Monday October 15 – Week 1 Term 4

HI BLOGGERS! – Welcome to Term 4! 

We hope you all had a very relaxing, productive but most of all, HAPPY holiday break!


First thing this morning we introduced our new Character Strength for the week…. HUMOUR!

  • Sampann – Humour can be silly
  • Libby – Humour makes you laugh

What is something or someone that makes you laugh/smile?

  • Jasmine – When Holly gave me a cat book with glasses
  • Akemjot – Sampann gives us funny jokes and Ashvarn as well
  • Nate – My brother makes me laugh because he makes a funny face
  • Ann – When Bella makes funny faces
  • Jake – Try not to laugh memes
  • Ashvarn – When I go in a movie and its PG it makes me laugh a little bit because they do funny things like in Johnny English
  • Alex – John Cena makes me laugh because there is a meme about it
  • Mary – My sister Madeline makes me laugh because she makes funny noises!
  • Holly – When Jasmine makes funny faces


Over the year we have used Monday and Thursday mornings as a time for students to read independently and collaboratively. This term we are introducing the option for writing in this time. Students are invited to work on their writer’s workshop or other free forms of writing like for example a holiday recount today!


  • Sonnie -Walking to McDonalds with my sister and going to the beach
  • Keren – My speck of gold was going to my cousins house. We looked at her fish
  • Raf – My speck of gold was going to my family friends party at their house
  • Akemjot – My speck of gold was going to my best friends party. It was at a restaurant pretty far from my home. We went there and came back home. We had cake and candy.
  • Llana – My speck of gold was moving to my new house
  • Aidan – My speck of gold was watching Teen Titans at Hoyts!
  • Joseph – My speck of gold was going on a holiday with my family. I didn’t go out of Australia I stayed in Australia. I went fishing and I hold a big lizard.


We listened to the song ‘I am a Bucket Filler’ and responded with our own prayers about bucket filling.

Keren: Dear God, thank you for making me a bucket filler. Amen.

Holly: Dear God, thank you for Natalie because when I was on my own she helped me. Amen.

Kristina: Dear God, thank you for my friend Llana to support me when I am sad. Amen.

Llana: Dear God, thank you for making me a bucket filler so I can always make Kristina happy. Amen.

Jake: Dear God, thank you for making my family because they fill my bucket every single day. Amen.

Tcross: Dear God, thank you for my teachers, friends and family for filling my bucket each and every day. Amen.


Ashvarn: This is a book I made in the holidays and it is about dinosaurs. It is called Ash’s Jurassic Book. It is about dinosaurs and how they save themselves from dangerous enemies. These are all the dinosaurs that I discovered. These are flying one, these are land one and this is a water one. It is a facts book. I describe the things. I love dinosaurs. It’s 20 pages. I did it all of the holidays. I also put an index at the end of the book so then you can see where all the things is. Like leaves is on page 5 and 6.

“Dinosaurs tooth is very sharp. It can rip anything like a lion has sharp teeth but a dinosaur tooth is very sharp more than a lion”.

Nathaniel: Yesterday I got a trophy and I won this for doing all of the stuff. This is the one I got. It’s from rugby and people can play rugby if they are good at it and or they can train and they can play the actual rugby.


Firstly, we visited the fish farm and MUDLA. We were very excited to see all of the different animals and their environments. Some of us fed the trout too!

Some of us were inspired by what we saw at the fish farm and used this curiosity in our own investigations.


Our numeracy focus for this week is number and place value. Number is at the heart of all numeracy thinking so we thought we would refresh this through various investigations.

  • Number Match – 1:1 correspodnee with pictures
  • Snap with cards
  • Tower building using dice
  • Cover up 3 using dice
  • Number Lines


  • Holly – My speck of gold was when Natalie made me laugh
  • Mary – Me, Kiziah and Keren were making the barbies and stuffing them it made me happy
  • Llana – My humour speck of gold was when Kristina made me laugh at recess
  • Akemjot – My speck of gold was watching Mr Bean
  • Ann – Bella made me happy at lunch time and she made me laugh
  • Joseph – My speck of gold was in investigations when I was on the red table with the monster matching the numbers


Welcome to the last day of term 3!! we hope you all have a fantastic last day 🙂


“Dance off” themed assembly lots of fun!! we loved being the audience.

