Wednesday 14th March – Term 1 Week 7

Good morning everyone!

Please remember to book online for Parent Teacher Interviews occurring in Week 9.

Sports Day Forms are now due back also 🙂

Deakyn – Today is the 14th of March!


  • Raf – We were using the tennis rackets and we had to catch with the cones and then we had to catch with two tennis rackets
  • Bella –  We were trying to catch the balls with cones
  • Maddox – We used all the tennis rackets
  • Daniel – We did tennis!


Focus – Phonics ‘Fl’ blend.

Words we heard:

Sonnie – Float

Rehat – Flippers

Aiden – Fly and i know flower too.

Dion- flip

Ebony – Fish

Mia – Fisherman

Literacy groups

Write silly ‘Fl‘ sentences.

Handwriting the letter ‘Ff’

Word you know starting with ‘F’ or ‘fl’

Can you find ‘Fl‘ words in books – record and write your own sentence.

  • Jed – Flippers
  • Sampann – Fisherman
  • Kristina – Faster
  • Mai-Anh – Fish
  • Neisha – Frog

We continued this learning into our numeracy! After we finished making our name using MAB blocks we made words starting with ‘f’!

We had to remember to use the squares in our books and count how many blocks we use. Jed told us that it is easier to count in tens if you have a bigger name!


Thank you to Kristina, Llana, Keren and Kizia who led us in a Gratitude Prayer today. They shared videos the created of things they are grateful for and also asked the group.

  • Mia – Thank you for my mum and dad
  • Neisha – Thank you for my friends
  • Mary – Dear God, thank you for my cat
  • Joseph – Thank you for school


After recess we visited Mr McCarthy at the Fish Farm. He talked about all the new things happening over there. He noticed we had been learning all about turtles! There were lots of the things in the Fish Farm that actually live with real life turtles in the Billabongs like; shrimps, yabbies, cod etc! We had some time to meet Max the school turtle and explore the Fish Farm ourselves. Did you notice Fish Farm is actually two ‘f’ words?!


When we returned back to class we reflected on what we learnt! 


We took some time this afternoon to reiterate our sound of the day – F! We used our laptops to show our new learning. Once we had completed this, we finished off our second to last Learning Power work! 



  • Jake – “One day ago I went to the parade of lights in the city. On the building they showed up a video thing like a camera or light on the building. There was an Aboriginal one and a space one.

We had a look at a video of the lights and discussed how they make the buildings so bright! 


  • Llana – My speck of gold was playing with my friends
  • Sonnie – My speck of gold was going to Spanish
  • Jas – My speck of gold was playing tennis
  • Holly – My speck of gold was doing tennis!

Tuesday March 13 – Week 7!

Hi all!

We trust you had a wonderful weekend filled with many Specks of Gold!

Daksh: It is week 7!
Kurt: Today is the 13th of March 2018


The children used their learning powers of creativity and collaboration in log park today. Using the logs and lengths of fabric they created play scenes such as a baby nursery, campfire as well as a seesaw! 


What do you already know about turtles?

Rehat: Turtles change like in a life cycle from hatching the egg to coming into a grown up.

Kiziah: Turtles hatch in the night

Deakin: When turtles grow up they lay eggs.

Eva: They can swim.

We then used our curiosity to wonder and think about turtles and to pose questions about them.

What do I wonder…?

  • Ruby: I wonder if their shells change colour
  • Nevada: I wonder how old they can live up to
  • Ebony: I wonder how big turtles can get
  • Mia: I wonder if turtles can live to 100 years
  • Akemjot: I wonder how fast turtles can swim.
  • Jake: I wonder how old they can get
  • Nhu: I wonder how they make their own houses
  • Rehat: I wonder how their body works inside the skin
  • Mary: I wonder what they eat.
  • Cierra: I wonder how much eggs a turtle can hatch.
  • Daksh: I wonder how the turtles get their skin and their shells.


What does worth mean?

Jed: How much money it is.

Using 100, 10 and one’s blocks, Miss B made her name.

For example, to create the M, she used 2 lots of 10 blocks and 7 one blocks. The value of the letter M in her name is therefore worth 27.

