Magnificent Monday June 18 – Week 8 Term 2

Hi Bloggers! Welcome to Week 8!
We hope you kept warm and dry over the weekend 🙂 

  • This week we welcome Jannita to our learning environment. She is a year 10 student who is competing her work experience with us 🙂
  • Thursday 9am 2DT will be hosting a liturgy.


We began our morning with a focused literacy time. Students still had the opportunity to read their readers independently or with a group. We also introduced some other hands-on literacy activities including;

  • Matching contractions to their extended version
  • Creating sight words using playdough
  • Deciding appropriate punctuation endings to sentences
  • Using whiteboards to practice our words and letters
  • Aaron Blabey focus table with our favourite books to read and review
  • Reading with a teacher
  • Teach my Monster to Read
  • Nathaniel – I was matching up the words with the pictures
  • Andy – I was reading and writing numbers on the whiteboards
  • Akemjot – I was doing reading. I read some of Justin’s books, their junior novels
  • Noah – I was reading Cat in the Hat with my buddy Nathan
  • Kim – I was at the play dough. I made a word!



Building on our investigation surrounding fractions, today we were posed with the challenge of creating our own object, food, shape and dividing into our own fraction.


Mia and Mary shared a prayer about being calm and not worrying.

  • Rehat – I feel calm when I meditate
  • Daksh – I am calm when I put on calm music


In groups we took on specific roles including; recorder, sharer, reporter and organiser. In these groups we were posed the question; Why do you think Aaron Blabey writes about friendship in his stories? 

  • Sukhman’s Group – I think it is friendship and it is teamwork
  • Kurt’s Group – Because he wants to be kind. He never wants us to be mean to our friends
  • Samurai’s Group – Friends are important. Because he wants to be kind and kids to be friends.
  • Kim’s Group – Aaron Blabey made this book because you have to be nice and not be mean. To be kind and make friends. So kids don’t fight.
  • TCross’ Group – It is about being kind to others and wanting to be friends.
  • Raf’s Group – He is trying to teach us to be nice to others
  • Jasmine’s Group – Aaron Blabey is trying to kind to everyone. Aaron Blabey makes a lot of stories. He makes kind stories tries his best. Aaron Blabey is trying to be kind.
  • Rehat’s Group – If you don’t write about friendship it is mean. If you  don’t be kind to others you will make the mad. Friends should make people kind.
  • Aidan’s Group – He never gives up and doesn’t want to be sad. It is a nice emotion. It is kind for people to learn about friends.
  • Akemjot’s Group – Friends are kind and they help each other. I think Aaron Blabey did that because friends are nice to one another.

Group 3 worked on making simple sentences using subjects and verbs.


Today as a group we completed a guided meditation.


  • Sukhman – During investigations I was making beyblades with Akemjot
  • Nevada – I was playing teachers with Cierra we were doing fractions
  • Jed – I made a restaurant menu. It had pizza, hot dogs, burger, donuts!
  • Nhu – I liked to play with Natalie in the restaurant. We were giving people their food and there was a lot of customers.
  • Neisha – I made stuff with Neisha. I made a charger and headphones.
  • Ann – In investigations me and Bella were making a play set for something in Roblox and then we put glitter on it.
  • Jake – We made a restaurant with jelly and pringles and nachos.

Friday 15th June – Term 2 Week 7

Happy Friday everyone!!!

Whats happening today?


  • Jake – At the end where they did the floss
  • Eva – The number counting
  • Lucas – I liked everything like the dancing
  • Mile – I liked the Indian dance
  • Alex – The floss


Today we made our own cakes! Chocolate, caramel, strawberry, blueberry, banana – you name it, we had it!

  • Libby – Fractions are when you divide stuff like if you had 4 it would be quarters and if you had 2 it would be half

We were posed with a provocation; There were 4 friends coming to our own cake party and we had to cut our cake so everyone would get the same size piece…


In today’s library session we read through another one of the Shortlisted Books for 2018 – ‘Boy’ by Phil Cummings and Shane Devries. 

What do we predict the story to be about?

  • Sampann – Army and attacking?
  • Jed – Vikings because of the picture
  • Libby – He is pretending to be a viking


  • Ann – He is using sign language to talk to people
  • Joseph – You can use sign language to talk to people in case you can’t talk

We also discussed how important it is to accept people for their differences. We are going to look further into sign language when we get back to class seeing as we were so interested. We borrowed our new books and read these independently and in groups before heading back to class. Please remember to bring black reading bags to school each day 🙂 


2TD practiced our class liturgy which will have a focus on Friendship.

You are all welcome to attend next weeks class liturgy which will be in our classroom at 9am on Thursday – Hope to see you there!!


