Monday 10th September 2018 – Week 8 Term 3

Hi all! Welcome to Monday September 10!

Can you believe we are already in Week 8?! Time flies when you are having fun and learning so many new and exciting things!


We began our morning with some independent and group reading. Teachers use this time to listen to different students read and give them individual tips to support their reading.


This morning we explored the character strength of spirituality.

Jasmine: I think spirit means a ghost

Mary: What is inside you.

Libby: What is in your heart

Ashvarn: I think it means being strong.

What is one thing that you really believe in that helps you make decisions?

Libby: God

Mary: I really believe in love

Rehat: I believe in my heart.

We then watched a clip from the movie ‘Babe: Pig in the City’.

What is Babe trying to do?

Sampann: Trying to get eaten by the dog.

Aidan: He is trying not to get eaten by the angry dog.

What do you think happens at the end?

Cierra: He jumped in to save the dog.

Ashvarn: He jumped in to help the dog.

What do you think Babe’s spirit was telling him to do?

Jasmine: Save the dog

Libby: Be kind even though the dog was trying to eat him.

Rehat: I think Babe’s spirit was saying that if you save someone else’s life it can save your own too.

Nhu: Even though the dog was chasing the pig, the pig still helped him.

Jasmine: I think the pig decided to help the dog because he believes in kindness.


Mrs Tropeano, Miss B and Mr Coad worked with children, conferencing with them on writing conventions such as punctuation, genre structure and spelling patterns to help them write their own books independently.


Akemjot chose the song ‘These Hands‘ for us to sing during prayer. We then shared our own, special prayers.

Ashvarn: Dear God, thank you for houses. Amen

Mary: Dear God, thank you for our spirits so we can think and feel the love. Amen.

Libby: Thank you God for the trees and spring because without the trees we wouldn’t have any oxygen. Amen.

Nathaniel: Thank you for the world so we can live. Amen.


Today we explored what we already know about time and recorded our current understandings in our numeracy journal.

Sampann: There is also quarter past and quarter to and half past.

Dion: There is a big hand and small hand and they go on numbers to show time.

Kim: Time is when you do stuff. I play with toys at 8 o’clock in the night time.

Ruby: We use time to remember when to go to places to do stuff.

Neisha: I use time to remember things.

Sukhman: I go to bed at 8 o’clock.


We joined our buddies after lunch to learn a song in Vietnamese. Miss Hong was very helpful in teaching us the words. We can’t wait to share this with you next Friday.


Later, we finished making our moon lanterns whilst others continued with their inquiry investigations.


Rhoda: I liked going to our buddies to practice the Moon Lantern song with Miss Hong.

Keren: My speck of gold was playing with Llana and Mary. We felt squishes.

Nevada: Today I loved playing with Eva, Ebony and Cierra at the summer shop.

Jasmine: My speck of gold is playing with Bella and pretending to be a cat.

Friday 7th September – Week 7 term 3

Good morning everyone and welcome to Friday!!!


The theme for today’s assembly was ‘gratitude’

We discussed this and did our own gratitude reflection:

  • Holly: my family and friends
  • Lucas: My family
  • Maddox: Dogs
  • Raf: My friends
  • Chelsea: My mum and Dad
  • Akemjot: My friends


In today’s library lesson we read a beautiful story called ‘The Heart of a Whale.’ by Anna Pignataro.

The story highlighted how special and unique a whale’s song actually is. We listened to this sound because lots of us wondered what it sounded like.

We then borrowed our books for the week. Please remember to bring your black bags to school every day! 🙂


Holly and Akemjot led the class in prayer today – they shared a special prayer about ‘our homes’. Thanking Lord for our homes, keeping our homes safe and for our neighbors.

  • Nevada: thank you for my home, Amen
  • Deakyn: Dear God thank you for my friends, Amen
  • Nhu: Dear God, please help my neighbour so she doesn’t feel sick, Amen
  • Aidan: Dear God thank you for my goldfish, Amen
  • Rhoda: Dear God thank you for my neighbours, Amen


We had some literacy time. Children continued with their writers workshop books.

Mrs Diotallevi worked with guided reading group Aiden, Dion and Sonnie during this time. We practiced chunking and some interesting comprehension questions to think critically!!


Today we began the construction component!

Have a lovey weekend!!




Thursday 6th September – Term 3 week 7

Good morning everyone and welcome to Thursday.