We had a go at our own names!


PRAYER lead by Jaiden, Jed, Nathaniel and Dion

A video made by the boys was shown about Gratitude. They told us all the different things they are grateful for.

  • Joseph – Thankful for my family
  • Sonnie –  Thankful for my family
  • Neisha – Thank you for my kittens
  • Holly – Thankful for my friends
  • Magot – Thank you for my friends next door
  • Nhu – I am thankful for plants and food
  • Ashvarn – Thankful for the school
  • Nevada – Thankful to be alive
  • Kurt – Thank you for m friends


LITERACY – Story Time!

Over the past few weeks we have been looking at all the different parts to a story and how we plan for a successful story. Today it was time to began the writing!

At the end of our writing session we had some of our authors share their work;

  • Eva – “One day a white fluffy kitten loved going to the park. She loved going to the park because they had lots of toys there.”
  • Ann – “The Minecraft Person – Steve and his friends saw  a zombie. The parents went home and the zombie came back.” 

CLARA – Orientation to Learning 

Today we learnt more about the CLARA learning power of ‘Orientation to Learning’.

*Being open to new ideas and challenges

* Embracing learning and change rather than giving up or getting mad.

* Knowing that deep down, I can go on with learning when things get tough.

* Learning isn’t always easy but I’m ready for new ideas and new learning.

We watched a clip from the film ‘Cloudy with a  Chance of Meatballs’. In the clip, we see Flint upset because his friends laughed at his invention of spray on shoes. His mum encourages him to never give up and to embrace his originality. We then see Flint inventing many things from a flying car to rat birds and a monkey translator. All are brilliant failures but Flint never gives up his dream of inventing something amazing.

Flint after talking to mum;

  • Joseph – He tried to make something new
  • Jed – Ratbirds
  • Akemjot – He tried to make a flying car

Flint didn’t give up when he was trying! He had a strong orientation to learning because he knew learning is tough but this didn’t stop him from learning.

Our task was to create a poster with a Motto – A saying that inspires us for when our learning gets tough!

  • Mia – Try again
  • Jasmine – You can do it!
  • Sonnie – Never give up
  • Mai-Anh – Just do it!
  • Akemjot – I will never give up
  • Mary – I have to keep on trying
  • Lucas – I believe in myself
  • Daksh – Keep trying!
  • Nevada – I will always try and try again
  • Ann – You can do it
  • Jed – I can do it!


Sampann shared his holiday to Queensland. “We went to sea world and saw some animals underwater. This is a picture of a village but its a big wall. My mum and dad and me had a photo near a big coke. We went to the tallest building in the Gold Coast!

See you tomorrow 🙂

Friday 9th March – Week 6

Hi bloggers!

We hope you are keeping cool in this little patch of Autumn heat! Just a reminder there is no school on Monday for the Adelaide Cup. We will see you all Tuesday morning ready to begin Week 7!

Thank you to those who have returned their Sports Day Permission Forms. We are also in need of some parent volunteers for the day – we assure you it is great fun! 🙂

  • Jasmine: Today is Friday and we are having assembly


  • Akemjot: The whole assembly!
  • Raf: When that game was going and the illuminati came up
  • Natalie: The dance!
  • Jasmine: I liked the music at the end
  • Noah: I liked the part when the illuminati came
  • Ashvvarn: I liked The Chase
  • Kristina: I liked the bit when they had to draw and guess the teachers


Today in log park we saw SO MUCH creativity and collaboration!! The children worked so well together in groups, using their imagination and social skills. We saw children negotating with each other, being curios, questioning each other and lots of critical thinking aswell!

Cubbies, sea-saws, camps, homes and hospitals were seen!



Lead by Holly – Theme “at home”

“dear Lord thank you for my warm home and nice family. I know lots of people dont have a home so thankful”

Nhu – My home is nice and big i wish all people could have a home like mine.

Daksh – Thank you for my home so I can enjoy being with my family

Mia – Dear God Thank you for my nice home and my mum and dad.

Akemjot – Thank you for my family and friends.


Today we read the story ‘Welcome To Country.’

