Wednesday 14th March – Term 1 Week 7

Good morning everyone!

Please remember to book online for Parent Teacher Interviews occurring in Week 9.

Sports Day Forms are now due back also 🙂

Deakyn – Today is the 14th of March!


  • Raf – We were using the tennis rackets and we had to catch with the cones and then we had to catch with two tennis rackets
  • Bella –  We were trying to catch the balls with cones
  • Maddox – We used all the tennis rackets
  • Daniel – We did tennis!


Focus – Phonics ‘Fl’ blend.

Words we heard:

Sonnie – Float

Rehat – Flippers

Aiden – Fly and i know flower too.

Dion- flip

Ebony – Fish

Mia – Fisherman

Literacy groups

Write silly ‘Fl‘ sentences.

Handwriting the letter ‘Ff’

Word you know starting with ‘F’ or ‘fl’

Can you find ‘Fl‘ words in books – record and write your own sentence.

  • Jed – Flippers
  • Sampann – Fisherman
  • Kristina – Faster
  • Mai-Anh – Fish
  • Neisha – Frog

We continued this learning into our numeracy! After we finished making our name using MAB blocks we made words starting with ‘f’!

We had to remember to use the squares in our books and count how many blocks we use. Jed told us that it is easier to count in tens if you have a bigger name!


Thank you to Kristina, Llana, Keren and Kizia who led us in a Gratitude Prayer today. They shared videos the created of things they are grateful for and also asked the group.

  • Mia – Thank you for my mum and dad
  • Neisha – Thank you for my friends
  • Mary – Dear God, thank you for my cat
  • Joseph – Thank you for school


After recess we visited Mr McCarthy at the Fish Farm. He talked about all the new things happening over there. He noticed we had been learning all about turtles! There were lots of the things in the Fish Farm that actually live with real life turtles in the Billabongs like; shrimps, yabbies, cod etc! We had some time to meet Max the school turtle and explore the Fish Farm ourselves. Did you notice Fish Farm is actually two ‘f’ words?!


When we returned back to class we reflected on what we learnt! 


We took some time this afternoon to reiterate our sound of the day – F! We used our laptops to show our new learning. Once we had completed this, we finished off our second to last Learning Power work! 



  • Jake – “One day ago I went to the parade of lights in the city. On the building they showed up a video thing like a camera or light on the building. There was an Aboriginal one and a space one.

We had a look at a video of the lights and discussed how they make the buildings so bright! 


  • Llana – My speck of gold was playing with my friends
  • Sonnie – My speck of gold was going to Spanish
  • Jas – My speck of gold was playing tennis
  • Holly – My speck of gold was doing tennis!

Tuesday March 13 – Week 7!

Hi all!

We trust you had a wonderful weekend filled with many Specks of Gold!

Daksh: It is week 7!
Kurt: Today is the 13th of March 2018


The children used their learning powers of creativity and collaboration in log park today. Using the logs and lengths of fabric they created play scenes such as a baby nursery, campfire as well as a seesaw! 


What do you already know about turtles?

Rehat: Turtles change like in a life cycle from hatching the egg to coming into a grown up.

Kiziah: Turtles hatch in the night

Deakin: When turtles grow up they lay eggs.

Eva: They can swim.

We then used our curiosity to wonder and think about turtles and to pose questions about them.

What do I wonder…?

  • Ruby: I wonder if their shells change colour
  • Nevada: I wonder how old they can live up to
  • Ebony: I wonder how big turtles can get
  • Mia: I wonder if turtles can live to 100 years
  • Akemjot: I wonder how fast turtles can swim.
  • Jake: I wonder how old they can get
  • Nhu: I wonder how they make their own houses
  • Rehat: I wonder how their body works inside the skin
  • Mary: I wonder what they eat.
  • Cierra: I wonder how much eggs a turtle can hatch.
  • Daksh: I wonder how the turtles get their skin and their shells.


What does worth mean?

Jed: How much money it is.

Using 100, 10 and one’s blocks, Miss B made her name.

For example, to create the M, she used 2 lots of 10 blocks and 7 one blocks. The value of the letter M in her name is therefore worth 27.

We had a go at our own names!


PRAYER lead by Jaiden, Jed, Nathaniel and Dion

A video made by the boys was shown about Gratitude. They told us all the different things they are grateful for.

