Wednesday May 2 – Week 1 Term 2

Hi Bloggers!

  • Ashvarn – It is the second of May
  • Holly – Today we will prepare for our assembly next Friday
  • Daksh – We are in week 1 of term 2


  • Kim – I did the bean bags
  • Mai-Anh – I used balloons to put them on the floor and the other people get the point
  • Ashvarn – I threw the frisbee really high


Today we extended our learning surrounding Pig the Pug. We put our detective hats on and decided to investigate Learning Powers within the story. 


What does grateful mean?

  • Libby : You say thank you for something
  • Ann: You really really like something and say to God thank you

  • Magot: I am grateful for myself
  • Jasmine: thank you for my friends
  • Tcross: My friends and teachers make me happy, I am grateful
  • Nhu: I am grateful for my friends because they support me when i am sad
  • Daksh: Thank you for my house, to keep me warm in the winter
  • Mary: Thankful for my family, friends and the world
  • Mia: Helping me with my writing
  • Holly: Thank you for my life


In preparation for assembly next Friday, today we made our masks! We had the option of any animal in the kingdom 🙂


  • Joseph – Now I feel calm and ready to learn
  • Libby – It helps you calm down and breathe
  • Magot – Now I am ready to learn

Our to do list this afternoon included our shape work from yesterday, assembly preparations, Pig the Pug Learning Powers and practicing our shape knowledge using Prodigy. We all remained on task and are super excited for all of our assembly preparations!

This afternoon we also sent home our excursion to the Maritime Museum form. Please return these ASAP 🙂 See you all tomorrow 🙂 

Friday 9th February Week 2 Term 1

Happy FRIYAY everyone!

Rehat: Today is February the 9th.
Raf: It is Friday and I can do what I like on the weekend.

This morning we went to assembly. 5PP and 5CM hosted assembly today. The theme was CLARA Learning Powers;

  • Daniel: Today was my sisters assembly
  • Lucas: It was funny when my brother got arrested
  • Holly: I liked the dance
  • Jasmine: I like the bell ringing
  • Mia: I like the dancing
  • Cierra: I liked how the two people dressed up as teachers
  • Neisha: I liked to see my sister and the music was cool
  • Aiden: I liked the sound effects
  • Rehat: The girl in the pink top looked like Miss Roberts

After assembly we visited Log Park! 

Lots of us worked collaboratively to create camp fires, a kitchen and even our very own see-saws!

After recess we visited the library where we read the book ‘The Kangaroo Who Couldn’t Hop.”

Jasmine: I think it will be a about a kangaroo who can’t hop and his friends will help him.

After we finished reading the story we talked about how the Kangaroo showed the Hope Learning Power.

Llana: He showed Hope because even though he couldn’t hop he kept trying to.

Akemjot sharing his family photo;

“This is my baby brother. I love playing with him. He is learning how to say Dad. I love playing chasy with him, i carry his toy around and he chases me. My family is my mum, dad and my brother. My family comes from India

Any questions

Kurt – how old was your brother when he learnt to walk?

Akemjot – He was just before his birthday.

Nevada sharing

Nevada shared her family book on the laptop that she made.

Dice wars – Numeracy

Working with a friend the children had two dice. They had to add two numbers together. Each had a turn to see who would get the highest number!!


‘Ing’ word hunt in our readers! 


We were very keen to meet our buddies so today we went over to meet our buddies – year 4 buddies in Mrs Giannakas class! We introduced ourselves, spent some time chatting and getting to know each other.

In groups of 3 the children shared 3 things about themselves!


Well that’s the end to a SUPER HOT week!! Hopefully it cools down over the weekend and you enjoy some time outside.

Monday morning we will begin our day with Come Read with Me! Please join us if you have a Catholic Police Clearance. 

Happy weekend all – enjoy!

Wanted Please : Boxes

Dear Families,

We hope you are enjoying a wonderful weekend!

If you have any cardboard boxes of various sizes e.g. cereal, muesli bar, tissue, etc we would greatly appreciate them for our learning.

Last week, many children were making models of planes cars and even their own homes. We would love to continue to build on this learning.

Thanks so much,

Nicole, Sinead and India.