What might this story be about? Let’s look at the title and pictures for clues…

  • Llana: Different countries they go to
  • Libby: I think when they found the Aboriginals well when they found Australia
  • Kristina: It might be African people that they found a place where they can live
  • Jasmine: Different worlds
  • Ann: Maybe they’re travelling to different places to learn about them
  • Daksh: it might be about another country
  • Kurt: about nature
  • Tcross: visiting other places

What was the story teaching us?

  • Joseph: Making sure we know about the Kauna people
  • Ann: Telling us about not messing about with nature
  • Jed: I know someone who is Aboriginal in this school. We do the Kauna Acknowledgment for assembly.



On Tuesday we began speaking about Growth Mindsets.

  • Raf: We help each other
  • Natalie: Trying your best at doing something
  • Justin: Trying to help some
  • Noah: YES! I can do it
  • Llana: Yes I will never give up
  • Deakyn: I sometimes have some troubles and make mistakes but keep trying

We watched a Dojo Video about how mistakes make you smarter. 


It is such a hot day today…so we took a little extra time enjoying mindfulness today. Relaxing music was played as we coloured and drew…


Challenges were set by the teacher – in particular a focus on ADDITION!!! We were all up for the challenge!!


  • Andy: Playing laptop
  • Llana: My speck of gold is playing with Kiziah
  • Magot: My favourite thing is playing Prodigy
  • Daniel: My speck of gold was playing on my laptop
  • Lucas: My speck of gold is playing on Roblox


  • Deakyn: I am going camping! I will go in the pool because it is heated up. I will go with my cousin and brother
  • Libby: We have a family birthday!

Public Holiday Monday, school will resume as normal on Tuesday March 13 🙂

Thursday 8th March – Term 1 Week 6

Good morning all!

Whats happening today?

  • Mia  – Today is Thursday
  • Kurt – It is the 8th of March


Thank you to the parents who give their time to listen to us read. It is so important that we are reading each and every day, especially at home! Tomorrow we borrow new books in the library – don’t forget your black bags!


  • Christina – I did skipping
  • Lucas – i played footy with Daniel
  • Ann – Me and Bella were playing soccer with the goals
  • Deakyn – I was doing gymnastics
  • Nevada – I did walking
  • Dion – I was playing cricket
  • Cierra – I did running with Mrs Diotallevi


What is a number line?

  • Ann -its a number line
  • Daksh – it has numbers on it – some are big and some are small
  • Jasmine – how big and how small
  • Rehat – you can COUNT ON with a number line

What does it help us do?

  • Mia – it helps us to count
  • Rehat – to count


*Students were then given their own worded problem and a number line. They were asked to solve the problem using the number line and record it!



Aidan and Deakyn led us in a prayer about our pets today; we then reflected:

  • Daniel: Please look after my pets
  • Daksh: please keep my fish safe
  • Kurt: Dear God, please look after my pets, my bird, Amen
  • Ann: a prayer for my Goldfish

We all had a silent minute for the pets around the world.


What is research?

  • Joseph – When you want to find something out
  • Rehat – Go on the internet to find things
  • Jed – You could ask somebody
  • Nevada – Books
  • Ann – Information books

What is a life cycle?

  • Daksh – Little things going to bigger thigns
  • Nhu – It keeps happening
  • Mia – It keeps going around

What did we research?

  • Aidan – life cycle of a turtle, first it starts as a egg and then a baby, then an adult and then the adult lays an egg
  • Akemjot – jellyfish
  • Kurt – Kurt
  • Raf – turtle
  • Nevada and Cierra – Caterpillar to a butterfly
  • Dion – turtle
  • Ebony – egg to a turtle
  • Eva – caterpillar to a butterfly
  • Aiden – tadpole to a frog
  • Nhu – Egg to turtle
  • Tcross.- turtle
  • Natalie – Turtle
  • Holly – turtle
  • Jed – Jellyfish
  • Sukhman – tadpole to a frog
  • Sonnie – jellyfish
  • Daksh – turtle
  • Jasmine – Caterpillar to butterfly
  • Libby – jellyfish
  • tadpole to frog
  • Ann – jellyfish
  • Bella – turtle
  • Joseph – shark
  • Lucas – turtle
  • Ruby – egg to turtle
  • Neisha – turtle
  • Alex and Jaiden – Jellyfish
  • Jake – frog
  • Rhoda – Seed to sunflower
  • Rehat – Jellyfish
  • Kiziah – Jellyfish
  • Kristina – Jellyfish
  • Llana – Turtle
  • Keren – turtle

After looking at what the children were interested in, we noticed egg-turtle was very popular and children were wanting to know more!!