  • Joseph – Thankful for my family
  • Sonnie –  Thankful for my family
  • Neisha – Thank you for my kittens
  • Holly – Thankful for my friends
  • Magot – Thank you for my friends next door
  • Nhu – I am thankful for plants and food
  • Ashvarn – Thankful for the school
  • Nevada – Thankful to be alive
  • Kurt – Thank you for m friends


LITERACY – Story Time!

Over the past few weeks we have been looking at all the different parts to a story and how we plan for a successful story. Today it was time to began the writing!

At the end of our writing session we had some of our authors share their work;

  • Eva – “One day a white fluffy kitten loved going to the park. She loved going to the park because they had lots of toys there.”
  • Ann – “The Minecraft Person – Steve and his friends saw  a zombie. The parents went home and the zombie came back.” 

CLARA – Orientation to Learning 

Today we learnt more about the CLARA learning power of ‘Orientation to Learning’.

*Being open to new ideas and challenges

* Embracing learning and change rather than giving up or getting mad.

* Knowing that deep down, I can go on with learning when things get tough.

* Learning isn’t always easy but I’m ready for new ideas and new learning.

We watched a clip from the film ‘Cloudy with a  Chance of Meatballs’. In the clip, we see Flint upset because his friends laughed at his invention of spray on shoes. His mum encourages him to never give up and to embrace his originality. We then see Flint inventing many things from a flying car to rat birds and a monkey translator. All are brilliant failures but Flint never gives up his dream of inventing something amazing.

Flint after talking to mum;

  • Joseph – He tried to make something new
  • Jed – Ratbirds
  • Akemjot – He tried to make a flying car

Flint didn’t give up when he was trying! He had a strong orientation to learning because he knew learning is tough but this didn’t stop him from learning.

Our task was to create a poster with a Motto – A saying that inspires us for when our learning gets tough!

  • Mia – Try again
  • Jasmine – You can do it!
  • Sonnie – Never give up
  • Mai-Anh – Just do it!
  • Akemjot – I will never give up
  • Mary – I have to keep on trying
  • Lucas – I believe in myself
  • Daksh – Keep trying!
  • Nevada – I will always try and try again
  • Ann – You can do it
  • Jed – I can do it!


Sampann shared his holiday to Queensland. “We went to sea world and saw some animals underwater. This is a picture of a village but its a big wall. My mum and dad and me had a photo near a big coke. We went to the tallest building in the Gold Coast!

See you tomorrow 🙂

Thursday 1st of March – term 1 week 5

Goodmorning everyone!!

We started the morning with – come read with me! Thanks for all who came along 🙂

Today the month changed – what month is it now?

Daksh – the 1st of March

Season change too! Hello Autumn!

Whats happening today?




Below are the activities set up for rotations – big focus on Addition this week.


Neisha – I playing with skipping

Deakyn- We played footy with Lucas, Raf, Noah

Nhu – We were playing gymnastics


Megout lead us in prayer today.

“dear God thank you for our homes, let the angels look after our homes”

Prayer about our homes

Ann – I am thankful for my mum at home.

Joseph – For my very big family

Noah – For my TV

Nevada – For my pets at home

Mary – I am thankful for my mum and dad

Daniel – for my toys in my house

Aidan. W – thankful that visitors can come to my house

Jasmine – For my family

Jaiden – I am thankful that i have a garden and a backyard at mu home

Holly – For my family

Ebony – For my pets and family

Cierra – for my dog because he is lovely and cute.


Connecting with your theme of identity today we had a look at the many different cultures in our room! 

We are having a go at our first mini research inquiry! Where are we from…



  • Life Cycles using ICT
  • Portrait Drawing and Free Draw
  • Places in our Community using Blocks
  • Where am I from? Mapping and Inquiry
  • Jobs when we are older

  • Maddox, Sukhman, Justin and Magot – We made a museum in our community.

  • Alex – My plane goes further because it is thinner at the front

  • Mary – I made a unicorn drawing it
  • Kiziah – I did drawing with my friends
  • Mai-Anh – We worked with Jasmine and Andy and made some animals
  • Deakyn – I continued on my country
  • Cierra – I finished off what country I came from. I have Golden Gaytimes and Laminations on here. There is also Australian clothes and people.
  • Joseph and Bella made a drawing tutorial with a cool special effect!

