Thursday 16th August – Week 4 Term 3

Good morning everyone and welcome to Thursday week 4!

Whats happening today?


We watched a FANTASTIC performance that included all the books from book week. It was lots of fun with songs and dancing. Even some of our class was involved in the performance!!!

What did you like about the performance today?

  • Neisha – I liked the story when they read the books
  • Kim – She pulled his ear and it was funny
  • Dion – I liked the dance
  • TCross – I liked the face expressions and it was funny
  • Justin – I liked the dances and what they were talking about
  • Mai-Anh – I like when she pulled the book
  • Sukhman – I liked when they were finding the treasure
  • Samurai – When she patted Miss B on the head
  • Alex – I liked the dances

Where do we come from?

  • Noah – Phillipines
  • Sukhman – India
  • Libby – England
  • Mary – My family came from Italy
  • Samurai – Dad comes from Thailand
  • Kiziah – My family comes from Burma
  • Jasmine – My mum  and dad came from Vietnam
  • Sonnie – My family come from Vietnamese
  • Cierra – My grandma comes from Queensland
  • Akemjot – My family comes from India
  • Aidan – Phillipines
  • Rehat – My family comes from New Delhi

What happened in the performance today?

  • Libby – The two countries were separate and then they got rid of the border to be one
  • Rehat – There were once two friends  and they saw a map in a sack and it had a map of Treeland and Seaview and they wanted their maps so they were fighting over it and it ripped. When they were trying to find the treasure they couldn’t find it but there was no treasure.

We then wrote our own recounts and created treasure maps…




Measure the length of 5 objects with a non-standard unit of measurement such as gems, pebbles or rocks. Record your measuring and order from shortest to longest.

Measure the length of these same 5 objects with a standard unit of measurement such as a ruler, tape measure or coloured sticks.

Record your measuring and order from shortest to longest.


Measure the mass of 15 rocks. Measure the mass of 15 blue glass stones. Record their weight. What was heavier?

Look at the mass of the different containers. Are they measured in grams or kilograms? Order them from least to most mass.


Area is the amount of space an object takes up.
Trace your hand in your maths book. Count the squares inside your hand to work out its area and record.
Compare the area of your hand with your friend’s. Who’s hand covers the most area?

Volume and capacity

Volume is the amount of space an object takes up inside a container.
Look at the assortment of jars and containers.
Estimate which holds more by ordering them from least to most volume.
Fill each container with water and pour into the measuring jug. Record how much the container holds in mililitres or litres.


We focused on our breathing and some Yoga for mindfulness today.


Children to share with the class (oral language).

  • Deakyn – My favourite food is hot and spicy noodles. My mum makes it and she puts it in the microwave. We get it from the Asian Grocery.
  • Mary – My favourite food is pasta. I have it at my nonnas!
  • Magot – My memory of food is the one restaurants in Brisbane called Sizzler. The best thing I like there is that you can create your own ice-cream sundae rainbow. I especially like cheese bread. They put the cheese inside the bread! I went there with my family. I was five when I first went there.
  • Nathaniel – My favourite food is baked beans. They are these little beans and you put them in the microwave and you have to put them in this cup. And you can put it whatever you want it. Whenever you want to eat them you can. When you eat them there’s this white stuff and its not like hard, it’s soft. They come with juice.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO KEREN AND KIZIAH! Thank you for bringing in some treats to share with us 🙂 We hope you have a lovely birthday night. 

Thanks for a great day – wishing you all a great night!!

Wednesday 15th August – Week 4 term 3

Welcome to Wednesday of week 4 term 3!!

Whats happening today?


Today Mrs Diotallevi worked with Rehat, Kurt, Eva and Ruby. We read an information book called “Big nosed Monkeys”. We looked at understanding different texts, reading to learn and vocabulary.

  • Rehat: this monkey called A MANDRILL, this is a proboscis. Mandrill monkeys have long tails that help them balance.Eva: A Male Mandrill was 80cm long.Kurt: good comprehension. The male has a brighter face than the female monkey.Ruby: Female monkeys look different to the male monkeys because of the colours and how big they are. The females are smaller.


