Wednesday September 5th (by Rowena and Anna)

When we entered the classroom at 8:40 we did reading. Reading helps our minds to focus and learn more words.

After Reading we did Writer’s Workshop. Writer’s Workshop is fun because you get to make your own stories.

After Writer’s Workshop we did our Literacy Investigations. I had to do Grammar and Word Knowledge. I like Literacy Investigations because it helps you learn about letters & words.

After Recess we did our math. We learnt about Maps and then we got to make our own fantasy world map. It was very fun because we got to draw our own maps & I like drawing.


After doing Maps my class went to buddies so we can organise our buddy assembly. 2PN’s buddies came as well, but I do not know what they were doing.


After lunch we did relaxation and then we did more learning about Life Cycles. I researched the life cycle of a red panda.


After doing the Life Cycles research we went to a pet learning thingy in the hall/PE place. There was a dog and some people got to pet it.

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