Friday 25th May – Week 4 Term 2

Happy Friday bloggers!!!


What did you enjoy at the assembly today?

  • Nathaniel: the start
  • Mia: I liked the Aboriginal video
  • Libby: All of it
  • Rehat: I liked when they were painting the hands on the flag
  • Daksh: I liked the flag
  • Sonnie: I liked the rainbow colour song
  • Jake: the rainbow song



The children were shown the below graph and questions to analyse!! This built on all our data work during the week and got us to critically analyse data. 

We analysed the graph and recorded….



As a group we discussed all the different reading strategies we can use when we come across a tricky word!

We then had the opportunity to read a story in small groups. We focussed on these strategies as well as reading with expression. We helped one another with tricky words and used our new ‘chunking’ strategy.This is something that could be used at home when reading with your child. Within chunking, we look for a little word within a big word.



Today in library we read through the story ‘Hickory Dickory Dash.’

Predicting what might happen…

  • Ashvarn – It might be about a mouse and a cat going up a clock
  • Kristina – I might be about a mouse jumping over a mon
  • Jasmine – I think it might be cheese on top and the mouse tries to get it

We then borrowed our new readers for Week 5 and read outside in the sunshine! We must remember to bring our black bags to school each and every day.


Eva – This is my new generation doll, her name is Ashlee. I really like her hair and clothes. I got her from kmart or target, i like to play with her.




We practiced our Mass songs and went through the powerpoint for the Mission Day Mass.

2IB and 2TD are very lucky to be leading the Mission day Mass which is on Friday at 11am. We hope to see you all there!!


  • Ashvarn: My speck of Gold was playing with my friends
  • Mia: Was playing games with Mia
  • Sukhman: My speck of Gold was doing prodigy on the laptops

We hope you all have a fantastic weekend – see you next week!!

Friday 18th May – Week 3 Term 2

Happy Friday All!!


“The Greatest Showman assembly” Thank you 1JM and 1MR!!

What we liked…

  • Deakyn: i liked the songs
  • Ashvarn: The i-stop motion movies
  • Libby: All the songs
  • Rhoda: The whole assembly
  • Joseph: The floss dance
  • Rehat: The decoration and how they used creativity
  • Ann: i liked the dab
  • Sonnie: The song made me laugh
  • Jasmine: I liked the i-stop motion


Before we returned our readers for the week we paired up and read aloud to one another. We focused on our fluency and expression.


What shapes can we use to create an object?

  • Nathaniel – A square
  • Daksh – Rhombus
  • Daksh – Lots of circles
  • Rehat – Triangles
  • Sampann – Cone
  • Jasmine – A star!
  • Rehat – There’s even a trapezium!

Can you make a shape Robot?


Can I Pray with my eyes open?

Reflection, where or when do I pray….

  • Mary: I like to pray at hoe on my own, when its quiet, in my room
  • Eva: I like to pray before bed
  • Keren: I like to pray at Church
  • Aiden: I like to pray when I am at Kumon
  • Rehat: I like to talk to God when I feel mad at something
  • Cierra: I like to pray when I am and at my sister, maybe God will help me
  • Tcross: I like to pray when I am sad
  • Mia: I like to pray in a quiet place with no one around
  • Akemjot: I like to pray when I am going to bed


Today when we visited the library we read the story ‘The Day the Crayons Quit.’ We returned our books and re-borrowed ready to read over the weekend and next week!


  • Ann: Good morning, this is my toy lollypop…
  • Mary: This is my santa toy that i painted really carefully..
  • Kristina: This is my best bunny, my mum bought it for me. He is very cute…

Friday May 4th – Term 2 week 1


Good morning all…So whats happening?


Bella – This is Hulk. I like the incredible Hulk, he was being funny because he wasn’t turning into hulk, I like him to sleep in my bed and take him places with me. He does this (presses the buttons). Any questions?

Jake – Goodmorning class, this is my batman toy, I can drive it, it makes noises like this, I like it because it is really cool because it transforms like this, it also shoots things out like this. It moves and walks by pushing these buttons. Are there any questions?


A range of provocations were set out around the classroom with a focus on 2D and 3D shapes…

children labelled sides, faces, corners, names of the shapes and discussed differences and similarities between the 2D and 3D shapes.

I held up a shape – what is this?

Jed: thats a hexagon, its a hexagon because it has 6sides, a octagon looks similar but it has 8 sides.

Sonnie: This is a Dimond, it has 4sides, they are straight, it has 4 corners too

Rehat: This is a rombus

Sampan: This is a rectangle, rectangles have two sides are longer and the other two sides are smaller. A sqaure has 4 sides but all 4 sides are exactly the same size.

Keren: this is a octogon it has 8 sides

Children enjoyed the hands on activities and creating shapes of their own.

Sharing our learning together….

Rhoda and Rehat

We drew 2D shapes, square, pentagon, hexagon, star, rhombus, semi-circle. We wrote down the sides of the shapes, they are the lines, the points are the corners. Sides can be straight or curved.

