Play Investigations – Shrove Tuesday

Next Tuesday the 25th February is Shrove Tuesday. To help us learn more about Shrove Tuesday today we explored some facts around the significance of the day and engaged in some play investigations around Shrove Tuesday. We discussed that Shrove Tuesday is also known as Pancake Day and is the last day before Lent begins. Lent is the Christian period leading up to Easter, when people often give up something. In the past people were not allowed to eat foods such as eggs, so to use them before Lent began, people would mix them with other rich foods such as milk, flour and butter to make pancakes.

We engaged in activities around Shrove Tuesday such as making pancakes with Play-Doh, writing acrostic poems about pancakes, using Inspire to create a “Pancake Recipe” Wordsearch, writing pancake procedures, making pancakes out of paper and creating iMovies with information about Shrove Tuesday. Have a look at our photos where had a great time using our creativity and exploring new facts. Our investigative learning from today will be greatly beneficial for next Tuesday when we share pancakes together at school….yum!