Monday 9th April – Term 1 week 11

Good morning everyone and welcome to week 11…the last week of Term 1 already!!


Mia – It is week 11, Monday 9th April

Whats happening today?



Thanks to the parents who came in to read today!

The teachers were busy reading 1:1 with children. Big focus on fluency, expression and reading the puncuation.

Dont forget to chunk, sound out unknown words.



Its going to be a really hot day today so we got out early for a quick run and play in the sunshine before the heat hits!



Beat the teacher – make the BIGGEST number Place value

Justin– two tens in 622

Noah – 6 hundreds in 622

Alex – ill put 6 in the hundreds to make it the biggest. if you get a 6 definitely put it in the hundreds.

Dion – I won against the teacher i got 531, there is 5 hundreds and 3 tens

Subtraction strategies using place value.

The children were given a worded problem to solve:

“On sports day Daniel ran for 20 meters. Kurt ran for 14 meters. How much further did Daniel run compared to Kurt?”


Mary: Dear God, thank you for my family and friends and for this beautiful place

Mia: Dear God, thank you for our own lives and the world

Daksh: Dear God, Thank you for our world

Neisha: Dear God thanks for my friends and family

Tcross: I am grateful for my friends


Book – Anzac day ted by Belinda Landsberry


Ann: It was about the Ted being in a war, a war is very very dangerous

Alex: people had to survive in it for 4 years

Mary: wars are when you fight

Dion: its called remembrance day or Anzac day

Nevada: there are poppies to remember

Mia: a day where we remember what happened

Neisha: the fighting was called the Army

Jake: They had the Anzac biscuits in the war


During investigations groups of children were getting some things ready for our assembly…

Bella, Llana, Noah, Raf, Aidan, Alex, and Kurt are busy creating a i-movie for the ‘language of the week’ ‘Tagalog’

Nevada, Cierra, neisha and Ruby are making a prayer for the assembly “why my mum is a hero”


Holly: Playing prodigy

Nhu: Practicing our sport songs

Tcross: Doing the describing of the Fish farm

Cierra: At the playground when i made a tent

Nevada: Getting people to say why their mum is a hero


Please remember to bring back sports day forms!!!

Thursday April 5 – Week 10 Term 1

Morning all!

This week we begin practicing our Sports Day Chants lead by the 6/7 captains. On that note, all permission forms are due back ASAP before the big day next Thursday.


Thank you to those parents who came to listen to us read this morning. We use this time to practice our expression, fluency and reading strategies. It is super important that we are still brining our black reader bags each day.

FITNESS – Relay Practice

Today for fitness we split into our Team Colours in preparation for this afternoon. In our groups we had a relay practice! Have a look at the slow motion videos – Raf you showed such resilience!



What is subtraction?

  • Kurt – Taking away
  • Daksh – You take away something and even numbers

We practiced some worded subtraction problems and some addition problems using concrete materials like gems and counters.

PRAYER lead by Jed and Joseph

  • Jed – “Dear God, thank you for the living creatures in the world.”
  • Joseph – This is my living pet. I caught them in the wild and. The big ones name is Gary and the little one is Mr. Crazy. There are two gecko’s.
  • Joseph showed his pet gecko’s to the class.
  • Ann – Thank you for my rabbit.
  • Jake – Thank you for my dog because it is really cute
  • Jasmine – Thank you for my pet because he is so cute
  • Sonnie – I am thankful for my turtles
  • Dion – I am thankful for my turtles too
  • Magot – I am thankful for my dog
  • Mary – Thank you for my aunty and uncles cat
  • Cierra – Thank you for my dog she is very kind


What is a narrative?

  • Sampann – You make stories using characters and you have to have punctiatin
  • Joseph – You make up a story of your own
  • Ann – You can make your own characters
  • Holly – You have a problem and solution
  • Jed – It can be from the past or the future
  • Jake – You need to think about the setting
  • Rhoda – It could be a funny story
  • Mary – It could be a sad story
  • Mia – The characters have feelings


We each split into our respective coloured houses and practiced our chants with the rest of the school!


We completed a Mindful Breathing exercise using Smiling Mind. Some of us chose to do some mindful drawing in this time.  To end our Mindfulness we read the story ‘Shoes from Grandpa.’ 

  • Ann – She just wanted her own style
  • Holly – The words were rhyming


This afternoon we continued with  our Commonwealth Games Inquiry learning from yesterday. Some of us saw the Opening Ceremony last night.


