Tuesday, 20th August, by Ella and Alphonsa

At Music we did a song called juices juices green grass. After that we did the hockey pocky. Then we did a music colouring sheet, we had to try and find the instrument and the music notes. 

After Music we went to Spanish and we played some fun games.

After recess we did writer’s workshop and then our literacy investigations. 

We then went out for fitness and then we did 3d shapes and we have to find the faces, corners, and edges.

Then we went out for lunch then we did a little bit of our water wheels. We then learnt about the church. We had design our own church. 

Tuesday 13th August by Rowena and Vi

Today at Spanish class we learnt about Los Colores. We played Spanish Word Toss & we also played Spanish Helping Games on a website called https://www.helpfulgames.com/subjects/spanish/263-colors-in-spanish.html. It was a very fun lesson.

At Music we played songs on the Marimba & Miss Crisp’s Xylophones. We played three songs & they were very fun. Then the people using the Marimba swapped with the people who were using Miss Crisp’s Xylophones.

After Recess we showed the teacher our Literacy Investigations from yesterday. Then we did our Writer’s Workshop.

After we did our Writer’s Workshop we did Literacy Investigations for Tuesday. The activity I have to do is Spelling.

After Fruit we did more learning about Shapes. It was really fun learning about Shapes this week.

Wednesday 31st July, by Ella and Socheata

When we got to school we did reading. We had to read our readers or novels. You aren’t meant to talk you are meant to be silent.

After, we did our Literacy Investigations. We had to do Spelling, Reading response, grammar and word knowledge or Visual Literacy.

After Recess we did dream excursion, that’s where we think were we wanna go on our excursion then we do the time in our Flipchart.

After Lunch we did healthy food, junk food and sometimes food we are using traffic lights. Green means all the time, orange is sometime foods and red is not everyday food. 

Thursday 25th July, by Ajoh and Olivia

This morning after the roll we continued our writers work shop story.

After that we did out literacy investigations. My group and Olivia’s group did compound words. Compound words are words that have two words in them. An example is laptop. 

After recess we did half past time. The red hour hand stays in the middle.

After fitness we did investigative play. Some people did Minecraft making our school and shops with prices and menu.

After lunch we did light with Mr Davey. We had to come up with some sources of electrical light and non-electrical light. We went outside to see if we could find any sources of light. 

Tuesday 25th June by Rowena

Today we did Spanish & we finished our Cinco De Mayo drawings. Some people played with lego & puzzles. Some people played Spanish internet games like “Spanish Word Toss”.

At music we learnt about the speed of music. The speed of music is called “Tempo”. We watched Episode 5 of The Music Show. We also talked about the things we have learnt in the past such as beat, high & low notes.

Presto = Fast

Largo = Slow

Moderato = Medium

After recess we finished our Verbs. Then after you finish your Verbs like me you have to write sentences with verbs in them or you can write a story with verbs in it.

After fruit we learnt more about fractions. We used number lines. It was fun. I learnt a lot of new things about fractions.

After lunch we finished our Transport Inquiry. Even the people who finished it had to do it. They had to add more detail.

Monday 24th June by Olivia and Abby

Today we went to sport we were playing a ball game it was so much fun!

Then we went to the library Mr Noris read a story it was called In the Dress-up box. Then Mr Noris read another book called Mony the Pony rescue a Joie then we got our own books some of the students read with the teacher.

When we went back to the class room we had recess we went to play. 

Then we did our spelling.

Then we learnt what a verb is. A verb is a word that we can do. The teacher gave us a Flipchart. He gave us 2 examples then we went to eat fruit then we came to the class room and did our verbs then we ate our lunch and we went to play.

After lunch we had prayer. After prayer we did some work on fractions. We got to play a game about a pizza shop showing fractions. After that we played a cahoot quiz game as a class about fractions.

Thursday 13th June by Ella and Ayda

Today we did heteronyms in our books. We had to write a sentence we could do 1 at a time or 2 for a challenge.

Then after recess we did Ring of coins that’s when you haft to fit as much coins as you can. Then we had to write how much is in the the oval.

After lunch we were making a drawing car of the car for next week. We had to write the materials and colour it.

Wednesday June 12th by Kayden

Today we did come and read with me 1st. After that we did heteronyms and now we haft to do 10.

And then after recess in Numeracy we did In the Piggybank. Jaanpreet showed us his answer.

Then we had fruit after fruit we played Scratch, origami, iMovie, drawing or building.

In ow learning time we had to do who, where, when, why and how your mode of transport was invented? We had to put it in to a sentence and put a pitcher.

Tuesday 11th June by Alphonsa and Kimaaya

In music we learned about rests. She said sometimes in music when we sing we rest our voice.

After music we did Spanish. In Spanish we draw a Spanish boy and a girl when we are done with that we can play Spanish games.

Then we came back to class we did spelling. After we did Heteronyms.

After that we went to the library. We went out for lunch.

After lunch we did pray and then we read the Bible.

For numeracy we played who won it. When we had finished up to 7 pages of our Heteronyms then we could play a game called prodigy.