Monday October 15 – Week 1 Term 4

HI BLOGGERS! – Welcome to Term 4! 

We hope you all had a very relaxing, productive but most of all, HAPPY holiday break!


First thing this morning we introduced our new Character Strength for the week…. HUMOUR!

  • Sampann – Humour can be silly
  • Libby – Humour makes you laugh

What is something or someone that makes you laugh/smile?

  • Jasmine – When Holly gave me a cat book with glasses
  • Akemjot – Sampann gives us funny jokes and Ashvarn as well
  • Nate – My brother makes me laugh because he makes a funny face
  • Ann – When Bella makes funny faces
  • Jake – Try not to laugh memes
  • Ashvarn – When I go in a movie and its PG it makes me laugh a little bit because they do funny things like in Johnny English
  • Alex – John Cena makes me laugh because there is a meme about it
  • Mary – My sister Madeline makes me laugh because she makes funny noises!
  • Holly – When Jasmine makes funny faces


Over the year we have used Monday and Thursday mornings as a time for students to read independently and collaboratively. This term we are introducing the option for writing in this time. Students are invited to work on their writer’s workshop or other free forms of writing like for example a holiday recount today!


  • Sonnie -Walking to McDonalds with my sister and going to the beach
  • Keren – My speck of gold was going to my cousins house. We looked at her fish
  • Raf – My speck of gold was going to my family friends party at their house
  • Akemjot – My speck of gold was going to my best friends party. It was at a restaurant pretty far from my home. We went there and came back home. We had cake and candy.
  • Llana – My speck of gold was moving to my new house
  • Aidan – My speck of gold was watching Teen Titans at Hoyts!
  • Joseph – My speck of gold was going on a holiday with my family. I didn’t go out of Australia I stayed in Australia. I went fishing and I hold a big lizard.


We listened to the song ‘I am a Bucket Filler’ and responded with our own prayers about bucket filling.

Keren: Dear God, thank you for making me a bucket filler. Amen.

Holly: Dear God, thank you for Natalie because when I was on my own she helped me. Amen.

Kristina: Dear God, thank you for my friend Llana to support me when I am sad. Amen.

Llana: Dear God, thank you for making me a bucket filler so I can always make Kristina happy. Amen.

Jake: Dear God, thank you for making my family because they fill my bucket every single day. Amen.

Tcross: Dear God, thank you for my teachers, friends and family for filling my bucket each and every day. Amen.


Ashvarn: This is a book I made in the holidays and it is about dinosaurs. It is called Ash’s Jurassic Book. It is about dinosaurs and how they save themselves from dangerous enemies. These are all the dinosaurs that I discovered. These are flying one, these are land one and this is a water one. It is a facts book. I describe the things. I love dinosaurs. It’s 20 pages. I did it all of the holidays. I also put an index at the end of the book so then you can see where all the things is. Like leaves is on page 5 and 6.

“Dinosaurs tooth is very sharp. It can rip anything like a lion has sharp teeth but a dinosaur tooth is very sharp more than a lion”.

Nathaniel: Yesterday I got a trophy and I won this for doing all of the stuff. This is the one I got. It’s from rugby and people can play rugby if they are good at it and or they can train and they can play the actual rugby.


Firstly, we visited the fish farm and MUDLA. We were very excited to see all of the different animals and their environments. Some of us fed the trout too!

Some of us were inspired by what we saw at the fish farm and used this curiosity in our own investigations.


Our numeracy focus for this week is number and place value. Number is at the heart of all numeracy thinking so we thought we would refresh this through various investigations.

  • Number Match – 1:1 correspodnee with pictures
  • Snap with cards
  • Tower building using dice
  • Cover up 3 using dice
  • Number Lines


  • Holly – My speck of gold was when Natalie made me laugh
  • Mary – Me, Kiziah and Keren were making the barbies and stuffing them it made me happy
  • Llana – My humour speck of gold was when Kristina made me laugh at recess
  • Akemjot – My speck of gold was watching Mr Bean
  • Ann – Bella made me happy at lunch time and she made me laugh
  • Joseph – My speck of gold was in investigations when I was on the red table with the monster matching the numbers

WEDNESDAY 6th of June – Week 6

Good morning everyone and welcome to a fun and busy Wednesday!!!


We read the book “one of those days” as a class group and discussed fluency and expression.

What was the book about? what did you like?

  • Rehat: I liked when she was pretending so much and had a long day
  • Nhu: I liked the fun parts
  • Mia: I liked when she imagined stuff like being in the sea
  • Daksh: The girl was using her imagination
  • Deakyn: The girl had an imagination about the playground


Mrs Diotallevi worked with ‘DAB kids’ group. We focused on fluency and expression. We had comprehension questions that we discussed. Whilst the other three groups read their own stories and completed open ended inquiry comprehension questions, Miss Battifuoco worked with ‘The Fast Readers’. We read ‘Bingo’s Ice-cream’ and then played word detective with the story to re-create some of the words.