  • Magot liked making the mascot making – “I made a Koala”
  • Kim – My speck of gold is learning numbers
  • Eva – My speck of gold is playing with Ebony
  • Natalie – My speck of gold is playing with Nhu at the sandpit

Please remember black library bags for borrowing tomorrow!  Have a lovely night 🙂 

Wednesday 4th April – Term 1 week 10

Good morning everyone!

Jasmine – Its Wednesday

Mia – it is the 4th of April

2TD Class Prayer

“Year of the Youth” – Project compassion

Nevada – The year of the youth

Mia– Janaki story, she makes clothes

Alex – Project compassion is about giving money to the poor

Dion – Our prayer was abou helping others and project compassion


  • Ashvarn – We did the sack races
  • Neisha – We did a sack race
  • Raf – We were hopping in the bean bags
  • Ann – We had to throw the ball at the bean bag
  • Llana – In PE we were kicking a ball into the goal


Today we focussed on the ‘Sh‘ blend sounds and also the ‘Ai‘ blend.

What do we know now? 

  • Jake – shop
  • Akemjot- trail
  • Dion – shark
  • Sukhman- shocked
  • Natalie – ship
  • Sonnie –
  • Raf – shy
  • Kim – sail
  • Jed – hail
  • Daksh – Daksh
  • Justin – pain
  • Ashvarn – Ashvarn
  • Joseph – Shopkins
  • Mai-Anh – she
  • Holly – showoff


Eva and Ebony led a class prayer about ‘bunnies’

Christina – Thank for my two pets and making

Nevada– Dear God thank you for my cat and my dog peppa and making her playful




Who knows about the Commonwealth games?

Libby – Its kind of like the Olympics but not as many countries, it is in the Gold coast

Ashvarn – Racing, swimming, rackets

Jed – 18 different sports

We watched a clip about the mascot of the 2018 Commonwealth games….

Akemjot – Borobi was his name

Ann – he supports other teams

Jed – He welcomes people

Nevada – It is a koala becuase he is an Australian animal and the games are in Australia

Rhoda – he has Aboriginal markings

Design your own mascot!


Holly – Playing with Jasmine

Sonnie – playing with Kurt in the hall

Rafael – Playing with my friends

Ebony – playing with Eva


Have a great night everyone..


Holy Thursday March 29 – Week 9 Term 1

Hi Bloggers!

  • A quick reminder that there is no school tomorrow or Monday as we celebrate Easter!

  • Libby told us that today is Holy Thursday and it is the 29th of March!

How does 2IB and 2Dt celebrate Easter?

  • Holly – We are going on a little holiday
  • Kristina – At Easter we get to celebrate
  • Nevada – For Easter we go to Pine Point. My family friends come over on Easter Sunday and we have heaps of food.
  • Sampann – I will wait for my grandparents coming to Australia from India
  • Milae – I will get Easter Eggs
  • Lots of us put our hands up to show we are going to church on Easter Sunday 
  • Rhoda – I got to Church to celebrate on Sunday
  • Ashvarn – I will get a sticker man
  • Sonnie – I am going to make an Easter egg that has eye balls


Thi morning we used our 100 languages and newly practiced Learning Powers to explore Easter. Some of us chose to make Easter baskets, create Easter cards for our loved ones, research the Easter story and create story plans and all of us got the chance to decorate our own Easter Egg biscuits!!

  • Magot – I used creativity to make my Easter biscuit
  • Raf – Yeah so did I, it was sour!
  • Nate – I used the Lego to show the Easter Bunny’s home
  • Noah – I was writing about the Last Supper because it talks all about Jesus. I thought the biscuits were the last supper!
  • Kristina – I used collaboration to make things with my friends like the Easter Card
  • Rhoda – I guess I used sense making to make the basket it was tricky!


Both classes visited the library today to return and borrow books for the Easter Long Weekend! We hope that we all read our books at least once over the weekend 🙂 


Today, Mary and Mia lead us in prayer. Their prayer was all about Jesus as our friend. 

  • Llana – Dear God thank you for my family


Today we consolidated our addition learning through some Easter Egg problems! Some of us worked on adding eggs, others on worded problems. Our focus has been on setting up our equations neatly and easy to see. We then used prodigy to practice our addition strategies. Over the long weekend we have set up students to be practicing addition using Prodigy. Feel free to have a look at what they are up to 🙂

Our EGG EDITION Successes….