Readingread with the teacher, read with a parent, read with your friends or read by yourself…

Children had some time to ENJOY their readers and story books!!

Some children then moved onto ‘Teach my monster to read’.

Writers workshop

Children continued being authors of their own books. Teacher sat with small groups of children conferencing. We spoke about editing books ready to be published. We worked together with the children to edit and add more to their books!! It was fantastic to see children adding exclamation marks and speech marks too.

We saw books about roblox, food, best friends, scary books and funny books!!



Mrs Diotallevi read – The peace book by Todd Parr modelling fluency and expression.

Our reflections on the story:

Magot: Peace is having the school altogether

Kim: Peace is being helpful and calm

Libby: Peace is when you ask someone if they could be your friend

Deakyn: peace is quiet, calm and silent

Kristina: peace is smiling

Nate: Peace is giving shoes to people who need them


Hail Mary.

Who is Mary?

Akemjot: Mary is the Mother of God and Jesus

Ashvarn: Mary is a mother of God and then Jesus was born

Libby: Mary would be kind to poor people

Ashvarn: She is a kind girl and gives things to poor people, and she spent money on poor people

Holly: Mary was kind

Jasmine: i think Mary was a kind person

Any special prayers?

Libby: Dear God thank you for the world and for people who made school, Amen

Kim: Thank you God for all the teachers so they help us to write, Amen

Akemjot: Dear God thank you for my baby brother, Amen

Ashvarn: Thank you for my baby brother, Amen



What animals are at the show?

  • Rhoda: Horses
  • Joseph: pigs
  • Holly: cows
  • Nevada: Horses
  • Jed: sheep
  • Libby: chickens
  • Aidan: baby chicks
  • Aiden: Goats
  • Ebony: Alpacas

What animal interests you to learn more about?

  • Jasmine: cows
  • Natalie: pigs
  • Jed: sheep
  • Libby: horse
  • Jaiden:pigs
  • Dion: sheep
  • Andy: chickens
  • Deakyn: Bulls
  • Nevada: pigs
  • Aidan: Pigs
  • Ebony: alpacas
  • Nhu: Horse
  • Holly: pigs
  • Sukhman: Horse
  • Akemjot: Horse
  • Ashvarn: Horse
  • Lucas: Pigs
  • Magot: Pigs
  • Nate: Horse
  • Noah: Pigs
  • Kristina: Horse
  • Kim: Horse
  • Llana: pigs
  • Bella: chickens
  • Mai-Anh: Horse
  • Raf: Chickens
  • Rhoda: Alpacas
  • Samurai: Cows



Children investigated an animal of their choice.


We did a quick dance to get our bodies moving!!



If you were given $75 for the show how would you spend it?

Dont forget your entry price!!



Relaxation music played while we focused on our breathing!!

Click on the link below if you would like information about the importance of being mindful!



Below is the song we are singing at the Moon Lantern festival assembly in week 9.


Children had time to enjoy investigations, share their ideas, negotiate with others, extend oral language and express creativity!!


Today my speck of Gold was:

  • Nevada: was making a school with Ebony and Ruby
  • Aidan: My speck of gold was investigations
  • Llana: playing teachers with Holly, Bella and Jasmine and Kristina
  • Libby: Was going to my singing lessons
  • Mai-Anh: Playing with my brother on the oval
  • Deakyn: was playing basketball
  • Nate: My specks of gold was playing with joesph
  • Akemjot: was playing geometry dash
  • Holly: Playing teachers with Bella and Lana, Jasmine and Kristina in investigation time.


We hope you all had fun today 🙂 🙂

Wednesday 5th September – Week 7 term 3

Good morning everyone and welcome to Wednesday!

Whats happening today?



  • Raf –  I did the trampoline
  • Sampann – There was a red thing and then you have to walk to half of the red thing and balance with one foot
  • Mai-Anh – I played with the ribbons with Kim
  • Ash – I went on the wall then someone has to put a bean bag on your head for five seconds and then come down


Mrs Diotallevi spent time with:

Holly, Tcross, Sukhman and Kiziah

Imagine being there

What was something interesting?

Tcross: that all the roads were swirling around

Kiziah: the alleyway was quiet but could only hear a rat sniffing for food

Holly: In the deserted house there was a cat living in there that didn’t have its own house.

Sukhman: the country village is on a winding road and houses far away.

We continued to focus on Chunking unknown words, the meaning of new words aswell as fluency and expression!!