We had a range of literacy investigations in the classroom to explore…

Dion and Alex were playing a game where you had to guess the word….they were giving clues “the word starts with a M’

Akemjot and Sukhman were also playing the same game “it starts with an S and you say it” “the word is said!”

Eva and Ebony were creating sill sentences using the word cards “fish walk under my sister”

Mia, Mary, Keren, Cierra, Nevada and Kiziah enjoyed using the playdough to form letters and their names.

Daksh, Kurt, Holly, Rehat and Ruby liked exploring the dictionaries and finding the meaning to new words they recorded in their books to use at a later time…. Rehat said “Hoot means hooting a horn loudly”.

Kurt said “Hiss was interesting, it is the sound the snake makes with its tongue”

Jake, Rhoda, Nhu, Aidan, Aiden, Sonnie and Tcross worked together to play a game of scrabble. Fantastic teamwork and turn taking. They supported each other to sound





Magnificent Monday June 12 – Week 7 Term 2

 Hi Bloggers! Welcome to Week 7!
Today we wish Mile a Happy 9th Birthday! 🙂 Thank you so much for bringing in a cake to share with us all! 


We hope you enjoyed your long weekend! We spoke about our long weekend Specks of Gold;

  • Mary – My speck of gold was playing with my brothers and sisters with Badminton
  • Dion – I had fun at my mums party
  • Sampann – Four hours at Kumon!
  • Deakyn – I went camping in a forest
  • Daniel  – My  cousins came over to my house


  • Nathaniel – We had to learn the letters and know the colours and then we had to colour in the balloons with the letters
  • Jasmine – In Spanish we had to learn the colours from the balloons
  • Llana – We had a sheet of paper and we had to colour them in


  • Mia – We did some instruments, we did like a song like d, f, g, a ,b, c, e, f
  • Ashvarn – We had to do the same as the song did using instruments
  • Sonnie – I liked the song when it was playing but sometimes it made some people laugh


Over the past term we have been collecting ‘data’ in a fun way surrounding student wellbeing. This has been occurring in the way of our feeling rocks. As students enter class each morning they put a colour stone on their name to reflect the way they are feeling. They are welcome to change this at any point in the day.

To continue the discussion surrounding emotions and ‘feeling positive‘ today we asked for a little help from our class friends… The Dojo’s! 

We asked ourselves… What is you beast? How can you tame it?

  • Rehat – They mean beast like when you get embarrassed at something and you can get nervous
  • Libby – The beast isn’t real it is about your emotions so if you’re feeling nervous
  • Mary – It is telling us to be strong and that you can be confident
  • Mia – It was telling us that Dojo wasn’t so confident



Mr. Coad came in to have a chat to us about Recount Writing. He shared with us what he did on his long weekend. With one big massive breath he read his recount to us – geeeee it was a lot of writing to read!

  • Magot – You forgot talking marks
  • Rehat – There is no full stops!
  • Sampann – There is no commas
  • Neisha – There is a lot of ‘ands’

As a group we discussed how we could improve Mr. Coad’s writing. We noticed that we read the word ‘and’ far too many times. We worked out how we could improve this. We made some sentences shorter and even added other words!
It was then our job to complete our own long weekend recounts! 


As a class we together completed a Smiling Mind meditation.


This afternoon we explored Chance and Probability using our 100 languages. Our challenge was to show the teachers all we have discovered over the past week in any capacity surrounding Chance and Probability.

  • Flip Tile Game
  • Snakes and Ladders
  • Whiteboards using Probability Language 
  • Lego
  • Blocks 
  • Paint and Oil Pastels 
  • Akemjot – It is impossible the car to have red wheels because there aren’t any red lego wheels
  • Cierra – We are making our own Kahoot. One question will be about if it is likely to go to bed
  • Kurt – One of my Kahoot questions asks if it will rain
  • Bella – We are making paper skittles and then will make some questions to go with it like ‘Will I pick an orange one?”
  • Nevada – I am paining an impossible picture. Like it will rain muffins
  • Raf – It will be impossible for me to shrink into our creation!!
  • Neisha – It is impossible that a cat will fart out rainbows!

Both teachers and students love the opportunity for students to freely express themselves and their learning using the 100 languages as it provides an opportunity for students to draw on their own strengths and actively engage in their learning.

Thank you for such a productive day year 2! See you tomorrow in full sports uniform 🙂 

Fun Friday June 8 – Week 6 Term 2

Hi all! Happy Fun Friyay!

Just a reminder there is no school on Monday because of the Queen’s Birthday 🙂 


What did you like at assembly?

  • Tcross: the dancing and songs
  • Mia: I liked when the PJ masks videos
  • Rhoda: The kids were good at dancing
  • Sonnie: I liked all the songs
  • Jed: The dancing was good
  • Kurt: the dance!
  • Cierra: PJ masks videos


To start off we did Kahoot!!! we answered probability questions….

