magot – 2 + 2 = 4.

Libby – I did the full 1 times tables.

Jasmine – I find numbers on a laptop

Mai-Anh – I find numbers on a clock

PE Reflection

Jed: We had 2IB Olympics. The yellow team won!

Joseph: We did an egg race!

Libby: We did a relay!

Magot: We played running

Samurai: We played an egg race!

Together we read The Very Hungry CaterpillarThis story extends on our classroom learning surrounding the days of the week and simple counting on. We then reflected on the story.

After recess we met as a whole school to celebrate Mass for Ash Wednesday.  

Sampann – The mass was telling us about fasting, praying and sharing.
Nevada – All the teachers got ashes for Ash Wednesday.
Daniel – We sang some special Ash Wednesday songs.

After lunch 2IB requested some extra meditation time because they were feeling a little escalated from lunch time. We participated in a Smiling Mind guided meditation before listening to some calming music and given the opportunity to mindfully colour/draw. We then practiced our Maths Prodigy online.

When 2DT returned from Spanish we reflected upon Ash Wednesday as a whole group.  

TCross – We get the ashes
Cierra – It is about saying sorry
Nhu – It is a time to pray
Dion – Fast
Daksh – Sharing
Alex – You are sorry for what you have done

What is Lent?

Rehat – Jesus went into the desert for 40 days
Joseph – It is waiting for Easter

We also thought about what we could do during Lent.

Each of us received the ashes from our teachers. 


Specks of Gold

Noah – Playing on my laptop at recess and lunch
Ayvah – Playing with my friends
Neisha – Playing with my sister
Daksh – I liked the mass
Jed – Getting the ashes on my head

Monday 12th February Week 3 Term 1

Hi All! Welcome to Week 3!

Come Read with Me – Every Monday and Thursday Mornings!

Welcome Circle

  • Sampann: I bought new Fila shoes – fully gripped!
  • Ebonie: I had a sleepover with Eva and we watched Total Drama
  • Jasmine: I had Happy New Chinese Year and watched some people sing
  • TCross: I went to see my cousin Sarah
  • Nevada: I had a swim in my pool

Prodigy Maths 

This year we will be using an exciting educational game called Prodigy. While we will be using the program during school hours, students are encouraged to play with the same character at home to supplement their practice! There is a note coming home today with all the details 🙂 Today we set up our accounts! We can track progress, set curriculum tasks and most of all it is fun and exciting for the kids!

After recess we went to the hall to practice our Mass Songs for tomorrow.

When we returned we continued on with our Writer’s Workshop. Mr. Coad helped us with our front covers and describing the setting of our story.

After lunch we participated in some Meditation. We enjoy listening to soft music after lunch and preparing ourselves for an afternoon of learning.

We practiced a Guided Reading session. This is a time where the teacher works with a small group of children with their reading. The rest of us will be working on Prodigy Maths. 

Inquiry Play:

  • Valentine’s Day ProvocationPaper and Books
  • Ebonie – “I will make a love card for mum.”
  • Eva – “I will make a card for mum. It says I love you mum.”
  • Mai-Anh – “I’m making my card for Kim.”
  • Natalie – “I am making a love card for my friend Sarah.”
  • Mia – “The card is for mum and dad.”
  • Seasons and the Calendar Season books and Calendars
  • Daniel – “February.”
  • Ayvah – “It is February now.”
  • Libby – “December is when Christmas is.”
  • Sampann – “Monday is before Tuesday, after is Wednesday.”
  • Where is my family from? – Using a map of the world
  • Rafael – “My family is from the Phillipines and Australia.
  • Jed – “I am from Australia”
  • Rhoda – “I am from Eritrean. Mum was born in Ethiopia and I think dad in Eritrea.”
  • How have I changed?  – The Very Hungry Caterpillar Book, Puppets and Fruit
  • Where do I like to go? – Using blocks and creativity
  • Noah – “I like to go to KFC.”
  • Kristina – “I like to go to school.”
  • Lucas – “I like to go to the aquatic centre.”
  • Chinese New Year Laptop Investigation 
  • Sonnie – “We always have a dragon for the New Year”
  • Ebonie – “I found an idea that I can make a paper dragon.”
  • Dion – “They eats lots of different foods like noodles.”
  • Nevada – “I know that it is on February 16 on Friday.”


Specks of GOLD from today!

  • Joseph – Playing with Nikki-Rose
  • Lucas – My speck of gold is from playing the Prodigy Game
  • Nathaniel – All about learning today
  • Nevada – Playing the Prodigy game

Friday 9th February Week 2 Term 1

Happy FRIYAY everyone!

Rehat: Today is February the 9th.
Raf: It is Friday and I can do what I like on the weekend.

This morning we went to assembly. 5PP and 5CM hosted assembly today. The theme was CLARA Learning Powers;

  • Daniel: Today was my sisters assembly
  • Lucas: It was funny when my brother got arrested
  • Holly: I liked the dance
  • Jasmine: I like the bell ringing
  • Mia: I like the dancing
  • Cierra: I liked how the two people dressed up as teachers
  • Neisha: I liked to see my sister and the music was cool
  • Aiden: I liked the sound effects
  • Rehat: The girl in the pink top looked like Miss Roberts

After assembly we visited Log Park! 

Lots of us worked collaboratively to create camp fires, a kitchen and even our very own see-saws!