Kurt and Daksh

We were making cubes, it took us half an hour, we used paper and tape. They have 6 faces that are squares, a face is a flat surface. It is a 3D shape, it is not flat, it has faces and more


I made a cube, its a 3D shape, i made it with tape and matchsticks. I made lots of sqaures first and put it together as a cube, they are faces, i made 6 faces.


I made a square, it has 4 sides, 4 corners, i put this in the middle and it turns into 2 triangles.



I Work well with others when I…

Kurt: I worked together with Daksh to make a 3D cube out of paper.

Nevada: I worked well with my friends at log park during recess.

Rehat: When you work with others things get done really quick, you share ideas and take turns.

Holly: and listen to everyone.


We read the book: Slowly Slowly by TM Clark which is a book adapted from a South African Proverb.

What was the story about?

Sonnie: The little boy tried to catch a monkey, he kept failing but then did it.

Deakyn: He caught a monkey but then decided to let it go

Jake: Bongo let the monkey free

Daksh: His Dad told him to go slow and slow

What did you like about the book?

Deakyn: That the little boy just kept on trying

Akemjot: He was trying his best

Sukhman: I liked the part where the boy caught the monkey but then felt sad so he let him go



Miracles of Jesus – Story in the Bible

“Five loaves and two fish”

We read this passage in the Bible and reflected…

Ashvarn: Jesus made bread in the baskets for everyone

Libby: The little boy gave 2fish and 5loaves of bread to Jesus and then Jesus made enough to feed all the people, there were 12 baskets of food left

Mai ann: The little boy had some food to give to Jesus

Llana: The little boy had 2 fish and 5 loaves


Jasmine: Playing with Daniel, Holly and Natalie

Sukman: Playing with my friends on the laptop, with Akemjot and Ashvarn

Happy Friday everyone!!

Thursday 3rd May – Term 2 week 1

Goodmorning bloggers!

Whats happening today?


Thanks to the parents who came to join us for a morning of reading and literacy games!

Children enjoyed reading with friends and playing literacy focused games.

The teachers spent some 1:1 time doing guided reading with children, we focused on sounding out words, reading with expression and making sure to stop when we see a full stop!


When were you creative?

Mia: I made a really creative easter basket, using different papers

Ebony: I was creative when I made a bunny box.

Neisha: i was creative when i drew a kitten

Rehat: I was creative when i thought about using a library bag to keep me dry when it was raining

Jed: When  I made a mask of pumba, paper, paper plate and paint to make it.

Jake: I was creative when I made a Timone mask, I put orange on the top and yellow on the bottom, the next time i will add some brown.


It was pouring and pouring with rain… so we then decided to use our creativity to make boats that would float in the BIG puddle infront of our classroom….

Dion: I made a paper boat, I used popsticks to make it stronger so it wouldnt melt in the water

Joesph: We made a boat out of popsticks, it floated becuase two big popsticks on the side

Libby: I made a boat that floted for a really long time, i used a paper plate, a cup, a straw and popsticks

Jed: I made a boat out of popsticks it was like a raft it floated

Sampan: I put light pressure on my boat, i put popsticks and straws on the bottom, i put two cups on the top, the bottom part and my pressure made it float,.

Akemjot: I tried to make a pirate bloat, i tested mine out in the water, it sunk at first, then after I folded the sides so water did not get inside the boat.



We read a passage from the Bible

“When Jesus calms the storm”



What is a 2D or 3D shape?

Rehat: a 3D shape has sides and faces, the square is a 2D and cube is a 3D

Nevada: The difference between them is that 2D shape is flat and a 3D shape not flat

Ann: 2D and 3D are different

We then looked around the classroom and recorded 2D and 3D shapes and compared them. We labelled the shape names, the sides and faces of the shapes.



We spent the last part of the day practicing parts of our assembly, prop making and finishing things off 🙂


Thanks for a great day year 2!


Hi mums!

could you please send me a photo of yourself with your children??.…. It is for a special mothers day prayer that will be shared at Assembly.

please email

Thanks in advance 🙂

Monday 9th April – Term 1 week 11

Good morning everyone and welcome to week 11…the last week of Term 1 already!!


Mia – It is week 11, Monday 9th April

Whats happening today?



Thanks to the parents who came in to read today!

The teachers were busy reading 1:1 with children. Big focus on fluency, expression and reading the puncuation.

Dont forget to chunk, sound out unknown words.



Its going to be a really hot day today so we got out early for a quick run and play in the sunshine before the heat hits!



Beat the teacher – make the BIGGEST number Place value

Justin– two tens in 622

Noah – 6 hundreds in 622

Alex – ill put 6 in the hundreds to make it the biggest. if you get a 6 definitely put it in the hundreds.

Dion – I won against the teacher i got 531, there is 5 hundreds and 3 tens

Subtraction strategies using place value.

The children were given a worded problem to solve:

“On sports day Daniel ran for 20 meters. Kurt ran for 14 meters. How much further did Daniel run compared to Kurt?”


