Tuesday (Term 3: Week 1)

Welcome to the first of many terrific Tuesdays in Term 3 …

Shared Reading

We revisited our shared text, The Day the Crayons Quit. Today we focused on interpreting the emotion(s) the that the different colour crayons are feeling in the text. In order to do this we looked at:

  • their facial expressions
  • their body language
  • what the crayons said
  • use of punctuation
  • capitals or lower case text

We then worked on our own ‘Feelings’ Flipchart: please see the instructions and example below for details of the learning activity, followed by the children’s work.

Matthew really enjoyed this activity and produced an amazing set of sentences and images.

Tyson was thoroughly engaged and his facial expressions and body language really did convey the emotions he was representing:

Vanessa also completed the Flipchart in full with fantastic pictures and super sentences:

Tristan wrote his sentences on crayon templates. He was able to correctly identify how the crayons were feeling and the reason for the emotion. Great job, Tristan!

Miss Nguyen worked with some children to record their learning in words and pictures in their learning journals.

Ruby and Portia worked with Mrs Handforth. The girls chose three colours. We re-read the text together for each colour. We discussed HOW the crayon was feeling and HOW we knew this. The girls then worked together to articulate their sentence orally before writing it down.


In Circle Time, 2JH watched a video called Colour Your World with Kindness:

We then got into our sharing circle to discuss the character strength of kindness. In the circle, the students contributed by describing an act of kindness they had given or received over the holiday period. It was wonderful to hear how many students have helped with chores and looking after younger siblings. Kaisha told us that her kindness was to call the ambulance when her grandma fell over. We all agreed this was a very brave thing to do too.

We then considered gratitude. What things are we grateful for in your lives. Practising gratitude is said to make people feel more positive about their lives. Gratitude is all about recognising the good things in our lives, and not taking them for granted. Each children wrote or drew on a post it to express gratitude for someone and stuck their contribution around the word gratitude.

Katrina: I am grateful for my friends. I help them.

My: I am grateful for my mum. She helps me. When I was bathing I forgot my towel and my mum got it for me.

Naomi: I am grateful for my dad helping to paint my room.

Caroline: I am grateful for everything my mum and and did for me. I am grateful that my mum and dad help me brush my teeth.

Krish: I am grateful for my family.

Portia: I am grateful for my teachers and my dad is taking me to Melbourne.

Kaisha: I am grateful for my nana and my family.

Olivia: I am grateful for my family and my pets.

Ruby: I am grateful for my BFF.

Thuy: I am grateful for family.

Thaison: I am grateful for my family.

Monika: I am grateful for my family.

Matthew: I am grateful for my dog.

Tristan: I am grateful for Bailey.

Carter: I am grateful for all my family.

Phuc: I am grateful and happy for my family.

Vanessa: I am grateful for my mum and dad and my brother.

Tyson: I am grateful for Mrs Handforth for being my teacher.

Nyibol: I am grateful for my mum cleaning the house.


We continued to practise the skill of subtraction, using dice, flip tiles, counters, and number lines. As always, the students are negotiating their learning with their teachers, deciding on the appropriate level of challenge.


Miss Nguyen shared a scripture passage with the children: The Greatest Commandment. The key message here is one of love.

She then asked the children: how can you show that you love and care for the people around you? Some suggestions were:

Phuc: Make a card

Hayley: If people are poor give them things

Carter: Making a gift for them

Amelia: Helping them

Javeiria: Being grateful

They then watched a short song and dance video about ‘The Greatest Commandment’:

The children were then asked to use their 100 languages to show their love for another/others in their lives.

Cooper made a card for his mum and  for his friend, Tristan.

Some children made iMovies and/or acted out scenes; they shared these with their peers in class.

Wishing everyone an awesome evening.


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