  • Samurai – Played with the ball
  • Natalie – We played with the rocket launchers
  • Bella – We were doing this handball thing where you need to throw it on the dot and if you don’t you need to start back at zero
  • Raf – There was a volleyball thing and you use a balloon
  • Sampann – We did chest passing. There were little holes we had to get the ball inside the holes


Today we read through our shared reading text, ‘Thelma the Unicorn’ for the last time before we move onto a new story next week. When listening to the story we paid extra special attention to the setting, characters and what happens in the beginning middle and end. To wrap up our learning on this text, we completed a Story Map! This is something we have seen before with Mr. Coad and since we are so familiar with the story we thought we could complete a story map on our own!


  • Nhu – Thank you for the school so we could learn.
  • Mary – Thank you for sharing your love all over the world
  • Deakyn – Thank you for the world so we can live
  • Kristina – Dear God, thank you for my whole family and my pets
  • Mia – Dear God, when I get older I want to make the whole world bright and filling lots of buckets
  • Rhoda – Dear God, help me to be nice to other peole
  • Daksh – Thank you for our friends so we can have fun everyday
  • Llana – Thank you for pets
  • TCross – Thank you for my parents who help me learn new things
  • Daniel – Dear God thank you for making the school
  • Sampann – Thank you for everybody in the world


  • Raf: Impossible to see dinosaur in the school
  • Cierra: It is possible that is will be a nice day

Today we were set with an exciting challenge…. A M&M CHALLENGE! In pairs, we were give 10 M&M’s each. We recorded these M&M’s and showed our new learning surrounding probability language to answer various questions. 

Sharing our learning….


We had a special delivery from Colgate…

  • Jake: It is a toothbrush company
  • Tcross: brush your teeth twice a day
  • Jasmine: Get rid of cavities
  • Neshia: brush your teeth so they don’t go rotten
  • Sonnie: get your teeth clean for the morning otherwise your teeth might get diseases
  • Deakyn: you could get rotten teeth
  • Mary: you should brush your teeth if you eat chocolate so they dont get holes in them
  • Raf: it might make your teeth fall out
  • Jasmine: your teeth could go yellow
  • Kristina: teeth might get germs
  • Magot: do not eat too much sugar
  • Rehat: your breath might be smelly


We read our shared reading text and recorded

the setting, the characters, beginning, middle and end!!

We had a great day today 🙂

Looking forward to some more learning tomoroow. Don’t forget (parents, friends, families) if you can come in during our literacy activities in the morning we would love to see you all.

Friday May 4th – Term 2 week 1


Good morning all…So whats happening?


Bella – This is Hulk. I like the incredible Hulk, he was being funny because he wasn’t turning into hulk, I like him to sleep in my bed and take him places with me. He does this (presses the buttons). Any questions?

Jake – Goodmorning class, this is my batman toy, I can drive it, it makes noises like this, I like it because it is really cool because it transforms like this, it also shoots things out like this. It moves and walks by pushing these buttons. Are there any questions?


A range of provocations were set out around the classroom with a focus on 2D and 3D shapes…

children labelled sides, faces, corners, names of the shapes and discussed differences and similarities between the 2D and 3D shapes.

I held up a shape – what is this?

Jed: thats a hexagon, its a hexagon because it has 6sides, a octagon looks similar but it has 8 sides.

Sonnie: This is a Dimond, it has 4sides, they are straight, it has 4 corners too

Rehat: This is a rombus

Sampan: This is a rectangle, rectangles have two sides are longer and the other two sides are smaller. A sqaure has 4 sides but all 4 sides are exactly the same size.

Keren: this is a octogon it has 8 sides

Children enjoyed the hands on activities and creating shapes of their own.

Sharing our learning together….

Rhoda and Rehat

We drew 2D shapes, square, pentagon, hexagon, star, rhombus, semi-circle. We wrote down the sides of the shapes, they are the lines, the points are the corners. Sides can be straight or curved.

Kurt and Daksh

We were making cubes, it took us half an hour, we used paper and tape. They have 6 faces that are squares, a face is a flat surface. It is a 3D shape, it is not flat, it has faces and more


I made a cube, its a 3D shape, i made it with tape and matchsticks. I made lots of sqaures first and put it together as a cube, they are faces, i made 6 faces.


I made a square, it has 4 sides, 4 corners, i put this in the middle and it turns into 2 triangles.



I Work well with others when I…

Kurt: I worked together with Daksh to make a 3D cube out of paper.

Nevada: I worked well with my friends at log park during recess.

Rehat: When you work with others things get done really quick, you share ideas and take turns.

Holly: and listen to everyone.


We read the book: Slowly Slowly by TM Clark which is a book adapted from a South African Proverb.

What was the story about?

Sonnie: The little boy tried to catch a monkey, he kept failing but then did it.

Deakyn: He caught a monkey but then decided to let it go

Jake: Bongo let the monkey free

Daksh: His Dad told him to go slow and slow

What did you like about the book?