Well done to Rehat and Sampan on your awards for spelling and literacy – awesome work!


GoNoodle in the hall with JP team!!


The best thing this term was…


  • Nathaniel – A kid and his dinosaur
  • Libby – I think its about 3 kids and 1 dinosaur and they’re having a picnic and going places
  • Neisha – I think it is about having a pet dino and they are taking it for a walk
  • Jasmine – I think it is about kids and a dinosaur and they are going to the library to find out more about dinosaurs
  • Sampann – It could be storybook or it could be an information book about dinosaurs
  • Jed – The kids might be taking the dinosaur to the museum


Games and learning our maths concepts!! Games we had out were

  • making 3D shapes
  • shopping trolley board game
  • pocket money
  • luck numbers
  • dice wars
  • tessellation blocks
  • patterning
  • clocks
  • maths books


We cleaned up the school and our classroom ready for school holidays.


  • Holly – I will have a birthday party
  • Joseph – I will go to the zoo
  • Dion – I am going to Bali
  • Rhoda – I will see Rehat in the holidays
  • Magot – I am going to the shops
  • Llana – I am gong to move house
  • Aidan – I will have a birthday party on October 30!
  • Ash – In October it is my brothers birthday
  • Deakyn – I am going to Sydney

wishing everyone a safe and very enjoyable holidays, see you in term 4!!

Wednesday September 26 – Week 10 Term 3

Hi Bloggers! Welcome to a sunny, warm Wednesday! 

Just a reminder that tomorrow the Junior Primary classes would like to celebrate the Patron Saint of animals by holding a ‘Pets Morning’. Father Shibu will conduct a blessing of the animals. Thank you to those who have volunteered to bring in their pets. The morning will begin at 9am and conclude at 10am in The Piazza and also encompass a pet parade.


  • Jed – In PE we did the spring board and hop scotch
  • Natalie – We got to use the ribbons
  • Jasmine – We have to jump on the board and land on the grass


This morning we went upstairs to visit the Year 6/7 Learning Showcase of their History work throughout the term! We saw so many exciting and engaging diorama , writing and even different foods from different countries!

We came back to class and practiced our sentence writing to describe what we saw! Remembering full stops, capital letters, finger spaces and to use detail! 


Sampann and Jake led us in prayer today. They read the story of King David.

  • Jasmine – Dear God, thank you for my friends because they help me when I am sad and play with me. Amen.
  • Mai-Anh – Dear God, thank you for my two little brothers. Amen.
  • Joseph – Dear God, thank you for my mum because she is always helping me with things when I am struggling. Amen.
  • Ash – Thank you for my friends for playing soccer. Amen.
  • Nate – Thank you for my best friend because he plays with me. Amen.
  • Mary – Dear God, thank you for my family so I am not alone. Amen.
  • Akemjot – Dear God, thank yo for my friends and family. Amen.
  • Daniel – Dear God, thank yo for my friends because if we didn’t have any we would be lonely. Amen.


A super important part of learning is the reflecting process. We are spending time this week reflecting on the various different learning experiences we have had this term. Today we focussed on Numeracy!



Tuesday 25th September 2018 – Week 10 Term 3

Welcome to terrific Tuesday 🙂 



We began our writer’s workshop session with a mini lesson on writing a complete sentence.

We learnt that a sentence includes:

  • A capital letter
  • A complete idea
  • Spaces between words
  • A full stop, exclamation mark or question mark.

We played a little game called ‘Is this a sentence?” before the children continued writing their own books, focusing on writing full and complete sentences.


Kim: Thank you God for the trees. Amen

Akemjot: Thank you God for my best friends. Amen.

Holly: Thank you for everyone so that can be a leader. Amen

Cierra: Dear God thank you for my mum because she tells me to do stuff right. Amen.