How was PE today? What did you learn/do?

  • Sampann – We had to use the ribbons


Today at recess, a Year 3 student is holding a bake stall to fundraise for the Gullain-Barre Syndrome Foundation (Australia). As a class we discussed why it is important to help others in need and reflected on this.


We had a short time in between recess and our whole school Mass.

Students engaged in Maths games on their laptops. The teachers set individual challenges for the students and were able to see their progress!


We all went to the hall to celebrate a Mass together for the Feast of the Assumption.

  • Maddox – Mary was Jesus mum
  • Mary – She was kind
  • Raf – Mary is a kind person
  • Ann – She is kind to people
  • Jed – Mary had a blue coat and loved Jesus


How was Spanish today? What did you learn/do?

  • Mary: We made our own mascot and chose an animal and country


We hope you all enjoyed your day today – don’t forget to share your speck of Gold with your family tonight 🙂

Thursday 9th August – Week 3 term 3

Welcome to Thursday of term 3 week 3!!

Whats happening today?



To the hall for a final practice with our buddies.

Tomorrow is our BIG day! Assembly is in the hall at 9am.



Please be on time to school. Meet us over in the hall at 8.45am. Leave you school bags in your locker as the classroom will be locked.

Please Wear your SPORTS UNIFORM.

If you have any ‘chef/cooking hats, apron etc’ please wear tomorrow over your sports uniform.



We listened to some quiet reflection music while we thought peacefully about a prayer to God.

Some of us shared a prayer with the class group;

  • Rhoda: Thank you God for my family because they are nice. Amen
  • Kim: Thank you God for Mai-Anh and Mary for playing with me. Amen
  • Mary: God, Thanks for my family, friends, water and my house. Amen
  • Nathaniel: Dear God, please look after my nannys dog in heaven. Amen
  • Rehat: please keep the world safe forever God, Amen
  • Ashvarn: Dear God, I hope to be a soccer player Amen
  • Mai- Anh: thank you for my cousins Amen



Teach my monster to Read.
Reading with our buddies and the teacher (teachers completing running records with individual students during this time).


We continued with our shared reading investigations around this. Children were invited to try a different activity:

  • Write a letter to convince someone to eat green eggs and ham
  • Rhyming words
  • Painting foods
  • Write and draw another picture to add to the book
  • Imovie to retell the story


  • Sukhman – We were making a video
  • Akemjot – Me and Justin were writing on the laptop like what happened in the story and in the beginning he didn’t like it but at the end he did
  • Kiziah – I was painting with Lana and Keen. I painted food that didn’t look good but tastes good like broccoli
  • Mary – I made a restaurant with Mai-Anh and Kim. We made disgusting things but were yum like seafood.
  • Llana – Me, Keren and Kiziah were acting out the book
  • Aiden – We were making the rhyming words, we did them all
  • Sonnie – I made an origami person as Sam and I did it for the whole time
  • Nhu – We were making an iMovie and we were making the book
  • Ashvarn – Ashvarn shared his story on the screen with us. It was all about Green Eggs and Ham.



Measurement focus.


We then did measurement on maths prodigy.


Whole school assembly where a lady from Keesab came, she had spent the day auditing our schools bins.

Some important things to remember – try nude food!! remember to recycle or reuse. If you dont like what your parents pack you for lunch, talk to them about instead of chucking it in the bin.


  • Akemjot: doing prodigy
  • Jed: practicing assembly
  • Dion: Assembly practice
  • Sonnie: playing on the oval with Kurt


Thanks all – have a FANTASTIC night 🙂 🙂

Wednesday 8th August – Week 3 term 3

Good morning everyone and welcome to Wednesday, Week 3 of Term 3!


