Wednesday May 9 – Week 2 Term 2

Hi there bloggers!

  • Once again thank you to those who have returned their excursion permission/medical forms and an even bigger thank you to those parents who have volunteered to help us out on the day 🙂
  • Our assembly is this Friday in the hall at 9am. We will spend today and tomorrow getting ready for our Lion King themed presentation! All are welcome.
  • Also happening this Friday is a special Mother’s Day Stall for children to purchase a small gift for their mothers. Gifts range from 50cents – $6. Please see flyer below.



  • Libby – We had to hold and pull this thing. You could get like 10, 20, 30, 40 and then 100.
  • Mile – Throwing
  • Raf – We had balloons and then the balloon wasn’t allowed to touch the floor
  • Magot – We did frisbees!


Today we had some time to work on our stories in Writer’s Workshop. As a group we read through our shared reading story – Gruff.

We discussed specific characteristics of Guff.

  • Jed – He is old
  • Daksh – He is green
  • TCross – He is soft and fluffy

We then used a Venn Diagram to show the similarities and differences between Guff and our own toy that have shared/plan to share. We completed one as a class and then showed a Growth Mindset towards creating our own Venn Diagrams.


  • Mary – Thank you for people to keep us company like together so we aren’t lonely
  • Mia – Thank you for students and teachers
  • Rehat – I am grateful for the trees because they give us oxygen to breathe


We went over to the hall to practice our upcoming assembly on Friday! Well done to those who have bene practicing their lines!  We also practiced our song – Hakuna Matata that we will sing together to end the assembly 🙂


We used Weave Silk today in our mindfulness time.

  • Samurai showed us his ‘cool’ blue drawing
  • Mile said that his looked like a dog!
  • Raf’s shared his creation and told us that it looked like lightning!

Thank you for a wonderful day Year 2 – see you tomorrow! 

Friday May 4th – Term 2 week 1


Good morning all…So whats happening?


Bella – This is Hulk. I like the incredible Hulk, he was being funny because he wasn’t turning into hulk, I like him to sleep in my bed and take him places with me. He does this (presses the buttons). Any questions?

Jake – Goodmorning class, this is my batman toy, I can drive it, it makes noises like this, I like it because it is really cool because it transforms like this, it also shoots things out like this. It moves and walks by pushing these buttons. Are there any questions?


A range of provocations were set out around the classroom with a focus on 2D and 3D shapes…

children labelled sides, faces, corners, names of the shapes and discussed differences and similarities between the 2D and 3D shapes.

I held up a shape – what is this?

Jed: thats a hexagon, its a hexagon because it has 6sides, a octagon looks similar but it has 8 sides.

Sonnie: This is a Dimond, it has 4sides, they are straight, it has 4 corners too

Rehat: This is a rombus

Sampan: This is a rectangle, rectangles have two sides are longer and the other two sides are smaller. A sqaure has 4 sides but all 4 sides are exactly the same size.

Keren: this is a octogon it has 8 sides

Children enjoyed the hands on activities and creating shapes of their own.

Sharing our learning together….

Rhoda and Rehat

We drew 2D shapes, square, pentagon, hexagon, star, rhombus, semi-circle. We wrote down the sides of the shapes, they are the lines, the points are the corners. Sides can be straight or curved.

Kurt and Daksh

We were making cubes, it took us half an hour, we used paper and tape. They have 6 faces that are squares, a face is a flat surface. It is a 3D shape, it is not flat, it has faces and more


I made a cube, its a 3D shape, i made it with tape and matchsticks. I made lots of sqaures first and put it together as a cube, they are faces, i made 6 faces.


I made a square, it has 4 sides, 4 corners, i put this in the middle and it turns into 2 triangles.



I Work well with others when I…

Kurt: I worked together with Daksh to make a 3D cube out of paper.

Nevada: I worked well with my friends at log park during recess.

Rehat: When you work with others things get done really quick, you share ideas and take turns.

Holly: and listen to everyone.


We read the book: Slowly Slowly by TM Clark which is a book adapted from a South African Proverb.

What was the story about?

Sonnie: The little boy tried to catch a monkey, he kept failing but then did it.

Deakyn: He caught a monkey but then decided to let it go

Jake: Bongo let the monkey free

Daksh: His Dad told him to go slow and slow

What did you like about the book?

Deakyn: That the little boy just kept on trying

Akemjot: He was trying his best

Sukhman: I liked the part where the boy caught the monkey but then felt sad so he let him go



Miracles of Jesus – Story in the Bible

“Five loaves and two fish”

We read this passage in the Bible and reflected…

Ashvarn: Jesus made bread in the baskets for everyone

Libby: The little boy gave 2fish and 5loaves of bread to Jesus and then Jesus made enough to feed all the people, there were 12 baskets of food left

Mai ann: The little boy had some food to give to Jesus

Llana: The little boy had 2 fish and 5 loaves


Jasmine: Playing with Daniel, Holly and Natalie

Sukman: Playing with my friends on the laptop, with Akemjot and Ashvarn

Happy Friday everyone!!

Monday 9th April – Term 1 week 11

Good morning everyone and welcome to week 11…the last week of Term 1 already!!


Mia – It is week 11, Monday 9th April

Whats happening today?



Thanks to the parents who came in to read today!

The teachers were busy reading 1:1 with children. Big focus on fluency, expression and reading the puncuation.

Dont forget to chunk, sound out unknown words.



Its going to be a really hot day today so we got out early for a quick run and play in the sunshine before the heat hits!



Beat the teacher – make the BIGGEST number Place value

Justin– two tens in 622

Noah – 6 hundreds in 622

Alex – ill put 6 in the hundreds to make it the biggest. if you get a 6 definitely put it in the hundreds.

Dion – I won against the teacher i got 531, there is 5 hundreds and 3 tens

Subtraction strategies using place value.

The children were given a worded problem to solve:

“On sports day Daniel ran for 20 meters. Kurt ran for 14 meters. How much further did Daniel run compared to Kurt?”


Mary: Dear God, thank you for my family and friends and for this beautiful place

Mia: Dear God, thank you for our own lives and the world

Daksh: Dear God, Thank you for our world

Neisha: Dear God thanks for my friends and family

Tcross: I am grateful for my friends


Book – Anzac day ted by Belinda Landsberry


Ann: It was about the Ted being in a war, a war is very very dangerous

Alex: people had to survive in it for 4 years

Mary: wars are when you fight

Dion: its called remembrance day or Anzac day

Nevada: there are poppies to remember

Mia: a day where we remember what happened

Neisha: the fighting was called the Army

Jake: They had the Anzac biscuits in the war


During investigations groups of children were getting some things ready for our assembly…

Bella, Llana, Noah, Raf, Aidan, Alex, and Kurt are busy creating a i-movie for the ‘language of the week’ ‘Tagalog’

Nevada, Cierra, neisha and Ruby are making a prayer for the assembly “why my mum is a hero”


Holly: Playing prodigy

Nhu: Practicing our sport songs

Tcross: Doing the describing of the Fish farm

Cierra: At the playground when i made a tent

Nevada: Getting people to say why their mum is a hero


Please remember to bring back sports day forms!!!