Tuesday 20th March 2018 – Week 8 Term 1




Mia: I learnt ‘tttt’ and ‘tt’ and it means ‘ta’ and I learnt ‘sa’.

Daksh: We were doing some beats and we did some fast and we did some slow and we did slow without sound.

Cierra: I used creativity in music because we were making patterns with our body.

Nevada: I used creativity because Cierra and I were trying to make a pattern with our body and we got to show it to our class.


Ann: We had to use our book and we had to draw things from our country.

Joseph: We had to write where our country is from and we had to do the flag, food, and some clothes.

Sampann: I used collaboration because I helped people.


We focused on learning more about the long ‘o’ sound in the diagraph ‘oa’ and long ‘a’ sound in the diagraph ‘ai’. We viewed the following tutorials and practiced sounding out the words as we watched i.e. g-oa-t = goat and tr-ai-n = train.

We then enjoyed some fitness on the playground. Groups of children created their own obstacles courses and ‘gyms’.


Today we explored another CLARA learning power – Mindful Agency.

We then used our Mindful Agency to think about a goal we hold for our learning this year and began to plan steps to achieve it.


Kurt, Aidan and Raphael read from the book of Genesis. Kurt explained “It was about Genesis. It teaches us to not be bad and to say sorry to each other”.

We then shared their own prayers.

Sampann: Thank you God for my body

Llana: Thank you God for my family

Mary: Thank you for the animals

Nathaniel: Thank you for the clouds

Jasmine: Thank you for food and water

Daniel: Thank you for making the world

Libby: Thank you for God for creating the world

Joseph: Thank you for the world and the people and everyone who God has put on the world

Daksh: Thank you for the trees so we can have oxygen

Nathaniel: Thank you for cars because they can take us different places

Neisha: Thank you for different countries so we can make different friends

Mia: Thank you for my life and everyone else’s life.


We continued on with writing our narrative stories which have planned over the last couple of weeks. We have been focusing on the structure of a narrative i.e. narratives have a setting, characters, beginning, problem, resolution and ending.


Eva shared her story about a kitten who loved to play at the park. She enjoyed playing with other people’s toys but …. she broke one! She fixed it by gluing it back together.

Jed shared his story too. The problem was that his character Bendy needed to get to his piano quickly!

We learn lots from each other when we share!


We listened to the guided meditation ‘Weathering the Storm’ today.


What was Zaccheus like before he met Jesus?

Jasmine: Selfish

Joseph: A robber

Kristina: He wanted all the money and to be richer than the kingdom

What was Jesus like after he met Jesus?

Kim: He was nice

Llana: He gave the money to the poor and God

Mia: He felt happy because he met Jesus

Mary: He gave all the money back to the people he took money from

We then discussed how we have changed too over time….

What could you do when you were a baby?

  • Eat my food
  • Crawl
  • Drink milk
  • Play with baby toys

What can you do now in Year 2?

Holly: A cartwheel

Tcross: Read and write

Raphael: Skateboard

We then recorded how we have changed over time.


2IB practiced their liturgy which is tomorrow morning at 9:40am – all welcome


In 2TD, children continued to develop their number skills through maths prodigy challenges. Miss Tropeano also listened to children read and focused on high frequency words and strategies such as chunking and sense making.


How have you used your creativity learning power today?

Cierra: I used my creativity when I used my book to draw instead of my laptop.

Mia: Using with Mary playing together at log park at lunch time.

Across: I used my creativity at music making beats.

Nevada: I used my creativity because when I used my book I drew some things that I haven’t drawn before like a baby.

Monday 19th March 2018 – Week 8 Term 1

Welcome to Week 8!

  • Harmony Day this Friday – Note sent home today
  • Sports Day Permission Forms to be returned ASAP please 🙂
  • Parent Teacher Interviews next week! Online booking now open.


We began our day with reading. During this time, parents  are welcome to read with their child and we encourage children to read independently or with a partner.


For fitness today we played the game ‘Red Rover’. We were so involved in learning the game and having fun, we didn’t take any photos! There was lots of smiles, laughs and running during this time.