  • Maddox – We did balancing 
  • Daniel  – We played with springboards
  • Ashvarn – We had to do tow things or just one. If you were finding it easy you could do two things
  • Nathaniel – We had a spring board and then we got to have. We had to do a motor bike stand where you jump and then you hold it for 3 seconds and then you present
  • Sampann – There is a big mat and you choose your balancing stand and if there is two people you have to do it with two


First we read our shared reading book – green eggs and ham!

What foods do you not like?

  • Holly: Onion
  • Rehat: Tomatoes
  • Aidan: chilli
  • Alex: Rice
  • Sonnie: chilli noodles one time i looked at it and thought i dont like it but then i tried it and it was delicious!
  • Deakyn: Hot and spicy wings at first didnt look good but then i tried and it was SO good

Students worked in their reading groups to read the readers and respond to comprehension question;

Mrs Diotallevi worked with Sonnie, Aiden, Dion and Deakyn….

Who were the characters?

Aiden: the three little pigs and the big bad wolf

What was the problem?

Dion: the big bad wolf was trying to blow all the houses down.

Sonnie: the wolf was coming to destroy all the pigs houses.

What was the ending?

Deakyn: the wolf fell down the chimney, he climbed down the chimney because he wanted to eat the little pigs. But instead he burnt his tail on the hot boiling water and ran away and never came back.

What is your house made of?

Aiden: mine has bricks

Sonnie: mine has some metal and bricks

Dion: I have bricks, but they have render over them

Sonnie: what is render?

Dion: its white stuff that goes over the top of the bricks.

Deakyn: We have bricks, some shelter out of metal, concrete on the floors

Dion: we have gyprock on the walls.

Miss Battifuoco worked with Neisha, Joseph, Magot, Jasmin and Mai-Anh to read Green Feathers.

Who were the characters in the story?

  • Joseph – Green feathers and the chickens
  • Jasmine – The girl Miss Moo

What was the problem in the story

  • Neisha – Everyone kept on picking his feathers

How was the problem resolved?

  • Magot – They said that the rooster looked good and it was fine

As a whole group we discussed our different stories together! 

Who were the characters in your story?

  • Raf – Suntree
  • Llana – There was Pip, mum and Policeman
  • Jasmine – Mrs Mo, Green Feathers and other chicks

What was the problem in your story?

  • Lucas – The lizard was running away and Simon had to get it back
  • Noah – There was a bushfire and there was a number that the guy had to call
  • Kim – There was 4 characters. They couldn’t get out the rain
  • Nathaniel – There was a fire truck, a helicopter a police

How did the story end?

  • Justin – Simon made another lizard
  • Jaiden – The rain stopped
  • Ann – The policeman found who the guys were and they said good job to the ones who helped
  • Magot – The little green chick with the green feathers grew to be a rooster


Kindness is the ability to place the needs of others in front of your own, to be selfless and to empathize with those around you. It is one of the 24 character strengths and virtues identified by Martin Seligman because it is a strength, as it is a vital part of being humans in a compassionate society.

Kindness is a virtue of humanity, as it represents a fundamental aspect of being social creatures with kindness manifesting in caring and healthy relationships. There are many ways to be kind to those around you and any type of kindness can affect others in ways we don’t even realize.

Kindness consists of doing favors and good deeds for others without the expectation of personal gain. This strength requires respect for others but also includes emotional affection. Kind people find joy in the act of giving and helping other people, regardless of their degree of relatedness or similarity. – Tayyab Rashid & Afroze Anjum (2005),VIA Character Strengths.

what is kindness to you?

  • Nevada: when you be nice to people
  • Rehat: it can be a random act of kindness that you help people
  • Nhu: you could give people money that might not have any
  • Tcross: my friends help me when I am hurt
  • Magot: ive been kind to Mrs B when i helped her with yard duty
  • Ashvarn: I help people to draw
  • Sampan: I help people when they get hurt



  • Mass for St Mary of the Cross McKillop


What did you do in Spanish today?

  • Nevada: watched videos of the world cup
  • Kurt: we are making own mascots



To the hall for a practice with our buddies ready for the BIG day of Friday 🙂


We hope you have all had a great day – what was your speck of gold today?