Mary: Thank you for the strong-ness in us and my parents who keep me strong. Amen.

Jasmine: Thank you for my parents who are kind. Amen.

Ashvarn: Thank you for my cricket coach who show me how to do cricket. Amen.


We used our learning power of ‘mindful agency’ to:

  • reflect on and celebrate our growth and learning in literacy
  • to plan and goal set for areas we would like to improve.


Today children continued with their investigations, incorporating prior learning from this term. Examples from today included:

  • Building hotels, restaurants and shops using money and food group knowledge
  • Researching and following procedures to make paper toys
  • Making houses and cars using measurement



We ended our day with ‘Come Read with Me’. Miss B and Mrs T listened to children read and helped them with their strategies and developing comprehension.

Magnificent Monday 17 September – Week 9 Term 3

Hi Bloggers!

Welcome to Week 9! Can you believe it is our second to last week of Term 3?!

This Friday we celebrate the Moon Lantern Festival. Our classes are hosting assembly and we will also have a shared lunch to celebrate the day. We ask that you please bring a plate of cultural food to share.


We began our day with some independent and group reading. This gives the teachers a chance to read 1 on 1 with students.


Before continuing on with your story making we had a mini lesson about apostrophe’s. We learned how to use them and when it is appropriate.

Together we added apostrophes to a few sentences that were missing them.

  • I found Sonnies jumper on the floor.
  • Chelseas bag is in her locker.
  • The boys basketball are in the basket.

We then used this new learning in our Writer’s Workshop time!


How do you think the world began?

  • Eva – Because Jesus made the water, trees and life
  • Raf – It used to be just dark and it didn’t have sun light. It was just nothing
  • Dion – Because God made land and he made like animals and stuff
  • Joseph – I think that when the world began it was just like a black world with nothing on it

How old do you think the world is?

  • Kim – 2018
  • Rhoda – 1999
  • Rehat – 18 thousand
  • Sampann – 20 thousand years old
  • Jasmine –  2 thousand years old
  • Joseph – Infinity
  • Eva – 50 million
  • Akemjot – 62 million
  • Nevada – 80 million

What did God create in the video we just viewed?

Magot – The stars and sky

Nate – He rested from all his work.

We then went and explored and recorded our response to the question:

How the world was created?

  • Jed, Raf, Jaiden and Nate created an iMovie detailing what happened over the 7 days
  • Kim created a drawing of how the world began
  • Nhu and Natalie created a creation story book
  • Cierra and Nevada decided to use ICT to retell the creation story
  • Joseph shared his writing with the class about what happened each day!


After lunch we headed over to the hall to practice for our Moon Lantern Assembly with our buddies!


  • Libby shared with us her calisthenics trophy from the weekend. “I got to keep one of the costumes the blue one here.”
  • Nathaniel told us all about his rugby game from the weekend. “I accidentally dropped the ball on the try line and it was a knock on.”
  • Aiden N showed us his favourite food. It was a Hershey’s cookie and cream. “It is like white chocolate with chocolate chips in there.”

Thankful Thursday September 13 – Week 8 Term 3

Welcome to a Sunny Thursday September 13 morning!

Isn’t it glorious to see the sun out early in the mornings? It definitely helps us to start our day with a positive attitude towards learning 🙂


We began our morning with some reading. It is in this time that the teacher can read one on one with different children and support them with different reading strategies. Students can read independently or with a friend before practicing different strategies online 🙂


The biggest event in Salisbury is upon us… SPRING FAIR! Clear your diaries – October 21 is the big day! This morning we created our own advertisements for the event which may be used online and within the school!


Together we prayed the Our Father. 

  • Eva – Dear God thank you for my friend Ebony because she is always there for me
  • Daniel – Thank you for letting us move so we can survive on earth
  • Cierra – Dear God thank you for my family because they are always there for me. Amen.
  • Llana – Dear God, thank you for my family and friends can support me always
  • Holly – Dear God, thank you for my teachers who teach me all the stuff and read me stories. Amen.
  • Mary – Dear God, thank you for my family and friend and world and homes.
  • Nhu – Dear God, thank you for happiness so we can be happy instead of feeling mad
  • Aidan – Dar God, thank you for my family and my pet gold fish
  • Keren – Dear God, thank you for my family and friends!