Tomorrow we have library so please remember your black bags! See you then! 

Wednesday 28th February 2018 – Week 5 Term 4

Hello Bloggers! 

Welcome to the last day of Summer and of February!

Sampann – Tomorrow will be March!
Libby – Today is the 28th of February


  • Jasmine – We done a relay
  • Lucas – We did the egg and spoon race
  • Kristina – We did target throwing
  • Jed – We did the relay


Dreamtime Story – The Rainbow Serpent

The Rainbow Serpent-1ptz7wi

Have you read a dreamtime story before?

  • Rehat – yes, how do the birds get their colours.
  • Ann – Something that was in the past
  • Sampann – This is a non-fiction book. It means it is real.

What happened in this story?

  • Mia – There was a rainbow snake that smashed all the houses.
  • Tcross – the snake was BIG and scary
  • Aidan. W – The snake was breaking everything, the people were scared
  • Deakyn – The snake destoryed everything
  • Daksh – The snake stayed under the ground, its still there now
  • Nevada – the snake headed to the West
  • Rehat – He went to the west lake
  • Akemjot – The old person know how to get rid of them!
  • Jasmine – When we get to see the river
  • Daniel – My favourite part was the rainbow snake
  • Bella – My favourite part was when the rainbow snake came out – it is so colourful
  • Jed – It was interesting when the houses got destroyed

Who were and are the Aboriginal People?

  • Libby – They were here first on land
  • Lucas – There are famous football players who are Aboriginal
  • Raf – Like Eddie Betts!


Our prayer was lead by Rehat today – she chose a prayer from our book about being honest.

In the name father, son and the holly spirit.

Joseph – you should not lie

Ann – thank you God for my family

Nevada – You should not lie, if you lie and then tell the truth they might not believe you.

We all shared a special prayer time, thank you Rehat for leading the prayer today.


Warm up : Number of the Day as a group! The number is… Alex : 500

Kurt: it is an even number

Rehat: in skip counting, count by 2s you know if its even

Jed: write it, five hundred

Dion: 5 in the hundreds, 0 in int tens and ones column (place value)

Ann: add on 10 is 510

Jed: take 10 away is 490

Sonnie: add 100 is 600

Daksh: 500 take away 100 is 400.

We were then all given a number of the day to work it out ourselves!!


  • Ann – I had to go on 3 planes to get to Vietnam. There was a motorbike and saw my friends and my uncle. I ate things like fish and candy and rice. Vietnam is different and Australia doesn’t have a fair every night. It is really hot in Vietnam. I went for 3 weeks.
  • Sampann – I am going to the Gold Coast for a week and even to Wet and Wild.
  • Jasmine – When I was on YouTube I discovered cha cha slide.


Today after lunch we had an extended mindfulness session. Students asked to listen to calm music and have the opportunity to draw how they are feeling.


When 2DT returned from Spanish we had our first Laptop Workshop. It is in this time that we will learn key lap top skills and shortcuts to support our learning. Today our focus was saving into the shared folder!

A job well done to all of us who showed a growth mindset to trying something new! 

Specks of Gold / When we used Collaboration:

  • Mary – I used collaboration when I worked on the laptops
  • Dion – When we played games
  • Joseph – Me and Bella used collaboration when we played Minecraft and we made a dragon portal and jumped into it
  • Ann – I used collaboration when Bella and me played Roblox. We met up together and played.

Come Read with ME tomorrow morning! All are welcome 🙂 

Thursday 22nd February – Term 1 Week 4

Morning all!

Why are we having fitness?

Deakin: It’s good to exercise in the morning.
TCross: To get some energy for learning!
Jed: In case it is too hot later on


Warm up – The number of the day is 22

Jake – its an even number

Rehat – you write it like twenty

Deakyn – there 2 tens and two ones in 22

Raf – 23 comes after 22 or if your counting by 2s 24 comes next

Lana – 21 comes before 22

Ruby – you do four lines then when you get to 5 you put a line through (when making a tally)

Holly – 2 bundles of 10 and then just two ones  (make it place value)

The students then continued with place value – they had challenge numbers including 1000 to make!