Terrific Thursday – Week 2 Term 3

Good morning to a TERRIFIC THURSDAY!!!!


This morning students read with teachers, parents and their friends. I saw a group of children enjoying a space book!!

The teachers spent 1:1 time reading with children focusing on their specific learning supports.

Once the children read they then went onto the laptops to the program ‘teach my monster to read’.


Possum Magic by Mem Fox.

We read the book role modelling fluency and expression. They then went on with the play based learning activities around this;


Kahoot – Maths/Money question game on the laptop as a class group!!

We had questions like – which Australian note is worth the most? what colour is the $1 coin? How much would you have if you had two of these coins? etc..

Show us what you have learnt about MONEY!!!!

(our notes from what children were saying through their play)

Alex: I know there are 4 different silver Australian coins.

Ebony – There are silver coins and gold coins, there is a 2dollar and a 1dollar coin.

Eva – 50dollars plus 50dollars equals 100 dollars.

Nhu – coins are gold or silver in Australia. She was able to order the Australian coins by value.

Tcross – 20cents, 20cents and 10cents is the same as one 50cent coin.

Sonnie – if you have two 10cent coins it is the same as a 20cent coin

Rhoda – The water is 2dollars, she then picked up a 2dollar coin

Mary – 5cents is the least amount and a 100 note is the most, the 100 dollar note is green

Akemjot – you can make 2dollars with four 50cent coins.

Sukhman – you can make 1dollar with two 50cent coins

Jake – you can make 2dollars with four 50 cent coins

Andy – drew a picture for a café wrote ‘café and drew a picture of a coffee he said ‘2dollars’. He then showed me which coin was a 2dollar coin

Aiden – 2dollars is the biggest coin, he ordered the coins according to value.

Deakyn – you can make 20dollars with a 20dollar note or even with two 10dollar notes. The noodles were $25 and the milkshake was $25, so it costs $50 altogether

Cierra – “I would like 2 extra large slushies” She handed over $10 “the slushies are $5 each”

Nevada – You can make 2dollars with four 50cent coins

Keren – “I bought lasagne, it was $4.50” she then made $4.50 using two 2dollar coins and a 50cent coin

Kiziah – You can make 50 cents with two 20cents and a 10 cent. She ordered the coins according to value.

Kurt – If the ice-cream is 4 dollars and I give a 5 dollar that means I get 1 dollar change.

Holly – The 100 dollar note is the most money and 5 cent coin is the smallest amount.

Aidan – You need nine 5cent coins to make 45cents.

Ruby – The frozen cokes are $1, if you give me the 2 dollar coin I can give you 1 dollar change.


We read the Parable of the Sower – Catholic Scripture.

  • Mary: Dear God thankyou for the plants, water and the sun Amen
  • Mai Anh – Thank you for my family and friends Amen
  • Nathaniel: Thank you for my Nannys Dog, when I go there the dog jumps on me Amen
  • Tcross: Dear God I am thank you for my teachers and their hard work and my best friends Amen
  • Libby: Thank you God for water and trees, Amen
  • Kim: Thank you for everyone in the class Amen


Different foods we know:

Which of these are a sometimes food?

  • Cierra – Chocolate
  • Mary – Cheeseburger
  • Rehat – chocolate

Which should we have most days?

  • Dion – Vegetables
  • Rehat – Bananas
  • Sukhman – Sandwiches

Different food groups brainstorm;

Then we looked at the below clip about foods we eat;

We then did our own food group inquiry!


  • Kurt and Raf shared a video they created in which they asked each other which group different foods belong in.
  • Jed created an iMovie showing the different food groups and an example of food in each.


Tomorrow is casual day. Please bring in a gold coin donation for our Spring Fair – Thanks!

Have a TERRIFIC night everyone and see you tomorrow 🙂

Fabulous Friday – Week 1 term 3

Welcome to a Fabulous Friday everyone!

What a fantastic start to term 3 we have had!!