Focus lesson: Ten and Twenty Frames

Our mini lesson focused on adding up to 10 and 20 using frames, a dice and counters.


We then explored addition through adding dice, playing a counting game, through 10 and 20 frames and dominoes.


Thank you to Rhoda, Rehat and Libby. The prayer was all about the Our Father.

  • Holly – Dear god thank you for earth
  • Ann – Thank you for trees and flowers
  • Daksh – Thank you for my house so I can stay in shelter
  • Mia – Thank you for the earth


Group 1 – Sounds – matching words to their initial sound and recording sounds

  • Nathaniel – I had to make the pictures match the letters and then after I had to put the letters on the picture. I recorded the sounds

Group 2 – ai and oa diagraphs

We learnt that a diagraph is when two letters make one sound e.g. oa makes an ‘o’ sound and ai makes an ‘ay’ sound in some words. We used the diagraph and other vowels and consonants to make words.

  • Nevada – rain, pain, rainbow, paint, boat, goat

Group 3 – Comma’s and Editing! 

  • Jake – A comma is when you take a small break and write a list.

Let’s eat grandpa. What!? Let’s eat grandpa, surely not!! We noticed that with the addition of one comma we can help this sentence to make sense. Lets eat, grandpa! 

We also discussed how commas are used to create lists. 

We had a go at writing our own sentences using comma’s.



We relaxed our bodies to calming music after lunch.


Our investigations this afternoon included:

  • Harmony Day – creating a poster using the Harmony Day template about what Harmony Day means to you
  • Restaurant – Our class restaurant continued with children creating food, menus and signage
  • Exploring the life cycle of a turtle
  • Children creating icons for each of the CLARA learning powers to be submitted to our school competition
  • Choose Kind – children drawing what this means

Friday 16th March 2018 – Week 7 Term 1

Good morning bloggers and big happy Friyay to you all! 

Feel better soon Mrs Diotallevi and welcome Mr. Do to our learning space for the day 🙂 

Today, Australian schools will stand united in their communities to celebrate the eighth National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence (NDA). We wear and use orange to raise awareness. 

Together in 2IB and 2DT we stand together! 

We will be exploring the notion of kindness and what it means to speak out against bullying in various ways throughout our day.


  • Deakyn – I like the hair style one on Mr D!
  • Akemjot – I like the one with the creativity with the stuff that were falling
  • Mai-Anh – My favourite was the dancing
  • Daksh – I like the dance
  • Mia – I liked when they did the real life songs!
  • Ruby – When they were pretending

We integrated the Anti-bullying Day theme with some ORANGE CARROTS FOR OUR BRAIN FOOD!



We used the story of Zaccheus the Tax Collector to examine Jesus response to bullying. We read the Bible story and also watched a Lego re-make.


We had a think about how Zaccheus changed after encountering Jesus.

Our Provocation:

As a class we agreed that Zaccheus was a better person after meeting Jesus because he taught to share and be kind to others… and to give some of the money back of course!








Friday means… Library Day! Today we read through the story of ‘Mad Magpie’ focussing on expression and fluency – no robot voices allowed here! The books main focus was how to appropriately react to bullying.

At the end of the story we talked about the moral. The moral means what it teaches us.

  • Libby – To stay calm and not be mean

We thought about what we can do if we see bullying or are a victim of bullying;

  • Noah – People are being mean to someone you should say something
  • Kim – Tell a teacher
  • Llana – When I am bullied I be strong and walk away and ignore them
  • Lucas – “Stop I don’t like it” like say it
  • Joseph – If someone is being mean to you and you feel like you want to hit them you should just walk away and try to calm down
  • Nathaniel – If you see bullying you walk away and if you see a teacher you must tell a teacher
  • Ashvarn – Come to a teacher and do not laugh at them


Choose kind is the movement inspired by the story ‘Wonder’ written by R.J. Palacio. The movement encourages people to create and spread more kindness in the world. The movement hopes to build a positive and inspirational social change across Australia and New Zealand, inspiring people to practice random acts of kindness every day.