Mary: Dear God, thank you for my family and friends and for this beautiful place

Mia: Dear God, thank you for our own lives and the world

Daksh: Dear God, Thank you for our world

Neisha: Dear God thanks for my friends and family

Tcross: I am grateful for my friends


Book – Anzac day ted by Belinda Landsberry


Ann: It was about the Ted being in a war, a war is very very dangerous

Alex: people had to survive in it for 4 years

Mary: wars are when you fight

Dion: its called remembrance day or Anzac day

Nevada: there are poppies to remember

Mia: a day where we remember what happened

Neisha: the fighting was called the Army

Jake: They had the Anzac biscuits in the war


During investigations groups of children were getting some things ready for our assembly…

Bella, Llana, Noah, Raf, Aidan, Alex, and Kurt are busy creating a i-movie for the ‘language of the week’ ‘Tagalog’

Nevada, Cierra, neisha and Ruby are making a prayer for the assembly “why my mum is a hero”


Holly: Playing prodigy

Nhu: Practicing our sport songs

Tcross: Doing the describing of the Fish farm

Cierra: At the playground when i made a tent

Nevada: Getting people to say why their mum is a hero


Please remember to bring back sports day forms!!!

Friday 6th April – Week 10 term 1

Happy Friday everyone 🙂 🙂

What’s happening today?


What did you like at Assembly today?

Jasmine: that you can change colour wherever you go

Nevada-I liked the water art

Kurt – I liked the song

Sonnie- I liked the rainbow song

Kim– I liked the colours

Ann – i liked the rainbow song

Rhoda – I liked animal masks


Kuyangani Fish Farm Sign Competition
Opens Today
Closes end of Term
Prize $50 Target Voucher
The Task
Children are invited to design on an A4 or A3
Piece of white paper a sign with an indigenous theme and the words Kuyangani Fish Farm . The successful entry will be converted by our professional sign writer friend into  a 3m x 2m permanent sign to be placed on the side of the Fish Farm…
Children had some time to do their design and show their CREATIVITY.


Read scripture – “Daniel and the Lions”

Mia – First the King travelled to another kingdom and took all the things from the Church and people

Daksh – they took Daniel

Kurt – Daniel knew about the kings dream, stopped the dream

Daksh – He learnt the Kings language

Mary – He went were the King lived, the King kept having bad dream, Daniel helped him because told him


Together we read the story –

What was the moral of the story?

  • Ashvarn – Don’t make jokes about other people
  • Jed – Not being mean to other people 
  • Ann – They are trying to tell us don’t put other jokes on people beaseu they might not like it. What if they did it to you?



Rhoda – i liked doing the mascot

Daksh – I liked doing the to do list

Jasmine – I liked Prodigy

Kim – I liked doing the signs for the fish farm

Mia – I like writing the narratives

Ebony – i liked maths

Ashvarn – I liked doing minus

Jake – when i went on weave silk

Dion – Playing prodigy

We hope you all have a lovely weekend – ENJOY!!

Wednesday 4th April – Term 1 week 10

Good morning everyone!

Jasmine – Its Wednesday

Mia – it is the 4th of April

2TD Class Prayer

“Year of the Youth” – Project compassion

Nevada – The year of the youth

Mia– Janaki story, she makes clothes

Alex – Project compassion is about giving money to the poor

Dion – Our prayer was abou helping others and project compassion


  • Ashvarn – We did the sack races
  • Neisha – We did a sack race
  • Raf – We were hopping in the bean bags
  • Ann – We had to throw the ball at the bean bag
  • Llana – In PE we were kicking a ball into the goal


Today we focussed on the ‘Sh‘ blend sounds and also the ‘Ai‘ blend.

What do we know now? 

  • Jake – shop
  • Akemjot- trail
  • Dion – shark
  • Sukhman- shocked
  • Natalie – ship
  • Sonnie –
  • Raf – shy
  • Kim – sail
  • Jed – hail
  • Daksh – Daksh
  • Justin – pain
  • Ashvarn – Ashvarn
  • Joseph – Shopkins
  • Mai-Anh – she
  • Holly – showoff


Eva and Ebony led a class prayer about ‘bunnies’

Christina – Thank for my two pets and making

Nevada– Dear God thank you for my cat and my dog peppa and making her playful




Who knows about the Commonwealth games?

Libby – Its kind of like the Olympics but not as many countries, it is in the Gold coast

Ashvarn – Racing, swimming, rackets

Jed – 18 different sports

We watched a clip about the mascot of the 2018 Commonwealth games….

Akemjot – Borobi was his name

Ann – he supports other teams

Jed – He welcomes people

Nevada – It is a koala becuase he is an Australian animal and the games are in Australia

Rhoda – he has Aboriginal markings

Design your own mascot!


Holly – Playing with Jasmine

Sonnie – playing with Kurt in the hall

Rafael – Playing with my friends

Ebony – playing with Eva


Have a great night everyone..