Children were then invited to engage in writers workshop. During this time students have a chance to use their character strengths to be authors!

We discussed elements of a book – what are some things that authors often include in their books?

  • Libby: they have their name at the front and on the side of the books
  • Sampan: they put describing words in their books
  • Rehat: They usually put a blurb on the back
  • Aidan: sometimes they put rhyming words
  • Nhu: They put a picture on the front to get a clue
  • Mary: They often put a problem
  • Jasmine: they put fullstops at the end of the sentence.


From our shared reading text, are we inspired by any different possibilities of stories we could create?

  • Libby: I might include how pandas eat their food instead
  • Neisha: How do cats eat their food?
  • Sampan: How do humans eat food?

When you read books, what are some things that you like best about books?

  • Rehat: I like good front covers
  • Sampan: I like exciting parts, when there is a problem and you try solve it
  • Nhu: interesting parts
  • Akemjot: I like hero books, always the heros win

The children showed their writing skills!!

We then came back together as a class to share some of our books with each other and reflected!

Libby shared her book – ‘how do Pandas eat?’

Rehat shared her book ‘The rainbows went away’

Kurt shared his information book about Roblox


How can we be like Jesus?

  • Nevada: be kind to others
  • Mai-Anh: Help others
  • Mary: Help people if they cant walk
  • Rehat: Other people are just like you but different
  • Kurt:being kind, if you be kind you will make the world bright
  • Ahvarn: Help people like the poor, the whole world will be bright
  • Mia: show respect to other people
  • Libby: be kind to people, even if they are not your friend


We continued on with our Money Investigations from yesterday.

  • A Pocket Money Board game where students were given a certain amount of money and either gained or lost money depending on what they landed on.
  • Matching different monetary values with their appropriate symbol and word
  • Sorting different values of money into ‘less than’ and ‘more than’
  • Some challenging worded problems using money

We invited the students to complete a different activity from yesterday.


Today we read ‘Tiger’s Roar’ by Alex Rance and illustrated by Shane McG.

We read the blurb and discussed what character strengths and learning powers we thought the characters, the Tiger would demonstrate.

Holly: Judgement

Jake: Hope and optimism

Eva: Perseverance

As we read the book, we discussed the different character strengths and learning powers the animals in the book were using. Mrs Tropeano also told us that the author plays football for the Richmond football club and how the story relates to the the football club and how they had to use their learning powers and characters strengths over the years to win a premiership (Mrs Tropeano’s husband barracks for Richmond – that’s how she knows about this stuff 🙂 )

We then borrowed our books and read independently or with a friend.


This afternoon we continued with our learning plans for our own inquiry. We are demonstrating many learning powers such as collaboration, mindful agency and curiosity as well as characters strengths such as perseverance, judgement and kindness.


Keren: Playing with Mary, Llana and Kristina and Mia.

Libby: My speck of gold was playing with Natalie, Mai-Anh, Kim, Rhoda and Rehat.

Eva: My speck of gold is playing with Ebony.

Daniel: My speck of gold was eating donuts!

Andy: Drawing.


We hope you all have a lovely weekend 🙂

Friday July 6 – Week 10 Term 2

Welcome to the last day of Term 2!!!!


We had a short Assembly today where we looked at the videos and dances from Catholic Identity day last week!!

What are your thoughts?

  • Rehat – I thought the dance was good because they were challenging themselves because the=y were nervousÂ
  • Jasmine – I liked when my friend was dancing
  • Ashvarn –  I liked the video because it was good because they were like doing painting and tried their best
  • Ann – I liked the video because I saw Bella and me in it and my class and Mrs D class


  • Sampann – My buddy wasn’t here today so I joined someone else and we played handball and if you bounce it in the cup you get 5 lollies!
  • Magot – I liked when my buddy set up a activity for me
  • Nevada – Me Cierra and my buddy we were doing gymnastics and yoga!Â
  • Holly – Me my buddy, Jasmine, Ruby and Nhu we were playing a game and Nhu came first
  • Sonnie – My buddy set up a soccer thing its like the ones with the sticks and he made it and he is going to make Aiden and me one. You get a ball in the middle and try hit the person

Reflection of our time with our buddies…


Today’s library session was an extra special one! We read our last story on the shortlist for Picture Book of the Year – I’m Australian Too. 

