Friday (Term 2: Week 10)

Welcome to FRIYAY, the last day of our term before the term break

Today’s brain teaser was ‘Spot The Difference’.

Ezekiel : On the left side there is one rackets (shuttle cocks).

Tyson: The green on the left one, the green is pointing to the right but on the right its pointing to the left.

Nina: On the left side she is happy, and the right side she is sad.

Jayden B: In the right hand side there is three stripes coming out of the bird and on the left side there is only 2.

Javeiria: Next to the tennis racket there is two flowers but on the other one there is one.

Felix: On the left hand side there is a tiny tiny chair, on the right there isn’t a chair bench.

Thank you to Nyibol and Ezekiel for reading our timetable and calendar.

Amelia and Thuy are having their birthday in the holidays so we decided to sing them Happy Birthday.


Continuing with our focus on fairytales, we read the story, ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’. The boys were the voice of Daddy Bear, the girls were the voice of Mama Bear and we all joined together to be Baby Bear’s voice.

We discussed Ronald Dahl’s views about Goldilock’s character. He had a different view about Goldilocks and questioned if it was appropriate to enter The Three Bears house without permission. This had us thinking about how fairytales can be made using different views and/or versions.

After this, we watched a short clip, A fractured Fairytale of Goldilocks.

What differences were in fractured fairytale?

Johnny: When Goldilocks tasted Das the bowl break

Kanye: Goldilock bright a compass rose

Javeiria: When Goldilocks was trying the mums porridge she poured milk in it.

After this, students continued to work on their house designs ensuring they have drawn, labelled and coloured their design. Students were also encouraged to complete their fairytale 100 Languages.

Some of our early finished completed or continued work of their choice.

TJ engaged in a task of his choice based on his interest for Jurassic Park. He drew two dinosaurs mouths.

After Recess, whilst 2JH went to library, 2RG had a Health lesson.

Mrs. Giannakakis introduced Growth mindsets and Fixed mindsets. Once we explored the difference, we did some role plays. Thank you to Kevin, Javeiria, Felix, Dion, Deng and Hayley who helped with the role plays. Students had to decide if we were acting out a fixed mindset or a growth mindset.

After this, students were asked to reflect on their own thinking. When have you used a fixed mindset? When have you used a growth mindset? Working in their Learning journals, students recorded times where they used a growth and/or a fixed mindset.

After yesterday’s Money inquiry, Carter went home and found some Australian pennies. He brought them to class and shared them with the class. We did some extra research to find out the year they stopped being circulated.

Play Investigations

To celebrate a term full of hard work, brave, resilience, love of learning, persistence and many other character strengths being put to use, today’s investigations were freely opened to the students.

Farewell Nina

Today was Nina’s last day of school. To celebrate, Ms Handforth organised a farewell for Nina with the help of some 2JH students. We wish her all the best as she moves on to her new school next term.

Kaisha: I really liked playing with Nina because she likes Pokemon.

Javeiria: I think Nina is a kind friend to me.

Nyibol: Sometimes when I’m sad she includes me.

Portia: Nina is kind and loving.

Katrina: I like being your sister

Students enjoyed some sweet treats thanks to Ms Handforth’s generosity.


Happy end of term break to the students and families of 2RG and 2JH. Have a safe holiday and we will see you in Term 3 in winter school uniform. 

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