Wednesday 12th December – Term 4 week 9

Good morning…can you believe it is the 2nd to last day of the year!!



Reading with a friend, teach my monster to read and study ladder!!

We also collected all our books, put them in the locker ready to go home.



  • Holly: Dear God, Thank you for the teachers and all my friends for helping us when we are sad this year Amen
  • Cierra: Dear God, thank you for the teachers who brought us joy Amen
  • Joseph: Dear God, I have loved learning this year Amen
  • Libby: Dear God, Thank you God for the teachers helping us to learn Amen
  • Akemjot: Dear God Thank you for my friends because they cheered me up this year Amen
  • Mia: Dear God, Thank you for Christmas, i like celebrating as a family Amen
  • Kristina: Dear God, thank you for my friend Llana she has been the greatest friend this year Amen
  • Nhu: Dear God thank you for Rehat and Tcross they showed me how strong we could be when we work together Amen
  • Jake: Dear God thank you for all the resources on Earth Amen


We had some time playing board games with our buddies. They made us a little gift each which was lovely…


Thanks for a fantastic day…one more day left of you all being in year 2!!

Don’t forget shared lunch tomorrow 🙂

Tuesday 11th December 2018 – Week 9 Term 4


What is peace?

Mia: Peace is lonely time and taking rainbow breaths.

Nhu: It’s a place where it is calm and you can think about things.

Our prayers

Mary: Dear God, thank you for my family. Amen.

Holly: Dear God, thank you ro our teachers who help us learn and thank you for the students for the learning that we have done and for learning stuff.

Nate: Dear God, thank you for my teachers and my family. Amen.

Tcross: Dear God, thank you for my teachers and friends. The teachers have helped us with a lot of learning and thank you for our friends for making our days brighter. Amen.

Mia: Dear God, thank you for having good oxygen and trees and how we grow. Amen.

Rehat: Dear God, thank you for our teachers and our school so we can to learn there.

Nhu: Dear God, thank you for peace so that we have different feelings and we can think about other things than jus ourselves.

Neisha: Dear God, thank you for all the things that is in the world we can have peace for life.


We have been exploring Jesus’ family tree through the stories. Today, we created a Jesse Tree for our own families. We drew a tree and used symbols to represent the different people in our lives that are important to us.





Shared Lunch Thursday December 13!

Hi Families,

As we approach the end of our school year together, we would like to celebrate all of the learning, growth and friendships that have taken place in 2IB and 2TD.

  • 2IB and 2TD shared lunch
  • Thursday 13thDecember 2018(last day of school)
  • In our classroom at 12 noon

We warmly invite parents and caregivers to join us for lunch on this day.

We ask that boys bring a small plate of savoury foodand girls bring a small plate of sweet food. Please note that we are unable to heat any food. If you would like to bring warm food to the lunch, you will need to drop it off to the classroom already heated at 12noon.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a wonderful and blessed Christmas and a happy new year. Thank you for all of your support this year. We have enjoyed this year so much and we feel very honoured to have shared in your child’s life in 2018.

Thursday December 6 – Week 8 Term 4

Hi all, welcome to Thursday December 6! We hope you are keeping cool!


We started our day with some time fitness morning! It is going to be super hot so we thought this morning was our best short at getting some safe vitamin D and moving our bodies!


  • Jaiden – Water
  • Nevada – Water especially on a day like today
  • Sonnie – Vegetables and fruit
  • Lucas – Trees give oxygen to breathe
  • Daniel – Healthy food to survive
  • Ash – Air!
  • Deakyn – Lolly
  • Raf – Candy
  • Jas – Robux
  • Aidan – BeyBlade Stadium
  • Cierra – A toy


Today for prayer we watched a video with the pictures from our excursion. The theme of our prayer was Gratitude.