Other children worked within their guided reading groups.

2IB focussed on the main character of the story and what the problem in the story was! 


When have you used positive thinking? 

  • Libby – I hoped that I would be able to get something at the shop
  • Mary – I thought something good would happen when my mum was sick and she got better
  • Kim – I hoped I would get something at night time and my mum gave me a toy
  • Ash – I hoped that my mum and dad would give me a present for my birthday and they give me one
  • Joseph – I thought that my nonno’s birthday was going to be bad but it was good. All my cousins were being good
  • Rehat – I hoped I went to the beach and I did


We did a plan of our moon lanterns:


We had a quick 15minutes outside! time to play a game of footy, skip, explore at log park, go for a run, chat with friends etc etc…. sunshine was glorious!!


Today we extended our map learning from yesterday. Yesterday we used the Royal Show Maps to find 10 different locations. Today we were given a few different co-ordinates and had to search for them!

We showed a growth mindset and rose to the challenge!



Thank you for a lovely day all 🙂

Terrific Tuesday September 4 – Week 7 Term 3

Hi all!

Welcome to the fourth day of Spring and the sun is shining this morning for us!


Ruby: The teacher put some songs and then we danced.

Nevada: In music we did the ‘Hello, Good Day!’ song.

Aiden N: I used my zest because I had energy.

Aidan W: I used my zest because we were doing songs and I was excited.

Kiziah: We read a book and we danced. I used my zest.


We sang the song ‘Every Move I make’ and then reflected on people in our lives that live and help us as Jesus did.

Nathaniel: My parents are my favourite because they keep me healthy. Amen

Kiziah: Thank you for my mum and dad because they take care of me. Amen.

Llana: Dear God, thank you for my mum and dad so they can drop me off at school. Amen.

Mary: Dear God, thank you for my family and my friends because they help me. Amen.

Ashvarn: My parents are my favourite because they make my clubs raise money for my cricket. Amen.


We continued our exploration of the Royal Adelaide Show by viewing and exploring the map of the Showgrounds.

What can you see on the map?

Ruby: Showbag hall

Libby: Pet centre

Sonnie: Showbag hall and my sister said she will put me on the crazy rides if we go.

Ashvarn: Train

Aiden N: I’ve had that map before.I see toilets.

Deakyn: Lifestyle next to number 9.

Nathaniel: Ferris wheel.

On the map there are letters and numbers to help us find things at the show.

Where is the kids carnival?

Alex: E4

Where is showbag hall?

Rafael: N10

With a partner we worked together to find 10 different attractions on the map. We then recorded the coordinates for where the attractions are on the map.


Before we got the chance to begin our own writing, we discussed an important part of making our writing successful – Capital Letters! Together we made some corrections to a short passage of writing.

Next we continued writing our books. Some of us edited our use of capital letters in our books.


We viewed some footage from the Royal Adelaide Show. The clip showed the various exciting rides, different side shows, different animals, show food and competitions! We used this as inspiration for our investigations…

  • Raf, Magot, Nathaniel, Jed, Sukhman and Jaiden all used Minecraft to create their own carnival. There were things like show bag halls and animal pavilions.
  • Bella and Kristina created a roller coaster!
  • Kim and Mai-Anh created their own candy show bag!
  • Libby created a dance to be performed at the show


  • Kristina – At the shops I buy these Crown ice creams. They are my favourite food because I like them. Sometimes I get to eat them. I first had it when I was little. It was yum.

Thanks for a great day! See you tomorrow – don’t forget PE uniform! 

Monday September 3 – Week 7 Term 3!

Hi bloggers and a big, happy, exciting…. 


As the Royal Adelaide Show hits our city over the next 10 days, we thought we would bring the show into our classroom! The learning opportunities, exciting provocations and engaging investigations just could not be passed up, and let’s face it, who doesn’t love the show?!


We began our day with reading. We read independently, with a partner or to our teachers. Miss B and Mrs T also continued to do running records with some of us to see how our reading is progressing.


  • Dion: I went to a birthday party for 4 hours.
  • Sonnie: I was super excited because I gave a present to my dad and he loves the lolly ‘knots’ and I gave him M&M’s and he said I could have some.
  • Ann: I was excited because my mum said my Grandma and Grandpa were coming to Adelaide.
  • Deakyn: I was at a hotel and I was excited because I went for a swim in the pool.
  • Miss B then shared a photo of her playing football as this is where she uses her character strength of ‘zest’.


