Thursday 15th February – Week 3 Term 1

Good morning everyone!

Come read with me. Thank you for all the helpers that came to join us during ‘come read with me’ this morning. Please feel free to come along next week if you missed out. We saw children reading with their peers, and helping each other. Children reading with their parents and their teachers. We practiced lots of reading strategies too such as sounding out, chunking and following the words.

Breakfast club

Nevada – you can go to the OSCH room in the morning if you are hungry and did not have breakfast!

What is the day? Weather?

Ruby – A calendar, its 15th

Holly – of Febuary

Tcross – 2018

Jasmine – it is going to be hot, there is a hot sign.

This is a UV index

Aiden – it means its very hot

When the UV is high what does it mean

Akemjot – its super hot, you might get burnt from the sun

Joseph – it could start a bush fire if its very hot



Place value

We practiced counting by 10s… and then making groups of 10.

What is place value?

Joseph – you use it to add up

Rehat – ones, tens, hundreds

Sonnie – make it easy to count big numbers

Sampan – carrying numbers and adding

The children then explored place value materials within groups. They made 10s using MAB blocks and/or popsticks.

We came together to share what we found…

Libby – there are 4 tens in 40

Joseph – two tens and two ones in 12

Deakyn – these are ones

Megot – this is 21

Jed – no tens in 2

Daksh – 9 tens in 90


We went out onto the oval to get moving! We had running races with Miss B, played cricket games, a big game of group skipping aswell as plenty of jumping and ball games.



Thank you to Ruby, Libby and Nevada for setting our prayer space today.

Special prayer for our 2nd day of Lent

Libby – I am giving up chips

Sonnie – I am giving up chocolate

Jasmine – giving up roblox

Mia – Im giving up lollies

Daniel – Minecraft

CLARA – Learning powers – Curiosity

Daksh – We looked at curiosity

Rehat – it is asking questions

Joseph – asking to touch things

Nathaniel – curiosity means being curious about things like snakes

Mia – when want to learn more

Sonnie – want to know more

Lets make a symbol for the learning power of curiosity..

Jake – I think a person with a question mark on his head would be curious

Sonnie – a thinking emoji



We had a 5minute guided meditation session focusing on belly breathing…



The class shop was very popular with Ruby, Cierra, Akemjot, Nevada, Natalie, Tcross, Mary, Mia and Andy.

Cierra enjoyed being the shop keeper when she played in the class shop during investigations today ‘here is 4 dollars change, the watermelon is 10 dollars”.

Nevada “I made a special birthday cake for sale”

Andy  “ouch its hot”

Ruby “Im making jelly for the shop”

Tcross “yum how much is the jelly?”

Ruby “the Jelly is 2 dollars”

Akemjot “ive got a credit card”


In the block area Jasmine, Holly, Daniel and Justin were creating a city ‘our community’.

Jasmine “Tall buildings”

Holly “Lots of shops”

Daniel “there is money”

Holly “its a bank”

Jasmine “Oh wow look at this, the two triangle blocks make a rectangle”

Daniel “We need to make a parking spot, with a door to drive through, a big one, really big”

Holly “we could use this part”


Ebony drew a picture of when she is older she said “i will have two babies, they are girls, i am going to be a VET”

Lana drew a picture of herself when she is a teenager “I am going to college and i will have blue hair”

Kiziah “This is a picture of me when i am a teenager, i am going to wear green dresses and have pink hair. When im even bigger i will be a mum and have a baby and a dog. I might have two babies”

Keren – “This is me as a teenager, when i am a teenager i will dye my hair blonde”

Laptops to search about Chinese New Year

Jaiden, Daksh, Jaiden, Jake, Maddox, Raf, Lucas, Sukhman, Deakyn and Jed were all very busy looking on the laptop and finding out lots about Chinese new year. They were enjoying watching youtube clips about how to make a dragon.



Tomorrow is Chinese New year – please remember to bring a plate of food to share.

Library borrowing day is tomorrow so please bring in ALL your books to return.


Mini lesson – skip counting


Deakyn shared a dragon video he found whilst investigating Chinese new year.


Thanks for a great day everyone – see you wearing RED clothes tomorrow and ready to celebrate Chinese New year!!

Thursday 8th February Week 2 Term 1

Good morning everyone!

Mrs Diotallevi is back today 🙂

Its so hot today once again! What season are we in?

Holly – Summer!

What season comes next?

Nevada – Autum!

What day is it?

Libby – Its February the 8th

Aidan – Thursday

We then looked on the internet to look the weather today

Ruby – it is 39 today

Kurt – it says very hot

Nevada – and partly cloudy

Jake – it means that the sun might be in the clouds abit, there is absolutely no chance of rain.


Last week during numeracy investigations Rehat and Rhoda became interested in using the measuring tapes. They spent lots of time investigating the tapes and measuring students and teachers.

They shared with the class this;

Rhoda – we were measuring people

Rehat – using inches

Rhoda- A measuring tape

Rehat – the tallest teacher was Miss B

Rehat – the tallest was Jake and kurt and Rehat, they were all 53inches. It said the measuring tape

Rehat – sometimes we had to plus because the people were taller than the tape


The children could use anything they liked to find out ‘how tall are you?’