Jesus Cleanses Ten Lepers
And as he entered a village, he was met by ten lepers, who stood at a distance and lifted up their voices, saying, “Jesus, Master, have mercy on us.” When he saw them he said to them, “Go and show yourselves to the priests.” And as they went they were cleansed. Then one of them, when he saw that he was healed, turned back, praising God with a loud voice; and he fell on his face at Jesus’ feet, giving him thanks. Now he was a Samaritan. Then Jesus answered, “Were not ten cleansed? Where are the nine? Was no one found to return and give praise to God except this foreigner?” And he said to him, “Rise and go your way; your faith has made you well.” Luke 17:12-19 ESV

  • Mary – I am grateful for the school so we can learn. Amen.
  • Jas – I am grateful that I can sleep on the bus when people were talking.
  • Ruby – Dear God, thank you for the sea. Amen.
  • Mia – I am grateful for when we went to the beach and had fun and going n an excursion together. Amen.
  • Ash – I am grateful for the beach so we can have fun and play with families. Amen.
  • Libby – I am grateful for the beach with water and if we didn’t have water we wouldn’t survive. Amen.
  • Nhu – Dear God, thank yo0u for the school because some schools don’t have excursions. Amen.
  • TCross – Dear God, thank you for our wonderful teachers for planning our excursion so we can ave lots of fun. Amen.
  • Neisha – Dear God, thank you for our teachers so we can get smart. Amen.


  • Aidan –  I was making a house out of paper with Kurt, Alex and Jaiden
  • Chelsea – I had an idea of making presents with Magot
  • Neisha – With Ruby I made a shop. It was  Target and Kmart
  • Nate – I done sphere’s and after when I done that I did a shop with my cousin Shyla
  • Mia – Me and Mary done a science shop and it was about Advent. We made all the Advent Christmas colours and all the sun and Jupiter planets
  • Raf – I did Pokemon cards and battled Noah and Dion and Ashvarn
  • Alex – I made a house with Aiden

SANTA SLEIGH 2.0!!!!!!!

Look what we found! Santa flying in the air in New York City! 

Provocation:  Design/draw a sleigh that you think would work better/quicker than the one Santa has now!

  • Raf’s sleigh had jet boosters and was led by Charizard
  • Jed’s sleigh has one billion jet packs
  • Maddox’s sleigh has Santa and he gives presents
  • Nevada’s sleigh has unicorns on it!
  • Ebony is adding Cheetah’s!!
  • Eva is putting the Powepuff girls on board!
  • Bella is making a rocket ship that shoots the presents out!
  • “The cat follows the birds and makes it go quicker at the front” – Neisha
  • “Mine has boosters on the side and it will have all different things to make it go quick” – Nate
  • Libby’s sleigh has unicorns leading it! “Unicorns can just teleport if they are just fat away to each country”
  • Noah’s slay was run by a dragon!

Thank you for a great day! See you tomorrow for Carols Practice and Carols in the evening! 

Wednesday December 5th – Week 8 term 4

Welcome to Wednesday!



Recount of our excursion.

What happened?

  • Akemjot: we first went to the aged care home, then we walked to the beach.
  • Dion: At the aged care home we made biscuits that we decorated and sang Christmas Carols
  • Mary: We sung our carols
  • Rhoda: Rehat and I made cookies and paper fans
  • Deakyn: Me and Daniel and Raf and Justin we made a hole at the beach and when we dug deeper water came into the hole
  • Alex: I liked collecting sea shells and we saw jelly fish
  • Keren: We built a sandcastle and put shells on it.


  • Samurai – We did handball and dribbling and used the net things
  • Kim – I did handball


  • Eva – Dear God thank you fro my friends and family because they are always by my side. Amen.
  • Cierra – Dear God, thank you for the old people and the happy moments we had with. Amen.
  • Holly – DeaR God thank you for our excursion and our friends who we had fun with. Amen.
  • Ash – Thank you for the Aged Care so we can meet all the people. Amen.
  • Mia – Me, Mary, Keren and Kiziah played at the beach. Amen.
  • Lucas – Dear God, thank you for water so we can stay hydrated. Amen.
  • Ann – Dear God, thank you for the beach so people can have fun. Amen.
  • TCross – Der God, thank you for the people who work at the Aged Care who look after all the people if they are very sick they can look after him. Amen.
  • Chelsea – Dear God, thank you for excursions so we can go places outside school. Amen.


  • Nathaniel – ‘These are my Poppy’s buses and buggies. I got them from my Poppy which passed away.The bus is a van. These are breakable and one broke off the van. They can’t open the doors or the wheels can move but they aren’t for playing with. I play with them and my mum says I can play with them if I am careful.”