  • Sampann – I was born in India
  • Mile – I was born in Australia in Adelaide
  • Daniel – I was born in Vietnam
  • Ashvarn – I was born in Port Adelaide 
  • Libby – I once lived in Broome and my mum kept going on and off the plane 
  • Raf – My parents were born in the Filipinos 
  • Mai-Anh – My mum and dad were born in Vietnam
  • Liana – My mum and dad and grandparents were born in the Phillipines
  • Joseph  My dad was born in Italy
  • Ann – My mum was born in Vietnam and she came to Australia when she was 39. 

As a class we discussed the books we have read over the term before we ranked our favourites! These votes are super important as next term when the winning picture book is announced, there will be a prize for the class who guesses the correct order.

We borrowed our books for the holidays and discussed why it is so important to be reading over the next two weeks.


We went into our guided reading teams and took turns at reading and helping each other. We then had some question to discuss in our groups.

What happened in the book?

  • Akemjot – The book was about a girl called Mei Ling and she liked ducks as pets but Annabella liked dogs better. But then at the end Annabella liked both.
  • Nhu – Mei Ling liked ducks, when they went to the pond they said that the ducks can do tricks, Annabella said only dogs can do tricks but then the duck swam so mei ling said he was doing a trick.
  • Aidan – Mei Ling liked ducks best, Annabella liked dogs. Annabella said dogs can have a bath but ducks cant.
  • Cierra – Mei Ling was trying to make dogs sound better than ducks but actually the duck is just as good as the dog for a pet.
  • Nevada: The girl was using the learning power of creativity because she was putting a rope and tied it to the roof to make a swing
  • Rhoda: She made a swing, the roof fell again and she fixed it.
  • Deakyn: She told a story to her dad about why the swing broke and the ceiling.

SHARING – SAMPANN: Yesterday my dads friend came over and brought me watch it is branded Titan by Zoom. They got it for me because there are soccer games happening.

  • Nathaniel – I Like it because it is a soccer ball watch and has patterns
  • Neisha – Which brand is it?
  • Ashvarn – If it doesn’t work you will have to take it somewhere special
  • Magot – I like the clock inside because it will tell us when the bell will go
  • Jasmine – What is a titan?
  • Sampann – It is a little expensive brand


Reflecting upon Term 2, “We are grateful for”…

  • Sampann – My teachers
  • Ashvarn – Mission Day so we can spend money for the poor people
  • Libby – Miss B so she can help us learn
  • Natalie – My friends so they can support me when I am sad
  • Neisha – For my family and friends
  • Magot – For the school so I can learn work
  • Jaiden – For learning
  • Llana – Catholic Identity Day
  • Kristina – My friends
  • Mai-Anh – For my friends and family
  • Joseph – Maths
  • Bella – Shared lunches
  • Jasmine – The music assembly and we were in it and tried our best
  • Ann – Excursions so we can learn new things
  • Mile – Friends can play soccer
  • Maddox – Friends
  • Justin – Thank you for Catholic Identity Day so people can share food
  • Daniel – Catholic Identity Day
  • Raf – For my friends
  • Lucas – Assembly we did with the whole class which is belonging
  • Jed – Thank you for our excursion


To celebrate the end of the term we put on the Lion King movie – which linked to our assembly from earlier in the term 🙂

They all LOVED singing along!!



We hope you all have a very well deserved break – have fun and relax!

PS. try sleep in haha!!

Wednesday 4th July – Term 2 week 10

Good-morning all!!

Welcome to Wednesday.


As a class we watched a clip from one of our favourite movies ‘Finding Nemo.’ We discussed what Learning Powers and Character Strengths we saw. This week we have touched on Kindness and Perseverance.