  • Milae had success in counting eggs on his own!
  • Maddox said that if you have 4 eggs and get given 2 more you will have 6!
  • Daksh said there is an easy way to add if you use counting on


After lunch we met as a school in the hall to see the year 6/7 students perform the STATIONS OF THE CROSS and the TRIAL OF JESUS for us.


  • Mia – I learnt that Jesus was on the cross and died on it
  • Daksh – Jesus sacrificed himself for the people
  • Joseph – Jesus’ mum was there when he died
  • Sampann – Jesus died and who liked and believed in Jesus they looked at him


SPECKS OF GOLD from our Easter Filled Day! 

  • Alex – Playing at lunch time!
  • TCross – I enjoyed making the Easter biscuits
  • Maddox – Playing today at recess
  • Jaiden – My speck of gold is learning
  • Rhoda – My speck of gold is watching the 6/7’s presentation for Holy Week
  • Jasmine – My speck of gold is playing Prodigy
  • Cierra – My speck of gold was seeing my sister on stage
  • Deakyn – Playing prodigy was my speck of gold

Happy Birthday to Nevada for Saturday! 

Have a lovely, safe and exciting Easter long weekend! We will see you back at school on Tuesday April 3. 

Wednesday March 28 – Week 9 Term 1

Hi all and welcome to Wednesday March 28!

  • No school Friday or Monday due to Easter Long Weekend
  • Sports Day Permission Forms are due back asap 🙂


  • Daniel – We were throwing the balls
  • Kim – We were using two rackets
  • Raf – We were passing the ball using the rackets four times
  • Nathaniel – We had to get 2 rackets and hit it to our buddy
  • Lucas – Me and Noah got four hits in the row

MATHS – Addition

A maths worded problem…

How could we solve this?

Alex – I would start with the highest number and count on

Nevada- i would do 10 plus 10, then add from there

Mia – I would start from 17 and count on 41

Jake – you could put the numbers one on top and one under it and add it, remember to carry ones over..

The students then solved this problem in their own way!


In the spirit of Holy Week today we reflected on our own Lentern Journey’s.  We discussed what Lent was and how we went with our own Lent Promises. Some of us have been making our bed for 40 days straight and some of us haven’t even had chocolate for that long!

PRAYER – Daksh led us in prayer about Kindness.

  • Nevada – Cierra always lets me play with her so she is kind
  • Rehat – I am kind to my friends if someone hurts their feelings
  • Cierra – Thank you for Nevada because she is always there for me
  • Ann – Thank you for Bella because she is kind to me

After recess today we participated in our Buddies Liturgy.  The liturgy focussed on The Last Supper.

  • Rehat – It is when Jesus gave his disciples the blood and his body
  • Daksh – He said about how someone would betray him
  • Joseph – The last supper is Jesus’ last meal with this friends before he got put on the cross


Daksh – The last supper is when Jesus said someone would potray him

Joseph – it was Jesus last meal

Rehat – He had 12 disciples and gave them his body as the bread and blood as the wine.

Our research of the last supper…


Today we completed the last symbol for the Learning Power of Sense Making. 



  • Llana: playing on the oval with my friends
  • Akemjot: my speck of gold was playing with my friends
  • Rehat: Our buddies lIturgy
  • Jasmine: Playing with Nicolas
  • Nevada: Going on duty with Miss B
  • Sukhman: Playing blade blades
  • Magot: Playing prodigy

Friyay March 23 – Week 8 Term 1

Hi Bloggers and a big HAPPY HARMONY DAY to you all 🙂

  • Nevada: Today is Friyay
  • Kurt: It is Harmony Day!
  • Thank you to those who brought a plate of food to share for our shared lunch today 🙂

Today’s assembly was a beautiful display of the many different cultures here at Holy Family. Did you know in our school we have over 49 different cultures?! We were treated to many different dances from around the world as well as some informative student-made movies about the different countries!

  • Libby – The drawings and the dancing
  • Mai-Anh – My favourite part was the dancing like the Vietnamese one
  • Akemjot – The Indian dances were cool
  • Rehat– I saw myself in the assemby
  • Llana – What I liked is that they said we all belong
  • Joseph – I like the Cambodian dance
  • Mary – I liked when they did the flower in the dance it was nice
  • Cierra– I liked seeing mine and Nevada’s buddy on stage
  • Magot – I liked the African dance

Harmony Day is….

