Wednesday (Term 2: Week 4)

Avest ye and welcome to PIRATE DAY in 2JH and 2RG. We had a wonderful day dressin’ up ‘n actin’ like pirates. If ye be wantin’ to know what’s been happenin’ in our day, ye should read on ….

Thank you to everyone who dressed up for the day. There were some amazing homemade hats and swords – we have such a creative class!

Shared Reading 

We began the day with a shared text, Pirates Wear Underpants.

Join the Pants Pirates on a special treasure hunt. Grab your cutlass and sail on the Pirate Shop Black Bloomer past angry crocs, sharks in fancy pants and through gurgling swamps on a quest to find…the Pants of Gold!

If you enjoyed the story and want to listen to it again, here it is as an audio book:

We also took individual pictures of our pirates before we headed out to Log Park:

Pirate Role Play in Log Park

Lots of piratical language in log park as crews of pirates were boarding ships, embarking on sea voyages and hunting for treasure. What fun we had!

After lots of fun outdoors in the bright sunshine, we returned to class for another pirate story and some amazing pirate jellies artfully made by creative Captain G :  blue jelly with an orange boat and a Jolly Roger pirate flag. Delicious!

After recess, it was time for a Pirate Treasure Hunt. Mrs Rodgers, our English as an Additional Language teacher, joined us dressed up in pirate gear …  and the fun began!

Six crews of student pirates were given a map of the school. On the map were coloured dots, showing where clues were to be found. Students worked together to find clues, which were coloured circles with letters on them. When they had collected all the clues, the pirate students brought them back to class and rearranged the letters to spell a pirate word.

Here we are working out the words:

  • Well done to the RED CREW, who were the first to solve their treasure hunt, making the word BOOTY (treasure).
  • The YELLOW GROUP discovered their letters spelt JOLLY ROGER (skull and crossbones flag).
  • The GREEN CREW discovered their letters spelt a phrase: RUN A RIG (pirate talk for ‘play a trick’).
  • The BLUE CREW ONE discovered their letters spelt AHOY MATE (hello friend).
  • BLUE CREWS TWO & THREE found out their letters spelt CUTLASS (a curved pirate sword).

Congratulations to all students for participating with such enthusiasm and evident enjoyment; it was wonderful to see so much evidence of character strengths in action: teamwork, kindness, encouragement, cooperation, sharing, love of learning, enthusiasm, curiosity, leadership and fairness.

After lunch, we performed a sea shanty for our Year 3 buddies.

After our singing performance, we headed back to class where 2JH and 2RG students shared their learning about pirates with their buddies. Each student had made an ActivInspire Flipchart featuring images and text showcasing their pirate literacy, numeracy, art and design technology.

Some students visited the pirate Photo Booth to have their pictures taken with their buddies:

After which it was time to share some delicious pirate treats prepared by Captains Handforth and Giannakakis.

Here we are eating:

Before we headed to the playground for a quick break before the end of an amazing day.

Thank you to the families who contributed to making our day so special by allowing your children to dress up and join in our pirate themed fun – your children and their teachers are most appreciative.

Finally a special mention for Tristan and Makur, who took care of our courtyard environment and cleaned up any litter they could find after people had been eating. What enthusiastic eco-warriors!

Have a great evening everyone.


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