Our Wonder Wall

Today we asked the students what they wonder. They then thought about this and wrote out some questions. We then added these to our Wonder Wall. The students then went to find out what they wondered.

Learning through Play

This week students have continued to explore different provocations to develop authentic understanding and meaning of a range of topics. The children are so articulate during these sessions and thoroughly enjoy this playful approach to learning. Students are able to document their progress using their laptops (pictures, videos, written notes, iMovie etc) and by writing in their books. Importantly, students reflect afterwards about what they have learned, how their ideas have changed and what they want to learn about next time.

2PN Liturgy

Thank you to all the parents and grandparents who attended our liturgy today. The readers did a fantastic job and all participated positively.


Today students investigated number value using money. Children were given the option to use their 100 languages to showcase their understanding of money. Some children chose to use plastic play money, pictures using their laptop, or do draw their own coins.

Students were give a problem to solve and by using their 100 languages and numeracy skills they were able to come up with a range of different answers for the following problem:


Living Things- Science Play

Today we set out some provocations around the theme of ‘Living Things’ for science.

Students came in and went around the provocations to find something that they were interested in and wanted to find out more about.

Here is what we set up:

We then asked the students to pose questions about a topic of interest. They then went to ‘find out’ and recorded their findings using their 100 languages.

Numeracy Investigation – Stack them up!

This morning students were given a problem which required them to use their problem solving skills. The solution had many different possibilities, so it was great to see what the children came up with. Below is the problem.

In order to help differentiate learning students were then given the opportunity to look at a further three hints to help them. As below:

The following pictures showcase how your child attempted to solve this problem:

Investigative Play

Today we had an investigative play session. We set out the following 9 provocations for the children:

Here are some photos of the students playing, creating and exploring:

At the end of the session, students reflected on their learning.


Happy New Year – Chúc Mừng Năm Mới

Today we celebrated New Year by reading ‘Our New Year Dragon’.

Students then created their own New Year drum depicting the year of the Pig.

We wish everyone and their families a happy New Year – Chúc Mừng Năm Mới