  • Nevada – When we all come together
  • Noah – We celebrate different countries
  • Sampann – We celebrate all the countries of the world
  • Libby – You can learn about different cultures


A special prayer led my Cierra, Ruby and Nevada – a theme of ‘Pets’

They shared an i-movie they made about pets and then asked the class:

Mary: I am thankful for my cat because I play with her

Sonnie: I am thankful for my turtle because it is cute

Then Alex, Jake and Aiden shared their i-movie and prayer about ‘pets’…


Today we read the story ‘My Two Blankets.’

  • Libby – I think it could be about Harmony Day because the person is orange
  • Ann – It could be about two blankets in different places

  • Joseph – It taught us that we can still make friends in a new place

We borrowed our books for the next week and read independently and some of us practiced expression in groups 🙂


Our shared lunch was a special moment where our different cultures came together. We tried different foods from all different parts of the world to celebrate Harmony Day!




This afternoon we talked about different countries greet one another. Each of us shared how we say hello in our own culture.

Movie on 23-3-18 at 12.00 pm-14wmib9 Movie on 23-3-18 at 12.01 pm #2-1gy9eti Movie on 23-3-18 at 12.07 pm-136b7zj

We were also introduced to another mindfulness optionWeave Silk. This website allows us to create our own masterpieces and also de-escalated at the same time! Why not have a go this weekend;


  • Justin – My speck of gold is playing on my laptop for mindfulness
  • Eva – My speck of gold is playing with Ebony
  • Natalie – My speck of gold is having a shared lunch
  • Sukhman – My speck of gold is playing Prodigy
  • Kurt – My speck of gold is playing with Daniel
  • Aiden – My speck of gold is playing with Raf this afternoon
  • Alex – My speck of gold is playing with my friends
  • Ebony – My speck of gold is having a shared lunch

Have a lovely, safe and kind weekend 🙂 See you next week for Easter Week and Parent Teacher Interviews! 

Thursday 22nd March – Term 1 Week 8

Good morning!!


This morning we trialled having some literacy activities to accompanying our reading! The new morning set up worked well as we focussed on making sentences using sight words, matching words to pictures and creating words using scrabble pieces. 



Whats the date?

  • Deakyn – It is the third month march
  • Mary – It is Thursday

Whats happening?


Animals from our country ‘research project’

We continued yesterdays work on our laptops. Typing sentences on our laptops about the animal we chose.


Eating “brain food” improves kids’ moods, elevates learning and concentration, and sharpens memory and attention.

The foods we feed our kids impact their brains in three ways:

  • The brain’s cellular structure
  • The wiring of neural circuits
  • Production of myelin

What should I pack??

ANY fruits or vegetables are best!!


The importance of exercise

Don’t forget that as well as a healthy diet, exercise helps to keep our brains sharp. Research suggests that regular exercise improves cognitive function, slows down the mental aging process and helps us process information more effectively.

We played a group game of ‘catch the flag’

Joseph – I liked that we got to run and tag.

Jasmine – I like the catch the flag, it was good when i got the flag

Llana – I liked the game cause we ran to get the flag

Akemjot – I like the teams, they were seperate, work together in teams.


Kristina – Thank you for making the world

Mia – This story was about “the bread is body and the wine is my blood”

Llana – Jesus said one of the disciples would portray him

Nhu – The other people were listening to Jesus

Rafael – They were 12 disciples

Ann – He blessed the wine and bread


Column addition

addition 1-vb1e1t

We continued to practice this skill…some of us even had a challenge of carrying on numbers!

We continued to use our growth mindset to do this task!!


Guided meditation ‘The bubble journey”

We were all super relaxed as we listened to the guided mediation session today – we put a SMILE on our minds 🙂


Turtle investigation, what makes you special art pieces, Harmony day inquiry on laptops, build where you are from using the blocks and the restaurant.

Look what we did!!

Rhoda made a Harmony day poster…


Jake, Joseph, Ruby and Natalie created their restaurant…

Llana, Keren and Kiziah were building a hotel..