Then we became engaged in probability focused investigations. Some included games such as snakes and ladders, flip tile game, dice rolling etc…

During play:

  • Holly: One was the most likely to roll and 6 was the least likely
  • Rheat: It is impossible to roll a 7
  • Rhoda: It is unlikely for me to roll a 6


Today we read through another one of the shortlisted booked for 2019 – Rodney Loses It!

  • Mile – I think Rodney is the rabbit
  • Lucas – Loses it means like when you get really angry
  • Jed – Well I think it was teaching us not to get and when you lose something
  • Magot – You should look everywhere for something before getting angry

As a class we agreed that we liked this week’s book more than last weeks because it was more fun! We borrowed our new books for next week and began reading them. It is super important that we practice our rating over the long weekend 🙂 


We listened to some special prayer music and reflected…

  • Ebony: Dear God Thank you for my family
  • Eva: Dear God thank you for my family
  • Nhu: Dear God thank you for the world
  • Rhoda: Thank you for my family that supports me when i am feeling sad
  • Mia: Dear God I hope that my Aunty, Mum and Grandma do not get sick
  • Rehat: Dear God please be beside me when I need you
  • Aiden: Thank you for the trees so we can breath
  • Tcross: Dear God I am grateful for my family and the food God created
  • Cierra: Dear God thank you for my Aunty Daphene even though she died i still know she is there
  • Kurt: Thank you for friends so we are not alone


Guided reading groups;

Today Mrs Diotallevi worked with team ‘cool books’ we read a book about ‘pasta’…

What was the book about?

  • Rehat: The book was about how to make pasta and who discovered the pasta. It spoke about pasta in many different shapes
  • Nhu: Some pastas doesn’t have to be same colour
  • Nhu: You need to mix flour and water to make the dough first, then you make the pasta

Did you learn something new?

  • Eva: I learnt about how to make pasta, you use flour and wheat
  • Rhoda: Pasta comes in many different shapes, sizes and colours. The spinach makes green pasta and beetroot makes purple.
  • Ruby: the book talks about where pasta comes from, it comes from Italy a long time ago
  • Kurt: I learnt how the pasta is cut into different shapes, one is like a bowtie

Relating to our lives

  • Eva: I made pasta last night, it was abit like spaghetti, my nonna made it
  • Rhoda: I like bowtie, or I call it butterfly, I also like the twirl one
  • Eva: I also like the shell pasta
  • Rehat: We have sauce, I make it myself with tomato sauce, we use fresh tomatoes and we chop them and use liquid and salt to make it.
  • Eva: We make the sauce too with tomatoes
  • Kurt: ive tried it once but I didn’t like it
  • Ruby: I like it, my great grandmother made up a recipie about making pasta
  • Eva: My nonno knows how to make it because she is from Italy
  • Nhu: ive tried pasta, it was ok but it needed more sauce and flavour

During this guided reading session we focused lots on oral language. In the other groups children spoke about the characters and drew comprehension illustrations.



Together we viewed the ‘Colour Your World With Kindness‘ video!

  • Jasmine – The world got colour from happiness
  • Neisha – There was colour with happiness
  • Magot – Today I showed kindness by helping Natalie and Nhu
  • Ashvarn – I showed kindness to Akemjot by helping him with a maths game

Our Reflections


We took a moment to focus on our breathing….


Today during investigations we had some leaders who led mini workshops. Children could chose which student led workshop they would go to..


In play…

  • Cierra: Im making a car…in my car I am going to put an ipad in the car
  • Andy: was making a marble track using cardboard
  • Sonnie: we added lights to the marble run, green means to go but the blue will be for stopping. We need to add more detail to the marble run
  • Kurt: I am the guy filming the track
  • Mia: Its called Mia’s restaurant, we have a number we can call.
  • Rhoda: So far i have wrote down bowtie, macaroni and spaghetti on my menu

What did you do/enjoy during investigations today?

  • Ruby and Neisha: We made an iStop motion video on Miss B’s desk. We used ice cream. We took 6 different pictures.
  • Daniel – We did the marble run. I made it 8 times.
  • Mia – I made my own restaurant and there was a boss and I was a boss and we made lots of food and there were lots of customers.
  • Ashvarn – I was playing with Sukhman and Jaiden and we were making bay blades and we were battling and helping people to make them. Sukhman and me said lets battle.
  • Rehat – Me and Rhoda were making silly pasta recipes like slug, slime and vinegar.
  • Ann – Me and Bella were making games and then we tested them out with Noah.
  • Mile  -I was in the restaurant

What are we up to this long weekend?