We began our numeracy learning with a Time Kahoot! The questions asked various different things that we have been focussing on this week in time investigations.

We then created our own clocks to be used for challenges with the teachers!


How could we not take advantage of the amazing vitamin D beaming from the sun and have a brain break outside?!


Today is a special day called ‘R U OK?’ day. As a year 2 class we see this day as a time to remember one of the most important character strengths of Kindness.

When have you asked someone if they are okay?

  • Nathaniel – I asked them if they got hurt or if someone is sick you might ask are you okay?
  • Mary – When I looked outside once my mum was a bit upset and I asked if she was okay
  • Cierra – Once my sister got  really hurt and I asked
  • Sampann – I asked my mum because my mum and dad were not feeling well and I asked are you okay?
  • Ash – I said to my mum when she burnt her finger when she was making something for me I asked
  • Jas – When Ann and Holly were fighting a little bit I asked are you okay?
  • Libby – When Natalie was sad I asked her if she was okay and she told me why
  • Magot – When we were home my brother fell down and I asked if he was okay

We then had the chance to have a chat with our friends. We asked each other how we were and how our day was! It is important to stop for special moments like this not just today but daily! 


  • Lucas, Noah and Raf created a working clock using ICT!
  • Rehat, TCross, Natalie, Mai-Anh are working hard to create a hotel i the classroom!
  • Nevada and Kristina put on their chefs costumes and created a restaurant!
  • There was an early Moon Lantern party occurring also 🙂
  • Noah, Natalie, Aiden, Rehat, Ann and Dion all participated in a dance tutorial! It seems we are getting for tomorrow night;s disco early 🙂


  • Joseph – My speck of gold is when we made our clocks
  • Nevada – My speck of gold was doing the restaurant with Kristina
  • Mai-Anh – My speck of gold was playing in the restaurant
  • Jed – My speck of gold was when me and my friends were playing soccer in fitness
  • Ash – My speck of gold was when making the time clock
  • Llana – My speck of gold was making the Spring Fair Posters
  • Holly  – My speck of gold was making the Spring Fair posters and doing the Kahoot on time
  • Libby – My speck of gold was doing the Spring Fair because it was fun!


Monday August 27 – Week 6 Term 3

Hi all! Welcome to a Sunny Monday!
We hope your weekend was filled with many specks of gold!


We began our day with a special class prayer focussing on Character Strengths. We sang a song together and shared our thoughts.

What do you think is your character strength?

  • Sampann – Collaboration because I work well with other people
  • Akemjot – My character strength is creativity because I create stuff everyday
  • Jake – Dear God, thank you for making my character strength love because I love my family. Amen.
  • Mary – Thank you for making me kind to other people. Amen.


Our focus this week is a short clip about how bread is made. Our focus the past couple of weeks has been procedures and how things are made before moving into our Writer’s Workshop.


  • Rehat – It means like accepting other people
  • Sampann – Appreciating everything
  • Jake – You need to appreciate other people

We discussed that there are 3 different types of beauty:

  • Physical beauty:
    Something you hear, see that you are in awe and wonder of.
  • Skill or Talent:
    Something that inspires you to achieve you own goals.
    Something you admire.
  • Moral Beauty:
    Makes you want to be more loving, caring, a better person.
  • We went on a walk around the school on the hunt for things we find beautiful and sketched them in our visual diary…

Rehat: I like the whole school because there are some special things we like to look at. I think it’s a bit rude to not just look at things that don’t look nice because they are there to try and make the world beautiful in some way.

Rafael: I saw a duck under the tree. It was beautiful because we don’t really often see ducks far away from the lake.

Akemjot: I drew the blossom trees, the plants, the sun and my friend, the goal post, the rocks, log park, the fish farm and grass. I think the blossom trees look beautiful because they have nice colour on them.

Mary: I saw some of those big birds with a long neck and they looked very pretty.

