Churchfields The Village School – Letters to the Woodpecker Class

The students of 2JW & 2PN had a go at writing a letter addressed to The Woodpecker Class (5-7 year olds) of Churchfields The Village School based in Wiltshire, England. This was the first time a lot of our students had written a letter. Our students were given choice with how they presented their letter to which they used their creativity accordingly.

We are also preparing a video which shows some interesting things about Australia which our students have prepared using their 100 languages.

3 thoughts on “Churchfields The Village School – Letters to the Woodpecker Class

  1. Thank you to 2JW and 2PN you have worked so hard, your letters are fantastic. I can’t wait to share them with Woodpeckers today. Hope Mr Winters gave you some extra golden time!
    It’s a very windy and wet morning here.
    Enjoy your sunshine.
    Thanks again.
    Mrs Artus in Woodpecker Class.

  2. Hi,
    Just thought we would let you know Woodpeckers loved reading the letters today. Thank you again.
    Alot of questions asked! Including, What is the oval? What does the fish farm look like? They were lovely letters.
    Woodpeckers are looking forward to seeing the video. We’ll be starting our letters next week as we have science week this week so we have alot going on. We’re hoping Woodpecker’s letters will be complete by Easter at the latest for you.
    Can’t wait to see the video, very exciting!

    Have a lovely day.
    From everyone in Woodpecker class.

  3. Tuesday 2nd April 2019.
    Dear 2JW and 2PN.
    Hi, I’m Dylan.
    I am also 6. My favourite game is hide an seek. We do forest school and we also have yummy smores.
    I love school! We have a swimming pool that we can only use in the summer.
    We can’t go outside today because it is raining.
    Do you have fish and chips on Fridays because we do?
    From Dylan xxx

    Woodpecker class

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