  • Aidan – I will play roblux at home
  • Eva – I am going to Bounce!
  • Dion – It is my mum’s party
  • Lucas – I am going to eat a chicken wing
  • Kristina – I might go to Saint Kilda
  • Mai-Anh – I might go shopping to buy some toys
  • Sonnie – My cousin might be over at my house
  • Deakyn – I will go to the aquatic centre tomorrow
  • Jasmine – I will go to swimming lessons
  • Sukhman – On the weekend I am going to my friends house to play soccer
  • Daniel – I might go to high school and do some maths
  • Magot – On the weekend I am going to go swimming
  • Ashvarn – On the weekend I am going to go to McDonalds. My dad will pick my cousin up and my dad will bring my cousin home and we will play on the PS4.
  • Raf – I will go play soccer
  • Nhu – It will be my mums friends party
  • Rehat – I will go to netball on Saturday
  • Mia – On Monday we will go out somewhere fun like lollipops
  • Cierra – My mum and dads friends are bringing friends
  • TCross – I might be having a play date with one of my friends


Thursday June 7 – Week 6 Term 2

Hi Bloggers!
Welcome to Tremendous Thursday June 7!


This morning we had the option to read our books independently, with a partner or trial a new interactive reading program. The program is called ‘Teach My Monster to Read,’  The online portal gives each individual student their own account. There are three Teach Your Monster to Read games to play at varying levels which means we can individualise to student needs!

Game 1: First Steps
For children practicing letters and sounds.

  • Practice for 31 letter-sound combinations:
    s, a, t, p, i, n, m, d, g, o, c, k, ck, e, u, r, h, b, f, ff, l, ll, ss, j, qu, v, w, x, y, z, zz
  • Blending and segmenting practice with CVC words
  • The first 6 non-decodable (‘tricky”) words

Game 2: Fun With Words
For children who are confident with early letter-sound combinations and are starting to read sentences.

  • Practice of new letter-sound combinations:
  • ch, sh, th, ng, ai, ee, igh, oa, oo, ar, or, ur, ow, oi, ear, air, ure, er
  • Lots of blending and segmenting practice with CVC, CVCC, CCV and CCVC words
  • Practice of non-decodable (‘tricky’) words:
  • he, she, the, to, we, me, be, was, no, go, my, you, they, her, all, are, said, so, have, like, some, come, were, there, little, one, do when, out, what
  • Reading and comprehension of sentences, from short ones such as “Get the cat” to longer ones such as “Can you get me an owl that is not green or red?”

Game 3: Champion Reader
For children who are confidently reading short sentences and know all of the basic letter-sound combinations.

Champion Reader is the most advanced game so we are starting all children on either Game 1 & 2 so we can see how they go first up.

  • s, a, t, p, i, n, m, d, g, o, c, k, ck, e, u, r, h, b, f, ff, l, ll, ss, j, qu, v, w, x, y, z, zz, ch, sh, th, ng, ai, ee, igh, oa, oo, ar, or, ur, ow, oi, ear, air, ure, er
  • Introduces alternative spellings of sounds (e.g. /ai/ as used in eight and they)
  • Introduces alternative pronunciations (e.g. i as pronounced in fin and find)
  • More non-decodable (‘tricky”) words
  • Lots of reading for meaning and comprehension – from sentences to magical little books

This is the 2IB link for students to access:

This is the 2TD link for students to access:


As the children explored, the teachers walked around and had some learning conversations;

  • Nathaniel – I am learning sounds like ‘a’ for apple
  • Samurai – I am finding ‘t’
  • TCross – I am matching the word with the item
  • Kurt – It asked me which letter have to go in order like ‘s’ at the end of duck
  • Daniel – The ‘n’ means to go down like the letter its telling me to go up
  • Jed – It has been asking me letters and telling me letters and to go in the places and do the challenge
  • Deakyn – To find the words like ‘cat and ‘dog’
  • Ebony – It is telling me to put the ducks in the pond like to make more than one duck

We also borrowed some headphones from different generous classes around the school to help us really hear the sounds we are trying to learn!


Seeing as it was very grey and lightly raining outside, our brain break today consisted of some dancing indoors!!


The children previously wrote a prayer in their writing books in draft form. They then edited their work before having a conference with the teacher and then doing a good copy.

Each child was given a checklist to place into their writing books….

The children then had some coloured paper, crayons, textas etc to create a good copy of their special individual prayers.


Rhoda, Cierra, Holly, Raf, Sonnie, Neisha and Natalie led prayer today. they shared their special prayers that they wrote…

We also had some quiet reflection time.

  • Mia: Dear God I am so sorry for upsetting my grandma and grandpa, Amen
  • Mary: Thank you for the world.


