4th June by Rowena

Today we did Spanish. We had to draw Cinco De Mayo people. We get to have a choice of doing a boy or a girl or both.

After Spanish we did Music. We learnt about rhythm & we used Xylophones to play songs. We also watched last week’s video about rhythm again.

After Recess we finished our report reflections. Most of us have finished but some people haven’t finished. After you finish your report reflections you get to play Prodigy. Prodigy is an online game that 2JW & 2PN play to learn math.

After fruit we learnt about division with a twist which was Pokemon & Minecraft!!!! We had fun doing it. We also are happy to learn something new.

After lunch we finished our math. We are excited to learn upper primary math. It was division on our laptops. After we finished our math we learnt about comparing materials. We looked at cars, boats and planes!


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