  • Bella – In investigations me Lucas, Ann and Joseph were tracing on our laptops
  • TCross – A big group of us were playing restaurants. We were making restaurants and Jake made a menu and then Ruby and me was doing the food. Natalie was cooking with us and Nhu was the front people.
  • Holly – We were making food. It was all free food. Some of the food was from my country and the other from Holly’s like watermelon and noodles and donuts.
  • Libby – I was drawing and I connected to the screen and I was looking at this thing on YouTube like you go on and draw


  • Noah – My speck of gold is playing Lego
  • Deakyn – My speck of gold is playing chasey
  • Keren – My speck of gold is making
  • Kim – My speck of gold is playing with Mai-Anh outside
  • Magot – My speck of gold is helping Miss B


Harmony day tomorrow – please bring a shared lunch. Some food from your cultural background.

Wednesday 14th March – Term 1 Week 7

Good morning everyone!

Please remember to book online for Parent Teacher Interviews occurring in Week 9.

Sports Day Forms are now due back also 🙂

Deakyn – Today is the 14th of March!


  • Raf – We were using the tennis rackets and we had to catch with the cones and then we had to catch with two tennis rackets
  • Bella –  We were trying to catch the balls with cones
  • Maddox – We used all the tennis rackets
  • Daniel – We did tennis!


Focus – Phonics ‘Fl’ blend.

Words we heard:

Sonnie – Float

Rehat – Flippers

Aiden – Fly and i know flower too.

Dion- flip

Ebony – Fish

Mia – Fisherman

Literacy groups

Write silly ‘Fl‘ sentences.

Handwriting the letter ‘Ff’

Word you know starting with ‘F’ or ‘fl’

Can you find ‘Fl‘ words in books – record and write your own sentence.

  • Jed – Flippers
  • Sampann – Fisherman
  • Kristina – Faster
  • Mai-Anh – Fish
  • Neisha – Frog

We continued this learning into our numeracy! After we finished making our name using MAB blocks we made words starting with ‘f’!

We had to remember to use the squares in our books and count how many blocks we use. Jed told us that it is easier to count in tens if you have a bigger name!


Thank you to Kristina, Llana, Keren and Kizia who led us in a Gratitude Prayer today. They shared videos the created of things they are grateful for and also asked the group.

  • Mia – Thank you for my mum and dad
  • Neisha – Thank you for my friends
  • Mary – Dear God, thank you for my cat
  • Joseph – Thank you for school


After recess we visited Mr McCarthy at the Fish Farm. He talked about all the new things happening over there. He noticed we had been learning all about turtles! There were lots of the things in the Fish Farm that actually live with real life turtles in the Billabongs like; shrimps, yabbies, cod etc! We had some time to meet Max the school turtle and explore the Fish Farm ourselves. Did you notice Fish Farm is actually two ‘f’ words?!


When we returned back to class we reflected on what we learnt! 


We took some time this afternoon to reiterate our sound of the day – F! We used our laptops to show our new learning. Once we had completed this, we finished off our second to last Learning Power work! 



  • Jake – “One day ago I went to the parade of lights in the city. On the building they showed up a video thing like a camera or light on the building. There was an Aboriginal one and a space one.

We had a look at a video of the lights and discussed how they make the buildings so bright! 


  • Llana – My speck of gold was playing with my friends
  • Sonnie – My speck of gold was going to Spanish
  • Jas – My speck of gold was playing tennis
  • Holly – My speck of gold was doing tennis!

Monday 5th of March – Term 1 Week 6

Hi all! 

We hope you had a lovely weekend filled with many specks of gold, we know ours were;

  • Magot – I played on my computer and I got to watch TV and I go outside and play when I am done
  • TCross – I went shopping in the city
  • Libby – I got a new drink bottle and went to Latitude!
  • Joseph – It was my birthday, now I am 7!

Welcome to Week 6! 

  • Nevada: It is now week 6!
  • Deakyn: Now it is Autumn and not Summer
  • Ashvarn: I came back from holiday. I came back on the 2nd of March.


We begin each Monday and Thursday with Come Read with Me. Thank you so much to those parents who come and volunteer their time and listen to us read 🙂


During our fitness session today, lots of us were interested in playing cricket! Ashvarn told us that he watches the Strikers each night. We will extend on this interest this week!


We looked at patterns using different numbers. Together we made a pattern starting at 0 and extending it by 2 each time. Our online practice helped us make a music pattern. We also looked at patterns using 3’s. We played the pattern and it made an interesting, continuous beat! 

  • Nevada: It made music
  • TCross: It went by 2’s

Our challenge today was to create different patterns including; adding by 2, adding by 3, adding by 5, adding by 10. They all need to start at 0.


