Tuesday 13th August by Rowena and Vi

Today at Spanish class we learnt about Los Colores. We played Spanish Word Toss & we also played Spanish Helping Games on a website called https://www.helpfulgames.com/subjects/spanish/263-colors-in-spanish.html. It was a very fun lesson.

At Music we played songs on the Marimba & Miss Crisp’s Xylophones. We played three songs & they were very fun. Then the people using the Marimba swapped with the people who were using Miss Crisp’s Xylophones.

After Recess we showed the teacher our Literacy Investigations from yesterday. Then we did our Writer’s Workshop.

After we did our Writer’s Workshop we did Literacy Investigations for Tuesday. The activity I have to do is Spelling.

After Fruit we did more learning about Shapes. It was really fun learning about Shapes this week.

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