Together read the picture book We’re all Wonders.’

  • Reheat – The book was about bullying and before he went to space all his friends were laughing at him
  • Liana –  It was about every kid isn’t the same
  • Mia – Everyone was laughing at him before and then he was a Wonder in the end
  • Mary – Everyone is different than another
  • Nhu – It wasn’t the same like other people
  • Kristina – He only had one eye and his dog daisy had 2 eyes. They looked at some of the aliens
  • Nevada – It might have been about but sometimes people aren’t all the same
As a class group we made the  pledge  to ‘choose kind’.


In Mindfulness today we drew a picture or wrote a note of happiness and kindness to someone special to us.

  • Noah drew a kind picture for Bella
  • Raf drew some happy dragons
  • Sonnie wrote a beautiful letter for his mum
  • Cierra and Nevada made some amazing letters for Miss B
  • Llana and Kristina also made some lovely things for the teachers


This afternoon we met up with our year 4 buddies for some more learning surrounding bullying. We love seeing our buddies and enjoy learning together. We think that we can learn a lot from them but even though we are younger, we can also teach them new things also.

Our task was to create ‘Bully or Buddies’. This activity encouraged dialogue amongst the children to help them identify what characteristics makes a ‘buddy’ and what characteristics makes a ‘bully’. Working with their Year 4 buddy, 2IB/DT created characters with either bully or buddy qualities



TCross, Nhu and Natalie led us in prayer to end our day. The prayer was focussed on nature. The girls made a prayer telling us all the beautiful things about nature. They drew some things they are grateful for in nature.

“Any special prayers?”

  • Liana – I am thankful for my family
  • Kristina – Thank you for the trees
  • Mia – Thank you for the school
  • Neisha – Thankful for the school
  • Mary – I am thankful for my family

Well Done to Natalie, Daksh and Nhu on winning our first block of Dojo Points. Your amazing positive choices over the past 4 weeks have been noted and rewarded! A job well done to our entire class for scoring over 300 points! 

Have a lovely, safe and #KIND weekend all! 🙂 

Thursday 15th March – Term 1 week 7


Whats happening today?

Hows the weather?


Thank you to all the parents that joined us!

We focused on some of the below reading strategies to support us! We continued to practice our fluency and EXPRESSION!



CRICKET was so popular today with majority of the children chosing to be involved! Ashvarn and Sampan hit a few 6s! Great bowling seen by Sukhman too!

Awesome team work everyone 🙂


Following on from students interests on turtles and the fish farm – we read an information book on turtles.

What do you notice?

  • Nevada: its an information book
  • Rehat: it has a contents page and glossary

What are you an expert on?

Dion: on soccer

Rhoda: Turtles

Eva: Fish

Ebony: Fish

Nevada: Gymnastics

Sonnie: games

Jed: cricket

Akemjot: Roblox

Sampan: cricket

Daksh: WW slam city

Jake: minecraft

Children were then invited to make their own information books in their own field of knowledge!!




“Our prayer is about pets, Dear God” – Bella

“this is my pet denes and nasha” – Magot

Ann – any special prayers for pets?

– Jasmine: Dear God I love my pets thank you for them. Amen

– Nevada: Dear God thank you for my pet cat at home and for making him fluffy and cute

Daksh: Dear God thank you for my pet fish and for the food i feed him every evening.

Neisha: Dear God thank you for my pug he is so cute and cuddly



Jake – adding is making a sum to get bigger or larger, not lesser.

Jed – counting on you start at the biggest number and count on from there

Daksh – don’t count from one because it will take too long.

We listened to the below song – we all joined in singing too!!

We then practiced our addition strategies whilst playing card and dice games… Also a focus on how to record numbers, plus and equal signs correctly!!



“The bubble journey”… we were guided on our meditation journey today…


How did it make us feel?

Nhu – Calm

Jasmine – a bit sleepy

Mia – Feeling calm

Kristina – I felt very calm

Sonnie – Felt abit like falling asleepDaniel – I felt warm

Tcross- happy and calm



-Painting and oil pastels “turtles song”

-Boxed constructions “make something from our community”

-Transport in our community

-Turtle information books

– Card games “can you use counting on?”

