Tuesday (Term 1: Week 4)

Welcome to terrific Tuesday!

This morning’s teaser was a triangle challenge. After describing a triangle – a shape with three straight sides – we counted. How many triangles were there?

Amelia: I count 17.
Yatin:  16.
Portia: 14.
Joshua: I think 10.
Javeiria: 13.
Thierry: 5
Ruby: 20 or 17.
Cooper: 90.
Matthew: 4.
TJ: Eleven.
Mrs G: 18.

Why not have a count and tell us how many you can see … we’d love to read your comments about how many you see!

Literacy and Shared Reading

A gorilla, a witch, a ghost, then a fierce scaly dragon hungry for his tea. Who will be next? Each time there’s a knock at the door, there’s a different monster, but each time they’re wearing the same tartan slippers. Of course, it’s just Dad, playing an hilarious bedtime game!

We read our text again from yesterday. Children were asked to use their bravery and read the parts of some of the characters. The voices were as follows:

Ruby was the little girl.

Kanye was the gorilla.

The whole class made the ‘knock knock sound’

Saara was the witch.

Naomi was the ghost.

Krish was the dragon.

Cooper was the giant.

Sophia was the daddy.

The children were asked to think of a creature that would scare them if it  were behind their door. Ms. Handforth shared that a spider would make her frightened. The children then shared their own ideas.

Linda said creepy dolls, Yatin said zombies, Jayden M said monsters, Indi said a wolf, Javeiria said a wizard, Josh said a copy of yourself, Ezekiel said a granny and Ruby said a chicken nugget.

Imagine what might be behind the door and draw it just as if you are an illustrator.
Children were invited to use a google search to help them in drawing their scary character.

Our early finished then engaged in learning with Prodigy and/or Teach Your Monster to Read. It is always lovely seeing the progress the children are making when playing these games at home and during school. In 2RG the leader board is changing daily. The same is true of 2JH. Here are today’s boards!

Some Monsters have written to their players today. A congratulations to Mia (2RG) and Sophia (2RG) who got a certificate for completing Teach Your Monster To Read: Fun with Words Level!

After Recess, 2RG went to Spanish and 2JH went to Music. Then 2RG went to Music and 2JH had Library.



Children were introduced to a new program on their laptops called ‘Targeting Maths’. Choosing the ‘Year 2 Patterning’ folder, children engaged in patterning using the interactive game. This helped children explore the skills we have explored in class. Many children flourished when working in Level 2 so challenged themselves in playing Targeting Maths 3. Well done everyone!

Play Investigations

After Lunch, children engaged in Play Investigations. Investigations are often based on the children interest and may also feature investigations based on learning happening in and around our morning calendar.

Ezekiel: My speck of gold was playing withTyson and Matthew.

Hannah: Getting a letter from my Monster.

Cooper and Calvin speak about the lego they made.

cooper and calvin-2fpufya

Matthew’s beybalde made from lego


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