After recess we visited the library where we read the book ‘The Kangaroo Who Couldn’t Hop.”

Jasmine: I think it will be a about a kangaroo who can’t hop and his friends will help him.

After we finished reading the story we talked about how the Kangaroo showed the Hope Learning Power.

Llana: He showed Hope because even though he couldn’t hop he kept trying to.

Akemjot sharing his family photo;

“This is my baby brother. I love playing with him. He is learning how to say Dad. I love playing chasy with him, i carry his toy around and he chases me. My family is my mum, dad and my brother. My family comes from India

Any questions

Kurt – how old was your brother when he learnt to walk?

Akemjot – He was just before his birthday.

Nevada sharing

Nevada shared her family book on the laptop that she made.

Dice wars – Numeracy

Working with a friend the children had two dice. They had to add two numbers together. Each had a turn to see who would get the highest number!!


‘Ing’ word hunt in our readers! 


We were very keen to meet our buddies so today we went over to meet our buddies – year 4 buddies in Mrs Giannakas class! We introduced ourselves, spent some time chatting and getting to know each other.

In groups of 3 the children shared 3 things about themselves!


Well that’s the end to a SUPER HOT week!! Hopefully it cools down over the weekend and you enjoy some time outside.

Monday morning we will begin our day with Come Read with Me! Please join us if you have a Catholic Police Clearance. 

Happy weekend all – enjoy!

Billy G Cookie Dough

Dear Parents,

This year’s fundraiser for Spring Fair is Billy G Cookie Dough. These cookies are delicious, easy to bake and great for lunch boxes. A fun activity to do with the whole family.

Please find below information and the link to the Holy Family Catholic School online shop where you can place your orders.  Once you order, please remember to print your order off and return back to the school.

An order form will also be sent home for each family.  Please complete this form and return to the school with payment if you don’t wish to order online.

Orders will need to be completed by Friday 16 March 2018 with collection on 11 April 2018.

Thank you for your support.   Happy baking! 


Fundraising Never Taste So Good!

We are excited to announce that today we have commenced

our very own Billy G’s Gourmet Cookie Dough Fundraiser. Billy G’s is an Australian

family owned and operated business using very special recipes and quality

ingredients for that homestyle taste.


There are ten (10) delicious flavours to choose. Each 1kg tub sells for $14-$16.

It represents extremely good value at only $0.35 – $0.40 per 25g cookie.


You have been issued with a Billy G’s Cookie Dough order form that will assist you in collecting orders from family, friends & neighbours.

You can either place your order by returning the order form and money back to us or you can place your order online.

Please remember, if you place your order online, you MUST complete and return the order form back to us for processing.

The cookie dough can be stored in your refrigerator for up to 4 weeks or in your freezer for up to 12 months from manufacturing date. You can thaw out and re-freeze. Stock up! It’s only available through fundraising and not sold in stores!

We also have a fantastic prize program available should you sell or purchase one or more tubs.

We hope you purchase at least one tub or more to help us reach our fundraising goal.

Happy fundraising, and thank you in advance for your support!


Wednesday 7th February 2018 – Week 2 Term 1

Hi all! 

Mrs Diotallevi is away today so we welcome Mr Do into our learning space.

This morning both classes went off to their PE lesson with Miss Roberts in the hall 🙂

As we returned and ate our brain food we watched a video supporting our learning surrounding Hope yesterday.

Libby: It was about kindness he was giving people money and being kind to the world.
Llana: It was about a man that helped poor people.
Sampann: It was all about helping other people who don’t have any money and being nice to them.

Yesterday, we designed symbols for the Learning Power of HOPE. We noticed that many of the children were including the Holy Family Logo. 

Building on this observation we posed an inquiry question to the children; ‘What is Holy Family.’

We had people drawing the logo using technology, making schools using lego and even interviewing people from HFCS!


After recess we engaged in Prayer. Together we read the story of creation to build on our reflections from yesterday.

With Identity, belonging and community a focus in our class, today we began the discussion of family. Some children had already sent some family photos to their teachers so we were able to discuss this. We discussed what a family may look like and how different they may be.

Joseph: Matt who is a family friend
Noah: I have a special brother
Holly: Brother
Rehat: Little sister
Jasmine: Pets
Lucas: Brother
Deakyn: Pet and a sister

Children reflected upon our conversation through an art activity showing their own unique and special family structure. We also recorded in our literacy books who we have in our family. 

After our indoor lunch 2DT went to Spanish and 2IB had some guided meditation using Smiling Mind. Students have been requesting these sessions every day and it is amazing to see how engaged and mindful they are during this time.

Together we read through our shared reading text again called ‘Puffling,’

Something we noticed was that there were many words ending in ‘ing.’ What other words do we know the end in ‘ing’?

  • Sonnie: Dumping
  • Dion: Killing
  • T-Cross: Teaching
  • Aiden: Ching
  • Kurt: Babysitting
  • Ruby: Welcoming
  • Holly: Jogging
  • Noah: Giving
  • Akemjot: Shouting
  • Joseph: Pooing
  • Mia: Building
  • Nevada: Rolling
  • Cierra: Dunking
  • Nhu: Bottle flipping!

We were then given 15 minutes to create our own ‘ing‘ word list! We did such an amazing job!

Thanks Mr. Do for your help today, we hope to see parents tonight at 6:00pm for our information night 🙂