Sampann: I saw a blossom tree and I draw the blossom in my picture. It is beautiful because it does nice colours.


Measurement Provocation – Can you measure your height in 3 different ways? One way must be centimetres.


  • Jed showed some of his classmates a Kahoot that he made at home. The Kahoot was all about Pokemon.
  • Maddox and Sam made a zoo using the blocks.
  • Noah, Alex, Jaiden and Andy continued exploring procedures and created their own YouTube play buttons.
  • Holly, Ann, Jasmine, Nathaniel, Kiziah, Keren and Llana made cornflour slime.
  • Neisha and Ruby continued creating their shop.


Lucas: My speck of gold is having investigations. I made a ‘Kahoot’ about measurement.

Aiden N: My speck of gold is playing in the sandpit with Alex, Sonnie and Noah at recess. We were digging for treasure and we made a big, big city.

Jasmine: My speck of gold is when I was playing chase with Joseph, Ann and Bella and Holly and Joseph was trying to catch us.

Jake: My speck of gold was playing Baldi at lunch time with Akemjot, Sampann, Sukman, Maddox and Justin.


BOOK WEEK Friyay August 24 – Week 5 Term 3

Hi Bloggers!

Welcome to Friyay August 24! Today we celebrate Book Week together 🙂


This mornings assembly was led by R/1EN and 6/7HM. The theme of the assembly was celebrating books and finding our own treasure!

  • Nevada – I liked the dancing
  • Sampann – I liked the A-Z song!
  • Cierra – I liked how people were reading a story in different languages
  • Rehat – I liked the A-Z song and the YCMA part
  • Holly – I liked the A-Z song!
  • Jasmine – I liked the when people were reading the story.
  • Mary – My favourite bit was when they did the Macarena
  • Raf – My favourite part was when they did the book order


After assembly we spent some time in the courtyard having fitness in character! Take a look and see if you can find some of your own favourite book characters!


Together we shared the Lord’s Prayer. 

  • Libby – Thank you God for my friends and teachers and the world. Amen.
  • Mary – Dear God, thank you for my family and keeping everyone kind.
  • Daniel – Thank you for making our family. Amen.
  • Jasmine – Dear God. Thank you for book week so we can dress up as our favourite characters. Amen.
  • Holly – Dear God, , thank you for book week and all books. Amen.
  • Nevada – Dear God, thank you for the teachers. Amen.


After recess we met with many other classes to show off our Book Week 2018 costumes! We danced around in character and waved to everybody watching us!

  • Cierra – I saw cookie monster my sister
  • Sonnie – I saw Miss B
  • Kristina – I saw the clown IT
  • Deakyn – I saw a panda dude
  • Samurai – I saw the dinosaur
  • Aidan – I saw Minecraft creeper
  • Neisha – I saw a black cat and a twin unicorn
  • Jed –  I saw Mario
  • Eva – I saw my sister as a unicorn
  • Jasmine – I Saw my brother wearing a onesie
  • Nevada – I saw my sister in a cat in the hat costume


Building on our visit to the Fish Farm on Tuesday surrounding Food chains and Webs, today we read the story “Longneck’s Billabong”. Together we discussed the different fish in the fish farm and what a Billabong actually is. We could see the food chain coming together!

True or False?

  • Baby turtles hatch in the summer months? – Nevada “True!”
  • Turtle eggs, when they’re buried are always safe? – Kim “False!”
  • Can frogs eat snakes? – Nate “True!”
  • Can snakes eat frogs? – Joseph “True!”
  • Can turtles eat pelicans? – Holly “False!”
  • Billabongs are made when a river floods – Sonnie “True!”
  • Australia has native rats – Jed “True!”
  • The Murray Cod is Australia’s smallest fish – Jasmine “False!” 
  • When the next lot of turtle eggs were hatched after long neck had hatched, Longneck would be 5 months old – Akemjot “False!” 

PROVOCATION – What is your favourite book and why?


Our investigations today had a Book Week focus. We discussed this years theme of ‘Finding our Treasure’ and brainstormed different activities we might like to do.

