Tuesday 25th June by Rowena

Today we did Spanish & we finished our Cinco De Mayo drawings. Some people played with lego & puzzles. Some people played Spanish internet games like “Spanish Word Toss”.

At music we learnt about the speed of music. The speed of music is called “Tempo”. We watched Episode 5 of The Music Show. We also talked about the things we have learnt in the past such as beat, high & low notes.

Presto = Fast

Largo = Slow

Moderato = Medium

After recess we finished our Verbs. Then after you finish your Verbs like me you have to write sentences with verbs in them or you can write a story with verbs in it.

After fruit we learnt more about fractions. We used number lines. It was fun. I learnt a lot of new things about fractions.

After lunch we finished our Transport Inquiry. Even the people who finished it had to do it. They had to add more detail.

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