We continued to write our own books during this time and conferenced with our teachers where we discussed the structure of our books, spelling and grammar.


  • Llana – Dear God, thank you for my friends so they can support me. Amen.
  • Mary – Dear God, thank you for Llana, Kiziah and Keren to be my friends because they help me when I am stuck
  • Deakyn – Dear God, thank you for my friends so I can play with them
  • Kim – Thank you for baby brothers so when they grow up they can play together
  • Keren – Dear God, thank you for my friends so they can help me
  • Akemjot – Dear God, thank you for my best friends Ashvarn, Sukhman, Justin and Daniel


We viewed a clip about the Royal Show! In the clip was examples of rides, foods and different attractions at the show. We used our five senses to record what we might hear, see, touch, taste, smell and feel. 

  • KimI would feel the bumping cars when I bump and shove because I went with my dad and we keep on bumping my family and other cars.
  • NathanielI would taste everything to see if it is candy. I would also taste chips.
  • KiziahI would smell some fairy floss.
  • JakeI would feel zest.
  • DeakynI would taste meat and chips and smell popcorn.
  • RubyI would hear the sound of the rides.
  • NeishaI will go on the monster trucks and I would see them.


We had the opportunity to look at some of the current show bags and then create our own using our 100 languages! We had to outline what our show bag would be and how much we would sell it for.

  • Ashvarn is creating a Fortnite showbag
  • Llama’s squishy show bag will be a hit!
  • Mary is making a show bag all about love
  • Kim and Mai-Anh are making candy show bags
  • Ann made a showboat called ‘Cat’ and it is for $25
  • Joseph made a show bag called ‘Dog’ and it even gives you money to buy a dog!
  • Magot’s show bag was filled with paper creations and he wants to sell it for $5.50
  • Cierra’s donut show bag is going to be $10

We ended our day by wishing Kurt and Maddox a Happy 8th Birthday! Thank you for bringing in treats to share with the class.

Fun Friyay August 31 – Week 6 Term 3!

Hi all! Welcome to Friyay August 31!

Today we have a super busy day with the Father’s Day Stall, Rainbow Wrap making and Catch-Up School Photos!


  • Sampann – I liked the dad jokes alert
  • Ash – I liked the dad jokes
  • Magot – I like the national anthem

Why is your dad special? 


Looking after our environment. We looked at the data from KEESAB about the bins at Holy Family…below is the data collated from our schools bins!

Why should we change this?


How could we change this?


Children then did a reflection on how they could make change happen here at Holy Family!!!





What would you do if YOU were Prime Minister?

  • Mary – I would give poor people some more money so they could buy food.
  • Kurt – I would give money to the poor.
  • Sonnie – I would put bubble wrap around everywhere you walk so it would sound funny and pop when you walk, it would make you laugh
  • Holly – I would make lots of healthy food for everyone.
  • Tcross – I would make sure everyone had enough money and there is no bad people, I would want everyone to feel safe.
  • Cierra – I would build robots to do all the jobs so people could spend more time with their families
  • Nhu – All the foods would be free in the shops, a big fence around Australia to keep us safe.
  • Akemjot – I would make shops near homes so you don’t have to drive far
  • Chelsea – I would give everyone cake – ALL around the world!!
  • Jake – I would make the world have no money so everything was for free.
  • Ebony – I would clean the seas everyday, so all the sea animals had clean homes.
  • Aidan – I would help everyone to be rich so they can have food.
  • Sukhman – I would let everyone play on their laptops, even on a school day.
  • Dion – I would teach everyone how to play soccer.
  • Aiden – I would be just like Donald Trump, I would be a good boss
  • Magot – I would give all the poor people a house
  • Kristina – I would let the whole world rich
  • Jed – I would make the rule that you can only play soccer every second of the day
  • Libby – I would give half of my money to the poor people
  • Sampann – If I were the PM I would do every day is a holiday!
  • Ann – If you see poor people you have to donate money
  • Llana – I would save people so they are safe
  • Neisha – I would give every kid an ice cream


Firstly we made our delicious wraps using healthy RAINBOW ingredients.

We had grain wraps, carrots, purple cabbage, corn, lettuce, mushrooms, sprouts, ham, chicken, cheese and mayo!!


After making the wraps we recorded a PROCEDURE of how to make them!