-Lego”What transport do we have in our community?”

-playdough “can you make the letter F?”

-socio dramatic play “Restaurant”


Tomorrow is Anti-bullying day! We will be doing activities around this. ORANGE is the colour of the day..we will have ORANGE activities too! There will be fun whole school games at lunch time and we are doing an art lesson with our buddies called “buddy or bully”

a special in the canteen is Canelloni and milk for $5 (see picture below)!!! There will also be only ORANGE food for sale at recess!!


-Jasmine: playing prodojy

Holly: Playing with Jasmine

Alex: Drawing roblox

Lana: Playing prodojy

Daksh: playing during inquiry

Nevada: playing teachers



Rhoda “my family”

“This is my family photo, I have my mum, dad, brother, baby, sister and me. There is 6 people in my family. We like reading and listening to Bible study. We like to go to a cafe called Stella in Henley Beach together”

Have a nice night everyone 🙂 🙂



Friday 9th March – Week 6

Hi bloggers!

We hope you are keeping cool in this little patch of Autumn heat! Just a reminder there is no school on Monday for the Adelaide Cup. We will see you all Tuesday morning ready to begin Week 7!

Thank you to those who have returned their Sports Day Permission Forms. We are also in need of some parent volunteers for the day – we assure you it is great fun! 🙂

  • Jasmine: Today is Friday and we are having assembly


  • Akemjot: The whole assembly!
  • Raf: When that game was going and the illuminati came up
  • Natalie: The dance!
  • Jasmine: I liked the music at the end
  • Noah: I liked the part when the illuminati came
  • Ashvvarn: I liked The Chase
  • Kristina: I liked the bit when they had to draw and guess the teachers


Today in log park we saw SO MUCH creativity and collaboration!! The children worked so well together in groups, using their imagination and social skills. We saw children negotating with each other, being curios, questioning each other and lots of critical thinking aswell!

Cubbies, sea-saws, camps, homes and hospitals were seen!



Lead by Holly – Theme “at home”

“dear Lord thank you for my warm home and nice family. I know lots of people dont have a home so thankful”

Nhu – My home is nice and big i wish all people could have a home like mine.

Daksh – Thank you for my home so I can enjoy being with my family

Mia – Dear God Thank you for my nice home and my mum and dad.

Akemjot – Thank you for my family and friends.


Today we read the story ‘Welcome To Country.’

What might this story be about? Let’s look at the title and pictures for clues…

  • Llana: Different countries they go to
  • Libby: I think when they found the Aboriginals well when they found Australia
  • Kristina: It might be African people that they found a place where they can live
  • Jasmine: Different worlds
  • Ann: Maybe they’re travelling to different places to learn about them
  • Daksh: it might be about another country
  • Kurt: about nature
  • Tcross: visiting other places

What was the story teaching us?

  • Joseph: Making sure we know about the Kauna people
  • Ann: Telling us about not messing about with nature
  • Jed: I know someone who is Aboriginal in this school. We do the Kauna Acknowledgment for assembly.



On Tuesday we began speaking about Growth Mindsets.

  • Raf: We help each other
  • Natalie: Trying your best at doing something
  • Justin: Trying to help some
  • Noah: YES! I can do it
  • Llana: Yes I will never give up
  • Deakyn: I sometimes have some troubles and make mistakes but keep trying

We watched a Dojo Video about how mistakes make you smarter. 


It is such a hot day today…so we took a little extra time enjoying mindfulness today. Relaxing music was played as we coloured and drew…


Challenges were set by the teacher – in particular a focus on ADDITION!!! We were all up for the challenge!!


  • Andy: Playing laptop
  • Llana: My speck of gold is playing with Kiziah
  • Magot: My favourite thing is playing Prodigy
  • Daniel: My speck of gold was playing on my laptop
  • Lucas: My speck of gold is playing on Roblox


  • Deakyn: I am going camping! I will go in the pool because it is heated up. I will go with my cousin and brother
  • Libby: We have a family birthday!