Akemjot: I looked at the pictures for the clues
Mia: I put a 6 in the tens when I can see there are 6 tens
Nevada: I did the thousands my own way and it was easier so I figured out my own way
Cierra: I asked a friend to help draw the thousands


Thank you Magot, Cierra and Kurt for helping set up our prayer space. Mrs. Diotaellvi shared a prayer about pets.

Neisha: I pray for my cat, turtles and dog. Thank you God.
Aiden: I feel a little sad that my pets passed away.
Mary: I had a dog called Mr Bastum.
Holly: I pray for my dog.
Jasmine: I have a new pet kitty called Alex. He is so fluffy and cute. When I go outside he follows me around.
Joseph: I am happy because my dog is a good hunting dog.
Rehat: My dog went for a walk and came back this morning.

Preparing for our POLICE VISIT! 

Tomorrow we are getting a special visit from a real life.. POLICE OFFICER! We are super excited to see the car and listen to them speak to us about his job.

Together we read through some special books about jobs. A Police Officer, An Ambulance Man and a Sea Rescuer. 

What do you want to do when you grow up?

Jasmine: I want to be a YouTuber
Holly: I want to be a Police Officer
Keren: I want to be a teacher!
Sonnie: I am going to be a YouTuber too
Sampann: I am going to be the boss of everything! Like the Prime Minister. Aidan: Like Donald Trump!
Noah: I want to be a cookie maker
Kurt: I want to be an artist
Lucas: I might be a doctor
Mary: I am going to sing at the weddings
Daniel: I want to be a builder
Mai-Anh:  I want to be a chef
Nhu:  I want to be a hairdresser
Aiden: I want to be a farmer
Daksh:I want to be a fire fighter
Akemjot: want to be a Doctor
Kiziah: I want to be a shop keeper
Libby: I want to be a singer and teacher
Nevada: I want to be a cake maker
Magot: I want to be a teacher and a soccer player

We thought about and recorded what we might ask the Policeman…

Jasmine: How do you know cars are going fast?
Noah: How do you know when to arrest someone?
Lucas: How old do you have to be to be a policeman?

Nathaniel and Akemjot made Police Vehicles!

The Ugly Otter and CLARA Learning Power

Sampann: You could see him doing different things
Holly: He felt happy when he was playing with
Nevada: He felt proud of himself
Mia: He felt included

When have you felt like you belong?

Alex: When we play football
Sampann: If you help someone to play
Mia: Someone when they are with their family

We then designed our own symbol for Belonging using our 100 languages! 




Libby: This is my cat Kiki. Her name is Crystal. She is about 11 or 12. She sleeps on my mums bed and eats cat food and water.
Magot: This is brother, older sister and in our backyard. My brother is older than me.
Mary: This is my video about how to make something. Mary’s video was amazing! It showed us how to draw, colour and cut a unicorn. She used PhotoBooth.
Rehat: This is my sister Reet. She is younger than me and likes to play.

Tomorrow is our Library day please remember to bring your black bag with books to swap! 🙂 

Monday 5th February 2018 – Week 2 Term 1

Good morning all and Welcome to Week 2! We hope you had a lovely weekend filled with many specks of gold.

This morning we found the new home for our laptops. We also sang Happy Birthday to Jake, Mia and Libby! HAPPY 7TH BIRTHDAY GUYS!

Each Monday and Thursday morning we will come in and participate in ‘Come Read with Me.’ This is a time where students have the chance to read the books we borrow on Friday independently, with friends and with the teacher. 

Math Investigations this morning supported our mini maths lesson surrounding Pattern. We discussed what makes a pattern and also investigated number patterns of 10 using a learning tool.

We also had some of the investigations we used last week so that could extend our learning such as using the scales and using number grids. 

































Mary: I’ve had a good day.

Mia: I love playing with Mary today and I’m very excited for tonight.

At the end our investigations we shared;

Alex: “I made a colour pattern. It went blue, purple, blue, purple, blue, purple. I used ActivInspire on my laptop.”

Bella: “Me and Joseph, we were on our laptops on ActivInspire. I was doing blue, red, blue, red, blue, red. One of the shapes I used was a square.”

Deakyn: “I used the timers. Mine was 1 minute. I counted to a minute. You get up to 60 and that’s one minute.”

Lucas: “I made the patterns with the shapes in my book. I used rectangles and diamonds then I copied with it onto my laptop.