Using your knowledge of tallying and graphing, choose your own Christmas topic and survey the class! Graph your results.

We practiced first as a class…

  • Aidan and Raf asked what peoples favourite Christmas foods are
  • Cierra and Dion surveyed students about favourite foods including, turkey and cherries
  • Rehat and TCross brainstormed some favourite carols before asking the class their favourite
  • Neisha asked about favourite wrapping papers!
  • Mai-Anh surveyed about Favourite Christmas Characters



WRITERS WORKSHOP – Advent Activity – Write a thank you note to someone you love.

  • Ruby – A Christmas countown
  • Dion – Number of days until Christmas
  • Mia – The birth of Jesus

CAROLS PRACTICE to end our day! Carols are this Friday night. BBQ will be cooking from 5:45pm but we don’t need to meet until 7:00pm in the hall 🙂

We hope you all had a fantastic day! See you tomorrow 🙂 

Excursion Tomorrow!

Hi bloggers!

Tomorrow is our excursion to Grange Beach and Westminster Aged Care Facility. We are getting picked up from school at 9:30am and will return at 2:00pm.

Please remember to bring recess, fruit and lunch.  With a sunny forecast of 26 degrees, you MUST have a hat and drink bottle!  Get a big rest tonight, tomorrow looks to be an amazing fun filled day!

Wednesday November 27 – Week 7 Term 4

Hi Bloggers! Welcome to Wednesday November 27!



  • Jed – We did handball
  • Ann – We had to jump and the first one to get it on the dot is the winner and the team at the end wins
  • Jas – We played handball with two spaes
  • Neisha – I played handball with Bella, Kristina and Jaiden


Shared reading: The curious Garden by Peter Brown

Teacher read the book role modelling fluency and expression. We discussed the different vocabulary used and the meaning of these words.

Then we were drawn to the amazing illustrations of the past and present.

How did the illustrator show the difference?

  • Akemjot: the colours used
  • Rehat: The past was dark, only one or two colors, looks boring
  • Mia: The old picture had no nature or plants or colours
  • Aiden: then there was colours
  • Sukhman: and lots of plants, trees
  • Nhu: the sky was blue and it was a happy picture
  • Mary: The new garden picture is much nicer than the old one

The children then used their visual literacy skills to draw a past (pollution) and present (the curious garden, environmentally friendly) picture. Focusing on colours, shapes and images to make meaning.


2IB watched  the BTN story on Microplastics!


Thanks to Kurt and Aidan who shared a prayer about having courage.

  • Jake – Dear God, thank you for courage and hope so we can believe in truth. Amen.
  • Mia  – Dear God, make me brave and not scared. Amen.
  • Holly – Dear God, thank you for bravery so whee we are scared we can be brave. Amen.
  • Jas – Dear God, thank you for the people who don’t get scared. Amen.
  • Ruby – Dear God, thank you for bravery so we can never be scared. Amen.
  • Daniel – Dear God, thank you for making people not get scared. Amen.
  • Neisha – Dear God, thank you for our friends and our family so when we are scared they can help us. Amen.


  • Ashvarn shared his detailed project about space. Ashvarn completed four detailed pages all about different planets. We learned that Mercury is the closest planet to the sun.
  • Raf told us all about space. He said that Venus is the sister of Earth! A job very well done Raf.
  • Kristina shared her cake inquiry! It was full of interesting facts about cakes that we never knew. She also showed us different pictures of cakes.
  • Kurt shared his project on Space. He spoke about who was the first man on the moon. He shared knowledge about what earth I made up of and how Earth has a strong magnetic field. He also spoke about the different planets and their names.
  • Akemjot “My project is about geometry dash, it was created in 2013, there are 4 different versions” Akemjot showed lots of excellent detailed information, about the different characters, the versions, how it was made, he organised in an effective way. He also made his characters on Minecraft for geometry dash.
  • Ebony “My project is about legless lizards…they look like snakes but they are not, they won’t hurt you, they can be 3 feet long” She shared her flip chart with information and pictures with the class.
  • Ruby “My project is about big cats” Ruby made an imovie about big cats with fantastic, detailed information. It was very engaging. She then showed a 3D object of a ‘big cat’ that she had made.


What is symmetry??