Then we shared came back together and the children shared;

Nevada – I was 24 matchsticks

Mia – we used paper to make rulers

Dion  we measured with straws, we were both7 straws, i was 7 and a half straws, i was taller then Aiden

Christina – We measure people, some were high some were low, long string, paper and rulers. Keren and Kiziah were the same height they were the smallest.

Nathaniel – we used unifix cubes

Jed – when you put your arms out like this, this is how tall you are

The children then recorded their findings.

Come read with me

Reading is an important part of learning within our school. We spent time reading with our friends. Next week all are welcome to come read with me first thing on Monday and Thursday mornings.

Self regulation

We watched the below clip…

Discussed – Whats happening?

Sonnie: They were jealous
TCross: Sad

How are the characters feeling?

Aiden: They could use their powers
Akemjot: They were angry

How do we help a baby?

Mary: We give them milk
Jasmine: Give them some toys to play
Rehat: Try to talk to her and do something else
Nevada: Check if they need a nappy change
Holly: Maybe they’re tired

If you are feeling sad/grumpy what could you do?

Mia: Go out with my mum and dad
Mary: Go to the shops
Alex: Go on your laptop so you won’t feel angry anymore
Sampann: Take three deep breaths
Joseph: Jump on the trampoline
Holly: Go in the pool
Nhu: Go to sleep or having a rest!
Aiden: Fidget with something

We then made our own learning scales!


Children then continued with their books in writers workshop….

In the afternoon the children engaged in inquiry play;

iMovie Making Table 

  • Cierra is making a movie about a little girl, today she learnt how to make a video on Photo Booth and put it in iMovie
  • Daksh used new effects on Photo Booth to make himself look ‘cool and happy’
  • Holly – ‘I learned how to add words.”
  • Dion – “Now I can add letters to mine!”

Movie on 6-2-18 at 2.27 pm-1m6xc6k



Tomorrow we have assembly, we will meet our buddies and we have library! Don’t forget your black bags! 🙂

Thursday 1st of February – Term 1/week1

Hi all! We have had a great day in year 2 today 🙂

The students did a fantastic job at remembering our morning routine! Well done!

Numeracy investigation

This morning the students came into the classroom and engaged with numeracy investigations. We had a range of materials and activities out for the children to share their numeracy capabilities. There were tessellation blocks, number cards, dice, scales, money, timers, rulers, measuring tapes and catalogues!

Whats maths?

Akemjot – adding

Rehat – Subtraction

Mary – Numbers

Sonnie – Measurement, things that are light and heavy

Some observations and discussion through the numeracy investigation…

Rehat and Rhoda were very busy measuring using rulers and measuring tapes:

Rehat – I worked out that Miss B is 176cm using the measuring tape. I added 100 and 76 and it came to 176cm

Rhoda – I measured Miss D she is 154cm, so Miss B is taller than Miss D

Rehat and Rhoda then begun measuring students in the class and recording their findings..

Bella, Kurt and Joseph were using the scales to see what was heavy and light.

Joseph – if we put nothing in them it just stays the same and does not move.

Kurt – the more you put in the more it goes down.

Kiziah and Keren were adding numbers together by rolling the dice. They played a game to see who got the highest number!

Akemjot – Im making a 3D shape, it is 3D becuase it is not flat

Nhu – used the light table to create interesting patterns and symmetry

Natalie – Used the catalouges to cut out and add the costs of items. She said “i bought the slime book and the pony book, for both it would be $11 dollars”

During the numeracy investigations we were able to see many strengths the children all have!! This will then help guide our future planning.


We all had some brain food – fruit or vegetables to keep our brains and bodies moving! Please remember to pack your healthy snack for this time 🙂


The students participated in a guided meditation session this morning. They created their own mindful pictures.


We set up or prayer space after recess. The prayer focus today was – Caring for one another. Thanking God for our friends. Help our friends.

Mia – I helped Mary with her writing

Sampann – Jake helped me when I fell

Shared reading

Puffling by Margret Wild and Julie Vivas

Jake shared that there is always a title on a book.

Jasmine: I think it might be about one bird sitting on top of another
Reheat: It might be about a Cuffling bird

After reading – what did you like?

Akemjot – Puffling found friends

Nathaneil – When puffling got big enough to go in the sea.

Jasmine – I liked when the mum and dad bird left the baby to get him fish

What do you like to read and write about?

Nhu – dream books

Rehat – Pirates

Lucas – dogman books

Mia – Cats, real books

Mary – Dogs’

Sonnie – i like minecraft

The children then made a list of things they like to read and write about. They will keep this to use for ideas when creating their own books in the writers workshop program.

Fitness– spent some time outside enjoying the sunshine, group games and keeping fit!

Welcome to our classroom- Self identity

The children created self portraits to display in our room. We took photos of them this morning and used this as the head and then the children used their creativity to ‘finish off’ the drawing!


The children were super excited to get their laptops today!! If you have not returned the laptop form yet please do so asap so your child can take one home!

We had a discussion about keeping them safe…

Jasmine – no food or drinks with laptop

Akemjot – use the laptop like your home laptop

Jed – hold laptop with two hands

Mary – no drinks near your laptop

Cierra – Dont watch anything inappropriate

Aidan – no violent games

Joseph – be careful dont drop it

Please leave your charger at home, charge your laptops at home.

DO NOT bring in please…laptop should be 100% charged each morning.

User name and passwords are on the front of the laptops.

Thanks for a great day everyone!

Assembly and library day tomorrow 🙂