After recess, we shared prayer together. We sang the song ‘These Hands” because its message is about speaking, acting and loving in a kind way. That is, being a bucket filler. After our song, we shared some special prayers.

Mary: “I’ve had a good day”

Mia: “I’ve had a good day playing with Mary and I am excited for tonight.”.

Libby shared some photos about her wonderful birthday on the weekend including all of the presents she received and her outing to Latitude.

Writer’s Workshop

Joseph: My book was ‘Minecraft’. I am going to put in there me playing Minecraft on the laptop. It will be a story about me playing.

Cierra: My book is about my holiday. I’m going to Queensland in my book. I’m going to write about what I did.

Alex: My book is ‘The Last Guest’. It’s about a guest who’s parents died and he found his way home and he was in an orphanage and when he got older he joined the army and he saved the world by sacrificing himself and his enemy”.


Nathaniel: “When I went on my laptop I investigated cars and made it with the lego. You have to push it to move.

Nevada: “The play dough kept getting sticky because there was too much water. Then we added flour and it was too dry. The oil made it nice and soft.”

Llana: “We made faces at the drawing table. The book helped us to do the face”

Kristina: “I made a magic cake with the kinetic sand.”

Tuesday 30th January 2018 – Week 1 Term 1

Welcome to the very first day of year two! We are very excited to be welcome you to the 2IB, 2DT learning community. We are so eager to begin exploring new and exciting learning with your children!

This morning the students did a wonderful job of finding their assigned locker and putting their welcome pebble into the basket. Miss Tropeano and Miss Battifuoco were so pleased to see so many smiling, happy faces! We quickly welcomed one another before it was time for Spanish and Music.

When we returned we spent some time sharing some holiday specks of gold;

  • Alex: I kept on playing ‘Phantom Horses’ on Roblox
  • Mary: I went to my aunty’s pool
  • Cierra: I went with my grandma and Pa for a holiday
  • Aidan: I watched Coco and kept playing with my brothers on his PS3
  • Nhu: My little brother’s friend take us to the movies. We watched Jumanji.
  • Aiden: I went to Inflatable World
  • Ebony: I went to the beach. I like to make sand castles.
  • Kiziah: I like going in the swimming pool.
  • Mia: On the holiday I went with my family on a holiday to Victor Harbor with all my country friends
  • Ruby: I went camping.
  • Sampann: I went to the trains and had a chocolate donut

We aim for the children to have a strong sense of belonging within our classroom community and because of this many of our lessons for the next fortnight will be centred around this. We will spend time revisiting and delving deeper into various familiar concepts including Bucket Filling, Specks of Gold, Gratitude, Prayer, Growth Mindsets, Character Strengths and CLARA Learning Powers.

Together we discussed positive choices and what this might look like in our learning community.

  • Mia: Helping people
  • Mary: Being kind
  • Joseph: Making a positive choice is listening to the teacher

We agreed that we need to be in charge of making our own positive choices but teachers will always be here to support us and guide us. The book ‘Will you fill my bucket?’ helped us think about how our positive choices can make other people feel great!

After recess we share our first Class Prayer. We spoke about the different symbols that we might include. For the next couple of weeks the teachers model different ways to run prayer before we let the students take ownership of the prayer sessions! Building upon our conversation from before recess about bucket filling and making people happy, each of us recorded something we are grateful for! Some of us chose to share these aloud whilst others just popped them straight into our gratitude jar.

Our Positive Choices conversation flowed into sharing about Class Shared Expectations and how we will be bucket fillers. We traced our hands and recorded 5 ways we will make these positive choices in the class. Thank you Magot for taking photos for us! Stay tuned to see our display 🙂

This afternoon our Investigations were based around getting to know each other interests and strengths. Teachers had time to talk to children about how they best investigate which will help us plan and negotiate  future provocations. We had all sorts of things happening – Mechanics, Boat Makers, Zoo Keepers, Magic Sand Makers, Artists and Incredible Patterns Makers!

We have sent home 5 notes with the children today which need to please be read and returned;

  • Making Learning Visible – Permission for student photos to be on the blog
  • Laptop Consent
  • Student Information
  • Parent Information Evening – Next Wednesday Feb 7
  • Welcome Letter

We had a lovely first day together and can’t wait to see you tomorrow! Enjoy the bubbles! 🙂