  • Libby: when a line cuts down the middle, its the same on both sides
  • Jake: Symmetry is when..for example a squre you could fold it down the middle it has to be the same, if its not then its not symmetry
  • Mia: some triangles you can only have symmetry down one side

Where do we see symmetry?

  • Cierra: A book
  • Rhoda: Earth
  • Ashvarn: The handball
  • Ruby: us!
  • Akemjot: a 50 cent coin
  • Ann: A TV
  • Magot: A table
  • Mia: A butterfly
  • Jaiden: A bug
  • Holly: THe shape of a flag
  • Neisha: A leaf thats the same, not broken


We then looked in our classroom and recorded symmetry we can see~


2TD had Spanish lesson.

What did you do in Spanish today?

  • Nevada: We played Kahoot about what we have done this year
  • Cierra: we learnt how to count to 11 in Spanish
  • Nhu: and the days of the week in Spanish


The students continued on with their work from this morning and published writers workshop books.


Have a great night everyone and see you all tomorrow 🙂

Tuesday November 27 – Week 7 Term 4

Hi Bloggers!

Welcome to a wintery Tuesday November 27, hard to believe summer begins on Saturday!

Just a reminder that on Friday we sent home our Beach/Aged Care Facility excursion forms. Please return to teachers ASAP. We appreciate any parent helpers!


Akemjot: In music, we did ‘shotgun’ and ‘Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer’ and after we did ‘Jingle Bells’ and ‘All I Want For Christmas is You’.

Ruby: We practiced our Christmas carols.

Rehat: Mrs Crisp put us in lines with the back row the tallest to sing.

Alex: We did our Christmas carols.


We watched this news article on Microplastics.

We then discussed some of the main themes in the story.

What is Microplastics?

Cierra: It is like this little pieces of rubbish.

Sukhman: There are rubbish and they can cause so much trouble to the animals.

Holly: They are rubbish that can become little pieces of rubbish and the animals can eat it and it gets stuck in them and it can cause a big problem.

Why is Microplastics an issue for sea animals?

Jake: It’s a problem for sea animals because certain items in the plastics means they try to eat it and they think it is food but it is actually plastic.

Aiden: Because they thought it was food and if they eat it they could die.

Nhu: They think it is actually food but it is something that is very small and it looks like food but it is actually plastic.

Children then and wrote down the understandings they gained about Microplastics from watching the news story.


Today we discussed the importance of the 5 Advent Candles and what they each stand for.

  • Kristina – Dear God, thank you for making hope and love because people might be loved. Amen.
  • Llana – Dear God, thank you for hope so we can hope for the best always. Amen.
  • Mia – Dear God, thank you for joy so we can always be happy. Amen.
  • Magot –  Dear God, thank you for love so we can make friends. Amen.
  • Jake – Dear God, thank you. for Christmas so we can celebrate when Jesus was born and it is a beautiful time of the year. Amen.
  • Rehat – Dear God, keep me in peace while Advent is going. Amen.
  • Neisha – Dear God, I am thankful for Christmas so we can celebrate when Jesus was born. Amen.
  • Tcross – Dear God, thank you for all the expressions we use so we can celebrate Jesus birth. Amen.


  • Libby shared her Egyptian project using Minecraft, iMovie, pyramid drawings and more. A job very well done.
  • Jed passionately shared his project about Ancient Egypt. Jed worked hard to complete research and share some learning in Minecraft.
  • Nathaniel shared his amazing learning about Ancient Egypt. He made a Flipchart and also some pyramids in Minecraft. Amazing job!
  • Bella shared her learning surrounding Rainbows! We were all so impressed with her research and the amount of writing she included. Bella also used paper to make a real rainbow.
  • Joseph proudly shared his research about Lizards. We learned that lizards come in 5 different species!
  • Nevada shared her research on Lop Eared Rabbits. We learnt so much about how to care for pet rabbits.
  • Aiden N shared his learning on space. We all learned that the earth has 7 layers.
  • Eva shared her information about tornadoes. We were impressed by their wind speed!
  • Jake presented his research on lizards. We learned that the Komodo dragon is found in Indonesia.
  • Nhu shared her learning about the scientist Alexander Fleming. We learned that he discovered penicillin. This discovery keeps many of us well.