  • Sampann, Jake, Justin and Kristina all created their own measurement Kahoots!
  • Raf, Subhuman, Lucas, Joseph, Dion, Noah, Akemjot all used ICT to create characters from the winning story of 2018 – Rodney!
  • Deakyn, Alex, Daniel, Kurt, Aiden all made props for their dress ups!
  • Liana created her own bookmark


  • Dion – Playing soccer at lunch
  • Holly – My speck of gold was the parade
  • Akemjot – My speck of gold is dressing up as Captain America
  • Daniel – My favourite part was other peoples costumes
  • Jaiden – My speck of gold is playing soccer
  • Ruby – My speck of gold playing with friends
  • Sukhman – My speck of gold is playing Minecraft at lunch
  • TCross – My favourite part was when we went to the hall and we did the fashion show
  • Cierra – My speck of gold today was seeing my sister
  • Kim – My speck of gold was building a nest inside the oval for the other birds

Thank you for such a fun filled Book Week Celebration Year 2!

Tremendous Thursday August 23 – Week 5 Term 3

Hello Bloggers!
Welcome to Thursday August 23.

This morning was such a beautiful sunrise, did anyone happen to see it? Just a reminder that tomorrow is our Book Week Celebration. Students are asked to dress up as their favourite book character! 


Today we began our morning with some reading. Students have the opportunity to practice reading aloud, reading independently, reading with their peers and practicing various sounds and skills using Teach my Monster to Read. 


  • Cierra – He wanted to make the pancakes
  • Rehat – His mother and Jack used different ways of making the food s they didn’t just go to the  shop and buy flour
  • Sonnie – Jack was curious because his face was reacting when he learned how to
  • Libby – He was curious about making pancakes and what the ingredients were and overtime his mum said he needed to get something else he did

How does Jack show curiosity? What are you curious about?


Thank you to Bella, Libby, Llana and Sampann for leading our kindness prayer. 

  • Rehat – Dear God, keep everyone alive and don’t give them disasters Amen.
  • Mary – Dear God thank you for making the whole world kind and make them share. Amen.
  • Akemjot – Dear God thank you for my friends and family because they are nice to me. Amen.
  • Llana – Dear God thank you for my friends to make me feel happy. Amen.
  • Nhu – Dear God please help the people to learn how to be kind to one another. Amen.


Today we continued on with our measurement investigation from yesterday. Today our challenge was to use a ruler to measure the objects we did yesterday! 

  • Rehat – You always have to make sure the ruler is still because it could be wrong
  • Sampann – You have to make sure the ruler is at 0 to make it correct
  • Akemjot – I measured the bookshelf and it was 90cm. I used a ruler and there was a 30 and 30 and 30 and it was 90.
  • Libby – The lockers were 43 feet.


We continued with making our own Prayer making session today. Our aim is to work in partners and use our creativity to create a prayer to be shared with the class after recess daily. We have some people creating iMovies, using drawings, using passages from the bible and even some acting out to express their prayer.


  • Jed created a Kahoot! about different shapes in our environment
  • Aidan, Alex and Jaiden continued making a procedure about making origami
  • Natalie, TCross and Nhu continued making their own fish tank after visiting the Fish Farm on Monday
  • Ann, Jasmine, Holly and Bella continued making a procedure about making origami
  • Kristina, Llana, Keren, Kiziah and Mary used the blocks to create an ‘animal play’ area!
  • Magot, Mai-Anh and Maddox used chalk outside to explore their curiosity surrounding different colours
  • Eva, Cierra and Nevada used the wool to create friendship bracelets. This was something explored on Catholic Identity Day
  • Neisha and Ruby created a home for kittens!

Magnificent Monday August 20 – Week 5 Term 3

Hi Bloggers! Welcome to Week 5!

Week 5 is special because…

  • Book Week! We will celebrate Book Week on Friday when students are asked to dress up as their favourite book character. Please see the blog front page for extra information.
  • Photo Day on Tuesday August 20! Students are asked to please wear their full school winter uniform including shirts, ties and jumpers 🙂


We began our morning with some reading. Students have the opportunity to practice reading aloud, reading independently, reading with their peers and practicing various sounds and skills using Teach my Monster to Read. 