We will look deeper at the life cycle of a turtle and visit the fish farm turtles to find out even more!!

Today we did a guided meditation “the bubble journey”

How did I feel after?

Holly – I was calm

Keren – i felt calm and happy

Lana – I felt relaxed

Kristina – I felt relaxed and calm


Focus on fluency, expression and comprehension


  • Nevada  – I played teachers with Cierra and made a maths problem

  • Daniel – I was on my laptop with Kurt and drawing cartoons

  • Ashvarn – We made a house out of lego
  • Neisha – I did a hair salon with Ruby and Holly
  • Ann – Me and Bella were doing a tutorial on how to draw stuff



  • Nhu – Making in investigations
  • Cierra – Playing teachers with Nevada
  • Keren – When we were making
  • Kiziah – Making bracelets with Llana
  • Akemjot – My speck of gold is that I made a station
  • Llana – My speck of gold was making a straw bracelet
  • Mai-Anh – My speck of gold was playing with Andy
  • Holly –  My speck of gold was playing at recess and lunch

Wednesday 7th March – Week 6 Term 1

Good morning all!!


Sam’s Bush Journey

Book introduction – Dream time story

Rhoda – There were Aboriginal people that were going to the waterhole

Akemjot – It was really sunny there, Sam was dreaming that he was in the bushes

Nhu – He knew where to go in the bush

Tcross – the bush helped him have shade

Daksh – The bushes helped him to get berries to help him when he was hungry

Nevada – he found his way back to his nanas house

Rehat – The setting of the story was the forest and the house.

Mia – the characters were Sam and his grandma.

Comprehension with a peer – sit with a friend and discuss.

We then engaged in reading in small groups focusing on our fluency and expression.

PE – Tennis workshop


  • Ann – They showed us how to hold the ball and we had to hold it the right way and we kept going over and over
  • Joseph – We chose a partner and we had stick with the partner. My partner was Daniel. We first had to start with cones and then we got a ball and we were throwing the ball into each others cones.
  • Maddox – We played tennis
  • Nate – We had to let it bounce once and hit it


Thank you Holly, Aidan, Kristina, Daksh and Magot for setting up prayer. 

  • Joseph – I am happy because I get to learn
  • Sonnie – I had fun playing with Ashvarn at recess
  • TCross – I am grateful for all my friends and trees for air
  • Ann – I am grateful for my family
  • Jed – I am grateful for my life


Place Value with number cards

Connect Four using addition

Flip Tiles Investigation

Number formation with whiteboards and books

Roll, write and tally

  • Ann – Find the right number the matches the equals.
  • Sonnie – I learnt how to draw the numbers better.
  • Rhoda – I was doing the numbers with the tally. I learnt to do the tallying properly and rolling the dice and writing the numbers properly.
  • Neisha – I learnt how to make bigger numbers by adding numbers.
  • Daksh – I was writing numbers in words.
  • Jake – We had to match the circle things with the adding
  • Mary – Me and Mia were doing the two’s


We continued on with your prayer planning session from yesterday. We worked together to create our own prayers including photos, videos and passages from the Bible.


  • Keren – I liked making my prayer 
  • Cross – I liked making the prayer video with Natalie and Nhu
  • Daksh – I liked making the video with my friends
  • Jasmine  – Watching people get Dojo Points

Food from around the world!

Following on from the students independant research about their family culture – we found lots of children talking about their cultural food! Sukhman spoke lots about making traditional Indian breads with his peers and Akemjot spoke about samosas!!

We would like to extend an invite to families… would you be interested in cooking some traditional food with us? or talking to us about the food from your cultural background?

We would appreciate your input!!

Tuesday March 6 – Week 6 Term 1

Hey bloggers!