Public Holiday Monday, school will resume as normal on Tuesday March 13 🙂

Thursday 8th March – Term 1 Week 6

Good morning all!

Whats happening today?

  • Mia  – Today is Thursday
  • Kurt – It is the 8th of March


Thank you to the parents who give their time to listen to us read. It is so important that we are reading each and every day, especially at home! Tomorrow we borrow new books in the library – don’t forget your black bags!


  • Christina – I did skipping
  • Lucas – i played footy with Daniel
  • Ann – Me and Bella were playing soccer with the goals
  • Deakyn – I was doing gymnastics
  • Nevada – I did walking
  • Dion – I was playing cricket
  • Cierra – I did running with Mrs Diotallevi


What is a number line?

  • Ann -its a number line
  • Daksh – it has numbers on it – some are big and some are small
  • Jasmine – how big and how small
  • Rehat – you can COUNT ON with a number line

What does it help us do?

  • Mia – it helps us to count
  • Rehat – to count


*Students were then given their own worded problem and a number line. They were asked to solve the problem using the number line and record it!



Aidan and Deakyn led us in a prayer about our pets today; we then reflected:

  • Daniel: Please look after my pets
  • Daksh: please keep my fish safe
  • Kurt: Dear God, please look after my pets, my bird, Amen
  • Ann: a prayer for my Goldfish

We all had a silent minute for the pets around the world.


What is research?

  • Joseph – When you want to find something out
  • Rehat – Go on the internet to find things
  • Jed – You could ask somebody
  • Nevada – Books
  • Ann – Information books

What is a life cycle?

  • Daksh – Little things going to bigger thigns
  • Nhu – It keeps happening
  • Mia – It keeps going around

What did we research?

  • Aidan – life cycle of a turtle, first it starts as a egg and then a baby, then an adult and then the adult lays an egg
  • Akemjot – jellyfish
  • Kurt – Kurt
  • Raf – turtle
  • Nevada and Cierra – Caterpillar to a butterfly
  • Dion – turtle
  • Ebony – egg to a turtle
  • Eva – caterpillar to a butterfly
  • Aiden – tadpole to a frog
  • Nhu – Egg to turtle
  • Tcross.- turtle
  • Natalie – Turtle
  • Holly – turtle
  • Jed – Jellyfish
  • Sukhman – tadpole to a frog
  • Sonnie – jellyfish
  • Daksh – turtle
  • Jasmine – Caterpillar to butterfly
  • Libby – jellyfish
  • tadpole to frog
  • Ann – jellyfish
  • Bella – turtle
  • Joseph – shark
  • Lucas – turtle
  • Ruby – egg to turtle
  • Neisha – turtle
  • Alex and Jaiden – Jellyfish
  • Jake – frog
  • Rhoda – Seed to sunflower
  • Rehat – Jellyfish
  • Kiziah – Jellyfish
  • Kristina – Jellyfish
  • Llana – Turtle
  • Keren – turtle

After looking at what the children were interested in, we noticed egg-turtle was very popular and children were wanting to know more!!

We will look deeper at the life cycle of a turtle and visit the fish farm turtles to find out even more!!

Today we did a guided meditation “the bubble journey”

How did I feel after?

Holly – I was calm

Keren – i felt calm and happy

Lana – I felt relaxed

Kristina – I felt relaxed and calm


Focus on fluency, expression and comprehension


  • Nevada  – I played teachers with Cierra and made a maths problem

  • Daniel – I was on my laptop with Kurt and drawing cartoons

  • Ashvarn – We made a house out of lego
  • Neisha – I did a hair salon with Ruby and Holly
  • Ann – Me and Bella were doing a tutorial on how to draw stuff



  • Nhu – Making in investigations
  • Cierra – Playing teachers with Nevada
  • Keren – When we were making
  • Kiziah – Making bracelets with Llana
  • Akemjot – My speck of gold is that I made a station
  • Llana – My speck of gold was making a straw bracelet
  • Mai-Anh – My speck of gold was playing with Andy
  • Holly –  My speck of gold was playing at recess and lunch