Deakyn: That the little boy just kept on trying

Akemjot: He was trying his best

Sukhman: I liked the part where the boy caught the monkey but then felt sad so he let him go



Miracles of Jesus – Story in the Bible

“Five loaves and two fish”

We read this passage in the Bible and reflected…

Ashvarn: Jesus made bread in the baskets for everyone

Libby: The little boy gave 2fish and 5loaves of bread to Jesus and then Jesus made enough to feed all the people, there were 12 baskets of food left

Mai ann: The little boy had some food to give to Jesus

Llana: The little boy had 2 fish and 5 loaves


Jasmine: Playing with Daniel, Holly and Natalie

Sukman: Playing with my friends on the laptop, with Akemjot and Ashvarn

Happy Friday everyone!!

Monday 9th April – Term 1 week 11

Good morning everyone and welcome to week 11…the last week of Term 1 already!!


Mia – It is week 11, Monday 9th April

Whats happening today?



Thanks to the parents who came in to read today!

The teachers were busy reading 1:1 with children. Big focus on fluency, expression and reading the puncuation.

Dont forget to chunk, sound out unknown words.



Its going to be a really hot day today so we got out early for a quick run and play in the sunshine before the heat hits!



Beat the teacher – make the BIGGEST number Place value

Justin– two tens in 622

Noah – 6 hundreds in 622

Alex – ill put 6 in the hundreds to make it the biggest. if you get a 6 definitely put it in the hundreds.

Dion – I won against the teacher i got 531, there is 5 hundreds and 3 tens

Subtraction strategies using place value.

The children were given a worded problem to solve:

“On sports day Daniel ran for 20 meters. Kurt ran for 14 meters. How much further did Daniel run compared to Kurt?”


Mary: Dear God, thank you for my family and friends and for this beautiful place

Mia: Dear God, thank you for our own lives and the world

Daksh: Dear God, Thank you for our world

Neisha: Dear God thanks for my friends and family

Tcross: I am grateful for my friends


Book – Anzac day ted by Belinda Landsberry


Ann: It was about the Ted being in a war, a war is very very dangerous

Alex: people had to survive in it for 4 years

Mary: wars are when you fight

Dion: its called remembrance day or Anzac day

Nevada: there are poppies to remember

Mia: a day where we remember what happened

Neisha: the fighting was called the Army

Jake: They had the Anzac biscuits in the war


During investigations groups of children were getting some things ready for our assembly…

Bella, Llana, Noah, Raf, Aidan, Alex, and Kurt are busy creating a i-movie for the ‘language of the week’ ‘Tagalog’

Nevada, Cierra, neisha and Ruby are making a prayer for the assembly “why my mum is a hero”


Holly: Playing prodigy

Nhu: Practicing our sport songs

Tcross: Doing the describing of the Fish farm

Cierra: At the playground when i made a tent

Nevada: Getting people to say why their mum is a hero


Please remember to bring back sports day forms!!!

Thursday April 5 – Week 10 Term 1

Morning all!

This week we begin practicing our Sports Day Chants lead by the 6/7 captains. On that note, all permission forms are due back ASAP before the big day next Thursday.


Thank you to those parents who came to listen to us read this morning. We use this time to practice our expression, fluency and reading strategies. It is super important that we are still brining our black reader bags each day.

FITNESS – Relay Practice

Today for fitness we split into our Team Colours in preparation for this afternoon. In our groups we had a relay practice! Have a look at the slow motion videos – Raf you showed such resilience!



What is subtraction?

  • Kurt – Taking away
  • Daksh – You take away something and even numbers

We practiced some worded subtraction problems and some addition problems using concrete materials like gems and counters.

PRAYER lead by Jed and Joseph

  • Jed – “Dear God, thank you for the living creatures in the world.”
  • Joseph – This is my living pet. I caught them in the wild and. The big ones name is Gary and the little one is Mr. Crazy. There are two gecko’s.
  • Joseph showed his pet gecko’s to the class.
  • Ann – Thank you for my rabbit.
  • Jake – Thank you for my dog because it is really cute
  • Jasmine – Thank you for my pet because he is so cute
  • Sonnie – I am thankful for my turtles
  • Dion – I am thankful for my turtles too
  • Magot – I am thankful for my dog
  • Mary – Thank you for my aunty and uncles cat
  • Cierra – Thank you for my dog she is very kind


What is a narrative?

  • Sampann – You make stories using characters and you have to have punctiatin
  • Joseph – You make up a story of your own
  • Ann – You can make your own characters
  • Holly – You have a problem and solution
  • Jed – It can be from the past or the future
  • Jake – You need to think about the setting
  • Rhoda – It could be a funny story
  • Mary – It could be a sad story
  • Mia – The characters have feelings


We each split into our respective coloured houses and practiced our chants with the rest of the school!


We completed a Mindful Breathing exercise using Smiling Mind. Some of us chose to do some mindful drawing in this time.  To end our Mindfulness we read the story ‘Shoes from Grandpa.’ 

  • Ann – She just wanted her own style
  • Holly – The words were rhyming


This afternoon we continued with  our Commonwealth Games Inquiry learning from yesterday. Some of us saw the Opening Ceremony last night.


  • Magot liked making the mascot making – “I made a Koala”
  • Kim – My speck of gold is learning numbers
  • Eva – My speck of gold is playing with Ebony
  • Natalie – My speck of gold is playing with Nhu at the sandpit

Please remember black library bags for borrowing tomorrow!  Have a lovely night 🙂