  • Noah – There was like these ice cream cones and you had to catch a plastic ball in them
  • Natalie – We played Splat!
  • Sampann – We played tennis. I played with Samurai.
  • Ann – In sports we were playing Splat and we had to challenge our friend. Natalie and me challenged each other. We had to hit the ball really fast.


Nevada and Cierra asked to Led prayer today – It was a prayer about Helping others!

  • Mia: Dear God thank you for animals, my favourite animal the tiger Amen
  • Mary: Dear God thank you for my friends and family so I am not alone Amen
  • Libby: Dear God Thank you for my parents Amen
  • Jasmine: Thank you for the firefighters that put out scary fires Amen
  • Ashvarn: Dear God thank you for sports Amen



“Good afternoon everyone, this is my toy Thomas minis they can go and stop. I collected them because I like to open them and get a surprise. I got it in reception”



Libby had a practice of her solo singing ready for Friday!!

Well done Libby 🙂 🙂 How brave! What awesome singing!




We had a discussion about what we learnt this semester during numeracy…

then the children planned how they would show their learning of numeracy through play:

  • Holly: Focusing on Cafe and money
  • Jasmine: Fractions with paper
  • Akemjot: Dice wars with Justin
  • Sonnie: Drawing 2D and 3D shapes
  • Nevada: Making patterns with shells and gems
  • Kurt: Dice wars with Daksh
  • Libby: Creating a concert with money
  • Jed: Dice wars with dion
  • Tcross: Focus on cafe money


After play we discussed what we did…

  • Daksh: Me and Kurt played dice wars, I got the highest numbers
  • Llana: Me, keren, Kiziah and Kristina were making a maths shop, you got a shape prize if you got the problem right
  • Ashvarn: Jake, Sukhman and I were playing dice wars I got the highest number
  • Nevada: Me, Cierra, Rhoda, Libby, Jasmine and Holly we were making a concert and Libby was the singer, it cost $10 to buy a ticket



  • Ann – Me and Bella were searching up cute stuff and tracing them and moving pictures
  • Kim – I did a card for my mum
  • Mai-Anh – I played with Joseph
  • Libby – I drew some little creatures
  • Llana – In mindfulness me and Kristina did some drawing

Catholic Identity Day – 2TD and 1MR

“I am precious in the eyes of God”Father Shibu

We started the day off with a whole school assembly with Father Shibu, we prayed and sung – it was a lovely start to the day!

2TD then went and spent the day with 1MR…

We started by reading the book:

“Can I pray with my eyes open?”

Reflections on this book:

  • Mia: I like to pray by myself
  • Rhoda: I like praying with my sister and brothers in my room
  • Kayden: I like to pray in the middle of games
  • Deakyn: I like to pray before I ride my bike.
  • Tcross: I like to pray when I am sad or worried
  • Jake: I like to pray alone
  • Holly; I like to pray in my bed
  • Cierra: I like to pray with my mum

The children then engaged in a range of provocations with a focus of ‘Catholic Identity’.

  • Aiden, Jayden, Sukhman and Andy enjoyed making Jesus’s cross using craft materials.


  • Tcross, Nhu, Keren, Kiziah, Rhoda and Rehat spent most of the morning in the home corner where they were acting out ‘the last supper’


  • Ruby, Nevada and Cierra were using the playdough to make a statue of Mary


  • Alex, Dion, Akemjot, Sonnie, Daksh, Aidan , Kayden, Yson, Ezekiel and Deakyn were busy creating Jesus’s village and a Church using Lego


  • Ebony, Holly, Eva and Anna were using here artistic skills to draw her image of God


  • Sanorita, Ahn, Crista were using their writing skills to make books about Jesus, God and Mary


What did you like about this mornings provocations?

