Tuesday (Term 3: Week 2)

Welcome to Tuesday; here is our learning line up and our July calendar – soon to be August!


Following on from yesterday’s learning, we revisited the text The Day the Crayons Came Home.  Thank you to Tino for reading the part of the Maroon Crayon and to Kanye for reading the part of the Tan (or was it Burnt Sienna?) Crayon aloud. Both boys paid really close attention to the punctuation (there lots of exclamation marks, capitalisation and ellipses in these text) and use appropriate intonation and expression, reflecting how the characters were feeling.

We then continued with our 100 languages provocation, showing, saying, telling and/or drawing each crayon from the story and what happened to each of them.



Today is International Friendship Day. We read a story about a singing starfish under the sea. On each page we tried to identify whether the creatures were looking, acting and talking in a friendly or unfriendly manner.  To do this we looked at the text and the images. We noticed, in particular, that eyes and mouth often show how characters are feeling.

After this, we looked at some images of children and decided whether the behaviour in the images was friendly or unfriendly. We also built on our learning about emotions and feelings by trying to identify how the different characters were feeling. We then examined and sorted some pictures of our own.


After Music and Spanish, 2RG returned and there was time for some Prodigy maths before Portia shared her photographs and videos from her recent trip to Melbourne. Portia talked very confidently about the places she had visited and the things she had seen. Well done, Portia.

The 2JH leaderboard for Prodigy today looked as follows:


Miss Nguyen shared a reading from the Bible, called The Good Samaritan, a story or parable that Jesus told to his friends and followers. We then watched an animation of the story:


The students then used their 100 languages to respond to the parable. Some chose to act, others to draw and some to write stories.

During sharing time, we watched the iMovies made by groups to retell the story of the Good Samaritan, and then we viewed some more of Portia’s Melbourne photographs.

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