Wednesday (Term 3: Week 2)

Welcome to the last day of July 2019 in Rooms 3 and 4.

Thank you to Kevin, who read aloud our daily calendar information and to Ezekiel, who read aloud our learning timetable. Both read clearly and confidently.


Today’s brainteaser involved our students searching for six words in a picture. Well done to the following eagle-eyed students, who spotted and read aloud the words they discovered:


Today the children had the challenge of creating their own subtraction colouring puzzle for a friend to solve. There were templates involved, but students were also welcome to use their own simple drawing too.

Miss Nguyen modelled the process using the example of a rainbow picture. The students had to choose a selection of colours and then write subtraction calculations onto parts of an image in order to create a colouring puzzle. It was quite a tricky task, but everyone gave it their best go.



Today, Mrs Handforth asked the children to listen to an audio book reading of our shared text, The Day The Crayons Came Home. Before reading, we recalled the things a good reader does to ensure his/her audience enjoys the story. Suggestions included:

  • Use a loud voice when it’s in capital letters. (Krish)
  • Say it louder when there’s an exclamation mark. (Matthew)
  • If there’s a dah-dah-dah (an ellipsis), wait before you say the next word. (Javeiria)
  • Use different voices and accents, like from America. (Tyson)
  • Like if the character is crying, you make crying noises too. (Portia)

Students then continued their presentation about the crayons they met in the story using their 100 languages.

Thank you to Saara, who took most of the following photographs:

Some students chose to make artistic posters:

Many students used ICT and tomorrow they will be converting the files to a format that is blog-friendly, so that we will be able to show case this learning too.


On Wednesday in Lesson 5, weather permitting, we always head out to the oval for a whole class fitness session. Student agency is evident as the children decide which games and activities they wish to explore. Some students like to make houses, dens and other structures in Log Park. The soccer fans like to set up a pitch, decide on teams and then compete in a friendly match. Quite a few students like to play cricket, and they take turns sharing opportunities to bat and field. Others like to use the equipment, such as balls, ropes and mini hurdles, to set up obstacle courses.

Thank you to our fitness photographer, Javeiria, for the following photographs:


Today we focused on Mindful Seeing. Students began by sitting in a circle and listening to the introduction to the meditation. When invited to do so, we paused the meditation and individually students came and collected a rock, stone or pebble from the centre of the circle. We then continued to play meditation using our object as a ‘focus point’ as we concentrated on our breathing and being aware of our bodies and the parts which were touching the floor.


Unfortunately, Mrs Handforth bought the wrong type of milk for today’s science experiment, which was suggested by Nyibol. Silly Mrs H! We will give the students the opportunity to explore the ‘Colour Changing Milk’ experiment on Friday when Mrs H will remember to purchase full fat milk instead of semi-skimmed. Oops!

Meanwhile, our students engaged in self-directed investigative play.

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