Our Shared reading story for the week is Pancakes Pancakes by Eric Carle. The story is details a procedure. This is the genre of writing that will be our next focus. Today we listened to the story and discussed our initial thoughts.

  • Rehat – Jack was the main character
  • Neisha – He was learning to make pancakes

An important part of understanding and creating our own Procedures is understanding the sequencing process. Procedures must be ordered for them to be a successful piece of writing. In pairs, we had the opportunity to practice our sequencing skills using ICT. We had to re-arrange various words, numbers. picture cards into the correct order. Afterwards, we completed a mini recount about our weekend using newly learned words such as; firstly, then, next etc. The teachers always love hearing about what we get up to in our spare time!


  • Libby – It is about sharing the world
  • Rehat – It is about the people that are poor and they imagine about if there wasn’t any world so they just live with it
  • Ash – They were teaching us to give things to poor people. They don’t have a house so give them money
  • TCross – It was about if there wasn’t a house
  • Nhu – It was about sharing and if you saw a person sitting down and you don’t know who they are you still need to care about them
  • Mary – Dear God. Thank you for the world and all the people. Amen.
  • Libby – Dear God, thank you for all the people in this world so we have friends to play with. Amen.
  • Rehat – Dear God, make the world shine bright full of kindness. Amen.


Our focussed Character Strength for this week is Curiosity. We have learned about this previously and weaved it into our classroom language as it is also one of Learning Powers.

What is curiosity? 

  • Alex – When you’re curious about something
  • Jed – That you are curious to find out something
  • Akemjot – When you’re curious you’re trying to figure stuff out

What might you be curious about?

  • Rhoda – Food and love
  • Ash – Something new or very old ike Gods
  • Mary – I am curious about how did Jesus make everyone?
  • Aidan – Nature
  • Sonnie – Terreria I started playing and learning how to finish the game
  • Jake – Goosebumps

Before visiting the Fish Farm where Mr McCarthy would talk to us about Food Chains and Webs we viewed a clip and drew on our Curiosity Character Strength to think of some questions we might have and what a Food Chain actually is. 

  • Ann – Food chains is like a deer eating grass then the lion eats the deer
  • Akemjot – A food chain is a chain reaction where something keeps on getting eaten
  • Ash – One eats another then they both eat the same time
  • Eva – When a deer eats grass and a lion eats a deer
  • Magot – It is when different animals eat each other


When we visited the Fish Farm, Mr McCarthy told us all about how their are different food chains in our own Fish Farm. Together we had a look at the little pond. In there we were able to describe a possible food chain! We got to have a look around the Fish Farm and identify new fish we hadn’t seen before. We added what we found into our own food web. We found out at the Murray COD is at the top of the food web because it was can eat anything!


After lunch we listened to some calming music for 7 minutes to relax our bodies and minds ready for a busy afternoon investigating!


  • Nhu, Natalie, TCross and Joseph decided to extend their learning surrounding Food Chains and create their own aquarium showcasing different consumers!
  • Sampann, Ashvarn, Akemjot and Justin all created their own Kahoot Quizzes surrounding Food Chains
  • Rehat, Rhoda and Libby created their own Show Bag List!
  • Raf and Jed created a Food Chain Web using ActivInspire
  • Kim and Mai-Anh attended a Book Week activity at lunch and brought back their own plants! They did some further investigation during this time
  • Jasmine, Holly, Bella and Ann continued making their pet house
  • Lucas, Dion, Kurt, Jake and Aidan all created Kahoots about food chains!
  • Cierra, Eva and Nevada used their creativity to make toys for teddies
  • Alex, Jaiden and Sonnie viewed YouTube tutorials to create different types of paper ninjas. This was procedure practice without even knowing!
  • Keren, Kiziah, Mary and Llana created a group of houses using the blocks

Thanks for a wonderful day of learning Year 2! PS remember it’s school photo day tomorrow! 🙂