  • Sonnie: I really liked my Church building, it was so big, we all worked together to build a large church
  • Alex: I liked the lego
  • Dion: I liked being able to use the lego to build a Church it was fun to build
  • Aidan: I liked building a house that Jesus lived in
  • Anna: I liked drawing the best, I drew a house with a cross at the top
  • Holly: I liked drawing too, I liked drawing the Church
  • Rehat: I liked having time to be Jesus, I was dressing up, it was fun
  • Rhoda: I really liked being Mary, it was fun to get dressed up



  • Cierra: Dear God, Thank you for Jesus and what he sacraficed for us, Amen
  • Rehat: Dear God I am sad that Jesus died, Amen
  • Daksh: Dear God thank you for my family Amen
  • Jayden: Dear God thank you for my friends and family Amen
  • Ahn: Dear God Thank you for the world Amen
  • Nhu: Dear God thank you for Jesus and helping the people who are blind and sick Amen
  • Kiziah: Dear God thank you for my friends and family


Thank you for all the AMAZING an DELICIOUS food you all brought in to share today. It was very special to spend this time together, sharing food!


We finished off the day with some calming mindfulness and reflection.

With calming and relaxing music softly playing in the background, the children engaged in mindfulness colouring, yoga, drawing and reflecting...


We headed off to the hall to have an assembly with the whole school. At this time we reflected on the day, we watched an i-movie of the whole day. It was fantastic to see what all the classes did across the school.

Thank you everyone for a lovely Catholic identity day – what a day to remember!

Wednesday 27th June – Term 2 Week 9

Welcome and Good morning to Wednesday!!

What is happening today?


We went into our guided reading teams and worked together to solve the problems below!

One thing that happened in the book?

Holly: There were 9 planets in space

Keren: It was teaching us all about planets, Mars is the hottest planet

Aiden: All of the planets were around the sun, there are lots of planets, one is Mars.

Sonnie: The sun is actually a star and it is really hot, people cant live there, there is lava

Deakyn: The book taught about planets, the moves goes around the earth really really slow

Akemjot: Saturn has a lot of stars around it.

Sukhman: The moon moves around the earth

Group 3 – Recalling Water Facts;

  • Sampann – The waves flow on water and the hills go really deep and steep for the water
  • Justin – Water flows in mountains
  • Lucas – Ice is water but it is cold well frozen water
  • Raf – Water can also be ice


How did you use the Character Strength of Kindness in PE today?

  • Jasmine – I was kind to Miss Roberts because it was her birthday
  • Llana – I showed kindness by getting the ball for Neisha
  • Magot – I was kind because I was sitting and not talking when Miss Roberts was
  • Jaiden – I helped Ashvarn


Together we read through our shared reading text for the week – Stanley Paste. We discussed how being small would make Stanley feel.

  • Jake: I might feel bullied
  • Ann: I might feel sad that people may stomp on me
  • Kiziah: I would be sad because i cant see things
  • Mia: If i was really small because people may bully me or I cant reach a door to open
  • Lucas: I would be the best at limbo
  • Alex: I feel like ant man and could do things like ant-man
  • Tcross: I could hide in small places if we were playing hide and seek

We then did the below activity….


Nevada and Cierra led a class prayer about their families.

  • Daksh: Thank you for my family and for the food they give me.
  • Mary: Thank you for my family, i love them and feel lucky to have a family
  • Rhoda: Thank you for my family and supporting me, Amen.
  • Daniel: thank you for my family they are so nice Amen


What do you already know about division?

  • Sampan: its dividing
  • Nhu: Sharing

What can it help us do?

  • Sonnie: it is like sharing, like cutting things in half, you need to know how to share
  • Rehat: Division is something that you share in equal parts..

I have a problem….can you solve it?

Our responses…


  • Ashvarn – This is my nerf gun. It is a mega nerf gun. I play with it with my brother. Sometimes we have a nerf war. I try to aim for dots. It says Mega on it so to know it is mega. So it can shoot really high! You pull the black part up and down and then the orange thing shoots from there.


  • Nate – I liked playing with my brother at the oval and I liked doing the math!
  • Cierra – My speck of gold is playing with Nevada at Log Park

Have a great night everyone 🙂