Our numeracy warm-up today involved a game of Kahoot! Kahoot! is a game-based learning platform for teachers of awesome, classroom superheroes and all learners. Students connect online to a survey created by a teacher with multiple choice answers. Today the possible options for answers were; certainly, likely, unlikely and impossible. 

We then played this ‘Flip the Tile’ probability game with a friend.


Today for mindfulness, Mrs Diotallevi read a guided meditation to us all. We used our visualisation skills to centre our attention and enter a calm space to begin our afternoon learning.

Guided meditation for kids

Close your eyes, gently, as if you’re sleeping. Take a deep breath… and now let it out. Take another deep breath in and slowly let it out. One more deep breath in, and as you are letting it out, imagine a star up high in the sky. This is the Heaven Star and there’s a beam of light coming out of the star. The beam is coming down through the sky, into our house and right into the top of your head.

Feel it move very, very slowly. Down from the top of your head, past your eyes… your ears… your mouth and into your neck. It’s moving slowly down your neck and then down your spine, the centre of your back, slowly… slowly. Feel it coming down past your tummy and into your hips. Now it’s slowly moving down your legs, down to your knees and slowly working its way past your ankles. Feel it filling your feet up with its beautiful light.

Now it’s spilling out the bottom (soles) of your feet and down through the floor, through the house and into the Earth. The light makes its way through the ground and past an underground stream to cleanse the light, and then it flows down deep into the centre of the Earth where the Earth Star lives.

When this light touches the Earth Star another beam of light comes up from the Earth Star and through the ground. Up… up it comes, through the underground stream and up… up into our house. Feel it coming up and into your feet.

As it fills your feet, it moves up past your ankles and slowly makes its way to your knees. Feel the light passing your knees and making its way up your legs to your hips.

Now the energy is coming up your body, working its way up your spine. Feel it slowly filling you with its gentle, relaxing feelings. The energy touches your throat and moves up, slowly into your head. Past your mouth… your ears… up past your eyes and out the top of your head. The beam of light is reaching up to the sky, and right up to the Heaven Star.

Now imagine yourself in a field full of flowers. There are so many different colours. Look up at the sky. Do you see any birds or butterflies? Look around and see how many different colours of flowers there are.

Off in the distance you can see a group of horses. When you see them—one of them looks at you and comes over to meet you. This horse is so beautiful and very gentle. What colour is the horse? Now the horse is kneeling down so you can climb on its back and go for a ride.

Feel the wind in your hair and feel the freedom as your horse runs faster and faster through the field. When you get to the other side, slide off your horse and pick a flower for your horse. What colour would your horse like the best?

Pick some flowers for yourself as well, all your favourite colours.

Holding your flowers in your hand, climb back on top of your horse and ride, slower this time, looking at all the beautiful rocks, ponds and trees as you make your way back to where you began.

When you arrive back where you started, as you get off your horse, look into its eyes and ask it its name. Is it a boy horse, or a girl horse? Thank your horse, and say goodbye. Sit down in the flowers, taking a nice deep breath and slowly open your eyes, feeling calm and happy.

After this meditation we discuss all the adventures she had with her horse. Sometimes we go to a pond and drink from it, stopping to take a swim (it’s a magickal pond where we can breathe under water!), other times we walk along the beach and pick up shells.

I hope this meditation brings you and your children closer together and empowers them to control their feelings in a healthy, functional way.



What do we know about forces? 

  • Nhu – If you push something it moves
  • Jasmine – You can make things fly
  • Sonnie – If you just say move to a banana it wouldn’t move
  • Mia – If you have a car it won’t just move on it’s own


  • Jasmine – The magnets pull up
  • Rehat – Some doors push and some pull
  • Ashvarn – If you got to McDonalds with will be a pull sign
  • Rehat – When we pull our trays
  • Cierra – Tug of war is a pull
  • Sampann – A cabinet to pull the TV to come out


  • Maddox – “When you flt the airplane it push”
  • Sukhman – “A bay blade is a pull!”
  • Holly – “The magnets are a pull they pull together.”
  • Raf – “If we make a higher ramp it will push even faster”
  • Sonnie – “We push the marbles to move”
  • Rehat – “We can use the balloon to put air in the car to move it”
  • Ruby – “Im making a van, i need something round for the wheels. The van is push force”
  • Bella and Ann – “We are going around the school looking for all different things that pull the magnets.”


  • Rehat, TCross, Rhoda – We worked together to make a car. We thougth the balloon would make it move.
  • Daksh, Lucas, Aidan, Noah and Kurt – We were making a video about an airplane. The airplane pushes in the air. *The boys showed us an iMovie they made!

