Tuesday 3rd September, by Abby and Mia

On Tuesday we went to music and Spanish.  In music we watched a video and had fun. Then we danced to the beat. There were quarter notes and eighth notes. We also started learning about hand signs called solfage. Now we watch Miss Crisp’s favourite part of a movie  and  the people in the move sing. The movie was called the sound of Music.

Then we went to Spanish. First we did the roll. We said our favourite colours in Spanish. Then we played a game it was fun.

When we got back we did writer’s work shop making our books.

Then we did literacy investigations. My task was spelling and Mia’s was guided reading.

After fitness we did mathematics. The task was about a grid map. We had to show where things were on a map using letters and numbers. We then got to make a fantasy map. 

After lunch we made our lanterns for the Moon Lantern Festival. 

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