Last week we explored the names and properties of different regular and irregular 2D shapes. We then went on to the concept of perimeter and made some of our own shapes using match sticks. We labelled each side length and then worked out the perimeter. Some students worked out the side lengths and perimeters in match sticks, and some students worked out the side lengths and perimeters using cms.

Her are some of the students’ creations:

2PN’s Gratitude Liturgy

Thank you to all the parents that attended our class liturgy. The students participated well and the readers did a magnificent job.

How’re You Feeling?

What a busy start to the year we have had! We started the year by making connections with each other and reflecting on our own identity. As such, students created their own puzzle piece profile, including their values, interests, family and friends. This illustrates that:

 We are all connected!  ~  We all fit in!


A large portion of our learning has made connections with feelings and emotions so far. Our first weekly shared book, called ‘The Feel’s by Kelly Oriard with Collie Christensen, optimised this possibility.

Students were able to investigate the narrative style text, while considering planning for the success of their own creative story, during writer’s workshop. It was also used as a platform for their own character and setting development. Additionally, our weekly stories have been used for word knowledge and writing structure development, such as with rhythm and rhyme; syllables; paragraphs; starting writing with a ‘sizzling start’, etc.

Additionally, this weeks book ‘Giraffes Can’t Dance,’ allowed for empathetical responses to Gerald the Giraffe’s situations. Students considered what support and advice they would give to Gerald.

Alannah – ‘Give a hug and then count to 4.’

Adau – ‘Listen to nature sounds, take a breath and count to 4.’

Saara – ‘Listen to the music and trees, feel the wind and just dance with the breeze.’

Nyibol – ‘Close your eyes and be mindful.’

Rachel – ‘Give him a hug and food. Do what you love. Don’t make other people’s dreams. Make your dreams come true. Feel the music and dance it out!’

During our daily meditation and prayer sessions we have explored ways to become present, centered and grounded. In addition, to promote self reflection, self regulation and social and emotional development, students were able to create their own safety plan and de-escalation maps. We will frequently check in with this throughout the year.

Students have played with colours and emotions, making ties between them and transfering that to pieces of word and picture artworks using pastels.


Students also made connections with feelings and emotions, when creating their own metaphorical ‘Ready to Learn’ chart, which will be displayed in the classroom, in order for students to regularly check in with how they are feeling and consider ways to self-regulate unwanted emotions.





Wayang Puppets from Indonesia

We found out a lot of information about wayang puppets, which are traditional to Indonesia. Over the past two weeks we made our own wayang styled puppets. Here are the students’ creations:

Base 10 Activity

During mathematics, we had a group task to complete. We are focussing on place value at the moment. Each group had a set of materials. This included ones, tens and hundreds . As a group the students had to make certain numbers from 0-1000.

Here are the students in action:

Important Dates

Term 1

Thursday, Week 4, 9am: 2PN Liturgy (20th February)

Wednesday, Week 5, 11:30am: Ash Wednesday Mass (Whole School- 26th February)

Thursday, Week 7, 11:30am: 2PN and 3KC Class Mass- St Patrick (12th March)

Friday, Week 8: Harmony Day (20th March)

Friday, Week 10: Sports Day (3rd April)

Week 11: Parent/Student/Teacher Interviews (6th-9th April)

Term 2

Week 3: 2PN and 3KC Assembly (15th May)

Learn a Musical Instrument!


Did you know that your child is able to learn an instrument at school?  Information and enrolment booklets are available now; you can pick up a copy from the school office, Music teacher or Music blog. Please return them as quickly as possible as instrumental teachers have already begun planning their timetables and waiting lists may apply.   

You may like to choose one of the following –

violin, drums, singing, classical guitar, piano or keyboard.

Also Recorder, flute, saxophone – subject to enrolment numbers.

Don’t miss out on giving your child the gift of music.


Nick our talented Drum teacher is offering shared lessons this term. Two students in a 30 minute slot. $15 each student. This is a fantastic opportunity to try drumming at half price!