Thank you for a really productive day year 2! We are super proud of your engagement and work ethic today 🙂 

Thursday May 24 – Week 4 Term 2

Hi Bloggers! A big happy Thursday to you all! 

This morning we began our day with some reading. It was magnificent to see some of us using the strategies we have spoken about individually. Things like, sounding out, using our fingers to follow and expression were all observed by the teachers this morning. Thank you to our parents who also offered their time to listen to us. It is super important we are bringing our black bags to school each day so we can read our library books!


We shared the book – “Can I pray with my eyes open?”

What was this book about?

  • Mia – Praying any time you want
  • Ann – It doesn’t have to be in a spot

What kinds of prayers can we do?

  • Ann – Sorry prayers
  • Rehat – Grateful prayers
  • Mary – If you feel sad, scared or worried you can pray to God
  • Libby – When someone is sick in your family you could pray for them
  • Kristina – a kind prayer
  • Dion – If someone passes away in your family
  • Rehat – When you don’t know what to do you can pray to God

How could we start a prayer?

  • Jed – Dear God…
  • Joesph – Thank you God for…
  • Sampan – God please…
  • Cierra – O’Lord…
  • Kim – God can you help me to…
  • Rehat – Im grateful God…

The children then drafted our very own prayers. We discussed how important it is to have a go at spelling tricky words and write with as much detail as possible. Once we had drafted our own prayer we sat with our teacher to have a conference about editing our prayers before making the good copy tomorrow! 


Led by Jasmine and Holly

“A prayer about being loving and helping other. Help me Lord when loving can be hard”

“Anyone have a prayer to share?”

  • Mia: Dear Lord thank you for our bodies so we can walk.
  • Libby: Dear God thank you for everything
  • Mary: Thank you for the world Amen
  • Rhoda: Dear God help me to heal and not feel sick Amen


On Tuesday afternoon we collected data and created picture graphs about popcorn flavours for Mission Day. Today we used the data that we collected to make a column graph! We discussed the key ingredients for a column graph.

What do we need?

Vertical lines, horizontal lines, a title, the options down the bottom, on the vertical line we put the numbers!

Check out our graphs..

We then came together as a class to collate our results in preparation for Mission Day…

Caramel – 9

Rainbow – 14

Butter-  10

Salt – None

The most popular was rainbow with 14 votes.


Today after lunch many of us asked to do some mindful drawing. We quietly had the opportunity to draw and colour our own creations. In this time, the teachers had the opportunity to read with different students.


Building on our learning from our excursion to the Museum we viewed an educational video about Aboriginal People making canoes.

What was the video about?

  • Kurt – Making canoes
  • Rehat – They made the canoes with bark the Aboriginal people. They cut the bark from the tree and they didn’t cut the whole tree so they wanted it to survive
  • Ann – The aboriginal used trees but not all of it
  • Joseph – It was telling us about how the Aboriginal people made the canoes

What did we see on our guided tour in the museum?

  • Jed – Boomerangs and shields
  • Mary – There were coconuts
  • Cierra –  A trucky trucky
  • Jake – The spears
  • Libby – A dollhouse
  • Daniel – Shields
  • Joseph – All different types of shield
  • Rehat – That boomerang it was long and looked like a 7. They cut out a kangaroo to make clean water
  • Mary – There were baskets for the babies to go in
  • Aiden – They used boomerangs
  • Akemjot – The boomerang shaped like a 7
  • Jed – A toy boat


  • Jasmine – The big teddy that I am holding is named Emily. My house has a lot of teddy bears and Emily is my favourite teddy. I got it at the Adelaide Show. She is white and pink and I got her in 2017.

  • Raf – This my favourite toy car. And I drive it around all the time. I got it on my birthday. I don’t need to use my hands. It has power from batteries. I got it from Daksh. It goes very fast.


We had a super busy but productive day today! Tomorrow we visit the library to return and borrow books for the upcoming week. Please don’t forget your black bags!

Monday May 21 – Week 4 Term 2

Hello and Welcome to Week 4!

This morning we began our day with some reading. Some of us chose to read independently, in pairs, with a lovely parent volunteer or with a teacher. It is so very important that we are reading each and every day. This means we must bring our black bags home and return to school every day.


We gave our brains a little break with a run around on the play ground 🙂 We returned back to class ready to listen and learn.


Next week is Mission Week here at HFCS. Each class in the school are busily preparing something to sell to the school next Friday and all the money gets donated to various different charities. Here in 2IB and 2DT, we are going to sell popcorn and show a movie! Today we discussed what movie we could show to the school;

  • Jake – Lion King 1.5
  • Rhoda – Peter Rabbit
  • Sukhman – Greatest Showman
  • Magot – Power Rangers
  • Rehat –  Captain Underpants

Each of us in the class had a vote on which movie we would like to watch so we could see the tally process modelled to us. We also repeated the process for the type of popcorn we will sell. It is important that we tally and poll these options so that we can make sure students in our school will be eager to attend our Mission Day Activity.


