Monday 24th June by Olivia and Abby

Today we went to sport we were playing a ball game it was so much fun!

Then we went to the library Mr Noris read a story it was called In the Dress-up box. Then Mr Noris read another book called Mony the Pony rescue a Joie then we got our own books some of the students read with the teacher.

When we went back to the class room we had recess we went to play. 

Then we did our spelling.

Then we learnt what a verb is. A verb is a word that we can do. The teacher gave us a Flipchart. He gave us 2 examples then we went to eat fruit then we came to the class room and did our verbs then we ate our lunch and we went to play.

After lunch we had prayer. After prayer we did some work on fractions. We got to play a game about a pizza shop showing fractions. After that we played a cahoot quiz game as a class about fractions.

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