  • Nevada – My speck of gold was making donuts with Cierra
  • Holly – My speck of gold was rainbow wraps
  • Kurt – My speck of gold was making rainbow wraps
  • Sonnie – My speck of gold is playing with Daniel and Aiden
  • Eva – My speck of gold is playing with Ebonie
  • Mary – My speck of gold is playing with Kiziah, Keren and Llana
  • Dion – My speck of gold is playing with Lucas and Jed
  • Jasmine – My speck of gold was playing with Ann and Bella
  • Ash – I was playing Minecraft with

Happy weekend everyone!!!

Thursday 30th August – Week 6 term 3

Hello and welcome to Thursday week 6 term 3!!



My Dad by Anthony Browne

My Dad is…..

  • Rehat:

Children were then invited to create something for their Dad/special person for fathers day, using their 100 languages.

What special day is happening this weekend?

Libby: Father’s Day

Does anyone have anything they would like to share about their dad?

Jasmine: My dad works at a farm to get a lot of money for the family.

Nathaniel: My dad likes to get on his bike and ride to my aunty’s and he has a little scooter.

Akemjot: My dad likes to go to work and he comes home late.

Holly: My dad likes to play with me outside.

Kristina: I like my dad because he loves me.

Ashvarn: My dad is about to be a police officer.

Cierra: My dad’s joyful and fun to be around and he loves building.

Alex: My dad is good at Terraria.

Mary: My dad’s job is to collect blood and he still has time for me. He sometimes when he cooks dinner he lets me eat some.

Deakyn: My dad works at a car place near Bunnings.

Rehat: My dad is serious about things. I like going somewhere with him.

Dion: I like kicking the ball with my dad.

Libby: My dad loves playing football.


Today we viewed another story about making bread.!/media/30321/how-do-you-make-bread-


Rehat: Please don’t leave us alone. Please always be there to help us. Amen.

Llana: Thank you for my friends and family so they can support me. Amen.

Mary: Thank you for my new friend Chelsea and my friends Kiziah and Llana. Amen.

Nathaniel: I love my dad because he is silly. Amen.

Ashvarn: I thought about the story that he prayed and then he got the things. Amen.


what is perimeter?

Nevada: It’s like all around something

What did we discover yesterday?

Jed: That the oval was 503 steps and also the soccer goal.

Rehat: When I measured the perimeter of the oval it was 1587 steps.

Ashvarn: I measured the footy goals and it was 18 steps.

Nathaniel: I measured log part and it was 325 steps.

We then measured the perimeter of our laptop in 3 different ways, one of which must be in centimetres using a ruler. 


tomorrow we are going to make rainbow wraps. Look at the food pyramid….

How can we include all the foods from the pyramid?

Rehat: Dairy

Nevada: Fruit

Ruby: Protein

Nathaniel: Dairy

Akemjot: Grain

Can you help by creating a shopping list?

Nevada: Cucumber

Kurt: Carrot

Sonnie: Mandarin

Libby: Chicken

Rehat: Ham

Lucas: Lettuce

Children then recorded a list of foods they would include in their ‘ultimate rainbow wrap’.

Jed – chicken, mayonnaise, lettuce, carrot, cucumber and cheese.
Samurai – salad and carrot.
Maddox – chicken, lettuce
Nathaniel – pineapple, taco meat, yoghurt on the side
Ashvarn – banana, pear, apple and a carrot
Ann – carrot, lettuce, tomato and cucumber
Lucas- carrot, lettuce, tomato, cucumber and ham.
Noah – carrot, lettuce, ham, cucumber and chicken.
Jasmine – tomato, melon and corn.
Kristina – lettuce, chicken, carrot, cucumber, green bell pepper
Bella – corn, lettuce, carrot, chicken.


We continued with our play-based personal inquiry investigations this afternoon:

Jasmine, Bella, Ann and Holly: Making their own 3D birds-eye view house with their own characters.

Jaiden and Aiden: Making a 3D birds-eye view of a house with two bedrooms, yard, kitchen and a bath.

Nevada, Cierra, Ebony and Eva: Continued to build their friendship bracelet shop. They included signage on the screen and had their customers write down their order for the colour friendship bracelet, ring or pom pom they wanted. In the corner, they were busy making them whilst their customers sat on chairs and waited for their order. It got so busy with orders, they had to close the shop!

Samurai and Maddox: Built a zoo using blocks. We discussed the different animals in their zoo. Samurai said ‘the eagle is on the watch tower’.


We hope you all had a great day!!