Tuesday, 20th August, by Ella and Alphonsa

At Music we did a song called juices juices green grass. After that we did the hockey pocky. Then we did a music colouring sheet, we had to try and find the instrument and the music notes. 

After Music we went to Spanish and we played some fun games.

After recess we did writer’s workshop and then our literacy investigations. 

We then went out for fitness and then we did 3d shapes and we have to find the faces, corners, and edges.

Then we went out for lunch then we did a little bit of our water wheels. We then learnt about the church. We had design our own church. 

Tuesday 13th August by Rowena and Vi

Today at Spanish class we learnt about Los Colores. We played Spanish Word Toss & we also played Spanish Helping Games on a website called https://www.helpfulgames.com/subjects/spanish/263-colors-in-spanish.html. It was a very fun lesson.

At Music we played songs on the Marimba & Miss Crisp’s Xylophones. We played three songs & they were very fun. Then the people using the Marimba swapped with the people who were using Miss Crisp’s Xylophones.

After Recess we showed the teacher our Literacy Investigations from yesterday. Then we did our Writer’s Workshop.

After we did our Writer’s Workshop we did Literacy Investigations for Tuesday. The activity I have to do is Spelling.

After Fruit we did more learning about Shapes. It was really fun learning about Shapes this week.

Wednesday 31st July, by Ella and Socheata

When we got to school we did reading. We had to read our readers or novels. You aren’t meant to talk you are meant to be silent.

After, we did our Literacy Investigations. We had to do Spelling, Reading response, grammar and word knowledge or Visual Literacy.

After Recess we did dream excursion, that’s where we think were we wanna go on our excursion then we do the time in our Flipchart.

After Lunch we did healthy food, junk food and sometimes food we are using traffic lights. Green means all the time, orange is sometime foods and red is not everyday food.