Yesterday we handed out Sports Day Permission Forms! Thank you so much to those who have already returned it. We need these back to ensure students can participate on the day (Thursday April 9 Week 11). 

  • Daksh – Today is Tuesday!
  • Jake – It is the 6 of March and we are in 2018. Tomorrow is Ed Sheeran!


  • Noah – We had to draw people who were good
  • Jed – We got to go on our laptops. We had to write and colour in which ones were no more bien and bien


  • Daksh – We did dancing
  • Rhoda – We did boom chicka boom
  • Rehat – We did a song called cha cha


Today we got some help from Mr. Dojo to explain to use how our brain is like a muscle. We can learn new things if we just give things a go!

We discussed how different a Growth Mindset can be to a Fixed Mindset. We are now looking to hear and see this type of language in our learning environment and at home! Miss B talked about how she sometimes struggles to draw different things but always tries to have a go! Ann said that we wasn’t really excited for taekwondo lessons but showed a growth mindset and didn’t give up!

For Prayer today we created our own Growth Mindset reflections/slogans with some quiet music in the background.


  • Nevada – I will never give up
  • Libby – Yes!
  • Aidan – I will never give up on drawing
  • Llana – Yes I will do not!
  • Jasmine – Never give up on writing


Mr Coad was with us after recess supporting our learning surrounding Narratives! We wre introduced in to the word Plot – The who what when where.

What is a comic?

Deakyn – Like comic life on the laptop!

A speech bubble, a cloud for thinking or a jagged word for an exclamation!

We had a guess at what some pictures might be saying;

Robot Man

  •  Akemjot – Stop
  • Ann – I am flying
  • Jasmine – Wait for me!

3 Eyed Man

  • Holly – What is that?
  • Jasmine – He he he

We were shown how to set up our own comics including the things we have been focussing on; setting, character, beginning, middle, end and solution.



Each day after recess we engage in prayer. Over the past week, some of us have been asking if we could run the prayer ourselves. This afternoon we had the chance to form a small group and and plan our own prayer session. We talked about what is included in a prayer session and how it may look.

Tomorrow we will continue the planning process 🙂


  • Kiziah – I liked making the prayer
  • Neisha – I liked doing my work today
  • Sukhman – I played with my friends
  • Joseph – My speck of gold was making my prayer group

Monday 5th of March – Term 1 Week 6

Hi all! 

We hope you had a lovely weekend filled with many specks of gold, we know ours were;

  • Magot – I played on my computer and I got to watch TV and I go outside and play when I am done
  • TCross – I went shopping in the city
  • Libby – I got a new drink bottle and went to Latitude!
  • Joseph – It was my birthday, now I am 7!

Welcome to Week 6! 

  • Nevada: It is now week 6!
  • Deakyn: Now it is Autumn and not Summer
  • Ashvarn: I came back from holiday. I came back on the 2nd of March.


We begin each Monday and Thursday with Come Read with Me. Thank you so much to those parents who come and volunteer their time and listen to us read 🙂


During our fitness session today, lots of us were interested in playing cricket! Ashvarn told us that he watches the Strikers each night. We will extend on this interest this week!


We looked at patterns using different numbers. Together we made a pattern starting at 0 and extending it by 2 each time. Our online practice helped us make a music pattern. We also looked at patterns using 3’s. We played the pattern and it made an interesting, continuous beat! 

  • Nevada: It made music
  • TCross: It went by 2’s

Our challenge today was to create different patterns including; adding by 2, adding by 3, adding by 5, adding by 10. They all need to start at 0.


Thank you to Neisha, Deakyn, Daksh, Aiden and Holly for setting up our Prayer Space today. Joseph and Kurt chose a prayer to share with the group called ‘Our Families.’ 

  • Neisha: I am thankful for my kitten
  • Ann: Dear God, thank you for my family because if I don’t have my family it would be really lonely living by myself. Amen


On Monday’s Mr Coad comes in to support us with our Literacy Learning. For the next few weeks we are going to be splitting into three different groups. The teachers have identified different things that we need to explore further.

Group 1 worked with Mr. Coad and Mrs Tropeano on different focus sounds.