  • Eva and Ebonie – We had rainbow with the most with 13 people
  • Alex and Dion – We asked flavour popcorn. rainbow was 28, salt was 3 and butter salt was 12. The least popular was salt.


Thank you to Nevada and Cierra who lead us in prayer today. They shared a special prayer about gratitude and schools.

  • Mary – Thank you for everyone in the world so wherever you go you won’t be lonely
  • Mia – Thank you for friends so we aren’t alone
  • Kim – Thank you God for the teachers


Group 1’s focus today was initial sounds including e, i, o, an u. Together they brainstormed different words beginning with these sounds. Group 2 and 3 focussed on three different sounds. They were ‘ch’ ‘th’ (long sound) and ‘th’ (short sound).


  • Mary – We had to guess the sounds by looking at the letters like P and after we did some words. R for Rosie because it is capital it is a name.
  • Mia – We did some writing sounds like ch, th and th.


We split into small groups to discuss and investigate specific choices Aaron Blabey made.

Why do you think the author chose the animal to be Piranhas? 

  • Nevada – Because he might like fish
  • Jake – Because it rhymes with banana – like piranha banana
  • Mia – He chose piranhas so we can learn more about piranhas
  • Ashvarn – They have sharp teeth
  • Jed – They are kind of like sharks
  • Joseph – Because they are greedy and selfish
  • Raf – Because the author likes Piranha’s
  • Justin – They can eat meat
  • Maddox – Because he lived in South America
  • Sukhman – Because they are dangerous


  • Daksh – Playing with Kurt, Raf and Aidan
  • Mary – My speck of gold was when I had fun with Mia
  • Deakyn – Playing on the play ground
  • Llana – My speck of gold was playing with Winnie
  • Akemjot – My speck of gold is playing with Sukhman and Ashvarn
  • Sonnie – My speck of gold was playing with Daniel, Jasmine and Justin playing chase


What did we see in the Aboriginal Culture part of the museum?

  • Aiden – We saw a boat and it was a canoe
  • Ann – We saw a boomerang that caught animals
  • Daksh – We saw a toy called trucky trucky

Inquiry Investigation: Describe how some sort of technology has changed over time? E.g. Consoles, Telephone, TV’s OR Describe the different types of Aboriginal Technologies we observed on our trip to the museum.

  • Bella and Ann made a video about Aboriginal technologies including a boomerang to catch animals
  • Joseph and Lucas created a film about how technologies have changed over time
  • Holly showed us a picture of an olden day Television that had buttons on there!

Thank you for a wonderful, productive day Year 2! See you all tomorrow 🙂 

Friday 18th May – Week 3 Term 2

Happy Friday All!!


“The Greatest Showman assembly” Thank you 1JM and 1MR!!

What we liked…

  • Deakyn: i liked the songs
  • Ashvarn: The i-stop motion movies
  • Libby: All the songs
  • Rhoda: The whole assembly
  • Joseph: The floss dance
  • Rehat: The decoration and how they used creativity
  • Ann: i liked the dab
  • Sonnie: The song made me laugh
  • Jasmine: I liked the i-stop motion


Before we returned our readers for the week we paired up and read aloud to one another. We focused on our fluency and expression.


What shapes can we use to create an object?

  • Nathaniel – A square
  • Daksh – Rhombus
  • Daksh – Lots of circles
  • Rehat – Triangles
  • Sampann – Cone
  • Jasmine – A star!
  • Rehat – There’s even a trapezium!

Can you make a shape Robot?


Can I Pray with my eyes open?

Reflection, where or when do I pray….

  • Mary: I like to pray at hoe on my own, when its quiet, in my room
  • Eva: I like to pray before bed
  • Keren: I like to pray at Church
  • Aiden: I like to pray when I am at Kumon
  • Rehat: I like to talk to God when I feel mad at something
  • Cierra: I like to pray when I am and at my sister, maybe God will help me
  • Tcross: I like to pray when I am sad
  • Mia: I like to pray in a quiet place with no one around
  • Akemjot: I like to pray when I am going to bed


Today when we visited the library we read the story ‘The Day the Crayons Quit.’ We returned our books and re-borrowed ready to read over the weekend and next week!


  • Ann: Good morning, this is my toy lollypop…
  • Mary: This is my santa toy that i painted really carefully..
  • Kristina: This is my best bunny, my mum bought it for me. He is very cute…

Thursday May 17 – Week 3 Term 2 – MUSEUM DAY!

Hi all! 

