Harmony Day

This Friday we are celebrating Harmony Day. Students are invited to wear traditional/cultural clothing and/or something orange. To celebrate the day our class (JW & PN) will be having a shared lunch, students are asked to bring a plate of food that represents their culture. We would also like to encourage nude food practices and ask that students bring their own plate and cuttlery for them to eat with. This will save us from using paper/paper plates and plastic cutlery.

St Patrick’s Day

Today we celebrated Saint Patrick’s Day. We first watched a short movie about Saint Patrick’s life. Students then used their ‘100 languages’, to present their learning about Saint Patrick’s Day.

Churchfields The Village School – Letters to the Woodpecker Class

The students of 2JW & 2PN had a go at writing a letter addressed to The Woodpecker Class (5-7 year olds) of Churchfields The Village School based in Wiltshire, England. This was the first time a lot of our students had written a letter. Our students were given choice with how they presented their letter to which they used their creativity accordingly.

We are also preparing a video which shows some interesting things about Australia which our students have prepared using their 100 languages.

Shrove Tuesday

Today we celebrated Shrove Tuesday, the day before Lent begins. Tomorrow we will have our Ash Wednesday whole school mass at 11:15am in the hall. All welcome.

Student Sharing

Since the beginning of the year we have encouraged students to share their work with the class. By doing this we have allowed students to proudly display what they have done, whilst developing their oral language in a safe environment. Here are just a few pictures from last week of students (randomly selected) sharing their country inquiry.

Week 5 Play