Thursday (Term 2: Week 10)

Welcome to fabulous Thursday in 2JH & 2RG.

We started the day with a visual memory game:

Congratulations to everyone who spotted the missing object, which was … the KEYS!

Music Assembly

What a wonderful way to start the morning, listening to our wonderful singers and instrumentalists … Many congratulations to all the performers including the Festival Choir who performed ‘Make your own kind of music’ and our very own Olivia and Ezekiel who sang and played the violin respectively.

Here is video of a Ezekiel playing his violin:

And an excerpt of Olivia singing:


Using the Royal Australian Mint website, students inquired into the history of Australian Money. Topics included the following: Indigenous Currency, Early Settlers’ Currency, The First Official Currency, Gold Currency, Commonwealth Currency and Decimal Currency. To support our visual learners, students also watched a short BTN clip about Australian money. After exploring the multimedia resources with Mrs. Giannakakis, students used their 100 languages to explore their ideas.

Meanwhile, Ms Handforth  and Zeinab (Our Year 10 Work Experience student) supported a small group of students in an estimating and counting activity. 

Jayden made an iMovie:

Ezekiel’s iMovie:


While 2JH went to Sport, 2RG went to the library to read the last of the 6 shortlisted books, Here Comes Stinkbug! by Tohby Riddle.

Stinkbug can really stink. But when it starts bugging his friends, Stinkbug wonders if it’s time to stop doing what stink bugs do best… A funny bug story, from the much loved, multi-award-winning Tohby Riddle.

You can listen to the story here:

NAIDOC Investigations
This afternoon we carried on with our NAIDOC investigations from yesterday.

There were many exciting arts activities for the children to explore including sculpture, painting, music and design.

The musical instrument group performed for us at sharing time:

See you tomorrow for the final day of Term 2.


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