Today visited the South Australian Museum for our first excursion for the year.  The museum focuses on Indigenous Cupture and changes through the world over time which is what we have been investigating through provocations in class. 

  • Just a reminder that tomorrow is casual clothes day in exchange for a can of food/soup/veg for Fred’s Van.

Our trip to the museum was a total success! We saw lots of things we hadn’t seen before and really enjoyed the bus ride there and back. We were treated to a guided tour of the Aboriginal Tools and then also had the chance to tour the museum in our small groups. Thank you so much to our parent volunteers for allowing the excursion to happen!  In the days and weeks to come we will be extending our learning from today in science through forces and HASS through changes in time.

When we returned back to school we reflected on our learning and what we saw!


  • Joseph – My speck of gold is seeing the giant squid
  • Jaiden – My speck of gold is seeing the mummy’s
  • Mai-Anh – My speck of gold is going on the bus
  • Sukhman – My speck of gold is seeing the hammer head shark
  • Kim – My speck of gold is seeing the Aboriginal stuff
  • Jed – My speck of gold is learning more about Ancient Egypt
  • Neisha – My speck of gold is the cheetah statues
  • Liana – My speck of gold is going to the museum
  • Holly – My speck of gold is that mum got to come
  • Jasmine – My speck of gold is feeling the ice

Thank you Year 2 and our parent volunteers for making today a success! See you tomorrow 🙂  

Wednesday May 16 – Week 3 Term 2

Hi bloggers!

  • Reminder – Tomorrow is our excursion to the South Australian Museum. We will be leaving school soon after 9am so please make sure we are here on time. Students will need to bring a packed recess, fruit snack and lunch. The bus will pick us up at 1:30pm to return to school in the early afternoon. Students are to wear full school uniform. Thank you so much to the parent volunteers who will be helping us on the day! 


Together as a group we role modeled fluency and expression and read our shared reading text – “Piranhas don’t eat bananas”.

We then separated off into small reading groups and read a focused reader.

Children took turns in their groups reading and supporting each other. Sounding out unknown words and looking at sight words.

The teacher worked with a focus group – looking in particular at sounds and sight words.

The children then recorded what their book was about. They wrote sentences and used fantastic comprehension skills!!

Treat others as you want to be treated!

  • Jasmine – The video showed us to share
  • Ann – The puppy was sad because the other puppy was teasing it and he became happy again
  • Magot – They were nice


Today we used our laptops to help us reflect on our PE Lesson. We thought about Character Strengths, showing a Growth Mindset and our Learning Powers. We discussed that we need to always including capital letters, full stops and use detail within our writing.


Can we find rhyming words in our shared reading book?

  • Cierra: Silver beet and feet rhyme
  • Raf: Peas and knees
  • Rehat: The endings are the same

Rhyming rap

  • Nevada: The ending needs to be the same for it to rhyme

We then recorded rhyming words!!


  • Holly – Took
  • Llana – Cook
  • Ruby – Hook
  • Jasmine – Took


  • Daksh – Hot
  • Jed – Yacht
  • Noah – Got
  • Lucas – Blot
  • Sukhman –  Bot


  • Eva – Sand
  • Cierra – Band
  • Ashvarn – And
  • Jake – Brand


  • Bella – House
  • Rehat – Spouse


Nhu and Tcross shared a special prayer about sharing and caring.

  • Mia: Thank you for my baby brother
  • Rehat: Thank you for Australia
  • Rhoda: Thank you for everyone living
  • Daksh: Thank you for making me be alive


What have we learnt?

  • Holly: they have more than one face
  • Lucas: Cubes have more corners than a square because they are not flat
  • Tcross: pyramid is a 3D shape
  • Ann: a 3d shape is not flat
  • Aiden: a sphere is 3D it is round, it has one side
  • Raf: pyramids have more sides than a triangle
  • Adien: vertices are corners

We then made cubes and recorded faces, vertices and edges.


Mia – Knotty lox, this is from Grandma, I got it 4 years ago. I really like it, its a good toy. I got it for my birthday. It has wings at the back, it looks like a flower if you do this, the wings don’t fly.

Ebony – Good afternoon everyone, this is my American girl doll, I got it from Toys r us, i can play with it with my other dolls, I like it. I got it when I was about 6. I went to the shops with my mum.

Aiden – This is my fidget spinner, it can spin and roll. If you spin it can roll down. You spin it to make it go faster. I got it from ebay. It is made from metal, it is red, orange and white. It is metal gold, there is bearing inside that makes it spin.


This afternoon we had look at a specific website that showed us lots of information about Aboriginal Tools. Tomorrow when we visit the Museum we are going to be looking at some of these in real life! We put on our creative thinking hats to investigate the website ourselves and record our learning.