Thank you to Neisha, Deakyn, Daksh, Aiden and Holly for setting up our Prayer Space today. Joseph and Kurt chose a prayer to share with the group called ‘Our Families.’ 

  • Neisha: I am thankful for my kitten
  • Ann: Dear God, thank you for my family because if I don’t have my family it would be really lonely living by myself. Amen


On Monday’s Mr Coad comes in to support us with our Literacy Learning. For the next few weeks we are going to be splitting into three different groups. The teachers have identified different things that we need to explore further.

Group 1 worked with Mr. Coad and Mrs Tropeano on different focus sounds.

Group 2 had some focussed Writer’s Workshop writing time. They then worked with Mrs Tropeano and learnt 4 rules for when to use a capital letter. We then edited a piece of writing together, correcting the use of capital letters.

Group 3 worked with Miss Battifuoco on extending our knowledge surrounding grammar. Our focus today was verbs. Ruby told us that ‘verbs are doing words.’  

Together we worked on completing sentences using an appropriate and funny verb! We then had a go at our own and consolidating our learning surrounding nouns, adjectives and verbs.  

Group Reflection

Group 1

  • Jaiden – We did some sounds – S, A, T, I, P
  • Daniel – We played with the blocks and put them on the letters. Like bingo
  • Mary – On my laptop we drew and wrote what the letters were

Group 2

  • Ann – We learned when we could use capital letters and when we can’t
  • Nevada – After a full stop you always have to use a capital letter to start a new sentence
  • Cierra – You need it for the word ‘I’
  • Jed – We needed to use it for people’s names and places

Group 3

  • Daksh – We did nouns and verbs and adjectives and with sentences with different colours
  • Nhu – A verb is a doing word
  • Reheat – Running, walking, jumping,


We learnt more about the ‘Rainbow Breath’ technique which calms our minds and bodies.


  • Jed – Continued doing where my family was from in my country
  • Ann – Me and Bella were making a tutorial on how to draw kids stuff
  • Mia – Me, Rehat, Rhoda and Mary did a show with a robot
  • Kristina – We were drawing with our laptops and then after that we played teachers
  • Akemjot – I made a car which has an engine and it needs like a brake to work which I will find out where it is
  • TCross – Nhu, Natalie and me were using lego to make country things. Nhu made a ship, Natalie made an aeroplane and I made a house from Burma.


A big happy 7th birthday to Joseph for Saturday – thanks for sharing lollipops with us at the end of the day 🙂 

Thursday 1st of March – term 1 week 5

Goodmorning everyone!!

We started the morning with – come read with me! Thanks for all who came along 🙂

Today the month changed – what month is it now?

Daksh – the 1st of March

Season change too! Hello Autumn!

Whats happening today?




Below are the activities set up for rotations – big focus on Addition this week.


Neisha – I playing with skipping

Deakyn- We played footy with Lucas, Raf, Noah

Nhu – We were playing gymnastics


Megout lead us in prayer today.

“dear God thank you for our homes, let the angels look after our homes”

Prayer about our homes

Ann – I am thankful for my mum at home.

Joseph – For my very big family

Noah – For my TV

Nevada – For my pets at home

Mary – I am thankful for my mum and dad

Daniel – for my toys in my house

Aidan. W – thankful that visitors can come to my house

Jasmine – For my family

Jaiden – I am thankful that i have a garden and a backyard at mu home

Holly – For my family

Ebony – For my pets and family

Cierra – for my dog because he is lovely and cute.


Connecting with your theme of identity today we had a look at the many different cultures in our room! 

We are having a go at our first mini research inquiry! Where are we from…



  • Life Cycles using ICT
  • Portrait Drawing and Free Draw
  • Places in our Community using Blocks
  • Where am I from? Mapping and Inquiry
  • Jobs when we are older

  • Maddox, Sukhman, Justin and Magot – We made a museum in our community.

  • Alex – My plane goes further because it is thinner at the front

  • Mary – I made a unicorn drawing it
  • Kiziah – I did drawing with my friends
  • Mai-Anh – We worked with Jasmine and Andy and made some animals
  • Deakyn – I continued on my country
  • Cierra – I finished off what country I came from. I have Golden Gaytimes and Laminations on here. There is also Australian clothes and people.
  • Joseph and Bella made a drawing tutorial with a cool special effect!

Tomorrow we have library so please remember your black bags! See you then!