Group 2 had some focussed Writer’s Workshop writing time. They then worked with Mrs Tropeano and learnt 4 rules for when to use a capital letter. We then edited a piece of writing together, correcting the use of capital letters.

Group 3 worked with Miss Battifuoco on extending our knowledge surrounding grammar. Our focus today was verbs. Ruby told us that ‘verbs are doing words.’  

Together we worked on completing sentences using an appropriate and funny verb! We then had a go at our own and consolidating our learning surrounding nouns, adjectives and verbs.  

Group Reflection

Group 1

  • Jaiden – We did some sounds – S, A, T, I, P
  • Daniel – We played with the blocks and put them on the letters. Like bingo
  • Mary – On my laptop we drew and wrote what the letters were

Group 2

  • Ann – We learned when we could use capital letters and when we can’t
  • Nevada – After a full stop you always have to use a capital letter to start a new sentence
  • Cierra – You need it for the word ‘I’
  • Jed – We needed to use it for people’s names and places

Group 3

  • Daksh – We did nouns and verbs and adjectives and with sentences with different colours
  • Nhu – A verb is a doing word
  • Reheat – Running, walking, jumping,


We learnt more about the ‘Rainbow Breath’ technique which calms our minds and bodies.


  • Jed – Continued doing where my family was from in my country
  • Ann – Me and Bella were making a tutorial on how to draw kids stuff
  • Mia – Me, Rehat, Rhoda and Mary did a show with a robot
  • Kristina – We were drawing with our laptops and then after that we played teachers
  • Akemjot – I made a car which has an engine and it needs like a brake to work which I will find out where it is
  • TCross – Nhu, Natalie and me were using lego to make country things. Nhu made a ship, Natalie made an aeroplane and I made a house from Burma.


A big happy 7th birthday to Joseph for Saturday – thanks for sharing lollipops with us at the end of the day 🙂 

Friday 2nd of March – Term 1 Week 5



  • Jed – When my sister talked
  • Akemjot – I liked the dance
  • Samurai – I liked the feather
  • Mary – I liked the story


At fruit time Cierra ate 3 bananas Lucas ate 5 apples. Akemjot ate 6 grapes. How many pieces of fruit altogether? 


  • Nevada – You could use pop sticks to count them
  • TCross – You could use lines


Akemjot read a special prayer about Autum.


We then shared why we were thankful for Autum

  • Mia – Thank you for the colourful leaves
  • Cierra – for the weather being not too hot not too cold
  • Nevada – i like Autumn because its getting out of the hot season
  • Akemjot – I like Autumn because its not very hot
  • Dion – its nice weather
  • Deakyn – Autumn is nice the leaves falling down from the trees
  • Daksh – I like Autum because of the old leaves falling down and new leaves growing

Sampann read a prayer about happy times.

  • Nathaniel – You help someone like they are on  cliff but you help with being a good friend
  • Jasmine – you can help make friends
  • Libby – You aren’t alone you have people on your heart when you are playing alone
  • Ann – When you’re alone you’re not actually alone there are friends that like you

Reading with fluency and expression – Don’t read like a Robot.

Mini lesson on how to read with expression, we watched the below clip:

Students then practised reading using fluency and expression while we were in the library.

We got into groups and and acted out scenes using expression and using our robot voices with no expression! We agreed expression was much more exciting! 



Sarah and the Steep Stope

  • Jasmine – It could be Mount Everest

After reading the story we reflected;

  • Jed – Using your imagination! Slopes can be really hard
  • Ann – It was helping others when they need it
  • Lucas – Her friends helped
  • Jasmine – How hard it could be to get up a steep slope

Reflecting on our Library Book for the week – When have we helped someone do something?

  • Nathaniel – I helped my cousin with a baseball challenge


What is it for?

  • Deakyn – It is for money
  • Ann – It is for homeless people so they can have money for a house

Students who are the eldest in the family have been given a Project Compassion box to raise money for those who need it most over Lent. Please give all you can and bring back the box before Easter 🙂


To end our day our big buddies set up some activities for us on the oval!


  • Jed – Playing with my brother
  • Lucas – Getting the egg
  • Holly – Playing at recess and lunch