Friday (Term 2: Week 7)

Happy Friday!

We started our morning with our calendar and timetable. As usual, we had two wonderful readers. Thank you Carter and Josh.

Earlier this week, the teachers invited the children to make or find their own brain teaser for us to share during our morning organisation. Thank you to Matthew who shared one with us that he found.

Carter: There is a dot on the chocolate donut and on the other side there isn’t.

Nina: The left side, there is a white donut with a sprinkle with stars but on the right side there isn’t.

Tyson: On the left side of the chocolate donut there is one dot and on the right side there is two dots.

Cooper: On the white donut there is a hole but on the other one there is not.

Javeiria: On the black donut there is two little tiny things but on the other donut there is not.

Tino: On the white donut there is a circe in the middle and on the right side there’s not.

Hannah: On the left there’s a chocolate donut that has something white.

Matthew:  Two sprinkles there and two sprinkles here.

After Assembly, we did a Mini Maths activity to help consolidate our learning with addition and place value. We also used our character strength, RESILENCE, to build card towers.


Whilst 2JH were in Library, 2RG stayed in class for Health and Positive Education. Today’s provocation focused around Growth verses Fixed Mindsets. Students were asked to write statements they believe about themselves and then the statements they believe others may think of them.

Play Investigations

Carter and Tyson explored scratch. Click on the links to view their learning.

IMG_9344 IMG_9345

2JH Class Prayer celebrating Water

Thank you to 2JH who hosted their class prayer about Water. Phuc was the narrator and every student had a reading part. Ruby and Portia did a liturgical dance.

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